Proud Of You, Brother.

“Heh,” Suu Jin sounded and continued to listen to his old friends.

“Pengu,” Yanny sighed, “Suu Jin was young and it wasn’t all his fault. We were their big brothers. They are our responsibility so how Jin acted… that is our fault.”

“Yanny is being nice,” the dark haired man shook his head, “Here is the thing. Suu Jin was like 12 when we met him. We practiced, learned about one another before we even debuted. We all had a strong bond, so when Suu Jin was being pissy, we knew how to handle it. Anyone else wouldn’t. The boy was a spoiled rich kid. Genu, Yanny, and myself didn’t come from a rich family with no siblings. Suu Jin was used to the attention, so it took him a long time to know how to even talk to us.”

“I remember when we were talking and Jin was so quiet, you forgot he was there,” Yanny laughed and looked over at his partner, “You made him cry.”

“Ugh, but I never forgot him after,” Pangu frowned, “You remind me of that all the time, Yanny.”