6 Shells town and Zoro.


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{POV: 3rd person}

Lox, Luffy and Coby chilled in the boat as it slowly made it's way to Shells town.

Lox can be seen snoring away hos body slumped over the back side of the Boat.

Coby looked at the grey haired teen in wonder, he just popped out of nowhere in a flare of ash, it surprised him, he then proceeded to say he knew Shans and he wanted to join Luffy's crew, plus he wants to be the Strongest man.

Seeing these two determined individuals made Coby want to seek out his dream to be become a marine even more.

Luffy was currently thinking about meat and how many adventures he would go on with hos future crew mates.

Lox had a snot bubble expanding and shrinking from his nose, after 20 minutes they could see the island of shells town slowly approaching.

Luffy jumped up and down shaking the boat, "Look it's shells town!" He said in excitement.

The bubble coming out of Lox's nose abruptly popped and he snapped awake.

"The clown has no penis!" He screams in terror making Coby and Luffy stare at him in confusion then burst out in laughter.

"W-Whats funny?" Lox's said in confusion scratching his head.

"We," Coby paused to take a breath from laughing, "We are at Shells town, look." He said pointing at the island.

Lox jumped up and looked at the direction.

"Nice, hopefully they have food I'm starving!" Lox exclaimed, Luffy nodded in agreement, "Yeah I want meat." Luffy said nodding in understanding.

Both looked at each other and could tell they had a similar love for food.

The boat reached the docks and all three jumped out.

Luffy scratched his hands out, "Ah feels good to move my legs!" Luffy said in satisfaction.

"Yeah man my back hurts from the wood on the boat.." said Lox popping his back, "Ah better.." he sighs in relief.

They walked through the town and heard someone talking about Zoro and one thing led to another and they were climbing over the fence Zoro was behind.

"Who's there." Said the green haired Swordsman, he looked up from his Jesus-cross to see a boy with a Strawhat and a grey and red haired guy walking up from him.

"Hey can do me a favour and let me off this thing." Zoro said looking at the duo.

"Sure I'll do it if you Join my crew!" Luffy grinned.

"Oh? Your pirates, I hunt your kind get away before I get you too." He said with a glare.

Lox laughed, "My captain wants you in hos crew Roronoa Zoro, He wont give in until you join us as our Swordsman." He said putting his hands behind is head.

Luffy nodded, "Yup, Join my crew." He says grinning ear to ear again.

"I said no now back off." Zoro repeated, but there Conversation was cut to an end when a little girl jumped over the fance with a bento box full of Onigri.

"Here I made some Onigri for you mister!" She said grinning.

"I dont want it kid, you should leave before the Marines arrive." Zoro refused the girl making her from.

"But you haven't for three weeks!" She added in concern.

"Oh, Oh what to we have here." A cocky voice came out of nowhere.

It was a blonde hair snobby looking guy with two Marines by his side.

"Feeding a criminal are we?" He said with an arrogant tone, Zoro frowned and so did tve little girl.

This was Helmepo, the guy who got zoro tied up in the first place.

He proceeded to take the rice balls from the young girl she protested but she was left ignored, he then he took a bite.

"Ew! Is this Sugar?! Your supposed to use salt! salt!" He shouted in overdramatic discussed.

"But I thought it would taste better sweet.." the little girl said sad.

He dropped the Onigri and stomped it into the ground.

"Throw her over the fence!" He shouted in anger, the Marines hesitated.

"But she's just a kid.." one said.

"I don't care do it or you will be hearing from my father!" He screamed, they then flung the girl over the fence.

Lox shot up in a blast of Ash and heat thos shocked Zoro and Luffy plus everyone else.

Lox Catched the girl and placed her on the ground.

He patted her head, "Off you go kid." She said he looked at him with stars in her eyes but nodded and ran home.

Lox jumped back over the fence to see Luffy handing Zoro the Rice balls he proceeded to eat them.

"Tell the girl it was good." He said with a nod, Luffy Mearly grinned.

They both turned there attention to Lox.

"Did you eat a Devil Fruit too Lox?!" Asked Luffy in excitement.

"Yeah, I eat the Ash-Ash fruit! I'm a Ash-Human." He says creating a small bird made of Ash that flew about the place.

"I thought those were legends." Saod Zoro looking at the Ash bird in wonder.

"Anyway get out of here, that brat Helmepo said he'd let me go in a mouth its been three weeks I only need to wait a more week before I can leave so get out of here!" He shouted and Lox and Luffy just nodded and left.

They would convince him Soon enough…


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