[GL] My Last Mission is Take Care of the Heroine's Child

In a world where reality and fiction mix, some people have systems and can experience priceless adventures while being broadcast live for anyone to see. This is what is called a Systems Plots! It doesn't have to be an actor or a celebrity, a random person will be chosen to live an adventure and have their life prepared for it. 'Unbreakable' is the System Plot of the year and critically acclaimed as a future classic and example to be followed, the story tells the difficult fate of Bella and Emil who stand out as the protagonists, against Irina the great villain to be stopped. After its smash hit it was successfully completed and now all the people involved could move on with their lives as it was before the start of all that or that's what everyone thought. 'Unbreakable' soon proved to be the killer System Weave that would take every award it competed for at the top awards of the year – Systems Plots Awards, SPA – , but what Irina didn't expect was to be warned by her system that a new story was about to come. Her mission was: Take Care of the Heroine's Child. Irina went from great villain to wealthy young woman who would strive to unconditionally care for a child. “Even if it is difficult, let me accompany this little child's every step.” Protagonists: Irina Cerdic, Amany Alsvi, Bella Opsahl (#Love triangle? Explanation below.) __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits. ______________________ Well, it's a love triangle since it's a trisal. Three women together!

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Amany was talking to Sarah… Or rather, she was pretending to be talking.

Most of the conversation she just listened to Sarah talk about how beautiful she was and how the music they were making was going to be a huge hit.

Well, the song really had everything to be great, but the big question was: It wasn't necessary to say much about everything that was happening, after all it was already noticeable that she was dating Irina.

You know I'm dating Irina, so why are you bothering me?!

She learned that in this industry it was necessary to be kind and quiet, even the most controversial people used to keep that as a front only for the public.

Among them, most people used to be more well-behaved, especially if you're still new and trying to establish yourself in the industry.

Sarah looked briefly at where Bella was and smiled, she really thought that her friend was hanging around Irina and so the way was clear for her to try something with Amany.

How could she imagine that in reality her friend was just thinking about how to kill her ?!

"You don't mind Bella being so close to Irina?" she asked, feeling a little funny.

We're friends, but I didn't know that Bella was that kind of person who was interested in destroying relationships.

The situation was at least surprising and even funny, but Sarah didn't really care.

Especially if the wrecked relationship is Amany's and she is heartbroken that can finally be comforted by Sarah.

But how not to be curious?!

As much as I won, but it's still strange and I can't help the curious feeling inside me.

Is it really okay Bella and Irina so close?!

Amany just smiled and waved goodbye, you're just wasting my time. "Bella and I have a good relationship, don't worry... Thanks for today, see you around."

She wasn't interested in continuing that kind of conversation, it just didn't matter.

Yes, Sarah even expected an invitation to dinner, but that hope was dashed when she saw that Irina was in the parking lot waiting for Amany, but should I still give up hope?!

Well, she didn't think so, so just invite them all over for dinner and be a more interesting person than Irina herself, that's what she thought.

But she didn't even have time to react properly and when she realized it Amany was already getting into the car with Irina and Bella.

Bella and Irina seemed extremely happy with Amany's approach and that left Sarah very intrigued, nothing seemed to make much sense...

Especially when Bella put an arm around Amany and hugged her.

Bella, as if wanting nothing, put one of her hands inside Amany's pocket, it was a strange intimacy to say the least for Sarah, she arched her eyebrows a little complicated, but there was nothing to think about.

The car was already far enough away that she didn't even know if she had seen it right.

Amany finally sitting in the car seat turned slightly only to see Sarah's doubtful face completely behind her.

She barely had time to do anything and she felt her lips warm against hers.

Bella kissed her euphorically, just stop looking at Sarah and just look at me and Irina.

Amany just had the reaction of holding onto Bella's waist as she felt her climb onto her lap.

Irina, who also barely had a reaction, just watched the whole scene through the rear view mirror of the car, she hadn't even had time to put her seat belt on, now she was hypnotized by those two women.

Panting Amany felt her lips go down towards your neck... They were going beyond many limits doing all that inside that car that was tiny when you stopped to think that there were three of them.

She sighed in excitement, but finally coming to her senses, Irina's eyes on her were watchful and warm.

I want you here with me too. "Come..." Spoke Amany stretching her arms slightly, maybe they were crossing limits, but that car would be enough for now.

Irina, who didn't need to be called twice, immediately got into the back seat and joined the other two women.

Bella and Irina had different feelings, but they were all filled with desire for Amany.

Bella wanted to finish what had been started inside the bathroom of the studio and Irina was full of longing for almost the whole day away from her girlfriend.

It made any tiredness disappear, there was no feeling more satisfying than having those two women over her kissing and caressing her.

"Ahh… Aren't you guys hungry?" Amany spoke as she held the back of Irina's head with one hand and the other on Bella's thigh.

Bella stopped kissing Amany's neck for a few moments, just to stare at her.

She smiled beautifully and gently fingered Amany's face. "How can I think about eating when I'm irritated with you talking to Sarah?"

Amany hugged Irina, she felt extremely funny about that situation.

Bella being jealous was so cute. "I can't care about Sarah when I have you two..."

Amany fingered Bella's face a little in wonder, she was so beautiful.

Well, she felt really lucky at that moment, as she had two beautiful women who were jealous and ready to show her affection and it's also funny to realize that as much as there were certain disagreements they were actually very similar.

After the euphoric kiss, Amany took some time to offer some of her affection as well, she was soft and gentle, full of calm and patience, very different from the other two.

Amany especially took precautions to offer all the necessary affection so that Irina did not feel left out.

For her, that relationship was between the three of them, but saying it out loud could sound scary to Irina, so show affection that they are both equally important in your heart.

The foggy windows and dubious movements ceased after a while, it was curious to think that they didn't even have the patience to get to the hotel.

Bella and Irina panted while Amany smiled satisfied, she had done a good job, took some wet wipes and passed them in her hands and then drove the car back to the hotel herself.

Well, Amany wasn't much into driving, but she was starving and the other two women were still on shaky legs.

Then simply drive yourself, turn on the GPS and drive to the hotel. "I will drive, do you mind?"

Irina denied as she tossed her hair back, she was in need of a shower and Bella wasn't much different, but she kept herself focused on drinking water.

Amany looked in the rear view mirror and smiled, looking at those two women really made her happy.


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