5 Haste Makes Waste

Seeing Ymir's obvious avoidance, the muggle halted in his tracks and stopped getting closer, his face donning an apologetic look. "Oh, sorry. You're mysophobic?"

The muggle gave a meaningful glance to the gloves worn on the boy's hands.

Ymir furrowed his brows. "Pardon?"

He didn't think he'd encountered that word before. Mysophobic?

"Don't like dirt or touching people?" Seeing his confusion, the muggle readily explained. "Don't worry, my mum's the same."

"Oh." Was he this... mysophobic thing? He wasn't sure. Maybe he should go visit a muggle bookstore later. There seemed to be a lot of things in the muggle world that he didn't know of.

Like that chemistry book Glas acquired from the muggle world for him when he was being troubled by the yellow mist in Terra.

Thinking about it now, that felt like such a long time ago despite it being just some days before.

"Well, if you're here to play, the counter's over there where you can exchange pounds for arcade coins." Blinking away his dazed thoughts, Ymir looked towards where the muggle had pointed and saw a glass counter filled with all sorts of objects that he didn't know the name of. Behind the counter were rows upon rows of stuffed animals and dolls hung up on the wall. "Here, we have the most advanced game machines, from racing, fighting, and shooting! Just slip those coins in the slot of any machine and you're free to play one round."

"I see." Ymir said, still not quite understanding how it worked, but, nonetheless, gave the muggle a nod. "Thank you."

Then, he immediately went straight for a machine that seemed simple enough; one which had stuffed rabbits inside a glass case which he would later learn to be called the Claw machine. For some reason, he just didn't want to continue talking with that man.

Maybe it was because he was a muggle? Or was it because of the strange way the man looked at him? It just felt like he was a bit too enthusiastic about him.

While Ymir felt uncomfortable about the man's nearly invasive attention, he didn't know, that to muggles, this kind of customer service was quite common. Yes, just the usual marketing and advertisements.

But, to a wizard who'd never experienced this before, it could come as quite intrusive and jarring.

So, with that said, Ymir went around, trying his hand on each game without actually knowing what he was doing the whole time. He kept an astounding losing streak the whole way and only won once in the claw machine, receiving a large white stuffed bunny as a prize.

By the end of it, he still didn't know what was so fun about the arcade and how it related to the development of a planet.

But, just when he was feeling troubled, the same muggle came back again.

"If those games aren't for you, why don't you try tabletop games?" The muggle suggested, as though he expected Ymir to already know what exactly tabletop games were. "We just recently ordered several sets of Dungeons and Dragons. Why don't you try that out with your friends? You can buy it straight from the counter."

He had no idea what tabletop games were but, atleast he knew what a dungeon was and had even seen a dragon up close when he was much younger.

So, feeling a little more relaxed now that he found something he was more familiar with, he turned to the muggle.

"I'll buy it."

"Alright. We have several versions available in stock. Which one would you like?"

"...All of it."


Black holes and Wormholes looked so similar to the naked eye. Who really knows how to differentiate them without the help of modern machines?

Comets, asteroids, and meteors flew by, scattering pieces of themselves to the cosmos.

Planets are born, and planets die. In the grand vastness of space, even the life of celestial bodies seemed to be insignificant.

Here, stars glimmered, new and old.

Within the darkness of space, outside of the Pueri Solar System, was another dying star, releasing it's last rays of light.


August 3, 1991


Observation Entry #1

Gaia, a planet around three times larger than the Earth, was originally located behind the Glacies Belt.

I say originally because, now, it is no longer there.

With this planet covered entirely in ice and being placed too far from Pueri, it is much too cold to host life.

With that, I decided to adjust the location of the planet to a more suitable place, and, unlike the casual roughness in which I had previously handled Terra, I made sure that the average temperature in Gaia was as close to Earth's as possible. Even going as far as to copy the slight tilt the Earth had.

Which took a longer time than I had initially thought, not having realized how big the impact of a single millimeter of deviation can bring.

But, I did manage to succeed eventually. Though, there came a problem.

Because Gaia ended up being a little too close to Terra, Gaia's gravitational pull was actually attracting the dwarf planet to it. If this were allowed to continue, they might end up crashing into each other.

Though, the solution to that came easily.

Why not just turn Terra into Gaia's moon?

Although I had already half abandoned Terra at this point, I still didn't want my hard work in building it to completely go to waste.

If anything, I could still turn Terra into a place where the creatures banished from Gaia are kept.

Well, back to Gaia.

