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After some more discussion and debate, Jia Hyson, with his slick mouth, eventually got all his demands met. Something which he was very smug about as he sauntered out of the office with Mr Garth in hand. By then, class had long since started. Hence, the halls were relatively quiet, only the faint muffled sounds of the teachers talking and pages turning lingers alongside their steps. 

Infected by the studious atmosphere, the pair chose not to say anything, quickly leaving the school area to talk outside. Because of these recent changes, Jia Hyson would enter his new classroom two days from today, allowing him to have a bit of time to read through the important updates that had happened in the past year as well as an important things to take note of in the following year. 

To be perfectly frank, Jia Hyson felt a bit nervous about this. While he was good at manipulating and playing with others, he understood his capabilities were only at a relatively small level. Even if he fucked around with a politician or some foreign diplomat's daughter, he had never caused any large scale effect and thus held little pressure. 

Things like political scenes and such were really not something he's dabbled in. It was because he didn't have the interest or inclination, preferring to enjoy the comfort zone he had carved for himself. In the end he may have done a lot of outrageous stuff, but it was done in a way that allowed Jia Hyson to be in control and thus minimise any long term consequences an harm. This was probably one of the first times he's really let things go so out of hand. Not to mention… he had someone he wanted to protect as well.

So currently Jia Hyson can only admit with some chagrin that he was a little out of his depth. 

The more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt. 

'Bebe, next time you have to stop me from seducing important overpowered characters.' Jia Hyson internally sighs with some defeat, 'Even if they're usually the sexiest ones, it's really too troublesome.' 

'As you said a while back, what's done is done.' Bebe comforts in a relatively rare tone of sincere sympathy, 'Take this as a learning curve, after all you're used to the modern day worlds with little concept of magic and fantasy morals. Those with superhuman abilities tend to be more extreme in their emotions, generally since they're usually brought up with less value toward life, or some sort of big trauma that's usually more gruesome than the norm.' 

Jia Hyson's lips twitch, a faint but mocking smile flashing on Alaric's delicate features. In short, the base level of crazy he was used to was set too low, making his calculations produce such a messy result. 

After all, he's blackened many people but at most it was to the level of stalking, kidnapping and drugging him to do some little black room play. Some would try isolate him, or ruin him as well, but these sort of things, Jia Hyson didn't care much about and could handle fairly easily. 

Bebe: '…' No, that's still pretty fucked up.

Especially since not only was his identity well concealed in his original world but with his high level of fame and fortune, it wasn't difficult to pull out of a bad situation if things became too difficult. And if that didn't work… well, it wasn't like he hadn't bloodied his hands for the sake of avoiding any inconveniences to his life before either. 

Bebe: '…' Oh, right, he's pretty fucked up too. 

However, just like his system has said, what's done is done. Jia Hyson likes to go with the flow but if the flow drifts him into a whirlpool then he had no choice but to find ways to swim out. 

If he was alone, it was okay to just drown, but since he now had Mr Garth, such a pessimistic pathway could only be shut off for now. Mr Garth was a native of the world, and as a lover, Jia Hyson was responsible to do his best to care for what he cares for. Unfortunately, this limits his options greatly. 

But that didn't mean he had none.

After all, the protagonists of this story weren't useless. Jia Hyson may not be a fan of Jessica Fang as a reader, but given she was the hidden goddess of the world and main character of the story, she was indeed the safest thigh to hold onto. 

As for hiding his crossdressing… Jia Hyson touches his nose thoughtfully as his brows furrow in irritation, to be honest, given the amount of time he could foresee hiding from Prince Silas, he was pretty sure he wouldn't get much time to indulge in his hobby anyway from now on. It's really a pity… he would have to do some preparation on his blog in the next few days as well, giving his fans a bit of preparation time so everything will end on a relatively pleasant note. 

These were not Jia Hyson's reader fans who he can abuse happily and heartlessly, these were Alaric's fans who were a testament to the validation and appreciation of Alaric's unique hobbies. And as Alaric's fans, he must treat them as Alaric, serious and firmly devoted. 

Jia Hyson can only hope all the praise and love could be seen by the original body, wherever he is. 

A warm finger pokes at his forehead, startling Jia Hyson slightly out of his thoughts. His gaze instinctively focuses on the source of the offending distraction, and his brows naturally raise.

"Don't look at me like that brat," Mr Garth chuckles, "You've been distracted the entire way, not to mention you've been gripping my hand harder than you've gripped any part of me at night."

It only took a few words and the nauseous anxiety roiling in Jia Hyson's abdomen and throat seemed to calm down greatly, soothed by his lover's teasing and awkward way of comfort. Still, it couldn't alleviate his distress completely. This sort of feeling of helplessness, it wasn't something born overnight, but something slowly leaking out like a water stain on the ceiling. 

