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[Congratulations, You are now a Criminal!] WHAT--? Branded as an untouchable genius by some, a madman by the majority, and a worthless piece of trash by all, he was just another jaded teenager trying to survive in the chaotic world of the 21st Century. Just one insignificant individual out of 1.3 Billion. But when fate twisted his path and forced him into the clichéd trope of transmigration, he naively hoped for something different. Yet again, reality proved to be a brutal disappointment So what could a worn and weathered book possibly do to change what fate has ordained upon him? "And WHO ARE YOU CALLING CRIMINAL?!?!?!" ******************************* Current World - Highschool DXD, Jujutsu Kaisen, Harry Potter & Lord of the Mysteries. You can support me on Patreon. Link: Patreon.com/Midwintersnow

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Chapter 11: The Plan

[Third Person's Point of View]

Augustus lounged on the couch, leisurely sipping on Mix-Devi Fruit juice that he had purchased from Devilson a few days ago. With the remote in hand, he turned up the volume on the living room TV set to catch the latest local news broadcast.

"Good morning. Our top story today: Tensions have significantly escalated in the local area as two notorious gangs, RICO and KRUL, stand on the verge of an imminent confrontation. This follows a series of brutal killings targeting members of Gang RICO throughout the week. Each crime scene bears the eerie signature of a single tarot card, The Devil (XV), indicating the work of an unidentified perpetrator.

The situation has reached a critical point with Gang RICO pointing fingers at their rivals, Gang KRUL, and vowing to take revenge. Law enforcement officials are on high alert and urging the public to remain indoors while they work diligently to prevent any potential outbreak of violence.

In light of these events, Town hall authorities are calling upon individuals with information on the identity of the recently dubbed 'Tarot Killer' to come forward. As our community grapples with these developments, we are reminded of the delicate peace that once united these streets. Stay tuned for ongoing coverage on this developing story".

Augustus calmly observed the news coverage, unsurprised by the outcome. He had predicted this result to some extent when he toppled the first Domino a week ago, setting off the chain reaction that brought them to this moment.

It was precisely one week ago, on the seventh of April, when Augustus sought revenge against his childhood tormentors - Paul and his crew. He methodically killed them in an abandoned underground passage and left their bodies there to decay, leaving behind a personalized metal tarot card as his signature.

The Devil (XV) of the 22 major Arcana, represents attachment, addiction, restriction, and sexuality.

But he didn't just go back after talking he revenge. Augustus had a bigger, more calculated plan in mind.

To advance in his chosen sequence, the acting method requires him to embody the traits and characteristics of that particular sequence. If he were a 'Bard', he would have taken to the streets the following day, reciting poems and epics from his previous life to gain more power.

But luckily, or unluckily, in this case, his sequence's label was 'Criminal' instead of 'Bard'. And what could be a more heinous crime than taking someone's life? At least, that's how it was viewed in his previous world. He wasn't sure if there were any worse crimes here; maybe he just didn't know about them yet, assuming they existed at all.

Like any logical person in his situation, he made his way to the RICO gang's warehouse - the intended location of the seven fools he had just eliminated.

Augustus stormed into the warehouse, burst through the front door and eliminated every single devil that stood in his way. The 25 gang members present attempted to fight back, but their efforts were futile and they fell as easily as a wet paper.

He left behind another tarot card before quickly fleeing the scene. Under the cover of darkness, he hurried back to his house and activated the teleportation scroll he had hidden in the library.

With once again a familiar disorienting sensation of falling, Augustus found himself inside the cave at Dover Hill. His rucksack and camping gear were still lying in the same spot as when he left them.

He decided to spend the night there, fulfilling his true purpose for coming; camping.

After finding a suitable spot, Augustus pitched his tent just outside the cave and arranged all of his camping gear inside. He then set up a stove and filled a pot with water for making the instant noodles he had purchased earlier that day.

As he waited for his 2x Spicey-Sure-Fire-Hot-Melt-In-Your-Mouth-Cheesy-Noodles to cook, he found himself lost in thought and self-reflection.

He killed a person. A huma--NO, a Devil.

Strangely, he didn't feel anything about it.

In his previous life, he often contemplated what it would be like to take a human life. Would he feel no remorse? Would he be disgusted with himself? Or would he mourn and seek forgiveness?

