31 Self reflection.


An- Yo guys, So today I have been thinking a lot about the plot of my story.

I have a huge Idea that will probably divide my fanbase or maybe even grow it a bit.

I have created Lore for Lox's Body. I know what your thinking, didn't you say he got a general background for his body from Rob. Yes and no. I'm going to be completely honest with you, Rob wanted to fuck with Lox a bit so he transmigrated Lox. He didn't create a body for him to get.

This chapter is also going to reveal a huge plot point in this story in my opinion.

You will see because I am making this chapter longer than I normally do. I will give you guys a hint for the lore. Remember in chapter 2? 1? I honestly can't remember, well it's the chapter where Lox looks at his appearance. I said He has short Spiky grey hair with Red tips. Who else is known for red hair? Make with that information what you will.

Okay enough rambling and let's get into the chapter.


As I walked with the Crew I started to think about my life in this world or rather how I began it, I jumped straight into this world head on like it was some video game. As I think about it now that was quite stupid of me. In my past life I loved one piece, but couldn't just sit down for day on end binge watching the episodes. I tried, but I got burnt out thats why I never got past the dressrosa arc, it is honestly embarrassing. I called myself a fan but couldn't find the time to catch up with the episodes. I honestly didn't think I would get the chance to be in this world. I can't just stalk to myself about things I can't change.

And talking about change, I have been taking most of of not all Luffy's main fights, fights that will shape him in the future.

'I need to let them do their thing don't I?' That Realisation made me stop in my tracks making the crew look at me in confusion. I have to let them do the East blue saga on their own… That Stung me to admit.. I have to go for a while. I need to train while Luffy gets Sanji and defeats Arlong. I looked at my crew with a sad but determined face.

"Whats wrong Lox?" Asked Luffy his tone slightly worried, I smile and scratch the back of my head.

"I have to go." This made Luffy's eyes widened in shock. "Your going to leave the Crew!?" He asked no demanded an answer it was his eyes that told me that.

"Heavens no!" I exclaimed waving my hands, Luffy let out a sigh of relief, "What do you mean then?" He asked tilting his head, Nami also looked at me confused, Zoro just slightly narrowed his eyes. Usopp looked confused like Nami but just listened in.

"I'm have to go on some errands, Don't worry though! I will meet you guys at reverse mountain." I said trying to calm Luffy a bit because he still seemed worried.

"What for?" Asked Nami with a questioning look, I grin and laughed, "Ashahaha! Its a Secret!" I said with a player smirk, Nami scoffed and looked away.

"Is that okay captain?" I asked Luffy looking deep in his eyes. He nodded and smiled, "promise to meet us at the reverse mountain thingy?" He said lifting a hand for a shake.

"On my name as Ash D. Lox I will come back to the crew." I said grinning, Luffy let out his signature smile and nodded.

"I will head off now." I said and they nodded in understanding. "Hey, make sure to get a cook. We can't keep buying food all the time we need a Professional to get is a balanced diet." I said and Luffy nodded in agreement.

"Okay I will see you at Reverse mountain!" I said with a wave and I turned on my heals and started walking back to the beach with a hard face that the crew couldn't see.

This was hard, beyond hard for me. All I want is to go on this adventure with them but I can't coddle them. They won't be prepared for the Grandline otherwise.

I gritted my teeth and relaxed and let out a sigh, "Damn this sucks.." I mumbled and shot up with a blast of fiery ash.

As a flew through the air, wind brushing through my hair I shut my eyes and smiled a small bit.

I have to get stronger. I have been relying on my devil fruit power too much. That was the weakness of people like Eneru and Crocodile. I wont be like them. I have to be more, especially if I want to accomplish my dream.

Being the Worlds strongest man, Huh. I said that because it was the coolest in my eyes something that would make this world acknowledge and respect me. Something I wanted more then anything else in my past life.

I dreamt big but never put in the work in my past life. That will change this time, I refuse to be a side character in someone's else story. I wont be the next Joyboy like Luffy, but I will sure be something.

Mark my words world! I Will Be The Strongest Man In The World!!

If it's the last thing I do…

I saw a large Island in the distance below me. From the looks of it there was no civilisation or people for that matter. I will train here for a while before doing other things..

I zoomed downwards with a propulsion of Ash and heat. However I realise something..

How the hell do I land again?

… Oh shit-

My body suddenly slammed into a moderate sized tree my legs and arms wrapping around it in a hug like one of those cartoon characters.

