15 Chapter 15- Gift for bullies

For the next few days, Sachiko observed the routine of the bullies and what kind of rules they also break on a daily basis. It turned out that a few of them were starting to go to high school and they also smoke cigarettes and litter in the nearest alley way before heading back home. They also beat up their poor victims in the same alleyway and they usually head back around 7:00 pm.

Now, Sachiko's school ends at 3:15 pm as she never stuck around for extra studying or any other activities, if she even headed to school for the day, that is. So, there was no problem to observe what the bullies were up to on a daily basis.

After a few days, Sachiko came up with a small plan. She walked into the alleyway around the time the bullies were smoking and bullying Mori, while holding her phone out and recording a video for her non-existent YouTube channel.

Sachiko acted surprised and shocked as she made eye contact with one guy smoking cigarettes and the other guy beating a boy up.

"....Why...why are you beating him up?"

The guy was annoyed to see they were disturbed. He made 'Tsk' sound and got up to walk towards Sachiko in a threatening manner.

"..Who are you guys!? Why are you doing this??!!"

Obviously, Sachiko knew who they were and what they ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner at this point but she had to stay in character to not scare these guys away.

So, she was raising her voice more and more while keeping the panicked face.

"Give me the phone." The bully said, looking her straight into the eyes.


"I said! Give it to me." The bully said in a low voice which made him sound more dangerous and the fact that he was taller than Sachiko and almost towering above her added more pressure.

"No!! Helppp!!!!"

Sachiko started screaming and before the bully could snatch the phone away, she moved her hands just slightly so that the bully would grab the air instead and she repeated it a few more times, all the while raising her voice and screaming how a bunch of guys were threatening her and almost hitting her.

Now, normally, this alleyway was pretty isolated with no other passerbys but with Possibility, Sachiko knew that there was going to an incident that would make a police officer head into this direction.

With the right timing, Sachiko knew she could attract the attention of the police officer and expose the bullies. And, the right timing was also a piece of cake for Sachiko as she could use Possibility to always check on the chances.

So, in the mean time, Sachiko riled the bullies up even more by moving her phone in the right direction at the right timing so that the bully would never be able to snatch her phone and when another one had enough of the scene and started to threaten her physically, Sachiko acted like she was even more panicked. Then, she grabbed a thick notebook from her tote bag and swang it to his face.

"..Oh my goddd!! I didn't mean to..."

The bully who was hit by the notebook was already bleeding from his nose and he almost took a step back when he saw Sachiko swinging the notebook around while screaming on the top of her lungs.

"What're you guys looking at? Someone hold her down and grab the phone. Damn it." The one hit by the book said, in the end. He just couldn't stand the humiliation.

The other bullies looked at each other before they all charged towards her in attempt of holding her down.

Sachiko waited for them to get a bit closer and then when they could hold her down, she sat down on the ground without making much of a fuss and instead, she let out a pained scream as she were held down.

Then, Sachiko sneaked one hand to take off her sweater half-way and exposed the pre-made cigarette marks on her arms and thighs.

"What..." The bullies muttered but it was too late.

"Stop right there!" They heard a man's voice and as they turned around, they saw a policeman.

The look of horror flashed through their eyes made Sachiko really satisfied.

"Thank you very much." Sachiko muttered as if she was still in shock and the policeman took a look at her cigarette burns.

Needless to say, they were all taken to the police station and several cases opened for the bullies.

For one, the police officer found them towering over her and her sweater was half-taken off. There were cigarette burns on her arms and thighs and those burns looked fresh enough to be made within thirty minutes.

Two, the bullies were smoking cigarettes and there were multiple cigarettes thrown on the ground, including the ones they smoked in the last hour.

Three, another boy who also seemed to be a victim named "Mori" gave the policeman his statement about how the bullies burned Sachiko with cigarettes when she accidentally recorded the scene of him getting bullied and refused to hand her phone to them.

Sachiko also gave the same statement about how the bullies held her down and burnt her with cigarettes when she refused to hand them her phone to delete the evidence.

As Sachiko showed the video, the police saw the video of the bullies beating Mori up and smoking cigarettes.

That was all it needed for the bullies to get into a series of troubles.

Sachiko left the police station, feeling like a victor. Mori followed her, still feeling dazed about all that happened in the last hour.

"Nakamura san" He called her when they were far enough from the station. "The...cigarette burns...they.."

"I told you I'm faking evidence." Sachiko said with a chuckle after making sure there was no one who could possibly hear their conversation.

"But...did you do it yourself or like did someone did it to you?" Mori asked in worry.

Sachiko shrugged it off with a laugh, "Relax, they're just a few cigarette burns. They will go away."

Which was true, considering Sachiko could now use reverse cursed technique to completely heal herself without leaving any scar if she wanted to.

But, Mori didn't know this so he felt guilty as Sachiko went to great lengths to teach the bullies a lesson.

"Really, don't worry." Sachiko said. "Just tell Itadori to proceed."

Mori nodded obediently and called Itadori to meet up.

"Bye then." Sachiko left while Mori was calling Itadori.

Soon, Itadori would also claim to be an eye-witness to the bullying after the initial news of the bullies came out to their school.

If that wasn't enough to get them expelled yet, Sachiko had already thought of another way.

However, she had to prepare a gift for them in that case.

'This should be interesting..' Sachiko almost couldn't hold back a smile as she imagined the life of bullies from now on.


A/N : I really wanted her to meet more canon characters already but here I thought this was a nice oppprtunity to show some of her other character traits.

And yes, she can be a bit manipulative, calculating and showing two sides in some cases but that doesn't mean she can't be the whimsical Sachiko we knew haha. I hope this wasn't too boring or annoying.

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