[BL] Quick Transmigration: Is it Better to be a Beta?

Jia Hyson finds he has hit the jackpot after he dies. He's got a system! He's a transmigrator! So cool! System: "Please help us fix the plot." Jia Hyson: "Of course!" System: "Firstly there are too many love interests." Jia Hyson: "Okay." System: "The main character is too annoying." Jia Hyson: "Um." System: "Needs more world building." Jia Hyson: "..." Oi, is he fixing the plot or is he rewriting the whole damn thing?! (This is not omegaverse, beta stands for beta reader) (This is bl/yaoi/danmei btw. 1v1, 2v1, 3+v1) Lovely Cover by my fanart empress @noc

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Putting on the clothing, picking out the most natural wig of silky long black hair and applying a simple, natural style of makeup with a hint of the gold liner to match with the stitching of the chima.. everything was done carefully and thoughtfully, not wanting to do this gift a disservice.

Despite waking up early, after so much time hesitating over what hairstyle he wanted, considering what accessories to add and touching up on his makeup, by the time Jia Hyson was satisfied, it was almost time to leave lest he arrives late. 

Jia Hyson sighs as he looks at the time on his phone. Suddenly he empathises with the women who take forever to get ready before going on a date. It was really stressful ah. 

Still, the time was clearly well spent as he turned every head of the people he had passed. After taking some consideration over Mr Garth's outfit, the long hair he picked out was manipulated into a ttoya meori, a classic hairstyle for women of the palace and the wives of officers. The hair was pulled up into a large, plaited bun that lay at the nape of Jia Hyson's slender neck, with various gorgeous hairpins to decorate it. 

Mr Garth also provided these hairpins, delicate and expensive and beautifully matching. Just the glitter of the elegantly crafted hairpins was enough to make many ladies present in the hotel lobby notice and feel envy. Still, when complemented with everything else, including Alaric's noble features… it was easy to give up any sense of jealousy and sigh with a sense of defeated admiration.

Such a beautiful girl; whoever she meets is a fortunate person indeed.

Jia Hyson, who would usually slow down to take in the praise and worshipful eyes over his appearance, barely even noticed, trotting quickly through the lobby and toward the concierge to ask for a taxi to the palace. In his heart at that moment was only an eagerness to reunite with his lover and see what he must look like in his hanbok.

Pulling up to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, one could already see the liveliness of many other people, both tourists and locals alike, dressed in traditional Korean clothing and admiring the magnificent and festively coloured entrance of the palace. Among the bright and vibrant hanboks twirling around like they were floating on air, there was only one man in dark blue, waiting in stillness with two gamja-corndogs* in hand. 

*gamja means potato, essentially it's a corndog covered in fries :0

Seeing Mr Garth already there, Jia Hyson laughs softly and quickly pays the taxi driver before rushing out with a smile.

The senses of a vampire were vastly superior, but they weren't omnipotent. In a large public place full of crowds, it was impossible to say it wasn't a little uncomfortably overwhelming to the senses. Even for those used to it, they could never enjoy it unless they learned to shut out the majority of the noise. But, of course, that would lead to potential safety problems resulting in many powerful vampires struggling to find that compromise. 

Mr Garth was no exception; in fact, he was more vulnerable than some others because he was already prone to headaches and migraines due to his telekinesis. It's not a big deal as long as he can focus on something, though, and for the majority of this holiday, the target of his attention was on Jia Hyson. However, now he was gazing blankly out into empty space with his earbuds attached to a small square MP3 device that was casually hanging around his neck. From a distance, it looked like he was wearing the device as a necklace, but if one bothered to take a closer observation, they would see the MP3 wasn't attached to anything and was unscientifically staying in place with an unseen force. 

It was only when Jia Hyson was a few metres away did the older vampire sense his presence. Looking up, the chain-smoking telekinetic was about to greet his lover with joy, but his face immediately turned stunned, seeing the other's appearance. 

Jia Hyson wasn't oblivious to such a gaze full of shock and appreciation and laughs in narcissistic delight, twirling on the spot before falling into the other's toned chest trustingly. Sure enough, he could feel the familiar invisible pressure of the other's powers steadying him. Tilting his head up, he gives Mr Garth a light peck on the chin before grabbing one of the corndogs with great interest. "How is it? Do I look good?"

