[ONLY ON WATTPAD] The School Idols Book

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[ONLY ON WATTPAD] The School Idols


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(A Yandere School Harem Story) There's a social ladder in every school, no matter what. However, depending on the school it's importance varies. At Uddoforu Academy, the social ladder matters. A lot. They're called "Idols". Amazingly popular girls which every boy and girl adores and admires. Beautiful, smart, rich, they're almost perfect. They're the top of the food chain at Uddoforu. Hiro, the new transfer student, doesn't particularly care about the idols. And when that brings the eyes of the Idols upon him, things will get chaotic. The Idols aren't as pure as they seem. Darkness resides deep in their hearts, and simple curiosity starts to grow into obsessive desire. Act 1 - Idol Insanity [Chapters 1 - 26] Act 2 - ??? **This is UnknownFate25's pick up/rewrite of BlackSkieSLines' discontinued story The School Idols, with their permission.**


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