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Some lowlife gets transmigrated into One Piece with a Logia Fruit. follows Strawhats. my first fic

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The Butler.


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"What are you guys doing here!?" Explained Usopp, Luffy grinned and pointed at Usopp, "Joining my Crew be my Sniper." He explained and Usopp tilted his head and looked down in.

"I would love to but I have something I have to do here.." he said giving a slight glance at Kaya.

Kaya blushes and looks down, I scratch my head and say, "By the way your looking at her is it.." Usopp eyes widened in nervousness at me seemingly about to out his crush to Kaya.

"Get her Pregnant?" I asked in outward confusion, everyone around but Luffy fell to the ground in bewilderment.

""Huh?!" Both exclaimed in utter shock, both of their faces blood red in embarrassment.

"W-w-we aren't-" said Kaya stuttering, however suddenly I burst out in laughter.

"Ashahahaha!" I laughed rolling about the ground. "You should see you face's right now!" I said and both looked at each other and looked back at me with a small tick mark.

"Hardy-har yeah, yeah so funny.." said Usopp his blush disappearing and he rolled his eyes.

"You got that god damn right!" I explained.

My laughing was cut by a posh and cold voice.

"What is going out here?" Said a man in a Butler suit with white gloves and glasses he had short black hair, my mind immediately supplied his name Kuro of a thousand plans..

"Young mistress Kaya.. what are these.. hooligans doing here." He said his voice slightly disdainful.

"Well.. Klahadore you see these are my friend Usopp friends.." she said timidly.

"Hm, didn't I say to stop aligning your self with this.. miscreant." He insulted Usopp who seemed sorry.

"Sorry Klahadore, I just wanted to help get Kaya's mind away from her sickness.." he said jumping from teh tree.

"What Young mistress Kaya needs is nothing to do with you." Said Kuro pushing up his glasses with the side pf hos hand.

"But-" Usopp begins to protest but his cut off by the Butler.

"I wouldn't expect anything from a son of a dirty Pirate.." he insulted Usopp's dad but before Usopp could defend his father I spoke by laughing in a mocking tone.

This got confused gazes from everyone around me, including Kuro himself.

"That's funny coming from you.." I said my voice mocking but cold at the same time.

"What is that supposed to mean." He said a slight bit of nervous sweat forming on his brow.

"Ashaha.. You know exactly what I mean, Kuro of a thousand plans.." his eyes widened about so did Usopp and Nami and Zoro, Kaya went to speak to defend him but I continue.

"Did you actually think you could pretend to be an innocent little butler.. what? Cat got your tongue?" I said and he started to sweat he began to shake a bit.

"Klahadore tell me he is wrong.." Kaya said pleadingly Kuro look at Kaya his Glasses downcasted over his eyes. He began to speak.



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