"Mhmm.." With one of his hands now free, Mr Garth half covers his mouth and looks away embarrassedly, his face flushed and full of complicated emotions, "You look so beautiful, I, to be honest, I don't even know what to do with myself now." He sincerely replies. 

Looking at the visibly shy appearance of his older boyfriend, Jia Hyson was a bit surprised before he broke into an exuberant smile, heart melting into a puddle like ice cream. Reaching his hand up, he drags Mr Garth down by the collar and kisses him passionately. He knows in Korea, intense public displays of affection weren't looked too well upon, but he really couldn't help it. Who told his lover to be so deserving of kisses??

Mr Garth enthusiastically kissed back, but they were in public and in broad daylight after all, so it ended fairly quickly. Hugging the older vampire's arm, Jia Hyson takes the time to admire their outfits together. "We really match, ah," He sighs emotionally as he stares at Mr Garth's handsome appearance in his hanbok. 

Jia Hyson had picked out a Sumungun*-inspired outfit for the older vampire after a lot of thought. To be honest, the gruff Mr Garth really was more suited to dressing up as one of those hard-boiled detectives with fitted pants and long trench coats than wearing the soft, elegant and flowy clothing of hanboks. However, the guard uniform had a more structured design which would fit with the other's broad shoulders and complement the more defined aspects of the other's face. 

*Sumungun / Wanggung Sumunjang - a royal guard unit of the Joseon Dynasty

Because of possible complications with the male staff who wore a lot of ancient guard uniforms in the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jia Hyson had custom ordered Mr Garth's robes so they were in the colour scheme of navy blue, creams, and use of gold stitching, something that would make it stand out from the staff but also something he felt would look good on him. He had also discarded the iconic guard hat as well so there was little chance of his boyfriend being misunderstood by others. 

Mr Garth's jeogori was a cream-coloured shirt with long, wide sleeves, but on top of that was a gorgeous long navy outer robe that reminded one of the darkening night skies. Patterned on it was a large snake curling around Mr Garth's body, the scales intricately stitched on and flashing with each movement, thanks to the purity of the golden threading. The snake was reaching upwards, twisting its body in a smooth and powerful pose as if ready to strike down. In front of the snake's opening mouth was a burning ball placed where Mr Garth's heart was, almost like a giant Pearl set aflame. 

Jia Hyson didn't know much in terms of the Korean language, but he knew quite a bit about the myths and legends. 

This design was of an imoogi, a lesser dragon that is said to resemble gigantic serpents. Some say after a thousand years of spiritual training and hard work, the heavens will grant imoogi a yeouiju*, and if the imoogi can grasp it, they can become a true dragon and have many powers of a true dragon, including the ability to fly. Another interpretation of this is that the yeouiju itself is said to be similar to a falling star and can grant wishes if caught. 

*mystical orbs that certain Korean dragons are depicted as holding in their claws

It was a powerful and domineering design, the moment when a lesser dragon was about to soar up to the heavens by becoming a true dragon. Jia Hyson especially got the best embroiders on hand to do this work to his specifications, and they very much didn't disappoint. 

Mr Garth was also very pleased with the attractive and intimidating design. And when Jia Hyson explained the meaning behind it, he was even happier at the thoughtful symbolism of it. To show his appreciation, the older vampire gave the shorter vampire a flurry of head kisses, pecking at him like a chick pecking rice, causing Jia Hyson to playfully hit him in fake anger for ruining his hair. 

Overall though, Jia Hyson didn't pick such a design for it's handsomeness. In truth… he chose this design because of his own selfish, little wishes. 

Because what Jia Hyson wished was that, when he gave Mr Garth the System Seed… the other would flourish like a dragon with it and would never feel burdened should he choose to accept such a thing. That, no matter what, no matter if their love fades or stays strong, there will be no regrets. 

After all, the system-host life was not necessarily for everyone. 

Otherwise, why would worldbreakers exist?

Jia Hyson touches the imoogi's fierce face stitched on Mr Garth's chest and sighs. It seems falling in love is just as he suspected. Look how sappy and full of expectation toward commitment he was now. Really, it was too troublesome for its own good. 

But it wasn't bad, either.

