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Helix didn’t want to become a protagonist. Unfortunately, he was summoned to another world against his will, and a mad god was dead set on making him the hero. After turning down her offer for comical power and a harem attracting charm attribute, he was left with [zeros] for all of his stats. Worse, he was given a legendary magic class that creates illusions of an enemy’s greatest fear and has a millennium-long history of killing its wielders in the first month. His decision left him defenseless around 49 jealous light novel reading Earthians with delusional desires to be the protagonist and slaughter their way to godhood. Stranded in a world where [everyone] is one punch man, only his mind and cunning will help him survive. — [If you’re looking for an action-packed, level up adventure, skip to chapter 46 before turning down the novel. You'll quickly learn how mind-bending Helix's fighting becomes.] — This is my first novel, so please show support if you like it. [Nightmare] is a realistic dark comedy where light novel cliches have disturbing consequences, and being a weak character has a literal meaning. This novel examines how the [mindsets] of otakus shape how they view and interact with it. It covers RPG culture, cultivator world mindset, system wish fulfillment, real-world weak to strong complications, and the twisted nature of overpowered characters. Unfortunately, there’s only one way to explore the world’s most notorious cliche. The [mc] needs to have a harem. No one else can have it. [It’s a necessity]. Sue me. What’s a harem? It’s polygamy between normal [humans]… lol. Young adult otakus aren’t innocent. They’re horny af and want sex—that’s a reality. So [sexual content warning]. Sex is rare, but I don’t avoid anything. — Weekly incentives: The first person to reach 100 for fan value gets a name of their choice for an otaku. Multiple frequent commenters will get a name of their choice as an otaku or soldier. — Note: I commissioned the artwork for [Nightmare]. There is no contradiction between the way Helix is dressed and the story. Read it, and you’ll learn that yourself.


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