When it's small, it's ignorable; it can be dismissed, pushed aside. Occasionally, you would look up and remember it was there and maybe once in a while think about it, but there are other things to do, and the knowledge that there is time to deal with it and many ways to deal with it makes it easy to put at the back of your mind. But just because it's ignored, it doesn't stop the stain from growing. 

When it gets noticeably bigger, there are already a lot fewer options to handle the problem. Still, those methods left are reasonably time-consuming, use a lot of money or effort, and generally, it just feels like a waste to utilise them at a relatively minor problem. So, while it's a bit of an eyesore when you see it, it's not dangerous or problematic. With that self-assurance, such stains can continue to get wider and bigger, and the possible leak of whatever the source is might grow mould in the ceilings and produce structural damage. No matter how much one forcibly denies it, even if they may know the true extent of the issue on some level, the reality of facing it and dealing with this now big problem is stressful and aggravating. 

Jia Hyson now has to face what he ignored and the consequences were really bigger than imagined. It was scary, and he felt a bit aggrieved. Not directly at Mr Garth, he knew it was unreasonable to place any blame on him, but it was hard not to feel a little bit of resentment at their relationship. Jia Hyson knew he was a terrible and loathsome person at heart; he enjoyed this feeling of this emotion that he can only describe as love, but he feared it, feared how difficult and constricting it was. 

Without having his heart being moved he could easily take the easy way out of this situation, or even just tie himself up with Prince Silas, using him before losing him. But now he can't because of this guilt and responsibility and all these emotions, and he just.. he just….

Jia Hyson reaches to his lover and hugs his waist tightly, burying his face in the other's ample chest and sucking in the smell of smoke, espresso and the subtle scent of sweet tangerine from a perfume that Jia Hyson had secretly gotten him in Jeju Island. Holding the other's body, reminding himself at how real it was, how comfortable he felt with the other and how selfish his thoughts were. 

Even if it was troublesome to the extreme, he couldn't bear to let him go. 

Possibly sensing his tumultuous emotions, Mr Garth didn't say anything but only sighs softly and lightly strokes the other's back. He wants to say it was okay, but the words were hard to leave his mouth. Being a vampire, being a transmigrator, they were still people in the end who can say a lot of big and beautiful things but, in the face of real problems and danger, can't help but waver and balk. 

The pair didn't know when they arrived back to the dorms, immersed in each other's presence as they tried to fight back their simmering unease by focusing on each other's skin, movements, and touch. Like two boats with anchors entangled against each other in a storm, keeping each other grounded and afloat but unable to escape the large and ruthless waves attacking them. 

When they opened the door to Jia Hyson's dorm, everything they'd suppressed at that moment broke out like a dam. With tacit understanding, they immediately shut the door and kissed each other deeply, rough and violent, their tongues twisting against each other as if searching for something. 

"Haah.." Jia Hyson gasps as he pushes the larger vampire to sit down on the floor, wasting no time to take off his pants, exposing his erect cock before sitting on the other's groin. Mr Garth grunted at the suddenness but was also eager, using his telekinetic ability to loosen his own pants and pull out his equally hard penis, letting it smack against his lover's.

They didn't have the mind to go to the room, unable to wait as they indulged in each other's bodies for reassurance and relief. 

Jia Hyson felt himself being lifted up slightly with the other's ability, in this way, his hips were tilted upwards, and his hole rubbed against Darrian's member, lewdly. Desperate, his blue eyes shimmered with unshed tears as he rocks his hips up and down, silently begging for the other to enter. "Darrian.. please.." He murmurs.

"Are you sure?" Gruffly, Mr Garth kisses his lover's neck as his hands lift up to stroke every part of the other's body, making sure to savour and worship every part of him, "It'll hurt.."

"I want it," Jia Hyson groans, "I don't care, I, just, fuck, let me feel you, okay?"


Jia Hyson gasps sharply as he was entered, even if he was ready it was inevitable to hurt. Darrian kept kissing everywhere he could apologetically, his hands rubbing Jia Hyson's hardened nipples and eliciting sparks of pleasure that eased the initial excruciating stretch. "Ahh~ hah, nghn.. ah…" 

Darrian also grunts in slight pain, "So.. tight.." He groans into the other's shoulder. Jia Hyson bends his neck down to kiss the top of the other's head. Both of them were usually a bit better then this, but… the anxiety and worry in their hearts were buzzing impatiently under their skin, and neither could deny the need to vent. 

Even though neither had fully recovered, both began to move, lusting for more, their movements quickly increasing in a frenzied manner as they lost themselves. Kissing and fucking, they were like two hungry beasts wanting to devour the other, uncontrollably greedy for more, wanting to fill every crevice and hole and wanting to be filled.