"What about these flowers on my skirt, by the way?" He asks the other in curiosity as they begin to walk into the palace. Swishing his hips so the skirt sways, the mugunghwa flower patterns shimmering under the light. "These are mu- mu- the Rose of Sharon, the national flowers of Korea, right? Or is it another flower?" 

While the pair didn't actively search up the national symbols of the country, as members of the Golden Rose Coven, they all had some education in flower identification, especially with roses. It was a bit on the nose, but since it was quite romantic and many vampires outside the coven were attracted by this flower knowledge in them, not many vampires seriously rejected this extra class. 

Of course, that didn't mean they were necessarily amazing at it either, especially with Jia Hyson's memory. But given they both were researching designs of hanboks and custom ordering them with all sorts of details, it was inevitable to stumble across this information often. 

"Yeah, it's the mugunghwa," Mr Garth confirms with a smile, "An elegant but tenacious flower that represents devotion and means the eternal blossom that never fades*. I thought it was very fitting."

*I've seen a lot of sites consistently say it means the eternal blossom that never fades and about devotion/deep love/ tenacity etc. Hex has helped explain there are three main meanings- delicate beauty, not flamboyantly beautiful but rather a subtle, gentle sort of elegance and beauty / single-minded devotion, never changing / perseverance, tenacity. For the sake of the poetic feel, blue will take mainly the sentence kek. 

"Oh?" Jia Hyson perks up as he fishes for more praise, "How so~?"

Mr Garth reaches out to lift some of Jia Hyson's hair to kiss softly, almost reverently, "Because I'm sure, in my heart, you are my mugunghwa."

Growing in my chest, this love for you is beautiful, delicate and yet tenaciously resilient. The more I know about you, the more the roots have stretched deep inside me. This feeling, my love, will never fade.

Letting the hair he had kissed fall strand by strand from his fingertips, Mr Garth looks at his dazed lover and gently pulls his hand into his own, tugging him gently along. "Come on, we should go now, or we might be too late to see the start of the morning re-enactments." 

Gyeongbokgung Palace was truly a magnificent place, especially at night when the building was all lit up. The palace had a large lake in the middle which looked especially magical and gorgeous. Jia Hyson and Mr Garth took various photos everywhere; however, maybe because they were wearing clothing the other picked out for them, they were unwilling to take many solo shots, so many photographs were couple photos. Their night tour guide was especially accommodating to them and was very skilled with a camera, so they were both satisfied with the results. 

As large as Gyeongbokgung Palace was, there were still many things around as well, such as Changdeokgung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine and Bukchon Hanok Village. Bukchon Hanok Village was home to hundreds of hanoks, a traditional house of the Joseon dynasty. While many hanoks were still homes of the locals, there were just as many now opened as cultural centres, tea houses, shops and restaurants, attracting tourists to enter and explore this ancient town. 

Jia Hyson and Mr Garth were not immune to the allure and also spent the next few days chilling out there, taking photos, eating street food, and participating in various traditional art workshops learning Korean knots, dying fabrics with ingredients like persimmon or anil*, gold leaf imprinting, and lacquering. The subsequent days were full of cultural appreciation and cheerful relaxation. 

*a plant used to make an indigo colour

And, of course, at night… hehe, there was a different sort of appreciation and relaxation. (,ಡ w ಡ,,)

After engaging in culture, it was important to engage with the modern attractions Korea had to offer as well. And Starfield COEX Mall, located at the centre of Seoul as the largest underground shopping mall in the world, was a great example of it. Not only did it have a huge variety of shops and places to eat, there was a movie theatre, exhibitions at their convention centre, and even an aquarium that housed penguins and 650 other different species. 

What was the most impressive thing to Jia Hyson, apart from the aquarium, which the couple had both immensely enjoyed, was the Starfield Library at this mall. The design mirrored the Library of Alexandria, with a mountain of books that were carefully lined up on shelves as tall as the face of a small cliffside, towering at thirteen metres in height. Quiet and full of scholarly atmosphere, it was the perfect place for people to sit down, relax and read or study. Fortunately, there were both Korean and foreign books, so tourists could also freely come down to look at the books and flip through a few pages as well. 

