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Jia Hyson finds he has hit the jackpot after he dies. He's got a system! He's a transmigrator! So cool! System: "Please help us fix the plot." Jia Hyson: "Of course!" System: "Firstly there are too many love interests." Jia Hyson: "Okay." System: "The main character is too annoying." Jia Hyson: "Um." System: "Needs more world building." Jia Hyson: "..." Oi, is he fixing the plot or is he rewriting the whole damn thing?! (This is not omegaverse, beta stands for beta reader) (This is bl/yaoi/danmei btw. 1v1, 2v1, 3+v1) Lovely Cover by my fanart empress @noc

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Extra: Arc 2 alternative universe Bai Li Wei part 1

This is an alternative universe where the ritual in the last arc actually succeeds and Bai Li Wei ascends from a powerful ghost into a demonic spirit. 

We're going by vampire rules here where the most powerful vampires can walk under the sun without being burnt because the winners of the goddamn multiple choice quiz somehow voted for the beach holiday theme which is honestly the least compatible with the Bai Li Wei pairing orz 

This is the result thanks to the winners of that small discord multiple choice question quiz thing. They got to vote for the pairing of this extra (Li Guiren x Bai Li Wei x Tian Shun), the theme (the beach), a kink (author's choice).

Thank you @Dinosauric Apple Demon, @Alina_R, @ali, @reesowo, and @Daoist sword edge... for winning and then being very indecisive over what to pick resulting in the most incompatible pairing and theme possible. That didn't make things difficult for this author at all. ಠ_ಠ

Anyway, it turns out smut is hard and this ended up being longer than I thought so here's only the first part of this special extra ah. There should be three parts focusing a little more on Li Guiren, Tian Shun, and then a threesome.

Also don't think too hard about time period or whatever. Because this author sure as hell didn't.

I will also be writing a Sefu Farrell beach holiday extra eventually as well. It's not what the readers want. But it's what I want dammit. 

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Here we go~




"Wei Wei, are you okay?" Li Guiren asks cautiously, glancing next to him as he continues to drive down an unfamiliar road.

"Urp..." Jia Hyson gags a little, his hand delicately pressed to his mouth as his already pale skin becomes even paler. With the ritual more or less a success and his power grown exponentially higher, the skill [I can't believe it's not human] has also strengthened and now when he uses the skill he's practically a real human again, albeit one who has a tendency to sunburn very easily. 

And thus, the dreaded motion sickness has come back.

Jia Hyson: 'This isn't logical.'

Bebe: 'Why would you say that?'

Jia Hyson: 'If we include my original life, that makes three lives I've lived that get motion sick on long drives. This can't be a coincidence. This is clearly a sick and awful running gag at my expense and I won't stand for this sort of inhumanity!'‎ (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

Bebe: '...' Says the ghost who entered the realm of demons after massacring a bunch of high schoolers. 

Yes, Jia Hyson, who had originally bullshitted about breaking past the limits of an evil ghost and becoming a demon with that previous ritual, actually became a demon. Apparently burning the majority of the protagonists in the story and absorbing their negative energies and despair was a great panacea. Coupled with the soul of the Worldbreaker, Jia Hyson had unexpectedly done the impossible. 

Unfortunately the impossible doesn't seem to do much for his stupid nausea. 

"…Here." A quiet, hoarse voice mumbles behind Jia Hyson's seat, and a trembling hand offers him some painkillers. 

Jia Hyson takes them gratefully. Even though there won't be much of an effect, he's still happy at the consideration. "Thank you Xiao Shun."

Tian Shun doesn't reply. Jia Hyson takes a peek behind him and sees the teenager looking gloomily out the window, his body curled up and practically pressed into the corner of the car as if he wished to be swallowed into the upholstery. Jia Hyson can't help but sigh softly. 

Ever since the ritual Tian Shun had become increasingly reclusive and silent. 

Then again, it is a bit awkward to hang around after doing something like trying to murder your crush and sticking them into your shadow to be by your side forever- and failing. 

Jia Hyson remembers when he was still young, introverted and in the closet he had once tripped onto the senior he had been infatuated with and accidentally drooled when he was stuttering out his apologies. After that he had wanted to die and would rather run to the teacher's lounge and beg for more homework than to run into that senior ever again. Even hundreds of years later that incident still made him embarrassed half to death. 

If he was forced to hang out with that senior almost immediately after that, he's pretty sure he would have straight up killed himself. 

Of course, tripping and drooling, and stabbing and failing in forcibly binding one's soul together, were two very different things but the level of awkwardness in the aftermath were strangely similar. 

He sighs helplessly. Seriously. What was he meant to do? Tell Tian Shun that they'll be okay and let it go? Because to be frank, he was still more than a little upset about it. 

However he was somehow even more upset about Tian Shun's sulky self loathing attitude. Seeing him constantly wracked with guilt and anxiety made Jia Hyson uncomfortable and unhappy inside.

Even if at the beginning he felt a sort of sick, twisted pleasure at his despair and loathing, this was still his Xiao Shun. He couldn't stay completely unaffected by this long term. 

"Don't bother with him, I don't know why you wanted to bring him after all he's done to you." Li Guiren who had noticed Jia Hyson's gaze, had a very ugly expression on his face. If it wasn't for that bastard, if he hadn't had come in time, Wei Wei might've.... the thought was too painful to bear thinking of. 

