¿Is it safe to be like this?

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What is ¿Is it safe to be like this?

Read ‘¿Is it safe to be like this?’ Online for Free, written by the author KURO_SCAN, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering VAMPIRE Fiction, DEVIL Light Novel, ANGEL Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Aaron, a boy with a simple and monotonous life. Even though you have everything, do you feel empty? Is something missing...


Aaron, a boy with a simple and monotonous life. Even though you have everything, do you feel empty? Is something missing in your life? a girl tired of her life and suffering Do you want to end it? Unknowingly, without expecting it, an encounter will begin to move the gears of their lives. This is the story of two united souls, by the whims of fate, do you want to be happy? An inevitable destiny, do you have the determination to make the world your enemy? , this is your beginning

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