Jia Hyson, who was an introvert at heart, was instantly moved by this massive library. While he hadn't had a stressful holiday at all and was moving at his and Mr Garth's rather lazy pace, even spending two straight days lazing in a hotel, it still wasn't the same as having a whole day alone in a library. 

After some discussion, Mr Garth dropped him off at the library to enjoy himself while the older vampire went off to stroll around and explore places he was more interested in, agreeing to meet up for dinner. They were both adults; no matter how sticky they were in this honeymoon period, they both understood and respected each other's boundaries and space. It was cute to be so clingy now, but neither were the types to enjoy such strong attachment long term in the end. 

After about a week of this, Jia Hyson had been sufficiently satisfied and had even written a few chapters for some of his neglected stories. The ShiningGreenTea readers were finally fed and shed pitiful tears of gratitude before desperately clamouring for more updates like beggars who hadn't eaten in ten days who suddenly got a mouthful of steak. 

Mr Garth also had fun as well. Since they did various art-based workshops in Bukchon Hanok Village, he had developed some interest in doing his own art and had gone around buying various materials and art tools that caught his interest. Mainly they consisted of various pens, inks, paints and, most of all, notebooks. By the end of the week, they had nearly thirty of them, some lined, some blank, but all had beautiful and eye-catching covers. Cute, cool, elegant, minimalist and maximalist, the designs varied, but there was no doubt that any bystander would itch to buy at least one at first glance. 

Seeing the older vampire come back to meet him every evening with more and more new things in hand, Jia Hyson couldn't help but joke. "Are you pursuing a dream in art or a dream in opening an art supply shop?"

Chewing gum, the gruff vampire smiles sheepishly, "Well, it's not every day we're in Korea." He coughs, "I got you something too." Mr Garth pulls out a small velvet box with a fancy brand logo on it and passes it to Jia Hyson.

Opening it, he sees a double-layer choker necklace made of rose gold. In the middle of the longer chain, there was a small pink flower with tiny pearls and diamonds in the middle. 

"It's a bit hard to tell, but it's a mugunghwa." Mr Garth explains, before his mouth twitches slightly, "Well, that's what the lady at the shop insisted. Nonetheless, when I saw it, I figured you would like it."

Jia Hyson clutches the necklace and beams, "I love it."

After their shopping period, they flew to Jeju Island, South Korea's largest island. Famous for its sandy beaches, landscapes sculpted from volcanic rock and tea plantations, even if this was their last destination in this country, it was certainly not a lacking one. 

The heart of Jeju Island lies in Hallasan, a dormant volcano with a crystal clear lake sitting at the top. Because of the slightly acidic, volcanic soil from the environment, coupled with the mild sunlight and gentle winds, the environment was incredibly serene and relaxing to behold. Not only that, but the produce suited to these environmental conditions, such as tea and tangerines, were high-quality enough to make people want to visit in itself. 

After a few days of strolling around the beaches, trying out the maze, enjoying the famous barbecued black pork and visiting the waterfall park, the couple finally went to see the Jeju Osulloc tea museum under the strong recommendation of the waitress they had met earlier on in this trip. 

Entering the tea museum, the calming, grassy fragrance of tea fills the air. Jia Hyson took a deep breath and immediately felt refreshed. "How nice~" He praises.

Bebe: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 'Congratulations, you've made it home.'

Jia Hyson: '???'

Bebe: 'The home of the green tea.' (。◕‿◕。)

Jia Hyson: '…' This cheap system really only comes out to diss nowadays, huh.

Then again, there was not much else for Bebe to do. Jia Hyson taking a holiday was essentially a holiday for his system as well. So other than occasionally checking up on him or coming when called, Bebe was also off playing around, gaming and visiting friends while also catching up with its reading and movie list. 

Despite the name, the Jeju Osulloc tea museum was less of a museum and more just a large shop and cafe space overlooking the adjacent green tea fields. While there were some exhibits featuring tea and tea culture, the main focus seemed to be the beautiful landscape park, merchandise and cafes. Still, that didn't stop it from being quite an enjoyable experience, especially if you enjoyed good tea-themed food and a view that could soothe one's sore eyes.