Tian Shun flinched violently and his head lowered even further. His jagged nails, now abused from being bitten and gnawed on due to new habits brought by anxiety and depression, were digging into his pallid skin. Before he had a confident, predatory alpha male handsomeness but after understanding what he had almost done, how his selfish and disgusting thoughts to break and monopolize Bai Li Wei actually almost killed him, Tian Shun had become thinner and sickly from staying in his room. 

It had taken Jia Hyson two months to quietly coax him out for this trip and he swore it would've been faster if it wasn't for Li Guiren who refused to help. Really. Once a bear child always a bear child. 

"Xiao Ren, that is your son," Jia Hyson hisses. His heart felt very stuffy. This family turmoil is the fault of everyone involved. If Jia Hyson had fought harder on getting Li Guiren to bring Tian Shun back. If Li Guiren hadn't sent Tian Shun away in the first place. If they had visited Tian Shun even once..! 

You can blame a child for doing something bad but you can't blame the child alone. Usually it's the parents and other external factors who have a hand in influencing their behaviors and thought processes to what it is today. 

Jia Hyson has always believed in this idea. That in the argument of nature vs nurture, a human's character will always be more inherently affected by the nurture aspect with only some exceptions. So how could he not blame himself a bit for his bystander like role in warping Tian Shun's personality? 

However Li Guiren held no such complications in his heart. He had known long ago this 'son' of his was just another part of the other personality. He was something to be disliked and loathed. A rival at best, an enemy at worst. 

And if someone like that almost killed the one you fell in love with, then how can he not hate him? 

To Li Guiren, Tian Shun was less of a son and more like a tumor that he wished he could cut off and burn. No matter how cruel it was, at his core he was still a part of a system and despite being raised human for this lifetime, once he reawakens even partially it is difficult to ignore the natural superiority and utilitarianism views that a royal system is created with. It was a pity that he couldn't explain this to Wei Wei even if he wanted to. 

He glances at Tian Shun and inwardly tuts. It turns out even that personality can feel defeat and self-loathing. 

Li Guiren doesn't have all the data and memories of his original source code but he seemed to almost instinctively know that the other personality is not only cold and conniving but arrogant and undefeated. Most frustratingly he is the type that, if he sees that he will not win, will immediately retreat with an attitude of 'I didn't lose, I chose to let you win.' 

Seeing Tian Shun curled up, silent and pale... there was a complex mix of pity and glee brimming in his chest. After all this was the personality his own personality abhorred enough to wish to separate from. But at the same time it was still someone that had shared the original system mainframe with him for who knows how long. Even if he only has a vague feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness toward the other, there is still an innate familiarity and sense of unity there. It's hard to explain. 

"Tsk, whatever," Li Guiren grumbles. This is their first big trip with Wei Wei as a demon. After dealing with the mess they made, Li Guiren finally got to apply for some time precious paid leave. It wouldn't do to pursue the subject further and ruin the already delicate mood. 

A hand lightly touches his arm, a silent thank you for backing down. The skin is cool but to Li Guiren it felt warmer than the sun in his heart. 

How long has it been since Wei Wei could so easily touch him like this? 

Despite being a middle aged man who has seen the vicissitudes of life and was even once married, Li Guiren blushed under a single touch from Bai Li Wei.

The corner of Jia Hyson's mouth quirked up in faint amusement and affection. Really ah, still a child.

Meanwhile in the backseat, silver eyes gloomily watch the pair act intimately like a couple on their honeymoon. Unlike him who was sent away at a young age, Wei Wei and Li Guiren had practically lived together for decades. It would be weird not to act so familiar, to convey emotions with a soft touch, a tacit understanding through their eyes and such easy agreement.

If only he was the one who was given the role of Li Guiren... then... then wouldn't the person driving the car, being so happy with Wei Wei be him?

Tian Shun's eyes redden and his lips pull up in a self deprecating sneer. No, that sort of thinking is only delusional. A weak excuse. Li Guiren is just an empty name. Wei Wei likes Li Guiren because it's that foolish idiotic personality playing Li Guiren. He won't like Li Guiren if it was himself.

No one would like him for himself.

...he doesn't blame them. 

Tian Shun lets out a shaky sigh. He really wants to give up and leave. Even though he won't be able to gain what he needs if he doesn't live out this body's natural lifespan, it's simply one failure out of many successes. He's sure he would compensate it in the next body. 

To wipe away these memories and live in another life, completely unaware of this pain... it was too tempting. 

However, Tian Shun's eyes flicker with weak determination. He wasn't willing to back down. As long as there's still a chance, as long as Wei Wei and Li Guiren dont officially announce their relationship, he will stay and wait for an opportunity to strike. 

He may not have that fool's courage or perseverance, but he has calculation and patience. 

That had to mean something.

…He hopes he means something.

"Hello, welcome to the-" The bellhop who opened the passenger door gasps.

The Cold Sands Hotel was a luxurious four star hotel, famous for it's beautiful beachside view, various fun services like scuba diving and parasailing, top quality service and a price that, while expensive, is not impossible for the middle class to splurge on. There are many minor celebrities and internet icons who choose to enter through the doors as well as relatively wealthy families. 

The bellhop has been working here proudly for three years and had always felt like he had seen all the pretty flowers that could be seen. The sweet white lotus, the fiery little sister type, the mature older sister… each had their own unique flavour in beauty with their own pros and cons depending on your preferences. 

However, the person who came out of that car could only be described as a true beauty!

