[BL] The Fake Prince of Besirique: Rise of the Regent

Author: Goosey_Goo
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What is [BL] The Fake Prince of Besirique: Rise of the Regent

Read [BL] The Fake Prince of Besirique: Rise of the Regent novel written by the author Goosey_Goo on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering reincarnation, r18, comedy, transmigration, bl. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He came to this world wondering why him? He was a fake, a fraud. He thought that he was prepared for the inevitable, for the moment he would have to return the name that was never his.. He thought he was ready, but he wasn't. If not the Prince of Besirique, who was he? ~~~ WHAT IS A MAN TO DO WHEN HE BECOMES THE SON OF A KING? In his past life, he was a boy with nothing to his name. In this life, the First Prince of Besirique, the Son of Sirvas. Finding himself in the midst of a palace scheme on his first day of being reborn, Ulfstead is unsure of what he should do. With arms and legs swaddled, his only prospects are to cry, sleep, and ponder the meaning of life. Read on to find out how this fake Prince grows up protects his Kingdom! This story is most definitely a world-building novel! It's just... Why is his cousin brother so sticky, his fake eunuch so touchy, or the slave boy he picked up so... hungry? These men will fight for their King (in more ways than one.) Future King/First Prince: QAQ? **** Chapters marked with an asterisk * mean they contain sexually explicit language. I will do my best to provide a chapter summary if it is necessary to the plot. If it does not, then disregard these chapters if you prefer reading just for the story. This story was originally titled 'The Rise of the Regent'. Thank you for your support!

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Giving myself a thumbs up. If you don't believe in yourself, who will? Happy Monday-Sunday, y'all. Keep up the good work. Let's hope my inspiration doesn't fall into a creative deficit :)


This story is addictive! I was completely immersed in Ulfstead's world and his intriguing life in the royal court. The plot is full of unexpected twists, and the relationship between the prince and his father is fascinating. I can't wait to see how Ulfstead unfolds in this world full of honor and wealth, while learning valuable lessons about life and power. Highly recommended!


A good read. the background kingdom is a mix of eastern and western one, it's really interesting how the story unfolds. Also the MC narrative is really funny 😂 but I think, you need to split up the paragraphs, don't make it too long.


I have found another treasure. I really like it, it's interesting. Dear author please keep it up👍.


I'm not good at lenghty reviews so I'll just give stars because I very much appreciate your novel Thanks for the chapters❤️❤️


Leaving a review because I love this book. im new to the platform, but this is one of the few books I consistently follow. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


The story at the beginning is a little confusing at first - like figuring out all of the characters but I like the plot and the world you have placed them in. Its a great idea and your doing great! would 100% recommend :)


The story feels captivating enough, the opening chapters are marked with intrigue and make you feel a part of the world. The characters are a strong point too and in the first sections it’s good that you get to see the world from their perspective. Also the descriptive writing, it really sets the fantasy tone and paints the story in your mind.


Wow, this was like a movie playing in my mind. The narrative was balanced. It was concise but descriptive, only adding necessary details, allowing optimum experience. The story unfolds smoothly with the conflict and plot. I'll read more of this later when my schedule loosens a bit.


Good book. The background is amazing. The setting is good. And not to mention, the character design is awesome too. The writing style is simple and good enough to let us flow like a river in it. Keep it up, author


This is such a good read with a gripping plot. I love your description it makes it easier to read. Overall, I recommend this book. well done. .


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i love the story i love the characters i love everything about the story but please be fast with the update 👍👍👍


Reveal spoiler


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