[BL] Revenge System: Take the ML and Fix the World

Transmigration never crosses his mind until he met his death by a sudden turn of events. Traveling with an orange fox kit that told him his new reality, and 'using' his soul to fix the corrupted mission worlds. He Ming apathetically followed the fox kit to face-slap and kick the scam characters off their so-called throne and raise the rightful characters to heaven. Just when he thought he was already done, those characters started to chase after him instead! Will He Ming be able to finish his tasks smoothly, or will the troublesome Male leads be a hindrance to his efficiency? Find out more and read the book! It's worthwhile I promise *wink wink*

rosella0214 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
151 Chs

3.3 Who? A Switch?!

He Ming ask the system about the relationship between this character and Kim Chayeon, and the system readily gives the information he needed.

[Revenge System: The relationship between He Ming and Kim Chayeon was relatively good, however, they talk more about things but not their unclear relationship. He Ming never asked, and Kim Chayeon always goes with the flow. However, we can conclude that it was more than just friendship... Am I right, Host?] The system asked He Ming who was staring at the back of the other person.

He Ming squinted his eyes and looked down with a frown, a lingering question was inside of his mind but he didn't ask the system anymore.