[Hiatus] Empires Order Book

novel - Fantasy

[Hiatus] Empires Order


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"The wolves first attack was aimed directly at Peks head, the knife like claws extended meaning to slice it clean through. Pek was an experienced adventurer though and blocked the incoming attack with both of his swords. I came in from the side and swung my hammer down hard, the beast had excellent reflexes though and dodged my attack with ease. Pek activated a skill called flash, a bright light came from his swords for a split second drawing the beasts attention." Rilec starts his life in the world of Empires Order, with no memory of a past life he must learn about himself and level up to find his place in this new world. Along the way he meets many friends and they form a party. Together they battle the injustices of the world, and face many challenges along the way.


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