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Helix didn’t want to become a protagonist. Unfortunately, he was summoned to another world against his will, and a mad god was dead set on making him the hero. After turning down her offer for comical power and a harem-attracting charm attribute, he was left with [zeros] for all of his stats. Worse, he was given a legendary magic class that creates illusions of an enemy’s greatest fear and has a millennium-long history of killing its wielders in the first month. His decision left him defenseless around 49 jealous light novel-reading Earthians with delusional desires to be the protagonist and slaughter their way to godhood. Stranded in a world where [everyone] is one punch man, only his mind and cunning will help him survive. — [Nightmare] explores cliches from a real-world perspective. The mc doesn't want to be a protagonist—that never changes. It's a dynamic that makes this story a satisfying dark comedy and constantly asks interesting questions. This novel examines how the [mindsets] of the weebs shape how they view and interact with it. It covers RPG culture, harem culture, cultivator world mindset, system wish fulfillment, real-world weak to strong complications, and the twisted nature of overpowered characters. Yes: Helix gets satisfyingly op. Note: I had to read a truckload of cliche novels to roast cliches. Especially cultivation cliches—I'm writing a cultivation novel! XD [Sexual content warning]. There are lemons. You're welcome. If you like the comedy aspect, try out my other novel My Yandere Harem for ultimate yandere goodness. —Important Disclaimer— This novel has a heartbreaking scene that highlights the tragic consequences of the cultivator mindset. 80% of the people drop do it because of that chapter. I wouldn't have written it if I knew how adverse WN readers were to character deaths. Please don't drop because of that scene. The decision was bad, but the story isn't. If it hits you like a bag of bricks, it means that my writing was powerful, and there's a lot of potential in the future. Enjoy the novel!


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