Long silky black hair that flows down freely, curling around pale skin. The skin while not a sickly white or anything, had a strangely entrancing untouched smoothness to it that gave off the strange impression that it could be made of porcelain. So delicate and breakable, it made people feel their darker urges being stimulated with a single glance at the skin alone.

And yet these two attributes, which alone can put all the previous celebrities and pampered little princesses who lived off beauty products to shame, were not even the most beautiful aspects of this new guest. 

Those delicate facial features, feminine yet held a trace of masculinity that gave the person a mature yet fragile appearance. Those mysteriously dark red eyes that drew people in, the slight slant of the eyelids giving the other a bored yet seductive look. Thin but soft looking lips that are held in a natural pout, the faint pinkness contrasting against the skin made it difficult to look away. The nose.. those ears… the neck…. shoulders... hands...…..

Beautiful! So beautiful!

The bellhop could feel his heart racing, how could such a beautiful person exist?! He wants to woo her, to serenade her and spoil her! He wants to, he wants to..

He wants to cut her into pieces and consume her as slow as possible! 

Unlike those other tasteless whores, he'll make sure to savour her, to cook her well and give her the thought and effort and pain she deserves.

Jia Hyson, used to people being silenced by his looks now, merely gives the bellhop a faint smile and nod before stepping out of the car. Ever since he had upgraded, he had found that not only has his appearance, which was already beautiful enough to attract cultists, improved, so has his ability to attract the dark and depraved. 

There's various demonic constitutions which give different effects but this demonic constitution seems to provoke desire and stimulates the awful perverse hidden side of others through his beauty. Jia Hyson didn't really think too much of it. After all, this body's beauty stat was so high it made a group of people want to torture and burn him alive ah. In his opinion, this appearance already stimulates the heart demons inside men and women, his demonic upgrade merely improved the effect. 

The bellhop had already gone half mad with desire and want. It seemed that the more perverted a person's three views were, the more easily stimulated they become, especially if they don't have good self control and restraint. Jia Hyson however just treated the man as air, subconsciously absorbing some of the dark aura as he passes by. 

While he was a little interested in whatever demented obsession this man had, he was on holiday ah. It wouldn't do to cut it off so quickly just because he wanted to play a little bit with the hotel staff. 

Ironically, or maybe not so after some deeper thought, after becoming a demon, some of his emotions had come back to him. Jia Hyson once again was capable of being considerate and able to bond with other people. 

Before he would have abused the bellhop to death and let Li Guiren deal with the aftermath like usual, however now he can fell guilt, albeit not much, but for the two radishes he raised practically since birth how can he not spare his limited feelings for them? 

Still though... Jia Hyson activates [Hair Control] and pulls a strand of hair from his head, letting it go absentmindedly. Unbeknownst to anyone, the hair which should have fallen down to the ground was drifting abnormally slowly, almost floating, until it reached the bellhop's shoes. The moment it reached its target it curled up and obediently trapped itself there. 

Becoming a demon didn't mean he lost his ghost skills but simply added on demon skills as well. His ability to see into the heart was even better than before. And as easily as looking down a recently used sewage pipe, he can see the disgusting mess inside this young man's heart. 

As long as he can torture him outside the hotel that should be fine right? 


Despite the unfortunate bellhop, most of the staff were pretty good quality. Other than being dazzled by Jia Hyson's beauty, and feeling strong lust and desire which was pretty normal, there wasn't any obvious darkness that he had noticed. The guests in the lobby were a bit more mixed in responses but it wasn't enough for Jia Hyson to specially take note of. 

However while Jia Hyson could ignore it, could the two yanderes behind him do it too? 

Of course not! 

Too be honest if this was any other situation, Li Guiren and Tian Shun, this troublesome father-son pair, would be the center of attention. Li Guiren has the rugged looks of a mature action movie star, the type with explosive muscles that aren't off putting yet also unable to completely hide under a suit. 

Meanwhile Tian Shun, if you ignore the current gloomy state, had taken a bit more of his mother's looks, and become an aristocratic and elegant young scholar in the making. No matter what school he was in, whether it was that American horror boarding school or the now closed up high school of the deceased main character's, Tian Shun's appearance and cool temperament made him easily the school grass in everyone's eyes! 

Both were high quality men. Unfortunately Bai Li Wei not only was a top quality man that ranked above everyone in appearance he also had a bewitching demonic aura that naturally enhanced his beauty by 200%. It was really unfair but who told Jia Hyson to break the shackles and ascend into such an OP being in a more or less modern world? 

Fortunately, this OP being was very happy to maintain the status quo and was currently uninterested in trying to make the world bow down under his pomegranate skirt*.

*Using his looks and charm to make people submit and grovel at his feet and be wrapped up around his finger essentially. 

Still, that didn't stop Li Guiren and Tian Shun from guzzling vinegar like alcoholics at a wine tasting event. 

Seeing everyone's eyes of awe and lust and appreciation on their Wei Wei made them wish they could kill everyone there and gouge out their dirty eyes for good measure. After all, if they somehow become ghosts, at least they'll be blind ones! 

Li Guiren while handsome was still a fifty year old, relatively ordinary man. His natural constitution was already so strong he didn't dare to go to the monasteries to try cultivate it lest he completely obliterate Wei Wei with his presence so other than military training and daily exercise, there was no supernatural way he could retain all his youthful good looks. 

Tian Shun, while having the capability to be a male god in school, was partially with the help of his supporting male lead halo. He was good looking and with an elegant yet domineering temperament but to be honest, it's not as if that was an uncommon trait. Frankly, there were better looking people out there with much better personalities in the world. Plus now he has that gloominess and unkempt, depressed appearance that lowered his face value by at least two points.

