[BL] Strongest in the Apocalypse

In the doomsday, where humans one by one turn into zombies or are endowed with superpowers to survive. Jiang Zhi, an ordinary man who works as a civil servant also becomes an ordinary man in the doomsday. When the people around him have superpowers and can fight against the zombies, he just hides behind the backs of his friends and becomes a weak, protected object. Because of his pride, Jiang Zhi didn't want to constantly depend on others. He secretly strengthens his body and sharpens his instincts, trying his hardest to be able to protect himself even without superpowers. Instead, he is attacked and clawed by a zombie. Shen Yize, a man who has been following him, reaches out to heal him with his healing powers. This in turn awakens Jiang Zhi's rare superpowers.

DevilishSmiley · LGBT+
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66 Chs

Shen Yize is Actually Male

Jiang Zhi's face was full of shock. But wait a minute. It seemed like he overlooked something important. Jiang Zhi noticed the woman in front of him, from head to toe. Everything was like a woman, but why did her voice sound strange. Like a man?



Seeing the confusion on Jiang Zhi's face, Shen Yize smiled broadly and gave an explanation in a softer, female-like voice. "Actually, I'm a man. This is a crossdress, don't tell anyone!"


Jiang Zhi widened his eyes. He lightly laughed at the woman, oh no, man's attitude, moreover laughing at his silly self.


 Shen Yize didn't want to prolong the conversation regarding the crossdress or so, so he changed the subject.


"What I said earlier is true. I believe you!"


"What do you believe, huh? My nonsense?"




The man, Shen Yize, nodded heavily. Straightened hir posture and looked at Jiang Zhi earnestly, like a little soldier who trusted his master selflessly. His voice was firm as he replied, "Yes, I believe your words about doomsday. It's not nonsense!"




Jiang Zhi was dumbfounded, slightly disturbed by the man's conviction. He pushed back the hair that covered his eyes, looked into Shen Yize's eyes, and couldn't help but be convinced. The man before him believed his nonsense about doomsday being predicted only through nightmares.




Jiang Zhi let out a long breath, leaning against the wall. With indifference in his tone of voice, he asked, "What is your reason for believing me?"




Shen Yize followed Jiang Zhi's actions and leaned against the wall next door. His slender fingers tapped his chin twice, eyes fixed on Jiang Zhi's figure. It made Jiang Zhi feel a little self-conscious.




Then Shen Yize replied after careful thought, his voice calm and soft, but serious.




"There's no specific reason. But maybe it's because I can predict the future. Well, just a little."




"Foretell the future?" It startled Jiang Zhi, his eyes widening to stare at Shen Yize's figure. However, the man's expression didn't fluctuate much, as if what he said was just an ordinary thing. This inevitably made Jiang Zhi wonder if the ability to predict the future was so ordinary. Isn't it extraordinary?




Seeing the curiosity in Jiang Zhi's eyes, Shen Yize smiled so widely that his eyes narrowed slightly.




"Let's put it that way. I'm not sure if this can be called predicting the future or not. But I do know that the doomsday you told me about will happen in the next ten months."




This time it wasn't Shen Yize who doubted Jiang Zhi's words, but Jiang Zhi who doubted Shen Yize's words. Clearly, he was saying something about doomsday based on a dream, so Shen Yize, what was he saying it based on?




The doubt in Jiang Zhi's eyes was so obvious that Shen Yize frowned a little irritably. Why was it that he could trust that man with no strings attached, but he was treated like a moron who liked to say nonsense? This wasn't fair, Shen Yize thought.




"You have to trust me! To prove my ability, I will say it clearly. In two days, there will be a new employee named Zoelva from California!"




Jiang Zhi frowned again, looking at Shen Yize as if he was staring at a strange person. Shen Yize snorted in annoyance and said, "Believe it or not, your apartment neighbor's mother is going to die tonight from asthma!"




After saying that, Shen Yize stomped his foot and waltzed away, leaving Jiang Zhi dumbfounded. Come to think of it, the neighbor's mother did have a history of asthma. There had been a time when the neighbor had borrowed his car to take his unconscious mother to the hospital. That's when Jiang Zhi learned the information. As for Shen Yize, Jiang Zhi wasn't sure where the man knew about it. Not to mention the matter of life and death, it is not in human hands, unless killed.




Jiang Zhi shrugged and followed Shen Yize back to the workplace. Even so, it filled his mind with Shen Yize's words.




As usual, Jiang Zhi came home at 8 pm after working late. When he entered his apartment area, he found the hallway crowded with strangers. There were sobs accompanied by words of comfort.




Jiang Zhi frowned, thinking back to what he had heard this afternoon. He asked a man about his age who was standing in the hallway, close to the entrance of his apartment.




"Dude, what happened?"




The man gave him a glance with red eyes and a puffy nose. "My aunt died because her asthma flared up, but no one was around at the time, so she couldn't be taken to the hospital in time."




