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Some lowlife gets transmigrated into One Piece with a Logia Fruit. follows Strawhats. my first fic

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An-Hey, here we go with an other chap, last chap gave me the inspiration to make a another.

Well anyway~ I was thinking, and it hurt let me tell you that.. that I wanted Lox to have a second fruit.

But hear me out, it will be a normal Zoan. I just want to say that Rob(me) made him have that unique physiology to hold two fruit.

Your probably wandering why give him an another Fruit when he has a Strong one already, well because. I want to make it cooler, simple.

I'm still thinking about what Zoan to give him Tell me in the comments, this won't be happening for a while until he is in The grandline and such, so you guys have a while to give me ideas for a Zoan fruit, it could be an ancient one but not dinosaur something like sabertooth tiger.




We were patching up Luffy's wonds he manly had some light burns but his hands were the most burn but it wasn't bad it just needed a day to heal and it would be fine, Luffy was quite as Nami wrapped a bandage around his hands.

He looked up at me with a shadow over his eyes.

But he looked up showing his eyes and suddenly he had stars in his eyes, "How did you make that cool Beast!?" He said with a grin and a voice of wonder.

I let out a laugh, "Ashahahaha!" I slapped my leg in amusement, "Well I developed it after a pesky Boar that interrupted my Beauty sleep long story short I flew a Ash bomb at it and it exploded and cooked it, that was a good dinner." I sighed in thought, "Well anyway it's body it as strong as Steel, but a truly skilled sword user or Fruit could probably defeat it relatively easy." Zoro perked up at this.

"It's impossible to cut steel." He said with a quizzical look.

"If you truly think like that you will never become World's best Swordman." I state, looking at him in seriousness.

He nods looking down at his swords, we are cut out of our thoughts when we here a voice coming from the woods.

"Leave Intruders!" Shouted the voice, "You don't belong here!" They said with a warning tone.

"Leave or I will be forced to make you!" They threatened, I chuckled but didn't say anything.

We stayed in our spots, Zoro had taken a bottle out and started drinking it and Nami hid behind Zoro who sweat dropped while drinking.

We waited for 10 minutes and the voice spoke again, "You have left me no choice!" After that 2 gun shoots were heard.

One hit Luffy and the other went through me.

The one that hit Luffy deflected and hit a tree.

"H-Huh!?" The voice shouted in confusion.

Zoro was about to get up but I extended my hand in the direction of the voice, and my Chain Jutted out grabbing the figure of a man in a chest.

"…Sorry?" he said sheepish, I laughed at the weird guy with the green afro who was in a chest.

'How is that even possible?' I thought in confusion. 'Eh, One Piece Logic.' I thought as if it was the answer to everything.

"Who are you?" Luffy asked in confusion.

"I'm Gaimon." Said the newly named Gaimon.

"Why are you in a chest?" I asked in confusion.

"Well…" he started the his story.

So basically he was a pirate came here for treasure found it, although it was on a clif, he climbed it but fell and went into a chest, he wasn't able to climb the cliff because he was in the chest, and his crew mate left him.

"Damn, that's rough buddy.." he said with a grimace.

"Tell me about it." He said with a sigh.

Nami currently has berry signs in her eyes.

"You don't think of anything but money don't you small-tits." I said and Nami flicked me off.

"Ashahaha!" I laughed at her and she looked away with a "Hmph." Luffy looks at Gaimon with a grin.

"How about we get your Treasure for you?" Luffy asked with a grin.

"You would do that for me?" He asked with a smile.

"Sure." Luffy nodded and stood up.

"Lox, Zoro, Nami we've got a treasure to get!" Shouted Luffy with a Cheshire grin.

"Okay Cap." I said getting up I had already let go of Gaimon, "Why don't you show us the way Gaimon?" I said to the Chest-Man.

He nodded and we headed into the woods, along the way we met various animal hybrids but Gaimon assured us that they were would not attack if we didn't.

Eventually we made it to the clif and we stopped at the bottom.

"I'll do this." I said and the rest nodded.

I blast up and get to the top relatively easy, I picked up the suspiciously light chest and bring it down and sit in in front of Gaimon.

We watched as Gaimon opens and only to see that there is nothing inside it.

This seemed to struck Gaimon heart, his face downcast, "So it was all for nothing huh.." he said looking down with a mournful expression.

"Hey listen bud, Sometimes life can be a bitch, all we can do if flip life off and push forward." I said patting his back, chest? Eh whatever.

He nodded with a slight smile.

"Hey Gaimon join my crew!" Luffy said with a grin.

"Sorry, I would rather stay here and look after my animal friends." He says pointing at a small group of hybrids that were watching this situation.

Luffy sighed but nodded in understanding.

We soon headed back to the beach about seat up camp and I started a fore with my ash.

That night I looked at the beautiful stars with a smile on my face.

'I should enjoy these peaceful times, because when we get to the grandline we will be fighting some strong opponents, like Croco and The godling Enel..' I thought shutting my eyes and drifting off to sleep…


An- there ya go an other 1k chap! Next chapter will be soon so keep tuned!