Neither man seemed to fit well by Bai Li Wei's side. Too old, too young, and neither had the powerful domineering aura of a protagonist. They were like a red amaryllis and a sea holly, both unique and entrancing to the eye but there was no gardener who would feel they were lovely and suitable enough to be planted next to the Queen of the Night*. 

*A type of cactus with a really gorgeous white flower shaped similar to a water lily. It's flower blooms rarely- generally on summer nights in June and July- and only during nighttime before wilting at sunrise. My house has a few hehe. 

As individuals aware of their true identity, they were able to see this appearance gap unbiasedly, and insecurity naturally festers in their hearts. Their Wei Wei was so beautiful and kindhearted and charismatic, but at the same time their Wei Wei was fickle and selfish and got bored easily. Who could say that he would one day leave them for greener pastures? 

It was a just bearable before but in this hotel full of small celebrities and rich beautiful people the jealousy and possessiveness in their hearts were stimulated more than usual. 

The moment the receptionist handed them their room keys, Li Guiren snatched them up and Tian Shun hurried Jia Hyson into the closest elevator. Despite being so at odds with each other, their movements were almost perfectly synchronized. 

Li Guiren and Tian Shun: 'Go, go, go!' 

Jia Hyson: '?' But they were about to talk about the complimentary spa package ah! Wait! My fucking free massage! ErKanghand.jpeg


The hotel room was actually a suite. Jia Hyson felt a little dazed looking at such familiar yet unfamiliar luxury. Even though it wasn't the most extravagant hotel room he'd ever been to, compared to the doll room, the hunted house and the new apartment they had moved into after the whole highschool haunted house massacre thing, it was enough to make Jia Hyson want to weep. 

Li Guiren's salary in law enforcement wasn't big okay?! Even though he was considerably better paid than others, compared to the high standard of living Jia Hyson had been accustomed to in the later half of his past lives. 

The only reason why they got this amazing holiday trip without digging a hole through their wallets was because out of the very few survivors that made it out of the massacre, Li Guiren had saved all of them, practically throwing them out of the house every time he met a straggler. 

While that may be a bit exaggerated, it was true that he burst open the previously mysteriously closed and impossible to open entrance door and that the ghost who recognized his aura would instinctively ignore or avoid it. Each person he bumped into or touched would rub off a bit of his strong yang aura and became more or less saved from being attacked by the ghosts. 

Li Guiren was regarded as a savior and a overprotective father in the community now. If he hadn't felt so worried about his own son who was always so dutiful in coming home the moment school ends (to see Wei), to the point he's constantly watching over him and will feel uncomfortable when he didn't know where he was (in case the brat was doing something with Wei while he was gone), then he wouldn't have rushed to the haunted house to bring Tian Shun home and thus being just in time to discover the tragedy and do what he can to save the children! 

In order to reward him, the government gave him a medal of valor and an all expenses paid vacation at this hotel. They also gave him a pay raise and a promise of a possible promotion. 

Really, tsk, tsk, Jia Hyson is the last person to say this but it's almost unfair how bad things happen to good people and such good things happen to bad people ah. 

Bad person Jia Hyson: 'Hey, do you think if we kill off some university students we can get a penthouse suite with an indoor jacuzzi next time?'

Bebe: 'Bebe thinks the police would be more suspicious than grateful the second time round to be honest.' 

Jia Hyson: 'Tch.' He could really use a week with an indoor jacuzzi. 

Bebe: '...' Bebe already knew this but you really have a problem don't you? 눈_눈

"This is better than I expected," Li Guiren can't help but sigh out in satisfaction. Given how stingy the budget usually is for law enforcement he had expected something much worse. 

Tian Shun grunts in agreement, walking in to the room last.

Li Guiren gives him a disgusted look, making Tian Shun lower his head. With a disdainful snort, the older man walks over to find Wei who was looking through all the rooms, missing the clenched shaking hands of his son. 

There were two beds in the suite, one king sized and a single bed. Jia Hyson who had already run around to explore, lightly sat on the single bed, idly touching the pillows to determine their softness. 

You know a hotel room is of good quality from their pillows. In his opinion there should be at least one that's a little firmer and good for neck support and another that is softer and huggable. It would be great to have a third or fourth pillow to put in between your legs and as a spare but then again, that's really more of a preference than anything else, tsk. 

"That's not where you'll be sleeping," Li Guiren chuckles, "Didn't you say before that you wanted to relax on a big king sized bed while looking at the sea when I asked you about picking the rooms?" 

Jia Hyson turns to the large window where the beach was easy to be seen from with shining eyes. He only said that half-jokingly before amending that any room was fine back then, it turns out his Xiao Ren took it to heart and specifically arranged a room to his tastes.

What a sweetie. 

"Then where would you two sleep ah?" Jia Hyson asks with some concern. There were only two beds after all. 

"Of course the brat will sleep on the single bed and I," Li Guiren threw his backpack onto the large bed with a childishly wide smile, "will sleep with you." 

Jia Hyson: 'How shameless… I like it.' (´,,•ω•,,)♡

Of course as an upstanding demonic parental figure, he can't just so easily accept such cheekiness. 

Bebe: 'Did you forget your [Corrupter of Children] skill already?'

Jia Hyson: 'I raised a policeman!' That has to mean something okay?

