[Multiverse] Sex System In Classroom of The Elite

Was I lucky? I didn't expect to get everything handed to me on a silver platter. "Lazy Lust System?" [Congratulations on activating the Lazy Lust System host! Note- The System will not help or give girls to the host. The System will only give you enough strength to stand on top of the world. How you wish to conquer the objects of your sexual desires is up to the host. The System wishes the host a joyful journey!] "..." "You've got to be kidding me." *** Advanced Chapters- Patreon.com/AlmightySkyDxddy Brief Description- A very degenerate piece of work only being written because the Author is hôrny. Tags- Extremely OP MC, Invincible MC, Evil MC, Perverted Protagonist, Smart Protagonist, Scum Protagonist, Blackmail, Anal, BDSM, R-18, Rãpe, Incést, Netori, System, Harem, Large Hárem, Smut, Sex... And various other fetishes, you can probably find everything here. BUT NO Gay stuff and Femboy stuff. Also, No traps. *** Remember do not compare reality to fiction. If you're as trashy as me then enjoy the work. If you're a snowflake then kindly leave. Thank you for reading.

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SS- Karuizawa Kei

[Tatsuya: Meet me in my room at 2.]

Looking at the message on my screen I felt my heart turn cold.

I turned the screen off and tossed my mobile away before turning to my side, curling up on the soft cushion of the bed.

It was 1:40 pm and since it was Saturday I was supposed to go to lunch with my girl group but I guess that was impossible now.

I don't know why he's calling me but I don't think it'll be anything good.

Just why did I have to suffer like this?

I thought I could leave everything behind and start anew.

All of a sudden I felt something cold go down my skin. I lifted my hand and touched my cheeks only to feel something wet.

"Oh... I'm crying?"

I didn't notice it but tears started to stream down my face and no matter how hard I tried to calm myself it just wouldn't stop.


Why was I crying?

I wiped my eyes with my sleeves and got up from the bed. I fixed myself in the mirror before putting on my signature smile and left the room.

I had to be strong.



It didn't take me long to reach his dorm and I rang his bell.

The most annoying part was trying to avoid prying eyes.

As Hirata's 'girlfriend', getting caught going into Tatsuya's dorm room alone after cancelling my plans with my friends would be too suspicious.

It would be too big of a hit to my reputation among the girls.

At present none of them really hated me because while I took Hirata Tatsuya was still there for them to bag.

To be honest, every day Tatsuya lived without announcing a relationship was a day of relief. The moment he got a girlfriend, that girl would become a rival to me for the leadership of the girls.

That would be troublesome.

As I was lost in my thoughts, the door opened and I unwillingly flinched in surprise.

But since I didn't want anyone to see me I hurried inside his room without even waiting for him to say anything.

"Wow, you're pretty enthusiastic." He playfully teased me and I felt anger well up inside me but I did my best to remain calm.

"Don't waste my time. I was supposed to go out with my friends." I retorted in defiance, I wouldn't act weak— No.

I couldn't act weak.

"Aww, I thought you wanted my attention from the beginning of the semester, why are you being distant, Karuizawa?"

His mock sadness did nothing to soothe my anger but I couldn't retort.

It was the truth.

He was my first and best option to reign over the girls in the class. The problem with Hirata was that he didn't really treat me any different than other girls, which I don't blame him for, but that wasn't the best method possible to maintain my position.

For example, if I bump into let's say Mii-chan while walking absent-mindedly, Hirata would ask me to apologise instead of trying to gloss over the matter.

Him being my boyfriend was not providing me status, but only out of pity.

But Tatsuya was perfect in that regard, I just knew that if I could grab him he would be the best candidate.

He would side with me.

It was a hunch, but I was sure of it.

But he avoided me...

I don't know why but he didn't talk to me much. This caused me to panic, I hoped no girl would think Tatsuya disliked me.

If that happened it was only time before I was bullied again.

I... I couldn't let that happen.

Not again.

So I hurriedly contacted Hirata and directly stated my request along with telling him about my past. I knew he wouldn't take advantage of me, that was the little bit of reassurance I had.

I was hoping to take a bit more time but I was anxious.

Thankfully, things started going well after that.

I made friends, I was able to laugh and enjoy my school life like never before. Hirata also never troubled me or pressured me into anything which I was afraid of.

Everything was going so well...

So why?

Why was my peaceful and blissful life in the hands of Yamamoto Tatsuya?

He wasn't kind like Hirata, he was simply a poser. His real personality was unknown which terrified me.

Every day after that, I lived in fear.

Would he tell everyone? Would everyone bully me again?

I wouldn't be able to take it...

I don't think I'll be able to live anymore if that happene-

"You're quite the deep thinker aren't you?"

I was suddenly shaken out of my thoughts and I felt confused by his question.

"You've been staring blankly at the floor for three minutes straight."

Huh? Wait- Ah, I was lost in my own head.

But why didn't he say anything? Was he just watching me silently?

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

"Can you please just tell me what you want already?" I don't want to stand here for a second longer.

I was mentally tired, whenever I was near him my mind went on to speculate the worst possible scenarios.

Every time I'm near him my heart races, pounding against my chest as I wait for his words fearfully, hoping to never hear—

I leaked the photo of your scar, Karuizawa.

"Were you crying?" He asked suddenly and I froze in place.

