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Title(It's Invisible): Invisible Hunter 『 System Activated... 』 『 Curse of Mother Earth attained 』 『 Debuff: Curse of Mother Earth 』 『 [Permanent Effect] : You lose 1 point of each of the attributes every hour. When you are idle for more than 10 hours. When any one of a stat reaches 0, you will perish and be absorbed by the mother earth. 』 The world changed since then. Dungeons and Labyrinths opened throughout the world. One could collect Mana Stones by defeating monsters in dungeons or mining them in parts of Labyrinths. Some people became 'Awakened'. They gained the ability to use mana. They could gain skills by understanding and performing them periodically. Everything was peaceful and spontaneous. Humans were thriving. While all this was happening, a creative human figured out how to become invisible and no one knew about it. This is a story about Theo Adams, the Invisible hunter. Cover before modification: https://pixabay.com/photos/man-silhouette-sky-love-couple-5303154/ Cover created by yours truly using Sketch UI tool.


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