[Multiverse] Sex System In Classroom of The Elite

Was I lucky? I didn't expect to get everything handed to me on a silver platter. "Lazy Lust System?" [Congratulations on activating the Lazy Lust System host! Note- The System will not help or give girls to the host. The System will only give you enough strength to stand on top of the world. How you wish to conquer the objects of your sexual desires is up to the host. The System wishes the host a joyful journey!] "..." "You've got to be kidding me." *** Advanced Chapters- Patreon.com/AlmightySkyDxddy Brief Description- A very degenerate piece of work only being written because the Author is hôrny. Tags- Extremely OP MC, Invincible MC, Evil MC, Perverted Protagonist, Smart Protagonist, Scum Protagonist, Blackmail, Anal, BDSM, R-18, Rãpe, Incést, Netori, System, Harem, Large Hárem, Smut, Sex... And various other fetishes, you can probably find everything here. BUT NO Gay stuff and Femboy stuff. Also, No traps. *** Remember do not compare reality to fiction. If you're as trashy as me then enjoy the work. If you're a snowflake then kindly leave. Thank you for reading.

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Chapter 73: Time To Test The New Function!

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After inviting her, Kushida walked in with heavy steps.

The option of refusing was long gone from the table. I also suspected that she might even be looking forward to it despite not realising it herself.

The way she acted last time was quite... wild.

Nonetheless, Kushida sat down and started scrolling her phone, ignoring me. I didn't mind it and went to the kitchen.

It's been a long time since I've cooked chicken. Feels odd considering I made it every day due to the almost daily gym sessions.

After washing the chicken I started the cooking process. At the same time, I was wondering if I should join the gym back. It feels odd to have this much muscle without having put in the work for it.

Maybe due to this reason, I haven't been very appreciative of it, at least looks-wise. I loved the strength that came with it wholeheartedly though.

I guess I'll check it out tomorrow.

Soon the chicken was ready and the rice was cooked as well. After adding a serving of curd I handed one portion to Kushida and sat down opposite to her with my own portion.

Kushida looked at the food with a raised eyebrow.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it looks better than I expected."

"You thought I couldn't cook?"

"I guess, you give the feeling of someone who's been spoiled from birth."

That couldn't have been more false. Far from being spoiled, I've not even seen the faces of my parents for years.

A single mistake had lost me and my family, they weren't really dead but for me, it couldn't be any different. Of course, it didn't matter that much and as such I've never really considered being 'sad' or 'depressed' over it.

It's not like we cut contact but our relationship got numb over time. I guess the only thing that kept them calling me was the 'love' they still had for me as I was their child.

Though, I guess Father wouldn't ever forgive me or her, I still can't believe he didn't separate from her. Maybe it was because we still hadn't crossed that line.

Unfortunately, he caught me and her—

"Why'd you go silent?" Kushida asked interrupting my line of thought.

Hmm, there really was no point in thinking about the past, what mattered was to make the future.

"Nah, just reminiscing. Been a long time since I've seen them."


"They live overseas."

"Wait so you're not from here?" Kushida asked while chewing her food. She wouldn't compliment me but considering she wasn't complaining I guess the food was good.

"I am, but I've been living alone. They send me money." I also took a bite while answering her and damn. I really am a good cook.

"Oh, that reminds me," I lifted my phone and eyed Kushida, "The thing I asked you. Did you do it?"

"I was going to do it today but I'm still confused. How'd you even convince her to meet with you so late at night after what happened in class?" She looked especially curious.

Perhaps due to knowing Horikita's nature from middle-school Kushida found Horikita's behaviour even more ridiculous.

"Does it matter?"

"Of course it does! Not knowing what could make Horikita-san curious enough to walk alone at night to meet you is heart-wrenching!"

"I'll tell you later but first upload the picture." I demanded and Kushida rolled her eyes before asking, "School Forums or Class Group Chat?"

I was about to say School Forums but paused. If that image was uploaded there Manabu would annoy me to no end. I really did not want him to find a way to convince Horikita to leave school.

It would ruin the fun I was having.

Of course, I'd still have access to Horikita considering I didn't care about the school but it was better to have her here.


I answered and silently finished my meal. Kushida used a burner account I prepared for her and used the group invite link that was made at the beginning of the school.

I was the one who made the link and made it permanent so that it doesn't expire. I just knew it would come in handy later and now was the time to use it.

Kushida used the link and joined the chat. Just as she was about to be questioned by her classmates she uploaded the picture and left the group.

After a few seconds, she used her main ID to spectate the chaos on the chat while eating her food.

Guess she was having fun.

I had secretly made her hide in a blind spot when I was talking with Horikita. My plan wasn't just to confuse Horikita with the confession, it was to let her know I was serious.

I wanted to let her feel as if I had an obsession with her. Knowing Horikita she wouldn't accept a normal confession.

"What's the point of doing this?" Kushida asked suddenly and I paused.

I looked Kushida in the eyes for a few seconds silently as she started growing nervous, wondering what happened.

I smiled softly, "It's to expel her of course."


Kushida's eyes widened before her expression distorted into a frown, "How is this going to help in any way?"

"Love." I chuckled, "There's not many other methods I can utilise at the moment to expel her."

"Wait can't you just reduce her scores in the final exams? You have more points than you can use for god's sake!"

"I did consider that but I guess this isn't a renowned school for no reason. They already have something like a guidebook established for the ways points can be used. Chabashira-sensei refused to elaborate but perhaps I won't be able to lower exam marks using points next time. It could also be that one exam point would equal a million points or so. I might be loaded with private points but do you think Horikita's going to dare to gamble with her scores again?" I scoffed.

Horikita was a straight Grade A student. Even if I wanted to expel her it would take 30-50 million points and that was just nonsensical. In the odd case it was possible I would never waste that many points just to 'expel' Horikita.

I told her I talked with Chabashira-sensei but that was a lie. It was Ayanokouji who asked this and I just remember their conversation from Volume 7. It was a good volume, I still remember it to this day.

"Hmm..." Kushida hummed and I snatched her phone.

"What—?" Before she could gather herself I picked her up by the collar and threw her on the bed, "Wai—!"

I clamped my hand over her mouth and leaned into her soft body. I nibbled on her ear before grinning, "Dinner isn't over yet. It's my turn now."

Kushida briefly struggled before suddenly stopping and accepting her fate. She knew this was going to happen the moment she walked into my room.

Or maybe she was anticipating this from the beginning.

What a naughty girl.

It's time to test the System Store.


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