[BL] Revenge System: Take the ML and Fix the World

Transmigration never crosses his mind until he met his death by a sudden turn of events. Traveling with an orange fox kit that told him his new reality, and 'using' his soul to fix the corrupted mission worlds. He Ming apathetically followed the fox kit to face-slap and kick the scam characters off their so-called throne and raise the rightful characters to heaven. Just when he thought he was already done, those characters started to chase after him instead! Will He Ming be able to finish his tasks smoothly, or will the troublesome Male leads be a hindrance to his efficiency? Find out more and read the book! It's worthwhile I promise *wink wink*

rosella0214 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
151 Chs

3.16 Breakup Scheme pt. 1

"He Ming will be mine, whether you like it or not." Jerard Lim stood up before Kim Chayeon and stared up to his blazing eyes. If looks could kill, someone would've been dead by now, but that's not him.

"Someone like you trying to covet my lover, I don't think you have what it takes to take him away. With all your baseless words, you are acting like a clown in a circus." Kim Chayeon had enough chit-chat in this office and left his remarks to the three.

"I already filed my complaint to you Manager Kei, do your job well. As for you, Miss Greene, that fiance of yours, you better tie him up and don't let him leave your sight, who knows what a wild dog will do without its owner." Kim Chayeon snickered at the dark look that Yvonne tried to threaten him with.

"And as for you, disgusting stalker, I suggest to you to not get greedy from the things that could never be yours, quit dreaming, and stick with your fiance if you want to live!" After he said that, Kim chayeon left.