[BL]Love Beyond Eternity: Reborn for you Book

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[BL]Love Beyond Eternity: Reborn for you


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[MATURE CONTENT ALERT] "He-Hey, how can you see me? You are a human, and you mustn't notice a grim reaper!" He shrieked in anxiousness. Dae Hyuk smirked. "Ooops, but I think my unique eyes captured you." .... Lee Dae Hyuk, a good-looking, jovial detective desperately wanted to find out the truth behind his mother's mysterious death. However, he has an ambiguous supernatural ability which makes him stand out among the rest. ... Kang Yeon Shin, a handsome yet clumsy grim reaper residing on earth leads the humans to the afterlife. He has been atoning for his grave sin he committed in his past life by working as the guide of souls. ... But love is entirely unpredictable, so is life. What will be the turn of events awaited for them when destiny intervenes and brings them together? Can infinite passion blossom between two totally opposite people obliterating their obstacles in their journey of love?


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