After the planet managed to form a stable orbit around Pueri in it's new location, the thick ice on its surface also gradually began to melt, and soon, the entire planet was covered in water. Well, most of the water. Some of the ice in the southern and northern hemispheres were still frozen.

Now a blue water planet, Gaia actually looked a tad bit bigger than it was as an ice planet.

And the water went down miles deep.

I don't have a fear of oceans, but seeing the dark depths of the water gives me shivers.

Perhaps, I should put the creation of Islands into the agenda.

On another note, because Gaia was bigger than the Earth, each rotation actually took longer to be completed. Roughly around 26 hours per rotation.

Aside from that, the difference in temperature between day and night was also greater.

Some parts of the planet even frosted over at night time just to melt back into water come daylight.

Once, I tried stepping on top of the frost and nearly drowned when it broke under my feet. It is incredibly thin and not fit for walking.

But, it is also there that I came to another discovery.

All the water that covered the planet was fresh water.

This wasn't good.

Because, while more fresh water ensured that more water was available for the consumption of living beings, it also would prevent the survival of many creatures that needed salt to live.

Therefore, for my next experiment, dumping sodium-filled meteors into Gaia and hoping it produces salt.

Entry End


Cold hands caressing his face. Feather-light kisses on his eyelids.

Tenderly, they whispered in his ears. Secrets the stars told.

Falling into their welcoming embrace. His ribcage bloomed like a spring rose.

Stuffed inside his heart, the core of Azathoth.


"Day three, Bleeding Weeds..." A cool breeze blew past, rustling pages of paper. "Growth is... Three inches."

Jotting down on a brown journal, Ymir recorded his observations.

Having replanted the various plants from Terra into the manor's garden, he was now finally able to study their growth better without the obstruction of time passing too quickly.

Although their growth was slow, they were atleast very healthy. At first, he expected that they wouldn't even be able to grow at all, considering the difference in climate and soil quality between Earth and Terra, but fortunately, his worries were unfounded.

They survived the planetary extinction after all. Compared to that, climate and soil changes was nothing.

"Hmm... The Eyeball Beans seem to be growing faster than the Bleeding Weeds." Squatting down beside a pot of thin sprouts, he held his ruler upright. "7 and a third inches."

Bleeding Weeds and Eyeball Beans. Those two were growing fine.

Now, the Walking Mangrove Ferns on the other hand....

Since they were so used to having rooted in a pool of acid, when Ymir first replanted them in the pond, they didn't exactly take well to that and looked like they were about to wilt at first.

He tried watering them with acidic substances commonly found in Diagon Alley, like Chimera saliva and Bubbleroot sap, but it still didn't fix them.

So, left with no choice, he went to look for their favored Sulfuric Acid... In a muggle chemical supply store.

That became quite troublesome because the muggles had refused to sell to him, claiming that he had to have an adult with him in order to purchase chemicals. In the end, he just had Glas procure it for him to avoid the trouble.

Well, atleast the Walking Mangrove Ferns were happy now.

Another interesting development concerning the lifeforms of Terra, the fishes-

They grew bigger.

He didn't know what exactly caused it, but shortly after they were transported from Terra and into his ornamental aquarium in the manor, they suddenly started eating more than their usual amount of intake and quickly grew in size.

Well, all of them except the pair of True Gold Fishes that were already in his aquarium before.

Considering that they were already quite large to begin with, their sudden size increase got so out of hand that he actually needed to have a customized fish tank be made.

Now, he had a towering aquarium right in the middle of the manor's living room that reached up to the viewing deck on the second floor. Somewhat like what would be found on large Oceanariums in the muggle world.

Atleast, it gave the empty-looking manor an interesting decoration. In fact, Ymir could say that he quite liked the addition.

Speaking of liking fishes-


A strange black cat reached into the ornamental aquarium with it's paw, greatly startling the strange fishes inside.

"Noir, don't bother the Terra fishes." Ymir sighed.

He wasn't the only one in the house who liked them, it seems.

Yes, that black cat, was in fact, not a cat at all.

It was Ymir's pet Adumbrali which had just learned that it could mimic the shapes of other creatures. It seemed to like pretending to be a cat particularly.


Pristine but with a touch of history. Spacious yet filled with luxury. Crystal chandeliers, and golden frames.

Rich and not afraid to flaunt it. That was the impression the Malfoy manor gave.

"This is for Draco." Casting his eyes upon the house elf who was leading him into the tea room, Ymir handed it a fairly large, packaged box.

"Yes. Please gives it to Dobby!" The house elf said. "Dobby will makes sure it is placed in Master Draco's room."