In the first cafe, after finishing the small exhibits, Jia Hyson ordered the Osulloc set that had the signature green tea ice cream, a green tea baumkuchen* that was also topped with green tea ice cream, and a Hallabong O Fredo, which was an orange slushy topped with milk ice cream. Mr Garth, who saw how much ice cream was in his lover's set, decisively chose a black roll cake and a hot Jeju volcanic rock tea for both of them to wash all the sweetness away.

*type of circular cake with layers, I've had it's yummy :D

Still, the older vampire didn't have to worry too much. The green tea ice cream was a perfect balance of sweetness and the mature earthy taste of green tea that hadn't been hidden by artificial flavours and overwhelming sugar, perfect to consume on its own without getting too tired of it. However, when paired with the denser warm bamkuchen cake that had a stronger green tea taste, it complemented it perfectly, the contrast of textures eliciting the tastebuds to alight once more. However, no matter what, it was still the same flavour, so it was easy to get a bit bored with it no matter how good it tasted, so the choice of also providing the fresh, tangy citrus of the Hallabong O Fredo and sweet milky, vanilla taste of the ice cream topping was the perfect cleanser. Both of them enjoyed it immensely.

Of course, the taste of the roasted tea and the soft, fluffy black roll cake with green tea cream was also a very delightful experience as well. While it was less sweet, the flavours worked well, subtle yet defined, and provided a pleasant second round for those whose mouths were practically swimming in sweetness. 

After enjoying the morning tea, they went to Osulloc Tea Stone, a building with large windows overlooking the blooming flowers and greener surroundings where one could take classes on Korean tea brewing. It was such a large and echoing building, and tea brewing was quite a quiet and elegant activity, so the pair were a bit embarrassed to be too loud. Instead, to show their respect during their class, they merely whispered and laughed in each other's ears.

The tea master teaching the class: '….' I must really be getting old because I'm clearly going blind with all this affection, dammit.

Leaving the Tea Stone, smelling like roasted leaves, the pair walked hand in hand along a path of bright blue flowers to the Innisfree Jeju House for lunch. The Innisfree Jeju House was especially lovely, covering two greenhouse-like showrooms that integrated the gift shop and cafe well with the cute and natural interior design. 

It was partly a giftshop because Innisfree is not simply just a name for the store but indicates it is also a branch of one of South Korea's most popular skincare brands, Innisfree. This brand sources its ingredients directly from Jeju Island, utilising the Jeju green tea, honey, seaweed, tangerine peels and volcanic rocks for their products. Hence their strong presence in this tea museum. Jia Hyson bought only a few things in the end, such as the green tea lip balm and dewy glow Jeju cherry blossom cream. It wasn't that he didn't want to, but as a vampire… well, his skin was almost always in top condition anyway oh~ ╮(╯∀╰)╭ So what's the point ah~

Bebe: Congratulations. You've successfully angered all the skin-conscious people reading this story. 

What was even more charming was they could have a picnic in their outdoor space. Booking in advance, Jia Hyson and Mr Garth snuggled together on a mat with a picnic basket filled with delicious food, including the popular Hallasan Cake and Canola Honey Latte, as well as freshly brewed tea, an assortment of different rice balls, a large sandwich with carrot chips and a fresh salad. The food was good, the drinks were refreshing, the view was beautiful and the company…. 

Jia Hyson looks fondly at his lover before leaning on his shoulder while Mr Garth wraps an arm around his body.

The company was perfect. 

Indonesia was their final country to visit. 

One of the world's largest archipelagic countries that consist of over seventeen thousand islands, including Sulawesi, Java and Sumatra. Each has its own culture, biodiversity and charm, but almost all share the same trait of having gorgeous tropical beaches and breathtaking natural landscapes.

Of course, Indonesia also had a thriving city life, especially in places such as Jakarta, where the large gap between rich and poor sat side by side, with luxurious malls full of expensive brands built right next to small hawker stalls full of freshly made street food. But after having their fill of shopping, Jia Hyson and Mr Garth both felt the need to go a bit further down the beaten path.

Still… since the beaten path needed to transit to Jakarta first before flying to the Kualanamu Airport in Deli Serdang, North Sumatra, there was no harm in spending a few days there.

Both, knowing that they'll experience more local down-to-earth activities later on, and with the mindset that only those with unlimited wealth could have, went off to enjoy the many shops and spas that Jakarta's many large malls had to offer.

