[GL] My Last Mission is Take Care of the Heroine's Child

In a world where reality and fiction mix, some people have systems and can experience priceless adventures while being broadcast live for anyone to see. This is what is called a Systems Plots! It doesn't have to be an actor or a celebrity, a random person will be chosen to live an adventure and have their life prepared for it. 'Unbreakable' is the System Plot of the year and critically acclaimed as a future classic and example to be followed, the story tells the difficult fate of Bella and Emil who stand out as the protagonists, against Irina the great villain to be stopped. After its smash hit it was successfully completed and now all the people involved could move on with their lives as it was before the start of all that or that's what everyone thought. 'Unbreakable' soon proved to be the killer System Weave that would take every award it competed for at the top awards of the year – Systems Plots Awards, SPA – , but what Irina didn't expect was to be warned by her system that a new story was about to come. Her mission was: Take Care of the Heroine's Child. Irina went from great villain to wealthy young woman who would strive to unconditionally care for a child. “Even if it is difficult, let me accompany this little child's every step.” Protagonists: Irina Cerdic, Amany Alsvi, Bella Opsahl (#Love triangle? Explanation below.) __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits. ______________________ Well, it's a love triangle since it's a trisal. Three women together!

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I don't hate...

Amany and Irina were almost ready to leave.

All that was left was to fasten a small zipper on the back of Irina's dress.

The slender, smooth skin made Amany want to touch it.

Before she finished zipping it all the way up, she blew a series of kisses.

Kisses that drew a series of sighs.

"We're going to be late..."

Amany smiled, Irina really loved to rush her.

"I asked Bella to come over here and we all go to the car together, if she hasn't then we're not late."

Irina sighed, she didn't understand all that sudden closeness between Amany and Bella.

She should be happy, but it bothered her.

It was hard to assume that she was jealous.

"Why are you and her getting along so well all of a sudden?"

Amany took advantage of the position and hugged Irina from behind.

Are you really jealous?

"She's interested in you..."

Irina wanted to turn around, but she couldn't because Amany was hugging her tightly.

"... I'm jealous, but I wonder if you like her too..."

Irina didn't know how to respond, should she?

She didn't have an answer.

Amany didn't want an answer, she already had her own.

"... If you like her, I naturally wonder if I can like her too... We could like her together and we'd be happy."

Amany had come to a very simple conclusion.

It would be a problem if only two people liked each other, but what if all three liked each other? Is it really the end?

It was easier to adapt than simply break.

Amany liked Irina, but it would be a lie to say that she couldn't be attracted to Bella as well.

The same seemed to hold for Bella.

As for Irina? She still wasn't sure.

Irina wanted to speak, but all she could do was moan at the abrupt bite to one of her ears.

Amany could be so tough sometimes.

That under other circumstances would have ended with the two naked on the bed.

Amany was impatient since she found out that Bella and Irina would be living together.

Which made her sense of dominance even more vivid.

But she still loved Irina so much, it was impossible for her to just stop her from doing something.

Even if it would include someone else that way.

"I understand more than you can imagine, I like you... Don't be afraid to understand what you feel, I won't judge you."

Irina did not understand, did not dare to understand, did not want to understand.

What are you talking about? It doesn't even make sense.

You and me? Are we both supposed to like Bella? No!

"Amany... You're my girlfriend, she's not what you're thinking."

Amany smiled and took the opportunity to bite Irina's ear once more. "Really? I don't believe..."

Irina was in a mixed bag of feelings.

But she mostly she was irritated.

What do you mean by all this? "Don't talk nonsense..."

Amanda whispered. "So let's do a test... She's just in time."

The sound of knocking became present, Bella had arrived.

Amany released Irina, but not before zipping Irina's clothes all the way down again and running to answer the door without any explanation.

Irina had to hold her clothes so she wouldn't collapse.

What the hell was going on?!

The door finally opened and next to it a beautiful Bella appeared.

The girl looked more delicate than usual.

Strangely in front of Amany, she always wanted to look young and delicate.

I want you to protect me.

Amany smiled, she always did.

Always smiling and melting everyone with her smile.

Of course, of course she had noticed Bella.

Yes, she was really beautiful, as always.

"Bella! Come in, you're right on time... I can't zip up Irina's dress, can you help us? That's all we need to go."

Bella didn't think too much and just nodded, she was willing to help.

Especially if Amany were the ones asking for her help.


Approached Irina, she didn't know exactly how to approach Irina and was completely awkward.

"Cough... Hi Irina..."

Irina was serious, she didn't know what Amany wanted to prove with that ridiculous idea.

It was impossible in her conception that she liked Bella and Amany at the same time.

"Hi Bella..."

Bella positioned herself behind Irina and it didn't take long for her to see the lipstick mark on Irina's skin, felt her face warm.

She also wanted to be able to kiss in the same place.

She looked towards Amany and didn't see a disapproving face, quite the opposite.

She was smiling beautifully.

Why do you make me so confused?! You should be jealous.

Bella lightly touched the lipstick mark, the warm touch made Irina close her eyes.

That was very stimulating.

Amany smiled a little more, she seemed to have her own conclusions now.

Who do you want to lie to, you clearly like this girl.

Well, her thoughts hadn't changed much, Irina definitely had feelings for Bella.

Bella, who didn't know that all that had been set up by Amany, zipped up without any difficulty and hurriedly walked away towards the bedroom door.

She didn't think much about it, she was too tense to have any thoughts on what was going on.

Now she was the one running away.

She feared Amany would be upset, but she couldn't control her own feelings either.

She wanted both.

Bella almost running away had her wrist held by Amany.

"You too will get a..."

Amany brought Bella's hand close to her face and kissed it.

Bella looked at Irina.

The two were incredulous.

Amany had lost her mind?!

The kiss was relatively long and when it finally ended a beautiful lipstick mark was left.

Amany was not shy and still looking at Bella she spoke to Irina. "I noticed how you look at each other... How you look at me... Maybe you should think about the possibility of being more sincere with what you feel."

Irina swallowed, mostly because Bella was still staring at her.

Bella really was interested in Irina, but it was also inevitable to look at Amany.

Irina was filled with confusion, she could perfectly remember the feeling of being touched by Bella.

It wasn't bad.

It definitely wasn't bad.

Did she really like Bella? It would be possible?

But sharing Amany... She wasn't willing.

Amany didn't care much about it, leave it now later.

The priority was dinner.

She walked smoothly to the door and looked back only to see the other two women standing completely still and scared.

You guys are really easy to impress.

"We're going to be late, why are you standing there? Get your things and let's go..."

She finally opened the door and waited a few moments, just long enough to make sure the other two women followed.

Irina hurried her steps, but Bella was too confused to leave her doubts for later.

She stopped Irina from continuing and held her. "Has she lost her mind?"

Irina looked at Bella and glared at her.

She let out a sigh and admitted. "She believes in the possibility that you might like us both."

Irina couldn't help but notice Bella's expressions.

She went from astonishment to embarrassment within seconds.

Bella didn't want to answer that.

But it was inevitable.

It seems too obvious now. "Do you really like her?"

Bella let go of Irina and walked away, but now it was Irina who held her. "Answer me!"

A little embarrassed she raised her voice, it made her really angry.

She should hate Amany, but all I think is that I would like her kindness to me.

"I don't hate..."


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