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"It's the Gentle Emperor, he's back!"

"Welcome back, Alaric!" 

"Wu, I missed you so much!" 

"Ah, even the atmosphere feels so much better with the Gentle Emperor on campus!"

Walking through the familiar halls, Jia Hyson gave the enthusiastic students a dignified wave; however, Mr Garth, who was walking beside him, could see his slight embarrassment. Jia Hyson was usually quite shameless; Mr Garth, who hadn't seen this shy look for a while, couldn't help but tease him. 

"I see someone is still quite popular." The older vampire chuckles before leaning over to murmur, "The gentle emperor, hmm? What a cute name."

Jia Hyson grins and lightly smacks the other away, rubbing his ear subconsciously afterwards as it still felt the ticklish aftermath of his lover's vibrato. "Hey, I'll show you gentle tonight ah~" He softly says so no humans could hear. 

Of course, the vampires who were present at the time couldn't help but show some stiff, reluctant and even slightly disdainful expressions when they heard this. Tsk, it turns out it was really true Alaric Rong had been seduced by an older vampire. And not just a simple seduction but entranced into serious monogamy! Who would've thought the golden child of the Rong family was actually so romantic? 

Despite the strong mix of emotions of the general student body, Jia Hyson was more or less completely unaffected, saying a few words to some familiar faces and smiling softly at those who weren't. By his side, Mr Garth was a strong and steady supporting presence, only occasionally glaring at the overly enthusiastic and touchy fans of his boyfriend. It was in this manner they continued until they reached Principal Matthews's office.

Entering the room, they see the principal discussing some documents with the sturdy and well-built figure of Vice-Principal Rong. Both seemed to be seriously engaged in their talking, their serious and focused appearances as handsome as they were well-matched. However, every few seconds, the two would steal glances at each other, like shy schoolchildren having their first crush, breaking the initial solemnity of the moment. While it was a bit muted, both Jia Hyson and Mr Garth could feel the pink bubbles of romance in the air.

It seems some progress has been made during the year they had left ah.

Vice-Principal Rong, as a talented and powerful vampire, of course noticed their entrance immediately. It was only because he was reluctant to interrupt his time with Principal Matthews did he choose to pretend to be unaware of their existence, letting them linger awkwardly there. 

Fortunately, as the principal of this mixed vampire and human school, Principal Matthews had his own strong physical skills and awareness that allowed him to still have enough force value in the school to be wary of, and quickly realised Jia Hyson and Mr Garth's presence. Coughing to hide his embarrassment, Principal Matthews shoots his close vampire coworker an irritated look before welcoming the pair to his office. "Alaric, Darrian, I'm glad to see you've been well during your time away."

"Thank you, principal." Jia Hyson politely greets back. "And thank you also for being so understanding."

Principal Matthews waves it off with a laugh, "Please, while a year is a bit much it's not like there are many children both vampire and human here who often come to demand to take relatively long-term holidays during their education outside the allocated vacation periods." As he said the last few words, his eyes glaze over like a despondent dead fish, most likely remembering the various stressful memories of various spoiled and wilful children unreasonably deciding to leave school for a month with barely any forewarning, as well as the subsequent paperwork and rescheduling logistics in the aftermath. "Haha… yes… compared to a lot of things, it really wasn't much…"

Vice-Principal Rong quietly pats the middle-aged man's shoulder emotionally. To be honest, the hardest thing they, as educators in this school, had to do wasn't dealing with emotionally immature vampires and teenagers. It was dealing with emotionally immature vampire teenagers that were also spoiled, entitled and far too rich for their own good. 

"To be honest, in a way this situation is a good thing." Vice-Principal Rong tells them, "Alaric, other then your romantic life, you have always been upholding the Rong family values well, and have been recognised by both your peers and the elders for your character and ability. Currently there has been some vaguely alarming signs in the school and we would feel a bit more assured if you repeated your second year of school, instead of the third year which you were meant to enter."

Jia Hyson frowns and quietly calculates in his head. If he hadn't gone onto this year long trip he would have already completed his third year and entered his fourth year by now. The curriculum was not very difficult, so it wouldn't be a problem to apply to continue. But Jia Hyson chose against this as if he goes on to make up the third year he lost he would be able to separate Prince Silas and himself by a grade. 