Bebe: 'Yeah. A corrupt policeman.' (¬_¬)

With an amused, doting smile, he flicks the detective's forehead like when he was a naughty child, "Stinky brat," He playfully scolds, "As a grown man, don't you feel ashamed sleeping with your father at this age?"

Li Guiren laughs, giving him a mischievous and flirty look that made Jia Hyson a little dazed. "Wei Wei, you aren't my father, nor do I see you as one. But if you really want to, this one is willing to call you daddy ah."

Jia Hyson was unprepared for such a coquettish remark and was unable to stop himself from flushing a little. Not only does this little dumpling seem sweeter than before but also quite saucy ah. 

Tian Shun who felt like a lightbulb sourly gave his father, this flirtatious slut, a cold glare before silently moving his own backpack to the single bed. His only solace was both beds were in the same room so even if that fool did manage to seize Wei Wei' heart, at the very least they won't do anything together at night while he's there. 

And if his scum dad really does make a move, well, hehe. Don't blame this lightbulb from shining brightly. 

Smirking to himself while imagining Li Guiren's frustrated expression, he didn't notice Jia Hyson had separated from the ambiguous atmosphere created with his scum dad until he noticed the side of his bed had dipped slightly. 

Turning his head, silver eyes find its way to Jia Hyson's wine red ones, blinking lazily at him. Tian Shun, despite acting so domineeringly and arrogantly in his head a few moments ago, found his throat closing up in anxiety at the sight of Wei. He quickly looks away.

Ever since then, after what he had done, what he had almost done… he really… really couldn't find the courage to face Wei Wei. 

Jia Hyson ignores Tian Shun's uncomfortable look and merely gives him a sweet, gentle smile. "Xiao Shun, why don't we all go check out the beach okay? The weather looks really good and I've never been to the sea before."

Tian Shun wavers under Jia Hyson's attention, eyes flickering to the beautiful demon yearningly. Of course he wants to go, it'll give him a chance to spend time with Wei, he should accept but… 

Clenching his hands until his nails pierced the flesh of his palm until they almost drew blood, Tian Shun gives Jia Hyson a weak, faint smile. "It's fine. Someone should wait for the rest of the luggage to come up anyway."

Jia Hyson stares at him, the smile on his face fading somewhat making Tian Shun inexplicably more guilty but at the same time more afraid to say anything more. "Are you sure? The service here seems good, if anything goes wrong we'll just contact the hotel staff when we come back."

"..No, it's fine." Tian Shun mumbles, "I'll stay."

Jia Hyson sighs. He can see the demons in the young man's heart but that didn't mean he knew how to solve them. Even in his original life, he was always the person who drove people to blacken rather than be the person to help ease the heart. It wasn't that he was incapable, his EQ is high and his ability to coax was good too, with time and a healthy dose of sugar things will generally work out. However that can only happen when the person in question is willing to take that step. 

"If he says he's fine he's fine," Li Guiren waves off, he had already gone to get changed so he was now expectantly waiting at the doorway. "Don't worry Wei Wei, I'll accompany you."

"Is this really fine?" Jia Hyson once more asks. 

"En," Tian Shun nods.

"..Okay." With another sigh, Jia Hyson stands up and quickly goes to the bathroom with his backpack to change his clothing leaving Tian Shun and Li Guiren alone.

There was an awkward silence between them. 

Finally Tian Shun couldn't take the tension anymore. Usually he was cool and collected and could outlast the relatively more hotheaded older detective on a good day but his recent mental state was really not too good. Not to mention, he was in a weaker position in almost every way compared to Li Guiren so the pressure on him was greater. 

"You must be very happy huh?" Tian Shun sneers. "Somehow you became a real winner in this life."

Li Guiren's temper which had been refined over the years of law enforcement immediately regressed in front of his 'good son', "That's not true, you're in my life aren't you?" He shoots back.

"Well don't be so arrogant, it's not like I stuck around for you old man." 

They both pause. Both of them knew why Tian Shun was still here, and the reason for that was still nearby. It wouldn't do for him to overhear them.

Li Guiren scratched his chin and coughed, "You… stop making Wei Wei so sad. Either leave or make up with him."

Tian Shun felt the familiar nausea, self-loathing and nervousness claw inside him. It made it almost impossible to breathe. "I- I'm surprised you're even giving me an option." He mutters snidely, but his attitude is weaker than before. 

Looking at the rather pathetic sight of the other, Li Guiren clicks his tongue. "Wei Wei would probably be sadder if you left. And.." He coughs lightly again, "I suppose that, no matter what, you are technically a part of me in various ways. I wouldn't feel comfortable seeing you leave in such a, ah, pitiful way or whatever."

"Heh," Tian Shun snorts derisively. 

Li Guiren's eyebrow twitched in his irritation. Damn brat. Really unwilling to make things easy. However, after so long being told off by Wei, he really did start feeling a little guilty in his heart. After all, if he hadn't purposely sent Tian Shun to the worst school overseas with the highest rate of mysterious deaths and hauntings, the original personality wouldn't have warped so badly in the first place and caused him to be so extreme to the point of endangering Wei Wei's safety.

Of course, he did this with the intention to kill the kid but unfortunately the supporting main character halo was surprisingly stronger than expected given the quality of the plot it relies on. 

Still.. now that it seems Tian Shun has almost zero chance of a comeback and Wei Wei is now no longer so affected by his yang constitution ever since he ascended, he was too lazy to treat the other with enmity. Even though he didn't like Tian Shun, he was willing to push his old and new grievances toward the bastard aside and cultivate a somewhat friendly relationship.

