15 World 1.14

Hello, guys for the second world you can choose from this categories.

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So here's the new chap!


A man is standing in front of a pond looking for something that makes him smile.

Yes, he is the creator who made system 888.

No one knows why he chooses the number triple 8 when there's some cool number he can name it like triple six or zero.

But oh well, he thought number eight is the best number for the first system that he made, the three number symbolizes the three words which is the "I Love You" and the number eight is the symbolizes the word "INFINITE" which is forever and no ends.

He looks at the pond with a sad smile, a smile that whoever can see might feel his pain and agony.

Why would a creator almost a God is having this feeling?

System 888 went beside off the said creator.

"You look so much in pain boss. Why is that? Does Host have a big meaning to your heart?" asked of the childish system.

"System 888, do you know why did I create you?" the creator said with a soft voice.

The system only shook. Looking innocently at the majestic powerful yet soft, gorgeous and gentle creator.

"I create you because of him."

The system couldn't utter a word to what the creator said.

"I'm counting on you system 888, please protect him for me."

When the system heard the creator plea it promises to do his duty and never disappoint his beloved creator.

"You have to go back system 888."

After he said that system 888 disappears into thin air.

The said creator look again at the pond where he could see everything about our MC.

Back to Xiu Liang.

He is right now in a bathtub, bathing while his face looks like a tomato because of embarrassment.

He tried to resist at first but when he heard that its because the order of the crown prince he doesn't have the power to fight back.

That maid will be punished because of him so he just stops.

After the bath they dress him, his clothes are color white but the thing is their a dragon embroidery in it like in the crown prince and the silk of it is high quality.

I don't know what's going on or what's the crown prince thinking or planning to me.

Why do I feel bad omen is coming in my way? How could that be?

I need to be careful, maybe there would be assassins going to crown prince and maybe I will be with him and I will be the one to receive there attack or the crown will use me as a shield  while he's fighting and I will end up dying and my mission will be failed and my soul will vanish without even a dust.

*creek..(door opening)

I woke up in my daydream when I heard the door open and when I look at the door direction my heart stops.


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