While he doesn't know the exact situation, Jia Hyson understood at the very least that since they've come this far it was best to minimise contact with the other as much as possible. Of course he was just as sure that Prince Silas definitely wouldn't see it the same way, so to try make it a bit more difficult for the prince Jia Hyson had to at least try to put a few more barriers between them. Being in different grades meant different classes and generally the chances of meeting during school hours will be significantly less as a result. 

Anyway, to vampires grades and ages were really more just a number than anything, especially grades given that they would end up having to repeat school multiple times in their lives, so it really wasn't a big deal to take another year longer to finish. 

However repeating the second year was still a bit, uh, embarrassing in comparison. After all, while it did admittedly give the same result he wanted, the feeling of it was quite different. The only benefit Jia Hyson could think of for repeating the same year was that he should be able to meet with the long awaited protagonist Jessica Fang, who has been transferred into the academy this year. But at the same time, given his current wishes of just living safe and well with his lover, was it really a benefit? 

Sensing his boyfriend's worries and mixed emotions, Mr Garth lightly pats Jia Hyson's head before looking at the two men across them with a slightly hardened gaze. "Hey, hey, isn't this a bit bullying? My baby is such a good student, if you make him repeat the second year of high school wouldn't you be making him lose face like this? After all while he did miss a few weeks of the end of second year he completed his exams early to compensate, so Alaric logically should be placed in the third year at least."

Principal Matthews looked chagrined and apologetic, while the vice-principal met Mr Garth's look with a steely expression. "We are also aware of this Darrian." Vice-Principal Rong coolly states, "It's unfortunate but we will make it a point to inform the coven about our reasoning and we are also willing to give some benefits to Alaric Rong to dispel any doubts about his placement after returning to school."


 "We also are a bit helpless," Principal Matthews sighs, "You may not know it right now but you'll know soon enough so there's no harm in saying it now but your Golden Rose Coven has been in a bit of a mess recently. Prince Silas has warranted concern from many people, Prince Damien has lost his powers and fell in love with a human girl, Prince Kieran has also lost his powers, and both have sided against Prince Silas who they claim to have become too tyrannical and extreme."

Mr Garth clenches and unclenches his fists anxiously as he heard this. He really didn't expect such a big thing to happen, no one had informed him… unless no one could inform him anymore. 

A spike of anxiety bursts in his heart as he worries for his friends and family in the coven. Prince Silas had more than a few gaping flaws but Mr Garth still considered him trustworthy enough to not go too far in his actions and keep his mind cool outside of the topic of Alaric. But if his attitude had gotten cold enough to even cut his brothers off… 

Jia Hyson glances at Mr Garth and silently slips his hand into the other's, squeezing it tightly in reassurance. However at this moment he couldn't really bear to look at the other in the eyes.

For the first time, he really felt some regret and sincere guilt for playing around with Silas. Even if he told himself that it wasn't his fault, and that he didn't know the other party would blacken like this, his usual reasoning only felt flat and hollow seeing the distress in his lover's face. Jia Hyson was extremely uncomfortable. 

He didn't feel this bad even when his playing around with people backfired and caused him to be placed into danger in his original life. Whether it's through being followed by stalkers, threatened by obsessive exes, or experiencing the murderous intentions of those who felt wronged as a result of his scummy ways, it was just another thrill, maybe unwelcome or annoying or even frightening at times. But it was just another way to live life, and would just become another interesting memory in the end. 

Even if there was some aftermath that spilled out as a consequence, like blood dripping out of a well packaged cut of meat, Jia Hyson would only find it an inconvenient annoyance. But even if the blood stained his hands and clothes, he wouldn't regret the death of the animal. He would just savour the taste of the meat even more. 

It's hard to explain. It would be wrong to say he had no empathy at all, in fact Jia Hyson was fairly sensitive to people's emotions. Otherwise, how could he be so good at seducing and manipulating others? How could he have such a good reputation in his industry? How could he go so long under the guise of a normal person? But there was also a sense of numbness. A feeling that wasn't a feeling but more an absence of a feeling. 

Well, it didn't really matter. 

Jia Hyson had long accepted he wasn't a good person. He was a fun person. A likeable person. But he was also very disgusting in many ways. But he didn't want to change at all. 

To be free to be who he is, even under some constraints, isn't that so enviable? 

But now.. for the first time in a long time, Jia Hyson felt that sour feeling of genuine regret and sincere remorse for his actions. Maybe he felt it in some capacity before, it's impossible to say he had never felt any level of regret but it was certainly not as unbearable as now. The last time he had experienced this was probably when his mother was alive. 