And considering their true identities and the history they shared, that was really a big concession to make.

But for Wei Wei's happiness he'll let bygones be bygones. 

"I'm done," Jia Hyson steps out in a plain shirt and simple beach shorts. However even such casual clothes could not diminish his appearance and only made him look a little ore down to earth and approachable. 

"You look good," Li Guiren compliments, eyes immediately going soft. 

"Tsk, what a sweet mouth I've raised, why don't you use it to coax your son instead," Contrary to his words, Jia Hyson lifts his chin and flicks his hair proudly at the compliment. Who didn't like praise from good looking men ah?

"Nm, whatever you say is right Wei Wei," Li Guiren agrees flatteringly, opening the door like a gentleman. Jia Hyson smiles, before pausing and looking back at Tian Shun.

The young man was still standing by his bed, but he looked particularly lonely as he watched the pair interact. Jia Hyson felt like he could see a shadow of Monroe in that figure and his heart lurched uncomfortably for a moment. 

"Xiao Shun.."

Tian Shun flashed a smile, "Go bah, if I change my mind I'll come down to the beach later."

Li Guiren hesitates before fishing out his wallet and throwing one of his credit cards at the other who caught it easily. "If you're hungry or something use this. The code is your birth day and your birth month."

A flash of surprise goes through Tian Shun's eyes before it passes. He merely smiles and nods.

Seeing the pair about to leave he waves them off. The moment the door closes though, he immediately drops his hands and falls tiredly onto the bed.

Even though he managed to maintain the smile right to the end, Tian Shun felt like his heart was bleeding inside. He really hates how cowardly he is right now. 

At this rate, it's less like waiting for an opportunity to strike and more like waiting to die.

"I really don't know what to do about him. He's not even willing to talk to me other than to give excuses to avoid me." Jia Hyson helplessly complains as he sits on the large beach towel they had set up. 

They had, had a lovely time walking around the beach, wading in the waters and checking out the rock pools but now that the sun was getting hotter they decided to set up camp under an umbrella for a while. Despite how much time has past, Tian Shun did not come down. 

It was making Jia Hyson feel guilty and antsy. This was Xiao Shun's holiday as well. He didn't want to pass it with Tian Shun so depressed like this.

"Can't you think about something else?" Li Guiren who was sitting down right beside him can't help but ask bitterly. At first they were having a sweet time, wrapped up in their own little world but over time Wei Wei became more and more worried about the brat. It was hard not to feel a little jealous and bitter.

"Like what?" Jia Hyson felt a bit annoyed. Here he was, expressing all these concerns he had held in but it's being dismissed like something irritating. How can he not be unhappy? 

"Like.." Li Guiren swallows. This was it. "Like us. Maybe."

Li Guiren was a bear child when he was young and while the years have matured him greatly, he will always be a bit of a bear child at heart. Spoilt. A bit stupid. But brave. 

And with that bravery he covers Jia Hyson's hand with his own, entangling their fingers together provocatively. It was difficult to ignore what he was implying. 

"Wei Wei, I love you." Li Guiren confesses. Jia Hyson stares at him blankly but Li Guiren doesn't care, pushing on with a bright smile. Only the faint shaking at his fingertips betrayed his nervousness. "You may think it's strange or twisted, or that I'm mixing up parental love with true love or something, but I've lived a life far stranger and more twisted. And it's because of you. Everything is because of you. And I'm so grateful that it is you because I wouldn't have it any other way." 

He raises his entangled hand entangled up so the back of Jia Hyson's hand strokes his slightly stubbly cheekbone. It was ticklish and prickling. Like a tiny hedgehog cuddling your heart. 

Li Guiren's black eyes were shining with hope and expectation as he smiled sweetly. It was bright like the sun, reminding Jia Hyson of the days of the other man's childhood. Accompanying the little energetic brat on his cheeky adventures, the only solace he allowed himself to indulge in as he succumbed further into the darkness as an evil spirit. 

But now this little boy has become a handsome mature man. Such a lovely youthful smile on such a gorgeous older man's face was simply cheating. 

"You're Xiao Ren has grown up now, can you give him a chance?" Li Guiren teases hoarsely, before he turns his neck and kisses Jia Hyson's hand softly and tenderly. The strong yang energy he exuded was no longer blindingly painful like before but it still produced a stinging sensation. A bit like static that became more pronounced the more intimate the touch was. 

However, the soft sensation of lips and the faint electric pain of the yang energy was.... not bad ah.

Bebe: 'Bebe sees your M switch has been flipped again ah.'

Jia Hyson: 'Tee hee.' (∩❛ڡ❛∩)

Bebe: '…' Whatever. After around fifty years of seeing blood and gore, Bebe would actually welcome some sex scenes ah. Even pseudo-incest is okay at this point.

Jia Hyson savours the kiss before pushing forward to reciprocate enthusiastically, earning him a surprised groan from Li Guiren. Maybe it was because both of them had been repressed for years, but it didn't take long before things quickly got heated. 

Soon, before they knew it, Li Guiren was lying on the beach towel, arms wrapped around the slim, pale waist of his Wei Wei who was happily wrapped on top of him as they continued to explore each other's mouths. 

Despite the beating hot tropical sun and warm ocean breeze, Wei Wei was still cool to touch like he had been standing in an air-conditioned office building for half a day. Li Guiren couldn't help but run his hands up and down his body. It was very comfortable, almost like they were meant to fit together like this. 

