34 Training Arc? (3)



Next Chapter is go reveal something about Lox that will surprise you and it will probably make a few people disappointed. But I have to, it cool in my opinion I wont say but it's big to Lox's future..



[Day 45]

Okay, I think I have hit a blockade when it's comes to observation Haki, I believe without natural talent for it I need to get experience and fight people to develop it more..

I see this as, I am a natural at Armument like how Arlong half sister is with Observation, she could predict the future when she was a kid. So it's not far fetched that I have such a great talent for armament.

Whatever, I will just work on my physical training these leftover days, I can also fight the Beasts of this Island. They would make good punching bags heh..

[Day 46]

{POV: 3rd person}

On the Beach of Gym Island you can see Lox running back and forward in a effort to train his legs.

He was trying to keep his already muscular body balanced. Speaking of which sometimes Lox would just stare at himself like a fucking loony checking himself out..

'Why do I feel like someone is trash talking me..' thought Lox with a wry smile.

His running cut to a stop and he walked I've to a camp fired with a homemade pot made out of condensed ash, it was basically a metal pot at this point.. but he could still manipulat it since at it base it's just ash.

He had water boiling in the pot so he could purify the water so we can drink it. He had learned this on television in his past life.

He watched as the steam hit a Condensed Ash sheet and slowly drip into a Cup also made out of Ash, Well why not? He had the ability to make one so he did.

He waited until the cup was finally filled and he downed it.

"Hah," he let out a sigh. "Okay back to training.." he said getting back up from his sitting position.

[Day 47]

Lox was fighting a giant Lion. It lunged and swiped at him, he ducked down and uppercut the beast, there was a audible crack and it staggered back, Lox however to the The opportunity and Coated his hand is Haki and punched it right on the side of the head.

His fist sunk into the head of the lion, he made a grossed out face and pulled out his fist a whipped the blood of his hand.

"Ew!" He said cleaning his had, he looked at the caved in head of the had of the Lion and and sighed and picked up the massive thing with a grunt of effort and he headed to his tent with his reward for his efforts.

[Day 48]

Training was going well he had killed a few wolves today and almost killed the Alpha before it made for a escape and succeeded.

That ticked off Lox but there wasn't anything he could do about it now barring hunting the thing.

He would probably do that but he just had to much training to do to be tracking a oversized mutt.

He sighed at that but went on with his training.

[Day 49]

This day was good, he found some fruit normal fruit but it was still good food, as much as Lox loved meat, he still had to have a balanced diet. And the fruit will help with that.

He also had grown stronger bud that was an obvious, he was glad he decided to leave to train.

He missed the Crew obviously even the small time he had been with them he had grown attached. That was Luffy's fault for being so welcoming and friendly.

His Armument training was also going good he could now have the Layer of invisible Haki when he was sleeping and that made him feel safer at night.

"Well back to the grind!" Said Lox doing sit-ups.

[Day 50]

Lox decided to take today off and chill.

He sat on the beach and sung all day, he had grown to like singing, maybe when brook joins he could teach him to use a instrument.

He sang songs from his past life with emotion and this help him relax and his body to relax too, but that was an obvious too.

So here he was now looking at the sunset with a smile with a stick of fish in his hand, he had caught in a small river near were the Giant bear tribe live.

He clewed with a satisfied smile, "Well, got to keep enjoying the small things huh." He mussed to himself.

He soon got up and put out his fire and went to sleep..

[Day 60]


These past ten days have been hectic, I have basically killed all of the Wolf Pack and some of the Lion Pack however I left the Bears alone. They were actually chill bears, speaking of which I actually had a weird feast with the leader of there little group.

The group leader had actually eaten a Devil Fruit. The Human- Human Fruit Model Caveman. It was a weird ability, it was basically Coppers fruit but it gave the Leader a less intelligence and more physical prowess and it was basically an ancient Zoan. He couldn't speak but he seemed to understand me and made grunts of yes and no to my questions and enquiries.

He was chill, I shared my wolf meat with them and they let me hang out with them, they seemed pretty happy at my gift of food.

Anyway, I an actually planning to leave since I still have 15 days until I have to meet up at reverse mountain.

Alright time to do some mayhem! I want a bounty and I know just the way to do so..



Lox the crazy Bastard is actually going to do something to get a bounty on purpose!? Hahah. Also I keep pumping out these 1k chapters I'm so proud of myself!

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