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[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?


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This is the first book i've ever given a review on WN, and also the first i've given two of(。•ω•。)ノ♡ honestly, the writing skills of little blue is just pure gold, from her comedic timing, to her swift hands coming behind you to pierce you in the chest with a load of agony and pain, to her creativity and imagination to form plot twist and give a variety of events and interactions that make you feel the world being built around them, or at the very least feel as though the most of side characters have life in them, where they have differing personalities and charm. Hah...The duality of being a reader, i dont know how many tears i shed over the current arc(arc 4) and laughed till i was rolling on the floor from laughter. Theres also that versatility and uniqueness, where you feel as though you can never fully predict who will be the next shard, or what will happen to a detailed extent, yet theres foreshadowing here and there, in which tbh im too shallow to pick up most of the time:,3 Da Gong is still best boi, and best male lead DONATE KOFI TO THE DEAR AUTHOR IF YA CAN\(◎o◎)/(yes ik im shameless:P) Thank you little blue for all the effort and time you've placed into your book, ily, also looking forward to the next arc, and new readers scoping out if this is a good book, heads up there'll be a very shameless and sl*g, spicy chicken host waiting for you~ ;3

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I have a heavy bias towards this novel, so the ratings may not be completely accurate, but the sheer enjoyment this novel gives me just completely dazzles my eyes (in a good way). Jia Hyson and Bebe are fricking awesome, the other characters--even those who only appear for a chapter or two--are also very fun. The interactions are the best (mainly Bebe and Jia Hyson), the meta and jokes are on point, and everything is just so unique. It's all I've ever dreamed of, but never saw and couldn't write. All novel stereotypes and cliches are made to be fricking hilarious. This novel is meant for a lighthearted, fun read. It's not deep, but it's not shallow. Like, it doesn't have any meaningful messages (except for those two bits in recent chapters), it's just a funny quick transmigration novel that's meant to make you laugh, and lighten your mood. But it's not shallow, as in you won't get bored reading this. It's so fresh and special. The only thing I would nitpick is that the author tends to rant just slightly, but even the ranting, albeit a bit long, isn't the author over-explaining things. It makes sense, it's not unnecessary, and it's part of the character's thought process or world-building. I just binged it up to a few chapters ago, and although I am agonizing over how it isn't updated every second, the author updates regularly (twice a week). The little theatres are an amazing bonus.


What should I say? This story is amazing on a whole lot of levels. 1. The main character, Jia Hyson. First of all, he likes both men and woman, regardless of age etc. That alone should be enough reason to convince you to read this story. It is so rare to see a character liking both genders! He isn't interested only in the male lead, and that is so refreshing. Second of all, he's a murderer with messed up morals, but he is still professional when needed (if he needs to play a likable character, he keeps to his own settings etc.) and keeps to his own boundaries (granted his boundaries are really flexible). 2. The system, Bebe. Sassy system that clashes with main character? Check. Just love his commentaries. 3. The worlds/mission. Okay, so the whole premise of the story is that Jia needs to make bad stories into good ones. This makes the different worlds kind of cliches, but make no mistake: the worlds are amazing. Jia rewrites them so well. The plots of every world are well worked out, and the author makes something initially boring into something really interesting. You won't regret reading them! 4. The world building. The author really makes an effort to explain how everything works, from system hierarchy, to world consciousness, etc. It's really fleshed out. Okay, there is one point that needs to be known, a warning kind of, before you read this. I've already mentioned Jia is a murderer, with messed up morals etc. When I say that I mean that it's a really important, integral part of the story. It doesn't just gloss over it. I have to especially warn for arc 2 (?) I think, the ghost/horror arc. It gets really specific. You might come out with messed up morals yourself. So if you are sensitive to that kind of the stuff, you might want to skip that arc. But you really get a sense of what the character is like there. It could be I forgot somethings that are amazing about this story, but those are the most important stuff. All in all: It is really worth it! You won't regret it! Here I have some candy for you if you read it... It will definitely be the best experience of your life! The candy I have to offer is really good too.


I fell in love with this webnovel. The writing style is to die for and the system's personality is adorable. (AND it's a good BL <3) Definitely bookmarking this one !


This story is trully a hidden gem! Good grammar, amazing writing, a captivating and funny plot, not to mention the charming MC and system (who are always bickering). Definetely worth the read (don't be fooled by it only having 10 chapters so far! Every chapter is actually quite long).


