72 Chapter 67: Hesitation Is For The Weak

How many days has it been since this sneaky activity of ours began?

If I were to count the days then it would be about more than a week and if I were to be precise then including the day I gave her the question papers we had kissed about eight times.

Our tongues intertwined.

If one were to ignore the context behind our intimacy then it might seem pretty passionate. I opened my eyes while we were kissing while hers were still closed.

She didn't know how to kiss. I had to teach her that, her tongue awkwardly met mine as she fidgeted on my lap. 

Her soft ass rested on my lap as my fingers dug into her back. I dominated the kiss, her lack of experience allowing me to do so.

It had been like this from the beginning. Her true nature, her shy and cowardly nature usually surfaced during our private meetings.

Her face up close was cute. The way her cute little nose scrunched up every so often and the way her eyebrows wriggled in unfortunate delight was a sight to behold.

My lips separated from hers as she took a few panted breaths. Her face was bright red and her small little body was embraced by me.

She was barely 5'1, almost the same height as Airi.

Her misty eyes looked at me in confusion.

Usually, I would kiss her for a few minutes before letting her go but I stopped before a minute ended. 

There was joy and unseen disappointment in her eyes. It was truly amusing.

"Tatsuya-ku— huh!?" I flipped her over and tossed her on the bed. She was shocked and looked at me with surprise.

I didn't give her time to think and climbed over her, taking her lips once again.

"Mmmh~" she let out a muffled sound in resistance which died out instantly and we began kissing once again, our tongues battling each other and our salivas mixing.

From a kiss that was sweet and passionate to one that was sloppy and animalistic. Karuizawa couldn't do anything besides try to keep up.

I held her tighter, my actions becoming rougher as her body squirmed under me.

I felt my body heat up.

There was no way I hadn't thought about ravaging her every time we kissed. I would worship myself if I could for the amount of self-control I had.

But no more.

She might not have 'love' for me but 'desire' was present, whether she realised it or not was a different matter altogether.

A matter I didn't care about.

I had initially wanted to take the slow route, that was the plan.

But there was never a 100% certainty about a plan coming to fruition, was there?

After thinking about it there was no reason to simply not take her right now. Her body wanted me and I wanted her body, her mental struggles were insignificant to me.

My desires came first.

As long as those I liked had desires that didn't conflict with my own there was no problem in fulfilling them.

What would she do? Report me?

A parasite once latched on would not leave its host, causing its own death.

Of course, unless the parasite could find another vessel, another host.

But our situation was different.

The parasite had chosen a host it could not hope to escape from.

I caressed her body, my hands slowly moving around her hips. She didn't think much of it, some skinship like this was unavoidable during intimacy.

She recognised that.

But her eyes snapped wide open as my left hand moved up and grasped her chest through her clothes.

She shuddered and quickly tried getting up but my other hand which was on her hip moved to her chest and I simply pressed down.

Karuizawa probably felt it.

Strength she couldn't possibly go against, strength so great she couldn't resist.

Yet she fiercely struggled, her legs kicking behind me as she tried to free herself. My hand squished her breasts in pleasant surprise.

It felt nice.

I had to give it to these anime worlds. How amazing was it that each boob I pressed had an individual unique quality?

Karuizawa's breasts were firm. I ignored her panicked expression and kneaded her breast to my liking, occasionally flicking her hardening nipple that was visible through the fabric of her clothes.

She was definitely trying to say something but even she didn't dare to bite down on my tongue as I relished in the feeling of violating her.

Her struggling moans sounded out. I had half the mind of using Dress Break on her but that would open a whole other can of worms.

I separated from Karuizawa for a second and admired the tearful look she was giving me. 

"W-Why? You said... You said I—" her expression twisted as my thumb brushed over her nipple repeatedly, "Why..."

She muttered while tilting her head up, avoiding my eyes.

From the very moment I forced her to kiss me every day she knew it was inevitable that one day, her body would be on the line.

It was only a matter of time before things escalated.

But perhaps she thought things would progress slowly and linearly that it came as a shock to her that I was being aggressive so suddenly.

I could tell her this was punishment for disturbing my time with Haruka but it was better to let her agonise over it. 

As long as her mind was full of questions she would have less resistance, though that didn't matter in hindsight.

"Hik... Hik..."

She silently sobbed as I undressed her, "There's no point in crying. Am I simply not the best choice? I'll take care of you for the next three years, I'll make sure you graduate from Class A. I might even take care of you after school ends. Don't you think for a lifetime of relaxation and enjoyment such a price is trivial?"

"I'm sick of it! I'm sick of being unable to escape my past! It's not trivial!!!" She hissed while glaring at me, she had accepted her fate but that didn't mean she would take it lying down.

Karuizawa Kei was tired of getting put down, tired of getting bullied. Her heart refused to back down but her body had learnt its lesson repeatedly through trauma. 

I gently traced my finger across her fair soft cheeks as we silently stared at each other, her eyes full of hate while mine full of lust. 

I unbuttoned her shirt and ripped her bra apart.

Her perky breasts came into full view. The soft marshmallows melted under my fingertips as I dug in.

Karuizawa hid her face using her arm.

I licked and sucked her boobs for a few minutes before completely stripping her. Her naked body was laid before me and she had a small patch of blonde hair just above her snatch.

I chuckled and started eating her out. My tongue licking and playing with her clit. To give her extra stimulation I pinched the hair she had below and gave it a few twists.

"Haah... Haa-mmh~!"

Karuizawa silently moaned under my actions.

Her body was now ready and I smirked, getting naked myself and climbing on top of her.

I flashed my cock in front of her terrified face. The long shadow of my cock covered her face as she looked at me with terrified eyes.

The third target, Karuizawa Kei, was now mine.


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