Jiang Zhi let out a low sigh, his eyes blurring for a moment before he patted the man's shoulder, offering comfort through action.




That night Jiang Zhi couldn't sleep and constantly thought about Shen Yize's words. He should believe the man and talk about doomsday with him. After all, Jiang Zhi didn't know many things and only had experience in dreams. Rolling around in his bed and unable to fall asleep, no matter how hard he closed his eyes.




It was already 2 am when he fell asleep. What was surprising was that he didn't have any nightmares tonight. Jiang Zhi woke up at 6 am, rubbed his eyes, and smiled slightly. Maybe if he believed his dreams and took them as an early warning before doomsday, nightmares wouldn't haunt him.




When Jiang Zhi arrived at the office this morning, he immediately searched for Shen Yize. He exchanged WhatsApp numbers with him before starting work.




Jiang Zhi sent a series of text messages.




[Jiang Zhi: hey, I trust your words!]




[Jiang Zhi: this afternoon, let's talk about the doomsday and tell me what you predicted!]




[Jiang Zhi: let's meet on the rooftop!]




After a few moments of silence, Shen Yize gave a brief reply.




[Shen Shen: so arrogant!!!]




Despite giving a lukewarm reply, Shen Yize followed Jiang Zhi's words and went to the rooftop during break time. Bringing his lunch and preparing himself to answer Jiang Zhi's every doubt. Who had given him the grace to know that he would be a powerful god in the latter days? Although Shen Yize had also heard about Jiang Zhi's uphill battle from scum to hero, he didn't know much about the hard struggle Jiang Zhi went through to become a hero from a weak scum.




Shen Yize sighed and opened the door to the rooftop. He walked calmly over to Jiang Zhi, who was smoking a cigarette.




"Would you like to eat?" Shen Yize offered his food.




Jiang Zhi glanced at the food and shook his head. He didn't have a good appetite these days due to overthinking to the point of stress.




Shen Yize didn't push him, but ate with gusto and quickly finished his food as if it pressed him for a time. That made Jiang Zhi give him a complicated look. This beautiful man had a bad habit of not looking elegant and careful.




"This is for training!" Shen Yize said once he realized the meaning of Jiang Zhi's gaze. "We're going to face the end of the world and fight zombies. We have to prepare well and start adapting to survive!"




Jiang Zhi was silent for a moment and then nodded heavily. He was right. If he accepted the reality of his nightmare, he would also have to learn to adapt and slowly train his strength. He wasn't sure what the end of the world situation would be, but he knew that some people would be bestowed with powers. Yes, it was exactly like the apocalyptic fantasy movies he watched or the novels he read when bored.




"So what do you know about doomsday 10 months later?"




Shen Yize was pensive for a moment as he recalled what he had seen in the last few days.




"Zombies. Well, the point is that we need to get ready early."




Jiang Zhi glanced at him lazily and sneered, "Can't speak clearly."




Putting down his lunchbox and looking at Jiang Zhi seriously, Shen Yize replied, "Don't you like playing games about apocalyptic? It's exactly like that!"




Although Shen Yize felt a little annoyed at Jiang Zhi's attitude, he could only restrain herself. After all, this man was going to be the strongest god at the end of the world. However, the journey to becoming that powerful was not easy. Shen Yize knew that and also realized how much Jiang Zhi persevered and struggled. Of course, there were sacrifices to be made.




Since Shen Yize was determined to hold this strongest god's thigh, he would fight alongside him from scratch.




"There are still ten months. We can prepare ourselves," Shen Yize said again. "First of all, we need to increase our body strength, sharpen our instincts and think clearly. Also, prepare supplies such as food stocks, and weapons. We should also have a car, and... Yes, first find a place to make a base!"




After a long silence and listening to Shen Yize's words, Jiang Zhi spoke up. "Do you have money?"




Shen Yize shook his head. True enough, they were still in their ordinary lives before the end of the world. Money was the main problem to think about.




"I can sell the penthouse my parents left me!"




Once again, Jiang Zhi gained a new understanding of the most popular woman, actually a man with woman's identity, in the company. There was a side that felt that Shen Yize was completely ridiculous to take this matter seriously. There was also the side that was beginning to trust this man. Jiang Zhi frowned and responded calmly.




"Then I can also sell the inherited land that my parents gave me."




They agreed to the plan and promised to meet after work for further talks. The two people descended the stairs and headed to their respective offices.




While they were on their way, an office boy slipped on the stairs and a gallon of water fell. Jiang Zhi looked up and widened his eyes as he saw the gallon fall on his head. However, within a few seconds, his body was pulled up firmly, his back slamming into the cold wall.




Slender feet wearing 5 cm heels forcefully kicked the gallon until it bounced to the other side of the wall, breaking and splashing water.




Jiang Zhi returned dumbfounded and muttered low to himself, "What happened?"