15 Ash Vs Rubber.


An- currently in the process of watching a video about Luffy timeline so I can get a gist of where they go in order, some things will be different then canon like how Luffy was tied up instead of being in a cage. This is a semi-AU so if things end up a bit different then canon it's because I'm taking creative liberty, but going from the general plot but obviously things are going be different since Lox is there.

Anything hopefully you like the chapter!



Me and Luffy are playing rock paper scissors to see who wins and get the stick of mean that was left in the basket.

I won and took the meat with a grin but after seeing Luffy pout I decided to half it with him.

He grinned, "Shishishi, thanks Lox!" He munch on the meat with a happy smile.

This was worth it, give Luffy food? He will destroy a yonko for you.

Anyway I eat my half about I hear Nami calling us.

"What's wrong Nami?" Asked Luffy, the navigator mearly pointed at something.

I looked to see an island. Luffy grins and jumps up and down.

"Nami steer us to that island!" Luffy said excitedly, I just sighed in exasperation and nodded, "Captains orders Nami." I said sitting down.

"Hmph, okay old man." A tick mark forms on my head.

"You listen here I'll show you Old flat-tits!" I said jumping up.

Nami eyes widened and she looked down at her decent sized breasts and grits her teeth in anger, "Why you Ashy-Bastard!" Sparks run across are heads in rivalry.

"Shut it you two I'm drinking here." Said Zoro sipping from a bottle of wine.

"Hmph whatever." She turned and went to the steering area thing? Cant remember what they call the thing, eh whatever.

We soon arrived at the island, it had fog covered over it and looked a bit creepy.

We all jumped off once anchored the ship. I looked and scratched my head and realisation hit me.

Was this not a filler episode about a walking chest or something? Man I should've watched the filler…

"Guys let's set up camp at the beach, I don't want to fall asleep in the boat when we can sleep on a island and maybe get some training in." I said and explained.

Nami and Zoro agreed with me the latter begrudgingly. Luffy just tilted his head, "Why would we need to train?" He said scratching his head.

Oh you poor, poor innocent soul..

My face turned serious, "Luffy you are weak." Luffy's eyes widened and so did Zoro's, he and Luffy were about the same in strength, Zoro had more skill but Luffy had more power.

"There are people who are much, much, much stronger than you Luffy." I said as I remember all the monsters in the grandline and beyond.

"I would say I'm the current strongest person in the crew." Luffy's shock was replaced with defiance.

"Let's fight then!" He said grinning but his eyes held an edge I didn't think he could have.

"Okay." I said, this was needed, he was to naive it's what got Ace killed in canon, it he trained he would have been able to do Imple down much easier and It couldn't saved his brother's life.

Me and Luffy moved over to a clear side of the beach as Nami and Zoro watched in curiosity of what would happen.

"Zoro your ref!" I shouted and the swordsman simply nodded.

Nami was thinking about what Lox said she agreed with his statement about people being much stronger then the rubber boy. A certain shark flashing across her mind.

"1, 2" Zoro started the count down to the fight, "3!" And just like that Luffy rushed in with a grinning face.

"Gum-Gum Pistol!" He shouted and flew a punch that promptly went right through my chest.

I sighed and grabbed his retracting fist and swung him to the right, he flew and hit the beach floor.

He got up and looked at me in thought, Luffy was trying to think of a way he could get me.

I guess it's time I test it out huh?

I lifted both of my hands up and spoke, "Ash-Ash Beast of tartarus!" A giant Boar made out of ash from ash I had shoot out my palms, emerged from the ground.

The thing was huge towering over both me and Luffy, It was greyish black and had cracks covering its whole body in a pattern, that had flames inside them, it's eyes were glowing embers. It's tusk where on fire burning with a fiery fury.

"Roarrr!!!" Its roared with fury charging the shock Luffy, He quickly snapped out of it but jumped back and pulled back to fists, "Gum-Gum bazooka!" His two fist hit the beast but the Ash-Boar just shrugged it off.

It stopped and charged at Luffy once again. Luffy who had two burnt hands from hitting the beast tried to move again but the beast had built up to much momentum and hit Luffy, this sent Luffy Flying, he hit a nearby tree that was across from the beach and tried to he up.

My Ash boar burst into a cloud of ash and the flames separated from the cloud and disappeared, however the ash was still there, it moved to Luffy with great speeds, "Ash-Ash Coffin!" The Ash wrapped around him in a Ash cacoon that only left his head to be seen.

The entire place fell silent.

Luffy was wide eyed looking at me with shock, I had my hand in my pockets.

"Zoro call the fight." I ordered.

Zoro snapped out of his shock and raised a hand and swipe down, "The winner is Lox!" He said his voice still showing his shock at the beast I had just created.

Nami was also looking at me in shock but that was a given.

Heh this is an Ego boost but I won't let it get to my head, people like Enel could kill me with even moving a finger.

Eh, well at least I made my point right?


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