This is an excellent novel that contrasts from the norm of transmigration stories. The protagonist(JH), who’s personality i absolutely love, is someone who is *very* shameless and isn’t afraid of doing what he wants. He doesn’t force himself to like others either, which includes the gongs, (to conclude he is, as the novel says, a spicy chicken), making the story feel more natural and realistic.Thus, you can throw away any expectations of love at first sight, since this is NOT one of those qt that has the mc/ml like the mc/ml because of a *special magical feeling* or because they acted like and are thus the ml from the previous world. Next, with the fantastic writing, one can easily be absorbed into the story and have a vivid imagination of each character. The comedy is especially up my isle, such as JH being willing to tease to the extreme, and the conversations between JH and Bebe. I find the concept to be unique too, since JH isn’t transmigration to act as someone, nor is he transmigration to fufill the wishes of others, but to improve the story by being part of it and so on. The gong is great too, since each part has a different personality and could be anyone, which, at this point, I just think of them as different people But since I’m biased, my all time favourite gong is *spoilers on the gongs* Da gong,100%, can’t change my mind.A sweet, loyal, loving, epic, powerful rooster with the cherry on top of being a tsundere, i can’t think of anything that could top that. The only critism i can give is that sometimes the story feels a little draggy, but besides that i have nothing to complain. To sum things up, great writing, comedy, characters, and definitely a top-notch novel worth spending time reading


A diamond in the rough a great read. I was a little sceptical in reading this cause I didn't know what I was getting into but I'm really glad I didn't pass it up. Love MC and MC's system BeBe they are comedy together.


honestly the best novel in bl drama i have read on this site by far. does contain more ***** themes but that allows the author to write more intereresting arcs without rehashing the same old cliches over and over. you could easily skip the steamy scenes if you felt uncomfortable and still enjoy the plot. but admit it, most of us enjoy some good smut :p seriously though this story is better than many books i have read that you buy. donating to the author in support which i rarey do (due to lack of funds) but worth it here to motivate and support our lovely author!


bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


Deserving of five stars, this is probably the best BL novel I’ve ever read, hands down!! The character is open and very diverse and isn’t an idiot which is really a breath of fresh air. He doesnt get too caught up in the past but still cares and is very respectful. The character supports lots of things but nothing like murder and other horrible things. Honestly I’ve read till chapter 110 for the past three days straight, im only going to pause there because im getting a slight migraine from using my brain so much and not because im sick of the story just because i think i got a little too excited from how much i love this story. Please if you dont like this theres something wrong with you. (^~^) da best


So I usually don’t read BLs since I haven’t really had good experience with them. However this novel is a masterpiece. The paragraph comment function was basically made for this novel. Every paragraph of this novel is comedy gold. The protagonist although scummy is the most hilarious protagonist you will ever read of and will you make you fall for the character. So for anyone who is like how I was and is hesitant to give this novel a go - please don’t hesitate this novel will definitely fill you with laughter after you read the interaction between characters especially the protagonist and his system


I just finished the latest chapter and I am proud to say that this is literally my favorite novel on this app. I've been reading through the reviews and I haven't seen one bad review. LittleBlueLake, if you see this, I just want you to know that you are such a talented writer. Jia Hyson has such a powerful, flirtatious personality and I love it. Literally my favorite type of bl mc. If you have or plan to make another novel, count on me to read it.