I slowly fell downwards on the tree hitting the stump of the tree after a few seconds of sliding, my body fell backwards and all I could see was stars, 'Why world? Why must you treat me like this after I made my statement to you!?' I shouted in my head in anger and annoyance.

After a few minutes of feeling like the world was spinning I got up and wiped myself off of dirt.

I sigh, "God so have me at I will fucking go nuts if that happens again.." I mumbled in anger.

I walked over to the beach of the island and sat down watching the sea go back and forward.

"Damn this reminds me of the closing scene of Steven Universe, were he sings. Change Your Mind.." I said with a chuckle.

I decided why not? It's not like anyone is listening..

"I don't need you to respect me, I respect me

I don't need you to love me, I love me

But I want you to know you could know me

If you change your mind

If you change your mind

If you change your mind

Change your mind~" My voice was surprisingly good, now that I mentioned it my voice was pretty different from my past one, I can actually sing now huh? That's cool. That felt… Amazing.

It felt like I I finally let go of my past self esteem and finally Accepted myself.

Steven Universe… How ironic. My favourite childhood show would help me move on from my past life traumas.

Do I have anything else to let go?

Sandy… I never apologised to her, a tear fell from my face, "I am sorry sis, I hope you and Leon are happy on earth…" I said with a sad smile, Leon he was my nephew the son my sister had.. I never really appreciate the fact she named him after me..

Oh and my mother.. I didn't really want to mention it because I was still bitter but, 4 months after Kenny's death she came to my house and we had a chat..


I was sitting on my gaming chair playing on my Pc, I was playing soro Rust. I was shit at it but it was still a good game.

I suddenly heard a knock on my door..

I quickly lock up my base in game and shut off rust, I get up and leave my room and unlocked my front door and peak to see who is there.

My eyes widened at the familiar sight of my mother, she had a different expression though. It was neutral but her eyes, they held something I only really saw when she looked at Sandra..

"Ma? What are you doing here?" That was a genuine question she lived like 2 and a half hours away from me.

"I came here to talk." She said looking at me seriously, I just dumbly nod and let her in.

She walked into my apartment and looked around in curiosity, she seemed pleasantly surprised, Oh! Yeah that makes sense. Contrary to what people believe I an actually a really clean person. I have spent quite a bit of cash to renovate my apartment, there is paintings and nice wallpaper and even tables with vases and pictures on them, I lead her to my living room, which was Filled up with couches a coffee table on the middle with a large television docked on my wall.

"Wow, Leonardo this.. is quite a nice home you have here." She said curtly, I nodded and sat down and she sat on a couch opposite of me.

"So what is it you want to say?" I asked her in mild curiosity, she nodded and began speaking.

"I will make this quick.. I am Sorry son." My eyes widened.

"I had high expectations of you, expectations we I and your father forced upon you.." she stated to explain, "when I was a young lass my mother, your grandma, She was a.. Entertainer of men you could say.. her Business became the eventual product of me.. she however couldn't afford to feed both of us but still she bearly scraped by.. all my life I lived in the slums, sometimes I didn't even get more then a piece of bread for dinner." She started to explain her life which I had never thought about nor had he ever told anything about.

"I eventually had enough.. I didn't want to live like that anymore, so I went though school studied every day, and soon I went to College and then University." She said rubbing her eyes tiredly, "My point is I didn't want you to end up like my mother, a scum of Society, but I didn't do that with your sister because I had a soft spot for her, so did your father." She continued to explain, "I leid all that responsibility on you and eventually you broke.." she said her voice hitching a bit, "I just want to let you know I am sorry, and I am proud of you." She got up and left leaving me in complete shock…

But I couldn't except it, So shoved it deep into the back of my mind…

(Flashback end)

I look up and smile, "I forgive you Ma.." another tear escaping my eye.

I shut my eyes and take in a deep breath and exhale.. then I take an another deep breath and exhale again.

I felt free, truly free. I will keep it that way bo matter what if its the last thing I do.

I stand up and scratch out my limbs..

Today and for the rest of my days I am a new me, let's make it worth the wait..


An- Ohhhh, do you feel my pride at this chapter? Because damn I put in some hard work to make this, plus it's a 2k chap, I haven't done one of those since the first chapter..

Anyway have a good Halloween everyone make sure to hide the bodies unless you want to get caught! Hahahaha~


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