"Brat.. I, hah, whatever happens, I-"

Jia Hyson smiles through his tears and gives Darrian the first gentle and soft kiss since they started, "Mhmm.." He softly hums. "Me too.."

Mr Garth grins back as his own tears fall down on the other's face. 

Two days later, Jia Hyson was walking back into the school halls alone. 

'The second last classroom on the right should be your new class.' Bebe instructs him in his head. It's been so long since it's generally quite forgetful host has been here, it was unreasonable to expect the other to know the location of every classroom, especially ones he wasn't familiar with. But who told Alaric to be such a top student? For this sort of character who was admired by many, it was unreasonable in the eyes of others for him not to know. 

Thanking Bebe in his mind, a much calmer Jia Hyson quickens his pace and knocks on the door his system had pointed out.

"Come in." 

Opening the door and walking inside, Jia Hyson sees Mr Welps, the teacher who had been pinned down by the Fiero Ricci, the vampire who could transform into a leopard beast, previously.

Mr Welps smiles welcomingly at him. Maybe because he remembers how Alaric had been one of the people who had helped him in his embarrassing and rather traumatising predicament back then, his tone was as warm as if he was greeting his most beloved son. "Alaric, it's great to see you again." He turns to the class, "Everyone, I'm sure many of you recognise Alaric Rong, he will be your classmate for the next year. Because of some technical issues, he has to repeat a year. Due to this and in light of his capabilities sometimes he will not always be present in the class as he would be working on other projects. Regardless, I hope everyone still treats him like a friend."

"Yes~" Many of the students chorus, giddiness and surprise colouring most of the teenagers' faces, especially the girls who were especially excited seeing the handsome, famous Gentle Emperor in their class. 

"Since you came in a few days into the school year, there's no chance for you to pick a seat right now," Mr Welps says with some regret, sounding genuinely sad he couldn't give Alaric his most preferred seating and showcase his favouritism. "Please take any free seat in the back row."

"Thank you," Jia Hyson smiles gently, making many girls and a few guys flush in excitement. "I hope we can all be good friends, everyone." He greets the students.

As he starts to walk down, he casually surveys the class, pausing slightly as his eyes drift thoughtfully to the window seats at the back. Generally, it was the best seat in terms of privacy and view; however, when he looked at the person sitting next to the seat of his choice....

'That's Jessica Fang!' Bebe suddenly shrieks in his mind. Jia Hyson instinctively winces at the sudden, unexpected exclamation before he can register the implication of his system's words. 

Immediately, his distant gaze focuses sharply, and he stares at the strong and rather fierce-looking girl sitting at the back. With a prominent vertical scar from her cheek to her chin, short hair that looked like it had only recently grown out after being shaved bald, and bright and lovely eyes, Jia Hyson for the first time seriously doubted Bebe's programming. 'My dear system, is there a hospital we need to book you into?'

Bebe: '..What nonsense are you talking about?'

'Umm, maybe not a hospital, a mechanic? A programmer?' Jia Hyson struggles a bit with his words. After all he doesn't know what's the system equivalent of medical health. '…AppleCare?'

'There's nothing wrong with this system!' Bebe explodes angrily, 'It's really her! Bebe swears on Bebe's limited edition Gameboy, Gamegirl and Gamenonbinary consoles!' 

Jia Hyson frowns as he gives the girl another scrutinizing once over. As if sensing his gaze, the teenager turns in his direction with a raised brow. Seeing he was caught, he awkwardly gives her a small polite smile and wave to which she grins brightly back, exuding the confident light of an extroverted and sociable person. It was almost blinding. 

The original Jessica Fang was just you're average 'not your average girl' girl with long brown hair, a love for books, a quiet, insecure timidity that hid a strong and stubborn willpower, who didn't like makeup or dressing up, that preferred poetry to shopping and so on etc etc. To put it nicely, she was a shy, romantic introvert who enjoyed reading. To put it poorly she was low-key a 'pick me' girl. 

None of these descriptors that Jia Hyson had matched at all with the young lady in front of him. Other then maybe the strong and stubborn willpower, and the fact she had brown hair and no makeup, there was really nothing else that matched. It could be said that the reality and the story's description were really the difference between heaven and earth. 

For a moment, Jia Hyson didn't know what to feel. Did he cause this? It… shouldn't be right? At the very least the appearance can be possibly attributed to a recent change, but the way the other held herself, full of a strength and confidence that stood out among the insecurity of high schoolers, even with such a drastically different and nonconformist appearance, was something that could only be cultivated through time. 

So the question is.. what fucking happened???



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