First, addressing those of you who scroll down to the comments before reading. This book is the most amazing book I've read on this site so far, and you'll quickly find yourself lost in the plot and characters. It's a refreshing take on normal System transmigration novels. The MC has his own unique charm, which is to say he's a hilariously ****ty person. The System also is a great character. Originally, I didn't like interactive Systems with personalities, but Bebe is now an exception. Now, addressing the author. First of all, thank you. Just for this novel, I made an account to vote and donate, because it's simply that good. I am thoroughly addicted. There are little to no flaws in the work, and no plotholes that I can find. Two constructive criticisms. Honestly, even if you don't address these, the novel is still a masterpiece. However, I'm going to say them anyway. My first, and the one I hope you consider the most is changing the title of the novel. BL is already a very restrictive category of novel. Some people purposely avoid it. Even for people that do read BL, or people like me who seek them out, not all of us like the same thing. When I was scrolling through the LGBT+ category, I almost missed out on your story. I read the title, and thought it would be about Alpha Beta Omega mechanics instantly. The only reason I clicked on it was because the synopsis has system on the first line, and my love of system novels countered out my iffiness about ABO, Now, I don't have anything against ABO, and think it's good in small doses in transmigration novels, but I wouldn't read an entire book about it. I think you'll find your readers fit into three categories. Those who read BL indiscriminately, those who read it thinking it was ABO and stuck around because the story was amazing, and those who clicked without thinking about ABO in the first place. ABO is a niche within BL, and personally I dislike it because it reminds me of second-rate werewolf stories from the Wattpad days. You may not even realize that some potential readers are ghosting your story for thinking it as a completely different type of novel. Your novel is brilliant, and I don't want others to ghost it because of ABO to limit it's potential. When I think Beta, I, unfortunately, don't think of a unique, cool system with limitless possibilities and a kickass MC. Another is that the paragraphs are large, and can be hard to read, but this definitely isn't that big of the problem. I only noted it because I have a bad tendancy to skim, and I missed a really funny joke, only picking up on it because some people had commented on it at the end of the chapter. By isolating jokes or certain lines, you create emphasis, and it flows better for comedy and importance. Thank you, author, and keep up the good work!


Quick Transmigration is easily the best novel I have read on this site Jia Hyson and his system posses wonderful chemistry and are both highly personable and entertaining characters with the protagonist being an entertainingly debauched and flamboyant with a refreshing sense of morality Bebe the system is largely relegated to the role of comic relief though it is a role which suits them well The overall story is well written with the author skilfully and vividly describing the varied situations Jia Hyson finds himself in choosing interesting and novel (pun entirely intended) the premise of the novel is also an innovative take on the usual system trope as for the individual arcs of the story all are interesting takes on usually trite story-lines and character tropes where through the actions of our intrepid protagonist the circumstances are changed and unplumbed depths are found in the characters often to hilarious or horrifying results in conclusion I would entirely recommend this novel even if I am usually not someone who would partake in BL novels TL;DR. This is an incredibly good novel. Read it. 5/5 Would get traumatised again.


Well played, very well played. The novel is very good and gets you hook instantly with its humour, plot, chemistry, characters and the emoticons. Through the first arc, you will experience symptoms of hunger, heart warming, and laughter from the way the author describes things. Through the second arc, the horror will get you and awaken your inner 'freeminded' self. The third arc is when it gets...kinky and flamboyant. Each chapter is long and very satisfying. Each arc is unique to its own self. Through plots and humour along with the laughters and tears it will bring, it really is well played. It was hard to keep the humour when writing and getting interesting twists and turns, here and there. As they say, this book is an absolute diamond, definitely one of my favorite bl stories that definitely deserves a reread. And mind you, I don't really reread a book so yeah. I really recommend this although not the night before an exam. Thank you author-sama for creating this novel and sharing with us! \(^~^)/ ❤


The story is really, really great. It is written well and funny as heck. The interactions of the host and his system are outragiously good! Its fun and easy to read and the author Updates regularly. Even if you dont like BL, you should still read this book. JUST DO IT! You won't regret it.


Overall it's an amazing book, like damn, I'm not even trying to be one of those people that rate something five stars or whatever to get like a reward or something, cause like generally this is such a great book. Jai hyson and bebes relationship on its own is comedy gold👌😂 And then you have Jai hyson and his messed up but stupidly hilarious personality and back story, which is just too much😂😭. So I would just like to say thanks for such an awesome book. Loving everything about it. Can't wait for the sefu and Farrell romance 😍


Reveal spoiler


Oh yeah, it's review time! Alright, I love the relationship that Bebe and Jia have, it's truly hilarious. I also find it hilarious how the ML hates himself which is so funny! I love the worlds and how the story fits into those worlds, and yes it is a little confusing but it's actually explained really well. Characters are *chef's kiss*! The writing is beautiful, the author is a magnificent human as well, it's so nice to have an author that will respond if you have some questions. And the author's comment that's in the comment sections is so fun to read! Everyone should read it, it's amazing!


Ummm I really like the MC, he is such a twisted and perverted person and all the characters in the novel feel incredibly developed for a world hopping story. The way it makes fun of the typical world hopping troupes is really funny and one of my favourite parts of the novel🤭🤭🤭 I really can't wait for more ☺️☺️☺️