1 Part-time to die

Jia Hyson has experienced a few strange things in his life. Stalkers. Sabotage. School children. He's more or less shaken them off well with varying degrees.

Well. Until now, anyway.

"You..." Jia Hyson rasps out in pain as he lays dying on the street, soaking in a growing pile of his own blood. The young girl got him good, must have read about how to properly make sure someone bleed to death from her father's crime novels. He hasn't recognized her before, but now that he sees her in broad daylight he can more or less imagine the sort of trap he's unwittingly been woven into.

His murderer drops the knife from her shaking, gloved hands and runs while the chaos of the crowd draws near.

Staring helplessly as she gets away, Jia Hyson closes his eyes and tries his best to block out the pain as he-

"Jia Hyson!"

Jia Hyson forcibly opens his eyes, a light of hope rekindled in him. The owner of the voice squats down and rummages through his bag, voice frantic. "Oh thank goodness, I thought I wouldn't get here in time!"

For some reason, after the sense of hope, Jia Hyson started to feel rapidly growing unease the more he looked at the man in front of him.

The man was not bad looking but he was haggard and had obvious bags under his eyes. His clothes were quite ragged and it didn't look like he experienced any good times recently at all. However, the most pressing thing is, this man knew his name…

But who was he?

The unknown man then pulled out a syringe from his bag, in it was a disturbingly dark blue-green liquid inside. Seeing the syringe, his weary looking face cracks into a smile which only grows wider looking at Jia Hyson's wary expression, "You look confused. It's a good look for you." He chuckles.

Jia Hyson's heart beats faster and he tries to move his heavy limbs away from this madman. However how could he escape when his blood was moving out of his body faster than him?

A ruthless hand grabs onto his hair and pulls his head forward. Jia Hyson gasp and weakly tries to stop the sharp, stabbing pain hits the back of his neck, the pain so vivid Jia Hyson could feel the needlessly big needle scrape the bones of his cervical vertebrae* in his spinal cord.

*neck bones

As the fluid was forcibly pushed into his neck, Jia Hyson who was weak from blood loss immediately began to twist, his expression contorted as he hoarsely screams in agony.

It hurts! It burns! Ah! Ah! Ahhh!

Murderously he glares up at the fucking bastard, tears in his eyes, unaware that the salty liquid was slowly being stained an inky blue-green colour the more it poured out. "You- fuck- Who-?" he could only manage to croak out, unwilling to die like this, or at the very least die without knowing the reason for this torture.

The man laughs, "You don't know me," He sneers before smirking cruelly, eyes alight with joy looking at the other writhe, "and now, I suppose you never will."

He then pulls a gun out of nowhere and shoots himself, falling to the floor dead.

Jia Hyson hates the man didn't suffer at all.

As if time seemed to snap back into existence, the people around them suddenly reacted, screaming, yelling, pulling out their phones.

Unwillingly, Jia Hyson's vision blacks out.

Somehow, he feels like this wasn't meant to happen at all.

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