"Don't worry, I'm happy to help." Jia Hyson smiles gently, "The situation isn't ideal, there's nothing wrong with swallowing a bit of pride and repeating a year." 

Before Mr Garth could protest on his behalf, Jia Hyson squeezes his hand again before finally looking up at him with a soft gaze. "I do want to ask for a few conditions though. The first is, I want Darrian's leave to be extended for a few more weeks."

"J- Alaric…" The older vampire furrows his brows.

"Prince Silas will come to school, it's the best time for you to go back to the coven for a while." Jia Hyson firmly interrupts. "I know you're anxious, go check the situation." And make any necessary arrangements for your family and friends if needed.

They both had a tacit understanding, and Mr Garth quickly grasped what the other was implying. He was moved but reluctant. Only a fool would believe Prince Silas wouldn't try to do anything to his lover when he was gone. While Mr Garth had a better idea of the identity of a 'system host' he also knew they were limited in many ways. The biggest is that they needed a currency called 'p' in order to purchase for special abilities and items, and Jia Hyson had already spent quite a bit on the System Seed itself. 

Even though Mr Garth understood that the p for the additional purchases would be refunded should he not be able to unlock the seed's potential, he strongly insisted his lover doesn't buy anything yet just in case. Convenience was nice, but he preferred to be assured of his boyfriend's safety more.

However, Jia Hyson's words were true, and this was probably the best time to investigate things. He didn't trust the prince much anymore and while Mr Garth hopes the crown prince hadn't strayed so far as to harm those unrelated to their drama, he was still concerned. Even if there was a strong chance they were fine, Mr Garth will not gamble with the safety of their loved ones.

But it's also because of this, he was unwilling to gamble with Jia Hyson's safety either. 

After all, while being a host sounded very powerful, there were also clearly restrictions. Not just the limitation of 'money' but also the limitation of their 'persona'. As a person who had taught Alaric, Mr Garth understood the other was very strong in his own right. 

However, due to needing time and the freedom of movement to build up the intensity of the summoned ice ability, Icy Kiss was better for traps, long-range and just general roles that allowed that sort of preparation time. Even if Jia Hyson who had taken over was more flexible in his thinking in comparison to the other, the disadvantages of this ability couldn't completely be negated. 

At this thought Mr Garth felt a little uncomfortable in his heart as he recalled the real Alaric.

He wonders what happened to him. While they were hardly close, they still knew each other after all and had the relationship of not just student and teacher, but fellow members of the same coven. It was hard to think about, that someone he knew was just… taken over by a completely different person, it was something Mr Garth tried to ignore thinking too deeply on as the implications were still hard to bear. And it was even harder to not feel a little guilty for loving the person that had replaced Alaric. He had his flaws, but he didn't deserve to disappear with not a single person realising much less caring. 

If someone else took his place, would any notice either? Or worse, would people love the replacement more as people love Jia Hyson more than the real Alaric? Did he even love the real Jia Hyson or just the Jia Hyson pretending to be Alaric? Mr Garth's stomach twists and the urgent need to see his family and friends was suddenly overwhelmingly strong. 

Looking at his lover's supportive expression, the telekinetic vampire felt a little ashamed at his own fears but at the same time couldn't completely press them down either. To try get rid of some of that suffocating stuffiness from his chest he heaves a heavy sigh before leaning close to kiss Jia Hyson's forehead and rubbing the back of his head vigorously, making the other squawk with surprised indignation at the sudden gesture. 

No matter what, Mr Garth at least recognised their feelings for each other was real. He just needed more time and understanding of the situation still, and he believed that the other was willing to give him that. Living for as long as he had, the vampire knew if they didn't bring it up now, such thoughts can only fester into resentment and even hatred, which wasn't fair to either of them. 

Mr Garth swore that after he went home to check on everything, he would come back and straightforwardly sit down and talk to Jia Hyson about this. He trusted the other to, while maybe not empathise but to at least understand. 

"Thank you." He murmurs, voice deep and rough. "I'll do my best to come back as soon as I can."

Jia Hyson, unaware of his boyfriend's complicated thoughts, simply thought Mr Garth was moved by his considerations. After pushing the other lightly away and trying to brush his hair back to normal with his fingers, the blue-eyed vampire lifts his chin up and presses his lips affectionately against Mr Garth's. "I'll be waiting~." He teases gently. 