Oddly enough, Augustus was stumped by these philosophical questions. Despite his contemplative nature, he couldn't imagine ever intentionally taking another person's life.

Despite trying to analyze the day's events, he couldn't muster any feelings of guilt or regret. That was simply how he felt: nothing. Did humans feel remorse when they squashed an ant? If not, then why should he feel guilty for disposing of the trash of devil society?

Even though those said thrash's actions may have directly or indirectly led to the death of the original Augustus, he did not consider himself a psychopath or megalomaniac for taking revenge.

In this situation, he was reminded of a line often quoted by one of his favorite fictional characters of all time.

"The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed."

Augustus never anticipated that he would never become a target, or that no one would attempt to end his life. He also never expected to live forever. However, this did not mean he would simply accept his fate. He was determined to fight against it until he came out victorious or died in the process. After all, he had given up before in his previous life after just one major setback, but this time he refused to surrender. He would rather die fighting than give up

Once he organized his thoughts, Augustus came to the realization that he was content with himself and his current state. He acknowledged that his thoughts may have been slightly swayed by his ability 'Evil Desire', but he was not bothered by it. After all, how could he be the future 'Father of Devils' if he couldn't handle even the tiniest effects of his power?

Observing the steam rising from the pot, he pulled out a pair of chopsticks from his bag.

Augustus mindlessly twirled his noodles around his chopsticks as he gazed at the artificial night sky, marvelling at the twinkling fake stars in the distance, undoubtedly created through some form of magic.

He couldn't hide his amazement as he took a bite of the noodles. "Damn, this is really good stuff!" With a satisfied smile on his face, he kept slurping away.

After a restful night's sleep, Augustus packed up his camping gear and retraced his steps back to the Ardin city stations. From there, he hopped on a teleportation circle that whizzed him back to his hometown of Ameing, thus ending his eventful camping trip.

He was at Devilson, talking to Mr. Dave about his travels when the local news broke with the latest shocking development: a significant portion of the infamous RICO gang had been eliminated overnight, all victims of what the media had dubbed "The Tarot Killer."

It has been six days since then, and a total of seven days since the incident. Every night for the past six days, he has gone out on a routine hunt, targeting only members of the RICO gang while leaving the KRUL gang untouched, ultimately leading to the current state of the city: a ticking time bomb just waiting for a spark to ignite it. Meanwhile, his progress in this sequence increased smoothly just short of a complete 100%.


Augustus took note of the floating text in his peripheral vision before getting up from the couch where he had been lounging for a good thirty minutes. He left his empty glass of Devi juice in the kitchen sink before heading to bed, ready for some much-needed rest after a long and intense night.


As Augustus stirred awake, he noticed that the vibrant purple sky had darkened significantly. Glancing at the alarm clock by his bed, he saw that it was already half past five in the evening - time for him to start getting ready for the night ahead to capitalize on the devil-sent opportunity that fell on his lap the last night.

During his hunt the previous night, he stumbled upon the trail of a high-ranking member of RICO gang. Judging by the number of guards accompanying him, this person was clearly someone important within the organization.

Augustus followed him to a luxurious apartment located in the affluent part of town, a stark contrast to the rundown buildings and deserted warehouses used by the rest of the gang.

As per his normal routine, he began with infiltration, elimination, and extraction. The first two steps went off without a hitch, just as he anticipated. Augustus quickly incapacitated all eight guards positioned around and within the building, before they could even react.

However, he received an unexpected boon while he was 'politely' interrogating Trey, who was indeed a higher up of the gang

Trey generously revealed that the leader of the gang was in town and had called for an urgent meeting the following day.

After some prodding, Augustus even managed to obtain the location of the meeting from that man, for which he was incredibly grateful.

The sudden news of the meeting, its time and location accelerated his timeline by a week, but Augustus prided himself on his adaptability.

Taking into account all the information he had gathered and the additional knowledge obtained from interrogating Trey, a solid plan began to take shape in his mind. 

He swiftly accessed his [Store] and scanned through the various products on display as his gaze landed on one item in particular that could greatly benefit him. However, he would need more money to purchase it.

So he did what any practical person would do; loote--borrowed some money from Trey.

"Really such a sweet guy, Devil society needs more guys like him," Augustus remarked with a smile as he counted the Liliums inside the safe. The total came to 160,000, equivalent to about 16000 System Coins (SC). It was more than enough to make his plan come to fruition.


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