[MHA: The Ice King]

What happens when some random guy gets the chance to go to a fictional world with 2 wishes? Well interesting things happen. *NO HAREM. *KINDA OP MC. *FUNNY MOMENTS. *HERO MC BUT IS NOT A PUSS PUSS.

Lox_Of_Sins · Anime & Comics
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30 Chs


Me and Tsuyu take our seats and soon the classroom is filled, "Did you guys see those reporters, they were asking me questions about all might." Said Kaminari walking into the classroom. I chuckled, "Yeah dude, I just Flew over them in my Crown State." I said leaning back into my chair. "Wow, that sure is fucking Convenient Ice Princess." Said bakugou with a jealous expression.-

"Dude first off, Don't call me that all I'll freeze your balls off, and second you can kinda fly too." I threatened him then pointed out he could fly with his boom-boom hands. "Tch, whatever." He clicked his teeth and looked away.-

Wow pissy much? "Anyway dude, do you think they will leave soon? Cause I don't want to deal with them on the way out.. they freaking asked me about fifty different questions!" Kaminari exclaimed with a sigh. I chuckled and just shrug, "Maybe, I don't know." I commented as Aizawa walked into the classroom with his usual tired expression.-

He walked over to the little podium thing next to the chalkboard and cleared his throat. Everyone quieted down relatively quick after, "Today we are going to do something something that will effect this class.." he said building tension in the classroom, everyone was probably thinking if he would do a crazy test that could expel them.-

"You have to decide on who is going to be Class President." He said making everyone get excited, "That's so normal!" Said Mina excitedly. I just sigh and placed my head on the table waiting until the whole voting shit starts.-

I let the class decide on how they would decide on who would be Class president. soon a piece of paper is sat on my desk I looked up and write 'Iida' down then give the piece of paper back after rolling it up so no one sees what I wrote. Soon a tally of all the votes gets written down on the board and it's the same as canon, Izuku as president and Momo as vice-president.-

After that Izuku and Momo goes to the front and bows says some shit and class ends and boom it's lunchtime. I sit at the lunch table I had last time with Tsuyu and the Deku Squad.-

"I cant believe I got chosen to be Class president over Iida.." Said Izuku Softly while looking down. "Whilst I would have loved being Class President, It would be unfitting for me to vote for myself so, I thought to myself who would be the best to be Classroom president and you were the first to mind, so I voted for you." Said Iida with a sigh.-

Izuku looked touched, "Thank-" before he could say his thanks the school alarms suddenly went off panicking everyone in the Lunch hall. Everyone on the table stood up in slight worry.-

"What's going on?" Asked Jiro with a confused face. Someone was running by the table but Izuku stopped them and asked what's was wrong, "UA only ever uses this Alarm when someone has broke in!" He said quickly and made for the exit.-

We all try to get out but the entire hallway is stuffed with students, "I have an Idea!" Says Iida, he then asks Uraraka to use her zero gravity on him, she does so and Tsuyu wraps her tongue around his waist as a safety rope (Tongue?), lucky bastard..-

He then looks out the window to see the reporters who were inside the UA's grounds, however they were getting pushed back out by the UA Staff. "It's Okay!" He shouted but no one noticed in the panic, "Hey!!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs making the hallway still. Iida nods his thanks to me and shouts, "It's okay! It's just the reporters! They broke in! But the teachers our leading them out!" He shouted calming down all the Students.-

Soon everyone had went back to the lunch hall, however the bell rung notifying that it was class time. We left soon after we entered and went back into the classroom to see Aizawa rubbing his temples tiredly.-

I will skip the dialogue.. Same happened with Izuku giving his position to Iida and everyone agreed seeing what he did to calm the students.-

After that was set up. Class started with the usual. To be honest I just couldn't wait for the weekend. I was mentally tired and just wanted to hug Gunther… Wait.. he wouldn't have? Right?-

I thought entered my head, what if he eat all the Fish? Shit, he would totally do that! Sigh, I will go to the shop and by some Fish from the market…-

After classes ended I left and said my goodbyes to Tsuyu and said I would see her on Saturday as we agreed. I went straight to the City and went to a fish market.-

I bought an entire crate fulled of Cod and Salmon and shit.. Just medium Size fish for my gluten of a Penguin, I bought as many as I could afford with the yen equivalent of £300. Since I hate going out to shop, I thought it would be best just to buy this couple weeks worth of Fish so I don't have to buy them every four days like I have normally been doing.-

I soon get home by foot. I need to work my legs out. I can't just be wasting my gains like that. I arrived home to see Gunther, he looked like he hadn't eaten in days.. He only hasn't had breakfast he is over reacting.. plus he eat all the fish I has in the freezer.-

I sighed, "What am I going to do with you Gunther?" I said putting the crate of fish down. Gunther's eyes lit up seeing it and pointed to it in hunger, "Wonk!!! (FEED ME FATHER!!!)" I sighed and tossed him two fish.-

I put the rest in our basement freezer and about 3 in the first floor freezer, I need to remind myself to bring Fish when I take him to Tsuyu's house.-

Well whatever I am going to make the next book and go to bed. I'm fucking mentally exhausted and a bit physically.-



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