22 Chapter 22 - Interrogation

Sachiko didn't say much throughout the car ride to Jujutsu High but as soon as she stepped into the school, she completely got distracted by the peaceful vibes and her initial plan to be quiet went down the drain.

"Are we here? Oh my gosh! It looks a lot better than I thought!!!!"

Sachiko decided to ruin the silence peaceful vibe first and she noticed Gojo having this grin plastered on his face.

"Really? I thought you'd complain a lot more."

"Oh this is perfect. Imagine people actually finding this place to be peaceful and me ruining it for them! Isn't it fun?" Sachiko said before she realized that wasn't going to help her case at all. Wasn't she supposed to be interrogated later?

She was so used to having everything her own pace and doing whatever she wanted that having to watch her words and behavior was a lot harder. And the fact that she kept forgetting to do so didn't help.

She laughed nervously as she studied Gojo's reaction but surprisingly, it was quite hard to read. He seemed to be going along with her whims and getting along with her but she could tell he was definitely studying her constantly and was ready to deal with her if she decided to try something.

Although Sachiko knew she got stronger, she defintely wasn't a match for him so her best bet should be playing along with him and hope she could get away from that execution.

"Well..back to your case, I might have to talk to the higher-ups to let you stay in the school instead but before that, I have to make sure." Gojo said.


Gojo actually took her to a room but it resembled more like a sealed prison which was meant to keep some curse in, as the whole room was basically covered in tailsmans and such.

Gojo then made himself comfortable in one of the chairs so Sachiko could only sit in the other.

"Were you the one who had been exorcizing the curses in your town?" He asked even though he already knew the answer from her cursed energy.

"Yeah..I had been doing so for pretty much my whole life." She admitted. If he already knew about her town, it was pointless to lie because she didn't know how to hide her residuals that well back then and they would've pointed towards her anyway.

"Alright. Second question!" Gojo exclaimed like he was excited. "What's your cursed technique?"

"It's complicated." Sachiko replied, "I think I have two? One is like manipulating possibilities, probabilities stuff and the other one helps me understand and control cursed energy a lot better." She decided to answer it briefly and leave infinite cursed energy part out.

"Interesting. Well, that explains how you could deal with the whole town's curses without any slipup incidents. You can see the possible futures, can't you?" Gojo asked.

"Yeah.. If I really try, I can see possible scenarios and possibilities and try to change that or something but I haven't really used it for prevension of curse incidents.."

"I see. So, about your second technique, is it essentially like a booster for your cursed energy manipulation or anything else?"

"Well, I use it when i need to use cursed energy in a finer way."

"I see. That's interesting. You have a lot of potential!" Gojo seemed to be happy with the answers he got so far.

"Now, main question. Why did you harm all those people?"

Now, that was the hard part. Sachiko thought for a while and by that, she was trying to figure out if she should just use her cursed technique to see if this man would just kill her if she gave the wrong answer.

"Umm..for curse users, they threatened to harm my mom so I thought taking them out was the right choice.."

"And for the gamblers..well, I may have only used a tiny bit of my cursed technique to make them see a few bad futures for them and they got traumatized. I don't really know if they actually went crazy after that."

"For bringing the flyheads into the homes...well, it's just more of a petty revenge thing, making them uncomfortable or be convinced that they live in a haunted house. But flyheads don't do actual damage so I didn't think it was bad.?" Sachiko added the uncertainty to it in case Gojo gets mad at her answers.

"Oh sweetscheeks, it was bad and should be common sense not to curse people, no?"

"I don't know. I didn't grow up with Jujutsu law this and that." Sachiko shrugged.

"Well, you're lucky I haven't let Ijichi turn in his findings yet or you would be branded as a massive curse user by now." Gojo said and Sachiko was confused at this point.

"Wait, I thought I was supposed to be put up for execution and the only way out was to go to this school..?"

Gojo grinned, "Oh I haven't turned those findings in yet. Figured it'd be easier if I don't have to convince those higherups to spare this curse user and stuff."

"So, you lied and basically kidnapped me to Tokyo?" Sachiko asked with a dramatic eyeroll. Now that she knew this guy probably never intended to actually kill her, Sachiko felt more relieved and brave to act like her usual self again.

"Really? Is that how you see me?" Gojo shrieked as if he had been wrongly accused.

"I mean..you gave me one hour to pack. ONLY ONE HOUR and you made it sound like I'm dying if I don't follow you or something." Sachiko pouted at the end and Gojo laughed.

"Well, what can I say? It worked."

"Because I thought that was the only way.." Sachiko said with a sigh, making Gojo laugh even harder.

"Anyways, you will have to go to an interview for admission to this Jujutsu High in an hour. I will pick you up later so wait here until then."

Gojo continued after a while and as Sachiko was about to ask what he meant by "wait here", he went out and slammed the door shut, leaving her in that shady room.

"Great..." Sachiko groaned.


As he left the room, Gojo took his time to recollect his thoughts.

The girl was totally different from what he was expecting.

He knew that at the first glance.

With his Six Eyes, Gojo saw that boundless cursed energy that flowed within her body, somehow, was literal inifite cursed energy even possible?

But he knew Six Eyes doesn't lie.

And as if that infinite cursed energy thing wasn't strange enough, he also learnt about her cursed techniques.

Manipulating possibilities and cursed energy control booster thing which was basically something similar to Six Eyes from what he heard, except for the cursed energy efficiency and probably the level of details and control she could have but if she actually had infinite cursed energy, she didn't need to worry about how efficient she was with her cursed energy much.

Her potential was just so frightening and Gojo was now almost sure that her birth might have resulted in the current increase of the power scale.

So, Gojo knew he could do only one thing.

"Put her with the first years he was in charge of."

While her records of harming civilians were bad, he could now tell that she wouldn't actively go out and harm people without a reason.

And since he would be in charge of her, he could make sure she didn't try anything crazy.

So, all that's left was a talk with higher-ups and setting interview with principal Yaga to let her join the first years.

This should be interesting.



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