How did he know?

I applied a decent amount of concealer and foundation before stepping out, I also put on a bit of eyeliner.

"Your eyes look puffy and... You could say I know you quite well."

"Again, you and your bullshit." I sneered but felt unsettled inwardly. Did he really know that I would cry every time he called for me?

"Alright, I won't hold you up for long Karuizawa, I know you have to hang out with your friends." He pulled out his phone and I felt my heart go cold for a second before I heard a buzz in my own phone.

I looked at the image he sent me and gave him a questioning glance.

"Use this for your studies and have every girl from your group memorise the answers."

"Wait what are you even talking about?" I raised my phone and showed him the screen, "You called me here to give me some study material?"

I couldn't believe this guy.

This was simply infuriating.

"Look, I like teasing people but this isn't how I do it."

Yeah, you blackmail people with their most feared secrets. Woohoo!

"It's the questions that'll come on the exam," he paused, "Exactly the same."

All of a sudden I felt my heart stop.


"You're joking right?"

It was a really ridiculous joke but...

The look on his face was serious.

"I'm not."

"B-But this is cheating! How did you even get these!?" 

I couldn't work my mind around it. How did he even get his hands on these?

"Why does it matter how I got them? And don't worry it's not cheating. They're past-year exam questions. If it was not allowed it would've been mentioned." 

"No wait that still doesn't make sense, why do you think the questions will be the same this time?" I asked but he showed me something else.

It was the mock exam papers. Two different ones but with the exact same content, the only difference was that one of them was fully answered.

If I had these answers I could've gotten a perfect score!


"Why are you giving this to me?" I don't for a second believe he's doing this out of the goodness of his heart.

Tatsuya Yamamoto was a sadistic lunatic!

The amount of times he had forced me to get him apple juice from the vending machines was inhumane!

It didn't matter if I was with Hirata or my friends!


I really hate him. Why can't he give a straightforward answer? Is he allergic to simply getting to the point?

"No, never mind. I'll go. I just have to make sure everyone memorises this yeah?" I can't be bothered anymore.

As long as I could leave this room it didn't matter why.

He nodded and I made my way to the door.

It didn't seem like he was going to stop me and I sighed in relief.

But just as I was about to reach the door knob I felt a large hand grab me and pull me back.

I looked back in surprise.

"W-What are you doing?"

I whispered fearfully.

His face was dangerously close to mine. I don't know why he suddenly pushed me against the wall but my heart which had calmed down was once again running on full throttle.


He spoke my name and looked at me intently, the look in his eyes was dangerous.

"W-What?" I whispered again.

I didn't want to anger him.

It was pathetic.

Despite acting tough I was still the same submissive little girl from back then.

I hadn't changed at all, it was an illusion I had created for myself.

"Why are you shaking?" His voice was calm as ever but there was no gentleness in it.

It sounded flat.

"I'm not."

I denied it as I looked down and saw my trembling hand. 

"You are. You're scared of me Karuizawa." He sounded interested as he leaned in further, his nose was almost touching mine.

"How about I make a deal with you, a deal that should take care of your anxiety."

Hearing that I couldn't help but wonder how it would feel, how amazing would it be if I didn't have to be afraid? How amazing would it be if I didn't have to face nightmares every night?

"What d-deal?"

Instead of answering me he forcefully grabbed my chin and pressed his lips over mine.

I froze as he grabbed my head and pushed his lips further in. I raised my arms to push him away but I put them down the same instance.

All resistance from my body was gone. His strength was so great that I couldn't hope to resist.

His lips locked with mine. It was my first kiss and I didn't know what to do, I felt awkward, guilty, nervous and my heart raced all at the same time.

I felt like I was betraying Hirata.

My mind was a jumbling mess as he continued to kiss me deeply.

After a few seconds, he let me go.

"Every day you will come to my room and kiss me on your own accord. As long as you don't miss a single day I will never share this photo or your past with anyone. In fact, I'll make sure no one dares to threaten your status, you'll have my assurance on that. Follow me and I'll make sure no one will ever bully you, Karuizawa Kei."

"On the surface, you'll be Hirata's girlfriend but in reality, you'll be mine."

I listened to his words in a daze as I shivered. For the first time today, I raised my head and intently looked at his eyes.

There was no hint of lies and I felt my heart flutter.

"But... Why didn't you let me become your girlfriend from the start if you knew about me?"

I was confused, he definitely did not get his information about my past from Hirata and the scar didn't give any substantial information.

Hirata also told me that Tatsuya knew we were in a false relationship, or rather that he knew I would approach one of them for a fake relationship.

"Oh, I said I'd protect your status right? What I'm about to do in a few days will be detrimental to you if you pose as my girlfriend."

"H-huh, why?"

I asked, the feeling from the kiss still lingering.

"You don't need to know," He smiled like he usually did in class and said, "You asked why I gave you the papers right? I just didn't want you to be expelled."

"...You're lying."

He was definitely lying but the look in his eyes made my heart skip a beat.

I turned around and simply ran away from his room.

I didn't look back and hurried into the elevator. After pushing the button to my floor I saw my reflection on the silvery metal surface

Was I blushing...?


I shook my head.

So I had to kiss him every day to protect myself?

That was fine.

This was nothing, something like this wouldn't phase me.

It was nothing compared to back then.


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