[Multiverse] Sex System In Classroom of The Elite

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Chapter 79: Beginning Of The Storm

"Ah, you're here Ayanokouji-kun! Please sit down, I want to announce something before Sensei comes!" Kushida clasped her hands together and looked at Ayanokouji with a cute smile.

Ayanokouji paused for a second before nodding and quietly went to his seat amongst the whispering of the class.

A few more students arrived and Kushida greeted them similarly before asking them to settle down.

No doubt they were curious what Kushida wanted to say.

Ayanokouji glanced at Horikita before whispering, "Do you have any idea what this is about?"

Horikita shook her head, indicating her cluelessness.

Soon everyone was here but there were only a few minutes before Chabashira-sensei arrived so Kushida had to make it quick.

"Everyone!" Kushida clapped her hands, "I know it's been hard these past few days but I've finally made a deal with Yamamoto-kun."

She couldn't address him by his first name to avoid appearing close to him. Her persona was one of kindness and fairness so she couldn't be too friendly with Tatsuya on the surface to avoid suspicions.

How could the 'kind-hearted' Kushida be friendly to Tatsuya after what he did?

That's why Tatsuya had her change the script from 'convincing' him to 'striking' a deal with him.

It would at least appear reasonable.

Kushida didn't like what Tatsuya did but for the class she went and made a deal with him.

"From now onwards Yamamoto-kun will give each student 50,000 private points every month regardless of how many Class Points we have."

Murmurs of shock and suspicions echoed in the class but no one was making a fuss, secretly glancing at Tatsuya every now and then.

"What's the catch?" Horikita scoffed and asked instantly.

Of course, the students had doubts. Would someone like Yamamoto Tatsuya merrily help the class like this?

It was doubtful.

Kushida was about to answer but stopped.

Horikita was puzzled but she instantly noticed the mocking and angry looks thrown her way. She was bewildered but faint traces of anger surfaced in her eyes.

She couldn't even openly glare at Tatsuya to avoid further misunderstandings.

She could only curse at herself for being stupid. The photo that he leaked was so sneaky and suspicious that if she tried defending it more allegations would instantly surface.

Not to mention, no one would believe her.

Horikita might be a bit socially awkward or blunt but she wasn't naive.

Horikita could feel the entire class's gaze on her and felt faintly pressured.

The instinct to defend herself from the rumours Tatsuya spread.

The rationality of knowing that it was futile.

Two chaotic sides of her mind made her stressed but she temporarily ignored it and looked at Kushida silently.

"Yamamoto-kun hopes that when future class battles are held, he'll have full control of the class. As long this condition is fulfilled he won't actively take part in expelling any student of Class D," Kushida spoke with a smile and even Hirata sitting in the front lightly raised his head.

He wasn't originally paying attention but now...

The class was interested in the term 'Class Battles'. They didn't explicitly know what it entailed but they could make a few educated guesses.

"Isn't that great everyone?" Kushida smiled cheerfully, "I really don't want anyone else to be expelled. As long as we agree to Yamamoto-kun's orders we can get 50,000 private points and we won't be in danger anymore!"

Before anyone could object Kushida laid out the benefits.

Horikita was shocked but instantly hid it.

What the hell is this guy planning? Is he really serious about reaching Class A?

"... Really?" Someone subconsciously muttered.

Kushida had laid out the benefits to prevent anyone from objecting but—

Why would anyone reject this!?

Not only were they getting 50,000 private points but they also didn't have to do anything outrageous!

Not to mention the resolved threat of expulsion!

The biggest issue the students had was how versatile private points were. While that in itself is a great thing...

But they were broke!

Someone like Tatsuya could come and casually say, "Bye-bye," and their school life was over!

Even if it were only a verbal promise it immediately made many of the students heaved a sigh of relief.

A conclusion was formed in the minds of the students.

Yamamoto Tatsuya wanted to take the class in control so he expelled three troublemakers to establish his rule. Now that he had the class under control he was dangling a carrot in front of the class.

From this they could be sure of one thing— Yamamoto Tatsuya wanted to reach Class A!

Otherwise, there was no need to sacrifice almost two million private points to soothe his classmates like this.

"Sounds good doesn't it?" Tatsuya suddenly said and the class turned silent, unaware of how to respond.

Seeing this he chuckled before transferring Kushida the points.

Kushida flinched from his gaze for a second before turning away.

She looked at Hirata who was sitting in the first seat of the first row.

"I'll be sending 400,000 private points to you Hirata-kun, please pass 350,000 points to the student behind you and so on."

Kushida then handed 400,000, 350,000, 350,000 and 350,000 to the rest of the rows.

As the students grew happy and excited by the points, Inogashira was one of them she looked at the 150,000 points in her account.

She won't have to eat the bland vegetable set from the free section of the canteen anymore!

She looked back happily only to be confronted by a smiling Tatsuya.


"Keep the extra fifty and send it to Ayanokouji."

She stiffly nodded before turning around in relief.


Tatsuya almost felt like chuckling and at the same time Chabashira-sensei walked in looking at the happy class with confusion.

What the hell?

Weren't they all gloomy and depressed just a day ago?

With a weird expression, she started the lecture.


The day went by lunch break was here. The class was bustling with excitement. For the past few days, they were forced to eat free food but now they could eat something good!

Students started rushing out of the class.

Horikita got up and walked to Tatsuya's seat with a frosty expression.

She couldn't stand him anymore.


"Yamamoto Tatsuya!!!"

Suddenly an angry yell came from the door of Class D and the remaining students looked at the two students who barged in rather roughly.

Such uncouth behaviour...

The most shocking thing was that it was Ichinose and Kanzaki!

A rare furious expression was clouding Ichinose's face as she took heavy steps towards the smiling Tatsuya.

Horikita felt shocked by Ichinose's behaviour, what the hell did this guy do now? Why was she so angry?

The calm and kind angel, Ichinose, glared at Tatsuya as Kanzaki stood protectively beside her.

"What did you do to Shibata-kun?"


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