[GL] Aurore

Between heaven and earth there is much more than humans can imagine. The gods take advantage of myths to act and rule over everyone without raising suspicion. Immersed in their desires and luxuries they survive amid the misery and bankruptcy of the kingdom of men. Hela is the goddess of the Dead, tired of seeing the living frightened by death and especially withering away in life. She firmly believes that the gods have forgotten their true purpose in the universe. After being betrayed, she was humiliated, imprisoned and sentenced to marry Ina and live with her for a thousand years in exile in the kingdom of darkness. Ina, the holder of the secret of eternal life and the key to paradise, was punished by all the gods after they felt disrespected in the face of the possibility of the finitude of their own powers. The two accepted their intertwined fates and lived together for a thousand years until they realized that they had ambitions to live together for all eternity. When the thousand years finally ended, one of them would be able to return to her life in the Kingdom of the Dead, while the other would remain imprisoned in the realm of darkness as a mere mortal ready to die at any moment. A countdown began with Hela desperately looking for a way to make Ina immortal once more, without any concern if she would be forced to fight or kill whether they were men or gods, no one would disturb her again. Only one thing was certain: Hela would not fail a second time. __________________ Support me and give me a gift! https://www.wishtender.com/moonsside __________________ I don't own the rights to the cover image, it's an image taken from the internet and I couldn't find the author to offer the due credits.

moonsside · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
98 Chs

All the future needs is a leap of faith!

"I don't care if I rot in my own poison... I just want them to pay... Valkyrie, I'll be satisfied with your answer, it's brought me a peace I haven't felt for a long time and frankly your blood doesn't look appetizing, you're too young, your blood is as sweet as honey... I hate it. Tell me, what brought you here?"


The snake didn't have far to turn, but it briefly raised its head and moved away as far as it could, it wanted to give Skuld some space to finally pass through the gap.


Skuld's heart was pounding like crazy, that sight had made her use up so much of her vital energy. 


She was even crying tears of blood. 


It wasn't a pretty sight, but Jörmungandr didn't mind and didn't care, she was just intrigued by the valkyrie's unexpected visit.