How could Mr Garth bear such a sweet coquettish voice, with dark eyes he kisses the other again, deepening it passionately to which Jia Hyson enthusiastically reciprocates with even more vigour. 

Principal Matthews: …Please respect your superiors and not flirt in the office.

Vice Principal Rong: …So fucking jealous. 

Before they could get too heated, Principal Matthews loudly coughs while simultaneously Vice Principal Rong grabs one of the heavier books on the desk and throws it at the wall. While the cough didn't do much, everyones attention was successfully taken by the more violent book throwing. 

Feeling everyone's stares, the Vice Principal's previously furrowed brow evens out. Straightening his cuffs, he mildly says in a deadpan tone, "Oops. My hand slipped."

Jia Hyson and Mr Garth: Haha we fucking believe you.

Principal Matthews immediately covers his smile with his hand. However as principal he had to be the more mature and responsible person, and he forcibly changed his smile into a reprimanding frown. "Yes, well, while the vice-principal's choice of action was quite unorthodox, we do have to continue our discussion. Alaric, we are happy to grant Mr Garth an extension under these circumstances. You said you had other conditions?"

"Ah.. yes." Jia Hyson, who felt a little dizzy under the intense kiss took a moment to recollect himself, "I don't want to sound too narcissistic but I'm afraid that Prince Silas may do something to me. Even if we are two grades apart now, there are still opportunities for him to find me. The academy is meant to be a neutral party so I would feel safer if the staff can try to watch over me at all times if possible. I would also like some sort of silent alarm button as well, just in case I encounter any unforeseen problems, and I would like multiple of these devices as well."

After a moment of thought, he also adds very quickly, "Also, I'd like less homework, better wifi in my dorm, probably some more security in my dorm while we're at it, a barbed whip, a new computer, and more freedom to take leave from school grounds." Blinking his bright blue eyes, Jia Hyson grins innocently, "I hope that sounds fair?"

Principal Matthews: To be honest, I didn't even catch half of that. _(:3」∠)_ 

Vice Principal Rong: (¬_¬) This kid is really pushing his luck.

Mr Garth: …Brat, what the fuck was the third to last one? ( ,,⚆ _ ⚆,, )




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I will put here some story reccs I've read and then after that I have a lil Christmas present extra for you~ muah~


Story reccs:

When Reader and Author Transmigrate into the book at the same time:

DEF ONE OF THE TOP MODERN TRANSMIGRATION STORIES IVE READ (and I've read a lot!!!) ITS VERY INTERESTING AND FUN, THE CHARACTERS ARE GREAT, THERES ENOUGH SATISFACTION WITH THE FACESLAPPING OF VILLAINS, ITS FUNNY AND THERE IS AN DOGBLOOD ANGST SPOT WHICH WAS LIKE AHHHHH BUT ITS FINALLY RESOLVED WITH SWEETNESS AND STUFF Mc is such a cutie, ml is kinda typical domineering ceo villain in wheelchair vibes but like it's almost written refreshingly idk he's still very fun to read too. The protagonist is funny and ngl one of my fav characters and the way they handle him and just interacting with the novel in general is great!! Overall theres very little I would criticize here other then I need moreeeee (crying at seeing it's like 10 chaps to the end wahhhhhh). The story is completed at ~76 chaps but the word count on chaps is fairly long so it feels great to read SUPER RECC 9.6/10

Why is the Holy Son so Delicate?:

VERY FUN COMEDY TYPE STORY, VERY LIGHT, FUN READ Mc is a dumbass and it's the very kinda typical dense naive type who won't taste his own food that he cooked but author is a talent and he's written well and loveable enough (tho the cooking cliche I was like :/ however even that tied in well with later developments which made me :0! There is no big angst and overall the flavor is comedic and sunny, misunderstandings were countless in a good way hahaha, the vibe feels almost parody fanfic like but not. Definitely doesn't take itself seriously I don't recc for anyone looking for competence or strong plot but as a fun read it's a 8.2/10 though I wish there was more extras

The Vicious Villain Suffers in the Heart:

Very typical sweet transmigrate into villain bully and ml is the poor protagonist with messy background genre. However there's no huge bad points, both characters personalities are fun, so are the side characters, it's an enjoyable light read! Only 70 chaps though, which means it's really light in flavor- the faceslapping with villains, the side character friendships and developments, the female protagonist and so on had a lot of potential but was skimmed over in favor of the developing relationship of mc and ml (which in itself was great). It's quite a classic, mc and ml show with the rest slowly turning into background boards. Still recc if you like the trope 7/10