What was even more enticing was how cheap the products were usually there, especially compared to places like America or Australia. A good way to compare was using the prices of a luxury chain hotel like the Marriott Hotel, something generally considered a relatively high-end brand for resorts and hotels for many. One night in the JW Marriott Hotel Seoul costs about $600, and the Sydney Harbour Marriott Hotel was about $450-500. However, the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta was only around $245 a night. Which, while still quite pricey for many, was considered shockingly cheap given what it is*. 

*Blue at this point forgot to convert AUD to USD for y'all, so 600 = $ 390 USD, 450-500 = $ 290-325 USD and 245 = $ 159 USD. (;´∀`)

Also, out of curiosity, I searched prices in the USA, and for reference, it varies between $500-800 AUD (give or take, I just generalised) =$325 - 520 USD… I also saw some of the other hotel prices there and thought about the conversion and was like, in retrospect, maybe you guys don't think it's that expensive given that ya'll have crazy places that's like $4000USD a night, and I saw this one called Talta Lodge, a Bluebird by Lark at 17,000 a night it seems QAQ like wtf

While they're a bit exhausted shopping-wise, that didn't mean much as the biggest attractions for them at this point were more towards the food and beauty treatments anyway. From traditional Indonesian to Japanese to a classic American cheeseburger, these large malls contained various options. And given they were all in high-end malls with many other competitors, the quality was generally very good. 

To make things more interesting, sometimes the pair would agree to go buy something for each other, bring it to the hotel room and feed each other blindfolded, asking the other to try to guess what the food was. 

"What do you think?" Jia Hyson asks attentively as he rips a piece of the burger and pushes it into Mr Garth's patiently waiting mouth. Feeling the man's lips and tongue, even for a second, brush against his fingers made the blue-eyed vampire swallow heavily and feel a little hot inside. 

Mr Garth chews thoughtfully and swallows, "It's good," He praises, "Some sort of burger, but uh, I taste pepper and, um, well, there's something else."

"Have another bite," Tearing out another piece, Jia Hyson fed the other again as they both sat on the hotel room couch. This time, he really felt Mr Garth's tongue swipe against the tips of his fingers. Jia Hyson smiles as he shivers at the touch. Such a teasing boyfriend. He really likes it ah.

"Mhmm.." Mr Garth made a thoughtful noise, "This.. is there coffee in this burger?" He said with some hesitation. 

Jia Hyson leans over and kisses him enthusiastically on the lips, "Yeah!" He cheers, "It's a coffee-rubbed burger, I got it from some cute store with local small fashion designers*~ I saw it on the menu and had to get it for you."

*Called the Goods Dept Store, it's one of Blue's fav stores there when I go :3

Hearing the cheerfulness in his lover's chirping, the older vampire's mouth quirks up into an indulgent smile and hums softly in approval. "Your taste is as impeccable as ever; I like it a lot."

"Well, you'll like the next thing even more, ah." Jia Hyson strokes the other's hair as he moves the food a bit further away before standing up and pushing down his pants. With an excited expression, he watches as Mr Garth obediently opens his mouth once again, unaware of what he'll be fed next. 

Pressing the head of his erect pillar against the older vampire's lips, Jia Hyson let out a pleasured sigh as he pushed slowly inside Mr Garth's mouth, throwing his head back and moaning softly as the other exploratorily used his tongue to figure out what it is. 

Of course, Mr Garth wasn't dense and very quickly caught on. However, he pretended to show a confused and naive expression and began to sloppily and clumsily use his lips, mouth and teeth to touch every part of this 'unknown' food. 

Feeling the other's eager enthusiasm to discover the truth, Jia Hyson vocally encouraged his lover to do his best, even going so far as to help him by pushing even more of the 'food' into his mouth, letting the other swallow more to fully understand the length of what he was consuming. Finally, after five minutes of intense investigation, Jia Hyson threw his head back and gasped as white, semi-translucent liquid burst into his boyfriend's mouth, to which the older vampire easily swallowed it down with only a little hesitation. 

"So.." Jia Hyson murmurs huskily as he pulls out, "What do you think it was?"

Mr Garth licks his lips thoughtfully before grinning. "I'm not sure, but from the size and shape, could it be… an extra mini cocktail sausage?"