Jia Hyson on the other hand was enjoying the re-awakening of his masochistic side. The longer he was pressed up against Li Guiren's body the more he felt heated and electrified yet it wasn't truly painful, just very… stimulating. His sense of touch which was still a bit numbed even as a demon seemed to have become more sensitive. It was really addicting, like eating spicy food. Except a chilli has never aroused him as much as this.

He wasn't the only one excited, soon Li Guiren was no longer satisfied with just tracing Jia Hyson's back muscles with his fingers and locking lips. 

"Oh!" Jia Hyson suddenly felt his vision blur for a moment before finding their positions reversed, with Li Guiren now above him, his muscular frame blocking out most of the glaring sun from his view. Though to be honest, the view of a handsome older man, a literal police daddy that was almost Jia Hyson's favourite type, half naked and brimming with predatory anticipation, was equally as blinding in his eyes. "Xiao Shun.."

"Call me Guiren, Wei Wei," Li Guiren breathes out, voice deeper and rougher than before. His voice was already husky before, but now it was, mmnn, it was just like his touch- sending shivers and tingles down his back. 

"Guiren," Jia Hyson calls out obediently. He felt himself flush a little from shyness. 

Aiyah, this was the child he raised up like a son! How could he not feel a bit shameful? His son was going to violate his daddy and make him beg for his baby's dick! So embarrassing! So exciting! 

Bebe: 'Bebe will interrupt this pseudo incestuous scene to inform the readers that the three views of this host are abnormal and perverted and should not be encouraged in reality.' 

"Mommy! Mommy! Those two are-"

"Shush, don't look Mei Mei!"

"But they're doing what daddy and uncle do when they're alone!"

"…Baby why don't we go back to the hotel room and you tell mommy all about what daddy and this uncle are doing when they're alone okay? Mommy will buy you ice cream."

"Yay! Ice cream!"

Jia Hyson and Li Guiren: '…' Oh right, we're outside.

Bebe: 'That slag dad is going to get fucked in the ass in more ways than one tonight ah.' It's a pity, Bebe is much more interested in seeing that situation than this one. ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

Even Jia Hyson was a bit embarrassed to be seen by a little girl in such an explicit affair. In an attempt to try save the innocence of the girl- though it was clear her dear daddy had no such qualms- he flusterly pushes Li Guiren off him and turns to his side, facing away from him. 

Even though he liked exhibitionism and humiliation, Jia Hyson was also a very careful person who enjoyed keeping face. Whenever he did proper outdoor play with a partner, he or his partner would scout out the area to make sure they wouldn't actually be seen. It was only a few times that he had actually gotten caught and only twice had he been charged with indecent exposure. This impromptu spontaneous act of lust in such an openly public area made Jia Hyson both uneasy and, unsurprisingly, aroused. But like, in a fearful way. 

Bebe: …But, bottom line, you're still horny huh.

Watching the future trainwreck of a family passing by, Jia Hyson subconsciously swallows down the negative energy of the woman. For some reason, even though it was just some faint bloodlust, it felt even tastier than usual. His throat felt oddly dry. 

However he was quickly distracted as Li Guiren lowers his head to gently bite and lick at his nape. "You-!" Jia Hyson gasps in surprise. He didn't expect that this kid who had finally learnt restraint and maturity over these years would immediately throw it away now! "Stinky child, this isn't the best place to-"

"But I want you now," Li Guiren hoarsely whispers in his ear before nipping at his sensitive earlobe, that electric spark at his touch caused Jia Hyson to bite his lip to prevent the whining noise from leaving his mouth and attracting more attention.

"Wu-wait!" Jia Hyson groans out, quickly sitting up and stretching his body over Li Guiren's larger frame to grasp the a complimentary rolled up towel they had packed in their beach bag. 

"Let me," Li Guiren offers as he watches his Wei Wei fumble with unrolling the towel in his haste. He too wasn't any less impatient and swiftly he flicks open the towel and covers himself and Wei from public eyes. 

Still, the intimacy between them and the even more intimate actions they were about to do made them even more aware of how thin the fabric hiding their shame to the world really was. Just one too enthusiastic movement or sudden action or even a strong breeze at the wrong time, and their heated up bodies would be free for anyone's viewing pleasure...

Li Guiren swallowed heavily, as some in the police force he was very aware of his indecent this was, but somehow, just knowing that he was going to so publicly claim his father figure made his lower half even stiffer. His abdomen tightened, his eyes darkened, and a flame seemed to have ignited inside him.

Bebe: '...' Fuck, are you telling him he did all that and only now his flame has been lit?! 

Well, to Li Guiren the flame has been ignited but to Jia Hyson who had been entangled with him, he felt like not only has the fire been burning for a long time, the wood has also stayed strong and firm under the growing intensity of the heat. Licking his lips, Jia Hyson turns his head back and kisses the man passionately, also very enticed by this perverted situation. 

Li Guiren groans, gripping the other's waist tightly as he thrusts his hips shallowly against Jia Hyson's soft body, the place between his legs throbbing for attention in his swim trunks. 

Jia Hyson, an experienced slag man, felt thrilled at the feeling of hardness on his back. From his estimations it should be large enough to make him feel the stretch, but not so monstrously big it would take hours of prep and alcohol to avoid an embarrassing trip to the hospital. He hasn't experienced it but he can already tentatively rate it about eighty-two points.

Still, this was seriously not the right place to do the deed for the first time. While Li Guiren wasn't technically a virgin, he had only been with one woman around seventeen years ago. So he really might as well be one. 

