[DXDxJJK] - The Father of Devils

[Congratulations, You are now a Criminal!] WHAT--? Branded as an untouchable genius by some, a madman by the majority, and a worthless piece of trash by all, he was just another jaded teenager trying to survive in the chaotic world of the 21st Century. Just one insignificant individual out of 1.3 Billion. But when fate twisted his path and forced him into the clichéd trope of transmigration, he naively hoped for something different. Yet again, reality proved to be a brutal disappointment So what could a worn and weathered book possibly do to change what fate has ordained upon him? "And WHO ARE YOU CALLING CRIMINAL?!?!?!" ******************************* Current World - Highschool DXD, Jujutsu Kaisen, Harry Potter & Lord of the Mysteries. You can support me on Patreon. Link: Patreon.com/Midwintersnow

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Character Illustrations I

This chapter will contain all the official Illustrations of the book. I will keep adding to it as more characters are added to the story.

Note-Only a few characters of importance will get their official Illustration, rest will be the same as the canon. But the characters that get their illustration will look exactly in the story as they do in their illustrations.

[Creating each of these characters according to their story description while maintaining likeness to the original was very challenging. Took me 4 continuous days of work to get them right. So Votes and Reviews will be very much appreciated]



[Rias Gremory]

[Akeno Himejima]

[Asia Argento]

[Shirone/Koneko Tōjo]


[Serafall Leviathan/Magical Girl Levia-Tan]

[Grayfia Lucifuge]


Do tell your thoughts on them ;)