The Villain's Attack Plan: 

GREAT TRANSMIGRATION STORY IF YOU LIKE THE BANTER BETWEEN JH AND BEBE YOU WILL LIKE THIS STORY AHHHH BUT THE MC ISNT JH TYPE HES THIS VERY SOFT TIMID TYPE WITH AN AWKWARD STRANGE BRAIN CIRCUIT AND IDK YOU DONT REALLY SEE AUTHORS DO COWARDLY MCS THIS WAY AND ITS VERY NICE THE ML IS ALSO DONE VERY UNIQUELY AND I REALLY LIKE THEY LEAN INTO THE ANGRY DUPLICITOUS TEEN THING CHARACTERIZATION IS SO GREAT ISTG AND THEY ARE FUNNY AS HECK I think near the end the romance and character improvement line was really a bit too rushed and a few important plot points were brushed over but the humor still carried it well enough that you don't notice too much but still a bit sad they rushed so much there, so some points deducted for that. But otherwise, this was super entertaining, fun and sweet and light. I would consider it a strong story and I like how they handled a lot of things ah. The system is great, the Dean is the best, and I'm dying at the last extra cuz it shows the previous host and Istg I would pay good money to read his story ah 7.89/10

After Marrying the Evil God:


Every Meal:

It's R18 smutty kinda there's so many innuendos tho hahaha CUTE SHORT TEASING SMUTTY STORY VERY FUN LOVE THE MC AND ML IS SIMPLE POOR BUFF BUTCHER I RECC~ the innuendos get a lot in the smut scene, which lowers it a bit, but overall it's a fun, short and spicy read 7.7/10

O pretends to be B for the violent admiral:

VERY GOOD ABO STORY, FUNNY FLUFFY BUT STILL GOT A BIT ON ANGST AND DECENT AMOUNT OF PLOT TO MAKE YOU GO OOOOHH WHATS GONNA HAPPEN??? They use the very typical O disguised as B to enter the military sorta trope, but O mc is just a secretary with logistics mainly, which I like.

They really do look at the ABO dynamics quite well, but it isn't super pushed onto you like some stories. ML is also great and has a lot of depth. Tbh he's fierce and clumsy and has a lot of problems but you fucking love him the more you know him. MC is also great very capable elegant type who has had a lot of insecurity but only shows it in terms of feelings and will do his best in his job. Tbh both mc and ml are like that, they do their best to uphold and be worthy of their jobs because countless people rely on them, which I love kek. The misunderstandings are funny, the constant - everyone knows they're in love but them- is cute and fun, and like ahhh honestly it's great. The side characters are also really fun and interesting, and the villains are, well they suck in character but they're worth a few talking points. They're both important but also didn't steal that much screentime so villains kinda felt a bit backgroundy in a way despite the plot being so important Overall, tho very solid read, got good elements, pretty well-done characters all around, and I do like that the extras essentially showcased a few of the meetings of side character pairings you only see in the background Um um um even if you're not huge on ABO I still recc it's very fun and the relationship itself doesn't have the annoying dogblood drama that a lot of ABO tend to have too. 8.2/10

...There's a lot of reccs but I've been gone for ten weeks sue me owo



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It's not much UwU, but I have answered one of the 'Things that will never happen in btbab' prompts with some detail, so hopefully, you guys will like it! It's just a summary of the plot and some writing excerpt of it- you guys will get it once you read it kek. Merry Christmas everyone and once again thank you so much for your amazing support! Love ya'll! 

(」,,,> ♡ <,,)」< p>


Yin and Yang shards, but instead of jia they ended up fucking each other due to various circumstances 


World 1 Monroe X Drake - Monroe interns at Drake's family company. Drake father wants Drake to have good influence and introduces each other. Drake was obsessed with Adrian, Monroe dislikes it a lot and tries to force the other to stop the obsession by getting him out and hanging out with him. 

When Drake blows him off cuz Adrian invites him somewhere. Monroe feels uncomfortable and subconsciously wishes he was his brother. Drake realises he's having less fun than he anticipated, usually he's doting on Adrian but he slightly misses the way he was pampered by Monroe. At the end of the date he breaks it off with Adrian and runs to Monroe.

