[BL] Revenge System: Take the ML and Fix the World

Transmigration never crosses his mind until he met his death by a sudden turn of events. Traveling with an orange fox kit that told him his new reality, and 'using' his soul to fix the corrupted mission worlds. He Ming apathetically followed the fox kit to face-slap and kick the scam characters off their so-called throne and raise the rightful characters to heaven. Just when he thought he was already done, those characters started to chase after him instead! Will He Ming be able to finish his tasks smoothly, or will the troublesome Male leads be a hindrance to his efficiency? Find out more and read the book! It's worthwhile I promise *wink wink*

rosella0214 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
151 Chs

3.17 Breakup Scheme pt. 2

Inside the restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, was Yvonne waiting for the two- no, three guys to appear. She not only extended her invite to the two lovers but also to Jerard Lim as well.

"If I don't act up now, then worst-case scenario, he will still bring that third party to our own house if we marry. That is something that I, A Greene Heiress and a successful business woman, will be shamed for." Yvonne squinted her eyes as she murmurs, taking the wine glass from the table and have a sip of the red wine, waiting for the three to show up.