Jia Hyson: '…'


"Why you-!" Jia Hyson yells before immediately pouncing on the larger vampire, "Let's question your other mouth if it's an 'extra mini cocktail sausage', huh?!"

Mr Garth: Hehe (,, ❛ڡ❛ ,,) 

Other than playing with their food, the pair also went shopping for some batiks and exquisite gold and silver jewellery before letting their bodies enjoy the bliss of pure pampering that only consecutive spa days and massages could accomplish. 

Even just the day before they went back to the airport, they both had a cream bath, which was a special scalp and hair treatment that involved a lovely scalp massage with moisturising hair cream before getting their heads steamed while someone massaged their shoulders. Of course, since they could afford it, they also added a pedicure, a manicure that came with a bonus massage for both the feet and hands. 

It truly relaxed the mind and body.

And of course, with such great services, it was important to not only tip them well but also to… Show it off on the blog. :)

Jasmine's fans: ,Every day, it seems we are forced to be dazzled by luxury and hold a constant struggle with our hatred for the rich and not putting it onto our crossdressing idol. 

Needless to say, when they stepped back into the airport to go onto the next stage of their journey, the pair were positively glowing and radiant. 

Kualanamu Airport serves Medan, the capital and largest city of North Sumatra. Full of rich history and holding a gorgeous mixture of Islamic and European styles, it is an exciting destination that offers a lot for tourists. Unfortunately, it was not in Jia Hyson and Mr Garth's plan.

Instead, they had booked a personal driver slash tour guide from the hotel they were going to stay at, a cute purple-haired young lady who called herself Arashi*, in advance to drive them roughly four hours to Parapat. From there, they took a ferry to finally get to their true destination, Samosir Island.

*Shoutout to our Happy Reader, Arashi~ 

Their driver and guide, Arashi, was lively and very informative, introducing the island that was in the middle of one of the largest volcanic lakes in the world, which sits on the top of the super volcano present there. Because it's a volcanic island that has not been subjected to much in the way of deforestation, there was naturally unique native flora and fauna flourishing there, protected by the hospitable Batak tribe people that are more than happy to share their diverse culture with others. 

Lake Toba, of course, is the biggest attraction here and is why Samosir Island is recognised as one of the twenty geoparks in Indonesia and, sometime in the future, as a UNESCO Global Geopark. 

Arashi also told them of the story of Lake Toba and the legend of Samosir Island. While there were many renditions, the main crux of it was that a handsome man who lived in a valley fished out a talking fish one day. The fish begged pitifully to be set free. The kind man did so, and the fish's curse became broken, turning her back into a beautiful woman who the man fell in love with upon first sight. 

The pair married under the condition that the man would never reveal the woman had been a fish to anyone else, keeping this secret to the grave, to which he agreed, and they lived happily on and produced a son. 

Unfortunately, the son was kind of a little shit, one with a massive appetite and would eat all the food on the table regardless of whether the parents had eaten or not. One day, the man came back home from work tired and hungry and saw there was once again no food on the table because of his son. Angry, he yelled and scolded him, revealing that the boy was the son of a fish.

Jia Hyson: '…To be honest, if a child kept taking my food, I would also lose myself in rage.'

The son cried and told his mother, who became enraged and heartbroken that her husband had broken his promise not to tell anyone. Putting her son up on the tallest tree on the largest hill in the middle of the valley, the woman disappeared into the river. As she did so, storms began to brew, and water rose, flooding the entire place, destroying the valley the man lived in, and only the large hill with the tallest tree was left. The resulting lake was named after the man, Lake Toba, the hill became Samosir Island, and it was said the surviving son became the ancestor of the Batak People.

…To be honest, it felt a bit like an over-exaggerated response to what was essentially a hangry man getting upset over his son stealing his food, but hey, legends were sometimes just that dramatic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As all three of them discussed the moral rights and wrongs of the legend with a little too much seriousness for a simple legend, they finally reached the island. Even from a distance, one could admire the beaches and the unique appearance of traditional Batak houses that have distinctive, brightly coloured roofs that curve up slightly like the ends of a boat. 

Since the island was not large, they had booked into only one hotel. And while the prices around there were far lower than other places, with the highest price, roughly $100, the quality was still just as good as some other hotels they visited during the trip. Most importantly, they all provided spectacular views that made it easy for people to relax and forget any worries. 