"What are you doing here?" Monroe sneers as he opens the door to Drake's flushed face. "Shouldn't you be with my brother?" As he says this he can't help but feel his chest tighten uncomfortably, but once again he pushes this disgusting feeling down, deep into his heart. 

This was someone that, while he had a bad impression of at the start, was now someone he considered a friend deserving of his beloved brother. To have such shameful thoughts now… it was too disrespectful toward both his friend and brother. 

"I-" Drake looks at the cool and aloof expression on the younger man's face and recalls the soft faint smile that seemed to captivate his heart. He liked Adrian's gentle smile a lot but somehow, compared to the rarer and ever so slight curve of Monroe's lips, it strangely felt far less warm. 

He had never thought he was this sort of person, but… now that he had experienced this pure heat that seems to warm his body and heart, Drake wanted to be completely devoured by it. Devoured by him. 

Without thinking he rushes up to Monroe, hugging him tight before leaning forward to press their lips together. "I like you!" He exclaims, his handsome face a little foolish and cute as he flushes fiercely, however the resoluteness in his eyes easily pierced the doubts and walls of Monroe's heart. "I broke it off with Adrian, I realise it's not him, it's you that I like! W-Will you go out with me?"

Monroe's eyes reddened. For a long time he lived with his unrequited crush on Adrian, and then when he started to become aware of his feelings for the stupid, but romantic Drake, he had resigned himself to hold it in his heart once more. Living alone, loving without being loved, it was endlessly bitter.

But now.. it turns out he can be liked too.

It turns out mutual love was so sweet. 

World 2 Tian Shun X Li Guiren -possessed by ghost or revenge or both- Tian Shun summons great evil to ruin his father. In the end ghost half possess him and fucks Li Guiren. TW: incest and non con, skip if you don't like, you've been warned- also pls don't flag me omg its christmas QAQ

"This.. nghn.." Tian Shun grits his teeth, silver eyes flashing full of murderous intent at some unknown thing as the sounds of sex echo throughout the room. "This isn't, hah, what we agreed to!"

"I don't know~" A deep and devilish voice laughs mockingly into his ear, "I think your father is pretty ruined now, don't you?"

The young man looks down at his own father gasping beneath him, his muscular arm covering his face as if it was enough to block the tears and drool and slutty panting coming from his mouth. Even if it was, it certainly couldn't hide his pointed swollen nipples on his large chest that seemed to be begging to be tugged and bitten once more, nor could it hide the mess his leaking dick was making on his stomach. Tian Shun's eyes couldn't help but be drawn lower, seeing his own hard and excited pillar was moving in and out of the older man's once virgin hole, he wanted to feign disgust but the way his cock twitches and stiffens further betrayed his true feelings. 

"Fuck… Fuck!" Tian Shun curses fiercely. With madness in his eyes he grabs his father's hips and thrusts in deeply, fucking him fast and viciously.

"Ah~! Uhn, nghn.. you, fucking, ahhh… bastard… hah.." Li Guiren cries out, doing his best to curse out furiously but the way his large dick pools out another stream of pre-cum and the gaze in his eyes, a mix of hatred and lust told a slightly different story. The younger man couldn't help but smile, seeing his arrogant and cold father so pathetic, so wanton, it drove him almost insane, this excitement was so wrong but maybe because of that it made all his previous feelings for Bai Li Wei pale in comparison. No, that's not fair, all his emotions in the past, all feelings of hatred, guilt, love.. it all paled to this moment. 

"This is your fault, mhn, you," Tian Shun reaches out and grabs Li Guiren by the throat, pulling him upwards with an impressive strength and close to his face so he could see the other's humiliation even more clearly, "Do you, hah, regret it?" He asks.

Do you regret it? Treating me like this? Twisting me like this? 

Li Guiren pants but his dark eyes are unyielding, spiteful and filled with a madness of their own. The older man smiles wildly like a beast showing his fangs, "Are you worthy?" He laughs hoarsely, "Regret? Why don't you make me, little bastard?"

Tian Shun's eyes dim before they once again light up with a fierceness that could make most criminals think twice, and then he too, laughs, "Good."

With that one word he pushes his lips violently against the other's. Their teeth bang against each other and when they opened their mouths, it was less a kiss and more biting and tongues fighting, eliciting pain and pleasure to both men who craved the feeling of hatred and pleasure.

Pulling each other down to fall into the abyss together. 

