40 Reunion.




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The 2 weeks following was pretty boring to say the least, I was just sitting around thinking up attack names and shit. It was hard, my brain smooth~

Anyway, the day came for me to meet up with the crew. I was excited not going to lie which is fucking weird. Its like you are going to see a that one friend you only get to see once in a while, but I actually get to stay with them and go on adventures!

Okay, I'm drunk…

No seriously I'm fucking drunk.. I kinda went to a bar and bought a shit ton of Whiskey.

I seem to have grown a taste for it. Like I can't just not drink! I'm not a alcoholic or anything, it's just.. drinking is pretty good.

Anyway so when I bought it I went into the woods drink myself to sleep, because even in this anime world I'm a light weight.. shit.. well whatever maybe I have a little hangover but I will get better by the point I meet up with the others.

So here I am flying off to Logue Town. And suddenly it's starts to rain, 'Eh? It was just sunny a second ago..' I thought in confusion.

Well, whatever it's probably- wait didn't it rain when dragon saved Luffy from getting captured by Smoker?

I see a ship that I immediately identified as the going merry, floating off from Logue Town but there was no one aboard.. I landed on my ass on the ship and looked around.

'Where the fuck are they?' I thought scratching my head, then suddenly five people collided with the ship.

I look up to see Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp and A guy with curly eyebrows and blonde hair with a bit of Stubble on his chin.

Sanji.. Good the timeline so far is still going okay..

"Who is that guy?" Ask the blonde pointing at me, "And why is he wearing shades when it's raining?" He added with a raised eyebrow.

"Lox!" Shouted Luffy running over to me and crushing me in a hug, but it was like a Child hugging a leg you don't really notice, "I said I'd be back Ashahaha!" I laughed.

"Your outfit Lox cool Lox!" Said Usopp with a thumbs up. I grin, "Thanks man." I puffed up my chest. Luffy let go and took a couple steps back.

"Old man, I see you came back." Said Nami with a smirk.

"Flat Tits, As unpleasant as usual I see." She grew tik mark.

"Flat!?" Sanji exclaimed, "Blasphemy!" She shouted pointing a finger.

"Ashahaha! Are you a simp or something?" I said grinning. He looked at me confused and muttered 'Simp?'.

I walked over to him a raised a hand, "Names Ash D. Lox I am the Vice-Captain of the Stewhat pirates!" I said with a smile, he grasped my hand a shock it firmly, "I'm Sanji, I am the cook." He said with a nod taking a puff from his cigarette.

Nami walked and navigated the ship, while me a the blonde made small talk, I explained how I met Luffy and what my Devil Fruit could do.

He was surprised but got over it relatively easily.

Suddenly Nami Spoke up, "The reverse mountain is just behind that Lighthouse." She said pointing at the glowing lighthouse.

Sanji walked away and grabbed a barrel, "how about we do a thing to commemorate this moment." Said Sanji and we all put are legs on the barrel.

It started with Luffy, "To become The king Of the pirates!" He exclaimed.

Next was me, "To become the World Strongest Man!" I said grinning like a madman.

Next was Zoro, "To become the world's best Swordman!" He said with determination.

Next was Sanji, "To see the All blue!" He said smiling lightly.

Next was Nami, "To drew a map of the world!" She said with a smirk.

Usopp looked around and Steeled his resolve, "To become A brave Warrior Of the Sea!" He shouted with a grin.

And we all brought our legs up and smashed the barrel, at that moment we all knew that this was our destiny…

[Some time later]

It had been about 20 minutes and we could see reverse mountain in the distance. I smiled and shook in excitement. It was now sunny so I had a clear view of it.

I walked over the the Merry figure head and saw Luffy smiling at the mountain in similar excitement, "Hey captain." I said and he looked at me.

"So this is the true beginning of our adventure." I said smiling at the sky.

He laughed, "Shishishi, You bet it is!" I smiled at the hyper rubber teen.

Just 2 mouths ago this was all a show, now it's my Reality, my life. And I couldn't bw more greatful to it. Perhaps thats a bit sappy but I don't give a shit.

I Will be the strongest and I will have fun along the way.. and maybe get a girlfriend… but hey! Thats just a after thought! (Who are you kidding Virgin boy..)

'Hm, did someone just insult me.' I thought looking around the place. Must have been my mind playing tricks in me..

Where was I? Oh yeah let the True adventure begin!



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