Inside the tea room, Draco, who had stood up to welcome him, looked at the package curiously. "That was?"

"A greeting gift." Ymir said simply. He might have not attended many gatherings since his father left, but he atleast remembered that it was important to bring gifts when visiting to the house of a noble wizard for the first time. "I couldn't prepare anything too elaborate though on such short notice, but I did remember you liking Quidditch, so I got you the latest Quidditch kit from Firebolt."

Strangely enough, after hearing his words, Draco's eyes grew wide and he began spluttering.

"Merlin's Beard! You didn't!" He said in disbelief, double-checking Ymir's expression to see if he was joking. "Wait, you actually did?!"

"Was I not supposed to?" Confused, Ymir furrowed his brows. It's been so long since he was invited to any gatherings, so perhaps he was forgetting something? Maybe there was a new rule about what can and cannot be given on the first meeting?

"No, no- it's just that I had actually just asked my parents if I could buy that last night and they refused!" Draco was quick to explain. "You- you..! Wonderful!"

That eased Ymir's confusion a little, but he still didn't think it warranted such an intense reaction. "You're welcome?"

"Cough." Suddenly, from the tea table, two amused children peered at them expectantly.

Ymir blinked. Oh, there were others.

And now, Draco was blushing in embarrassment, having just realized the way he was acting. If his father ever saw that, he would be immensely disappointed in him.

So, after taking a deep calming breath, he stood up straight and became the perfect image of a pureblood heir, acting as though nothing happened.

"Oh, sorry." He smiled gracefully, stepping aside to lead his guest towards the tea table where two others of their age sat waiting. "Anyways, Schreiber, these are my friends, Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson."

Upon being introduced, both children stood up politely and offered out their hands to be shaken.

"Blaise, Pansy, this is Ymir Schreiber." With glistening eyes, it appeared that Draco was happy that his friends were finally meeting each other. "He's from Germany."

"Pleasure meeting you." Pansy Parkinson, a girl with short stature and shiny dark hair, said with a smile.

On the other hand, Blaise Zabini, a tall boy with dark skin, was much more enthusiastic. "Oh, so he was the one you won't stop talking about!"

Ymir raised an eyebrow. They had talked about him?

"I was not!" Immediately, Draco was back to blushing as he denied the claim.

"You so were!" Blaise shot back with a teasing grin. "In all your letters, you were talking about this really interesting German boy who you met at Madam Malkin's! Going all; 'Oh, he actually listens to me when I go on and on about Quidditch' and 'He's so smart! He knows so much things that I've never heard of before!' And don't even deny it!"

"Shush! Shut up! Shut up! I don't talk like that!" Draco kept denying, looking as though he wanted to sink into the ground, never to be seen again. He couldn't believe his supposed friend just outed him like that in front of the very person they were talking about.

"Draco, dear. That really is how you sound like." And, as if to prove that it could get worse, Pansy went and agreed with Blaise, adding more to his embarrassment.

"Pansy, why?!" Draco hissed, ears burning red.

What is this situation?

"..." Hesitantly, Ymir's eyes flitted about, not knowing how to react other than to awkwardly pat Draco's shoulder. "If it helps, I too think you're an interesting person, Heir Malfoy."

Draco was silent, and, for a moment, Ymir actually thought he'd done something wrong.

"Draco." Suddenly, the embarrassed boy muttered quietly. "You're free to call me Draco."

Ymir blinked slowly. This seems to be a good development.

"Then, please refer to me as Ymir as well." With a gentle smile, he returned the offer.

Off to the side, the two tea drinkers watched with relish.

"Pansy, love, have I succeeded as wing-man?" The dark skinned boy fluttered his eyelashes meaningfully.

"I believe so, Blaise." Replied the girl, taking a sip of her tea.

"Shut up!"

Why do his friends keep on bullying him? Draco wanted to cry.

Well, it seems that the first meeting was going well. Atleast, they all seemed quite interesting. Ymir smiled.


"Wizard Chess again?!" Pansy honestly expressed her disdain. "Ugh. Is there anything else to do?"

Gobstones was too messy and Wizard Chess was just too overplayed.

"We could play Quidditch-"

""No."" Blaise and Pansy were quick to shut that down.

"..." Draco pouted silently.

A game, huh? Ymir might have just the thing for that. "Actually, if you're interested, I have recently acquired an interesting game which I haven't had a chance to play yet. It's called Dungeons and Dragons, if I remember correctly."

"Dragons? Really? Where is it? How do we play it?" Instantly, Draco was revived. To his reaction, his two friends just sighed.