Not to mention they were on the beach and, well, ah, sand is a bit of an issue. 

However Li Guiren was clearly raring to go, and so was he. It would be difficult to stop now. They could use hands. But somehow, Jia Hyson felt that a handjob wouldn't feel satisfying enough. He wanted this to be intense. 

Jia Hyson swallows heavily, before wiggling his butt and pulling down his swimwear to his knees. The actions were easy for Li Guiren to understand what was going on and Jia Hyson could feel the man's breathing go even more ragged and rough behind him as he shuffled closer together. As the detective caresses the soft waist of his beloved demon, Jia Hyson was reaching out behind him, grabbing the other's erection and fishing it out of it's own confines. 

 "Guiren, you..." his voice drops, a little shyly, "Can we do it like this?" He adjusts himself so the hot, throbbing member was being squeezed against the inside of his thighs. 

Li Guiren stiffens. Maybe because Wei's body is more or less newly formed, his skin is softer than a newborns and was sparse of hair unlike other grown men. Against the hot summer sun and humid almost sticky heat produced under the towel, his dick was suddenly trapped firmly between two cool, silky and supple legs. 


Jia Hyson smiles as he hears the confusion and lust in the other's voice. Twisting his neck he gives Li Guiren a slow, affectionate kiss, silently encouraging him to do what he wants. 

Li Guiren hesitates before pulling back a bit and pushing his hips forward, groaning softly as the wetness produced from his dick serves to lubricate and enhance the pleasurable pressure enveloping his lower half. He very vocally expressed his pleasure and his thrusting began to enthusiastically increase in pace. 

Jia Hyson moans softly at the feeling of slick hardness rubbing underneath his perineum and his own shaft. It seems Li Guiren has no complaints about intercrural sex then. His voice gets a little louder and quickly he had to cover his mouth as Li Guiren, who seemed to have become bolder and less restrained like a wolf shedding his sheep disguise, began to nibble and kiss the back of his nape while sliding his hands up to Jia Hyson's chest. 

Feeling his nipples being tentatively rubbed and kneaded by unskillful fingers, he couldn't help but instinctively push himself back toward Li Guiren and clamping his legs together, the head of his jade pillar dripping in arousal at the stimulation.

"You like that Wei Wei?" Li Guiren rasps, his deep voice incredibly sexy. 

"Nhmm…" Jia Hyson incoherently mumbles out but the approval from his voice was easily conveyed making Li Guiren's black eyes almost sparkle. Like a child with a new toy, he began to play curiously with the small peaks on Jia Hyson;s chest, tugging and pulling and lightly twisting while he watches carefully to see which would produce the best responses through the other's reaction.

To his delight, his Wei Wei seemed incredibly sensitive, writhing and gasping under his touches until he quickly was becoming a sobbing mess. Excited, Li Guiren begins to thrust even fiercer, fucking the demon's milky thighs and occasionally rubbing against the other's erection as well.

"Wei Wei, I, nm, I'm almost…" He pants.

"Guiren," Jia Hyson was so close he was dripping wet, he hadn't looked yet but he's sure his legs were a filthy mess of liquids courtesy of both parties' enthusiasm. His own hands had begun to stroke his own dick, unable to stop himself, he was too far gone. "Guiren, I, I want-"

He turns his head, lips partly open and begging for a kiss. Li Guiren easily obliges, their tongues tangling fiercely as if their movements become more frenzied and uncontrollable. It was a miracle the towel was still covering them really. 

Finally the pleasure finally became too much and they cried out their release into each other's mouths and their bodies finally slowed down.

Panting, Jia Hyson turned around to Li Guiren, with a shy but refreshed smile. Li Guiren looked a little more tired, probably due to his age, but the sheer happiness in his eyes was overwhelming. "Wei Wei," He whispers affectionately, wrapping his arms around Jia Hyson and pulling him into a tight embrace, "Wei Wei that was amazing. I, I really love- Wei Wei?"

Jia Hyson who had been enjoying the afterglow and was about to happily snuggle into Li Guiren's arms had gone stiff and even paler than before. "G-get off!" He pushes the bewildered and hurt man away from him and whimpers in pain.

Li Guiren's eyes widen in shock and horror as the familiar burn marks that had once afflicted Jia Hyson when he was still a ghost reemerged on his body. These were proof the body was rejecting Li Guiren's yang constitution again!

But how come…

"It can't be," Li Guiren's lip trembles, "Wei Wei, could it be that it's not that your new body is naturally more resistant to yang energy but that it's only able to withstand it for a certain amount of time?"

Jia Hyson was also confused. 'Bebe, what's happening?' The wounds weren't disappearing either, the hot sun making it hard for his body to heal. Not to mention, the sizzling pain had become even stronger and he's now aware that he's gotten almost abnormally hungry.

Bebe who was summoned back quickly surveys the situation. 'Fuck,' It curses, 'Bebe thinks you're running out of negative energy to support you. Li Guiren's yang constitution must have strengthened again. This demonic body can passively absorb yin energies and negative emotions but host has been walking around under the sun and fucking a human version of the sun. The power you stored up from the massacre is almost used up! It's reverting you temporarily back into a ghost!'

Jia Hyson: '!!!'

"Guiren, I- I need to find somewhere to recover," Jia Hyson leans in to kiss Li Guiren's lips before hissing in agony as it feels like he just kissed a hot coal. It's clearly getting harder to maintain his body with every passing second. "Fuck! I have to go!"

And with that he hurriedly teleports away.

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