2 Full-time Zombie

It's the end of the world.

And Jia Hyson seriously couldn't believe how dull it was.

He had always thought that he would die way before then. You know, like most people who left the whole global warming dumpster fire to the next generation to clean up. It really just never occurred to him that he would see it with his own eyes.

He looks at the desolate landscape before him as he sits on the edge of a cliff.

It was funny. He used to be pretty afraid of heights. Now nothing could probably scare him now ah.

Absentmindedly he touches his chest. The place where his heart is supposed to be is neither warm nor cold. However it's much better than before. Ever since he reached level 8 at least it started to move, mechanically pumping the liquid in his veins and arteries ever so slowly through his body.

Whatever it is it couldn't be blood though. The first time he felt his heart beat again he immediately cut open his arm to sate his curiosity, and to his disgust, what came out wasn't the dark red blood he was used to but an ugly, sticky blue liquid, the consistency of honey.

It's a shame all the scientists who specialize in this sort of thing had died already or he would've caught one to research it. Thinking about it again he tapped the tip of his nose regretfully. Tsk, could only blame himself.

After all he did lead the extermination of humanity.

Well. All humans in Asia anyway. Who knows what was happening in the other countries.

During the apocalypse everyone was too busy with the fires in their own backyard* to care about their not so close international neighbors across the ocean. Probably only when the situation finally stabilized would they dare even think about contacting each other. And that clearly didn't happen ah.

*their own problems

None of the other zombies that had gained intelligence and full sentience again knew how to drive a boat or a plane to cross overseas proficiently either. Much less remake these vehicles to cross such distances.

And even though their abilities at that point were really strong, how could it be strong enough to fight nature? Especially when many of the marine life had already mutated and underwent gigantism. Which, Jia Hyson had to say, was very unfair to humans. At most, some zombies grew about a metre or so taller but compared to the animals who sometimes became as big as a monster truck, the changes seemed so negligible in comparison.

Anyway, while zombies, mutated animals and mutated plants all came from the same virus, they weren't on the same sides at all. Therefore even if they could re-construct and drive a boat, nobody wanted to risk being exposed to attacks from the ocean and the sky for such a long period of time.

It was probably for the best really. While it was hypocritical to say, Jia Hyson wished there was still some humans out there that had found safety from the zombies. It was so sad when a species died out after all.

Especially such a precious food and entertainment source like humans.

Jia Hyson sighs and fishes out something from his pocket. It was four shining balls, they were larger than a marble but smaller than a golf ball, glowing softly under the light. These was the last of his crystal nuclei. After these he would have to go hunting for mutated animals again.

He sighs even more emotionally at the thought. Animals were rarer now and the ones that are still present are the ones who have best adapted to the harshness of this desolated environment quickly. Which really just meant the majority were insects like cockroaches, giant hornets, the red headed centipedes and so on. It was okay if they underwent gigantism but it was an uncommon mutation meaning most of their crystal nuclei were tiny.

It was really not easy to live even as a zombie nowadays.

Indecisive he touches each nucleus before finally picking up a bright purple coloured one. Inside the core of it, light flashes erratically like lightning was trapped inside. When the lightening inside the ball touches his skin, Jia Hyson could feel a soft ticklish sensation like something buzzing faintly on the tips of his fingers making him smile.

A level 7 lightning nucleus. The original owner of this had been considered the treasure of his base, fighting for the safety of his people up until the bitter end. Jia Hyson was only a level 6 zombie at the time, his brain functions were partially restored by then, and he struggled a lot against the lightening user at the time. The memories were a blurred but he recalled the faint sense of respect at the man's persistence to win.

Jia Hyson kisses the purple crystal nucleus before opening his mouth and placing it into his mouth, sucking it like it was a cough lozenge.

The lightning energy fizzles violently in his mouth, giving him the impression of spiciness, like candied ginger. Touching his lips with slight satisfaction, Jia Hyson puts the last three crystal nucleus back in his pocket and continues to sit and watch the view with a quiet mind.

No matter how gorgeous the view, it will soon become unbearable to look at after so long staring, much less this desolated dystopia that he had been faced with for so many years. Even the beauty of the bleeding skyline as the sun sets could not move him.

By then he had long finished absorbing his snack, and was unwilling to take out another. To pass the time Jia Hyson lies back down, uncaring of the dirt and grime of the floor and closes his eyes.

Even if he can't truly sleep anymore, nor achieve the health benefits of sleep, Jia Hyson could simulate it well enough by keeping his eyes closed, breath steady and either filling his mind with various ideas and stories, or completely clearing out his mind, indulging in the silent darkness. As his breath slows down, Jia Hyson thinks maybe he could just die now. After all, everything else was, he might as well join them if he couldn't beat them.

Ah, it was… really all too boring.

[Welcome to Four Well Village, this is an E-Grade Newcomer Instance.]

Jia Hyson: ???

[You are part of a group of travelling students who have come to volunteer to help the rural villagers for one week. However there is something strange about this village. Originally it was very xenophobic but unexpectedly the village has applied last minute to be part of the volunteer program. They specifically asked for help rebuilding the wells and advice for water usage.

In order to help the wary villagers, the university sent out only seven top students and a supervising professor to help out.]

[Remaining safety time: 15 minutes]

[Objective: Survive one week.]

[Optional: Find out the mystery behind the four wells.]

[Optional: Clean the water.]

Jia Hyson opens his eyes.

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