"And there he goes." Blaise smiled wryly. "Give him anything with dragons and he's gone."

Ymir leaned back on his seat, mildly taken aback by Draco's keen interest. "I don't have it right now, but if you would allow the intrusion of my house elf, I could have it be sent over in a mo-."

"I allow it!" Ymir didn't even get to finish his sentence before getting an answer.

"Well then-" Under a pair of excited blue-grey eyes, he cleared his throat hesitantly. "Glas?"

"At your service, Young Lord." Quick as always, Glas appeared and bowed deeply.

"Bring me the sets for Dungeons and Dragons."

"All of them, sir?"

"...Yes." Just why were there so many different sets for a single game anyways?

"Understood." With a quick pop, the house elf disappeared and quickly reappeared with the sets with barely a moment in between.

"Now, how exactly is this game played?" Fiddling with the boxes, Pansy asked curiously.

"I believe there is a rulebook inside." Ymir answered, taking off the clear wrapper.

"Oh, I found it!" Draco exclaimed as he held a thin book and began reading. From his shoulder, Blaise snuck a peek.

"It seems we have to fill in these character sheets before we can play." Ymir said, holding up several character sheets as he read through the rulebook he found in his box. It seems that each box contained a rulebook, some dice, and other figures which he didn't yet learn the uses of.

"This is interesting..." Pansy, with her nose buried in another rulebook, said. "I've never played a game like this before. How exciting!"

"Let's see, let's see..." Draco quickly flipped the pages, looking more engrossed the more he read. "Ooh! It's like being part of an ongoing story that never ends!"

"Where's the character sheets?" Blaise asked.

"There's a few in each box." Pansy pointed out, and thus marked the beginning of their adventure.


"Hey, Pansy? Can you pass me the dice?" Draco asked, knowing that Pansy was the last to use it.

"The twenty-sided one?" Pansy glanced up from her character sheet briefly.

"Yes, please." Draco confirmed.


Ten minutes later...

"I'm done." Blaise gently set down his quill. "Anyone else?"

"No." Three people muttered.


Fifteen minutes later...

"Are you all done?" Ymir placed his character sheet on the table.

"Not yet." Two people answered.


Thirty minutes later...

"Everyone finished?" Pansy stretched her fingers.

"A little more..." Draco bit the tip of his quill.


Forty minutes later...

"Draco, it's been almost an hour." Pansy groaned, tired of waiting.

"Perfection takes time!" Draco huffed. "Well, not like you would know anything about it."

"Excuse me?!" Eyebrow raised and arms crossed, Pansy dared him to repeat what he just said.

"Cough! Nothing- I said nothing!" Draco stiffened in his seat. "Oh look at that! I'm done!"

Pansy snorted with her nose held high.

"So, here are the four adventurers!" Blaise held his character sheet and began. "Everyone, care to introduce yourselves? In character, please."

In character? Ymir looked around and found everyone else looking at him, as though expecting him to go first.

Well, he was the one who suggested the game in the first place so it should have been expected for him to take the lead.

So, with a quick look at his character sheet, he started off.

"Casimir Das Eldritch. High Elf Paladin." He spoke smoothly and confidently, regarding each person with a calm smile. "A pleasure to meet you."

"Ooh! Paladin!" Pansy's eyes lit up in interest. "I was actually going to choose that first, but then thought that I'd probably not have the chance to play at being a maiden in distress if I did."

"Nobody would believe you to be a maiden in distress no matter what class you picked, Pansy." Draco snickered.

"And why is that, hmm?" Pansy asked, daring him to answer.

"..." Draco wanted to, but his lips suddenly couldn't move.


"Draconius of Dragons." Draco huffed haughtily. "Dragonborn Sorcerer."

"As expected." Blaise chuckled.

"Yes." Pansy agreed wholeheartedly. "No surprise here."

"What's that supposed to mean?!"

Ymir laughed, amused.


"Blaze the Frost~ Human Bard." Blaise smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. "A companion through thick or thin...sheets~"

"Ew." Pansy shuddered with an obviously disgusted expression. "Never do that again."

Blaise pouted.


"Pansimillis Fae. Wood Elf Cleric." Pansy smiled cheerfully. "You're all lovely."

Two boys shivered in fear.

"What." Pansy raised an eyebrow.

"Nothing!" Blaise and Draco smiled nervously.


With the characters set, it now came time for the fated question. "So, who'll be the Dungeon Master?"

Four children looked at each other.

Here, Ymir raised his hand readily. "I will. Since I suggested the game."

And thus, it began.



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