World 3 Sefu X Original Plot Rebel Sefu - While Sefu is once again conflicted by his feelings for Prince Farrell whose off on another one-night stand, original plot Sefu suddenly appears. OG!Sefu is disgusted by Sefu's conflict and threatens to kill Prince Farrell, Sefu doesn't let him. They fight. Sefu fucks rebel Sefu. TW: aftermath of non con, selfcest. For the sake of convenience OG! Sefu will be referred by last name Karamoy

"You're a fool." 

Sefu woke up to this statement. Sitting up he can see Karamoy staring at himself in the mirror. Under the morning light, Sefu could see the other with the same body as himself, covered in bite marks and ambiguous bruises on his body. 

Recalling last night, the Samotrelian rubs his forehead helplessly at such an absurd situation, "Maybe I am." He admits, before sharply pointing out, "But who was the one under this fool in the end?" 

Karamoy touches a particularly deep bite mark on his Adam's apple and responds dryly, "Trust me, I am well aware." Turning around he walks over to Sefu who was reaching to get a glass of water by the bedside table. "To be honest, I'm surprised you haven't killed me yet." Karamoy says lightly as he passes the cup of water to his counterpart. 

"Why should I?" Sefu sighs, silently accepting the drink and sipping it.

"Why shouldn't you?" Karamoy challenges. 

Silver and black meet silver and black. They were so similar yet so utterly different in their core.

In the end it was Karamoy who broke first. Glancing away he coughs awkwardly, "It seems the prince is really different in this world if you can be so weak-hearted." The Samatrolian reluctantly concedes, "But tell me.." His voice subconsciously becomes tinged with a vinegar that Sefu himself was very familiar with, "Is such a playboy like him really worth your heart? I believe in myself, and I would think I, you, would be able to do much better."

Sefu's eyes stare at the familiar and unfamiliar profile before moving down Karamoy's body that, thanks to the baptism of last night, was covered in his markings, making it easy for ambiguous thoughts to rise. He remembered how tight his body, no, Karamoy's body had been, the firmness of those muscles… Even though his thoughts were straying, he still wished to defend his prince. "Prince Farrell is the only one who knows me best."

"..He isn't the only one anymore." Karamoy murmurs softly. 

"…I suppose not."

World 4 Da Gong X Chef Wen X Pan Shuchun. 

Setting: At Tang Muxin and Duan Mengyao's wedding- Da Gong is human young man at this point.

Chef Wen was cooking with the things provided by Ye Cheng and co as they came across a lot of rare spiritually rich ingredients. He tasted a fruit and he became several years younger in appearance, when Pan Shuchun ate same magical spiritual fruit (as she was excited that there was youth effect and wanted to try on herself). The fruit works different on women and she grew a dick. Both became horny- it's also got aphrodisiac effects. 

Da Gong comes by to supervise and sees this. Most of food is ready so not big deal. Immediately drags both out to bedroom to not disrupt wedding preparations before entering bedroom but ends up dragged into smut. Top PS, switch Da Gong, bottom Chef Wen? TW: Dubcon, futa, threesome

Da Gong's face was incomparably stony, if it wasn't for the growing flush on his cheeks one could even describe his expression as icy as a tundra in winter. 

And this was because of two reasons. 

One was playing his exposed chest, with long, thin and meticulously maintained nails that tweaked his nipples and scratched the tips of them lightly making him subconsciously lift his upper body, twisting around under the itchy sensation. 

Another one was sucking his cock, dark eyes staring up lustfully at him as they licked and sucked around his rigid shaft, swallowing the semi-translucent liquid down every time it leaked out. 

"Da Gong… hah.." Pan Shuchun sighs, her contacts had been lost and her silver and black eyes were now heatedly staring at the former rooster's handsome profile. She was kneeling behind Da Gong, enjoying the film elasticity of his chest muscles while her newly formed erection rubbed at his back. "I don't.. I don't usually prefer men but with breasts like yours and that gorgeous face… the idea of hah.. making you pant under me, it's…" She moans softly, deeply aroused by her own thoughts. 

"You taste so good," Chef Wen who had de-aged greatly had revealed a soft and clean-looking youth, with large black eyes, and a loose ponytail that reached the middle of his back. However with such an intoxicated expression as he reverently kisses Da Gong's large member, one could easily assume he belonged to a male brothel rather then the kitchen. "I, hah, it's so itchy back there… I want… I want you to scratch it with this.."

"Da Gong…"

"Da Gong…"

The day was destined to be long, and it was unknown if the wedding could proceed that day. 

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