Jia Hyson and Mr Garth spent the week on the island by moving mainly via scooter or walking. After all, they had good stamina and strength as vampires, so while it would be difficult for others, it only broke a sweat for them. Strolling through the traditional Batak villages, visiting the Batak Museum, eating Nasi Padang, and meeting the coffee farmers here were interspersed with more energetic activities like hiking, chasing waterfalls, to which there was quite a few both in and nearby the island, and swimming in Lake Toba. 

At the end of the day, they would eat satays and drink delicious iced drinks, as well as some blood supplements, while lying together in a large hammock while the sun sets in the distance, listening to the strumming of the guitar by the locals in the distance. The pair would soak in the remaining rays of the sun before basking in the moon, chatting or playing on their phones; either way, they were together. Just enjoying each other's presence. Which was more than enough to let their usually fickle hearts settle, if only for now. 

As beautiful as Lake Toba was, there was still even more to see, and the pair were eager to learn scuba diving. Therefore after waving goodbye to their kind guide Arashi and giving her a very hefty tip, the pair went to Pulau Weh, a tiny island located on Sumatra's northwest tip in the Andaman Sea. There, they began to immerse themselves in the ocean.

Of course, the pair still had to learn the basics first; no matter how amazing their physique is, they weren't all-powerful, and the ocean was certainly just as dangerous as it was alluring. They took a few days to learn from a divemaster the basics of their diving gear and went on small dives by the nearby reefs by the beach of the hotel. 

Still, even if they were only doing a dive by the beach, the vibrant corals and gorgeously diverse marine life completely fascinated the pair of vampires. Jia Hyson has done scuba diving many times in his previous lives, including his original life, but no matter how many times he has done it, it doesn't stop him from immersing himself wholeheartedly in a dive. 

Mr Garth was different; he was completely new to the sport and had really only seen fish while swimming or in aquariums.For the first time in a long time, he felt the awe of the fantastical, something that was quite numbed after meeting so many vampires with powers that bordered on the magical. 

With enthusiasm and money, the pair worked hard and gained their PADI Open Water Certification, allowing them to do far more dives. While they did that, they also applied to increase their diver certification level to Adventurer and took whatever specialties they could. 

From wreck diving to drift diving, squeezing through underwater caves, and descending downwards in the pitch black as you wall dive in the night, seeing the fierce school of barracuda, getting shocked by the size of the humphead wrasse, following turtles, looking for small marine life camouflaged in the reefs and getting hungry at passing tuna… Over the next few weeks, the two were completely delighted with the treasures that the sea offered them. 

Because even the nearby reefs were just a short swim away, when they decompressed after their daily dives, they would often swim around the beach and play around in the water. Their place was a small beach villa that was connected to the hotel by a winding stone path, and while they had neighbouring villas, they had been lucky enough to have no one booked nearby them so they could also have the opportunity to wrap their bodies around each other intimately and without fear as they were neck deep in the crystal clear ocean water. 

Filled with a new love, they went from Pulau Weh to Nusa Penida, famous for the opportunity to meet the mola mola*, manta rays, as well as offer some of the longest drift dives in the world, before finally heading to the gorgeous Gili Islands, which was an archipelago comprised of three small islands. 

*oceanic sunfish

Jia Hyson and Mr Garth laughed and swam, dived and played. They rode on a speedboat in the middle of the storm, yelling in excitement and adrenaline as they flew off large waves only to be caught by another rising one. Submerging in the water, they held hands and swam with the fishes, pointing out to each other anything interesting they could find and gathering around the dive master accompanying them whenever he found something to show. 

Before they knew it, a year was nearly over.

Sitting together on the roof of a boat that was drifting aimlessly at sea, they snuggled together as they enjoyed the rhythmic bouncing of waves below, soaking in the serenity together. Watching the sun start to set, Jia Hyson glances at his lover and clenches something in his hand.

"Do you want to hear a story, Darrian?" He suddenly asks as he looks up at the stars, which are slowly making an appearance in the sky. The sea breeze was cool, but it was only a light, ticklish chill that barely bothered the intimate couple huddled against each other.

Mr Garth felt a little strange at the rather abrupt question. Still, glancing at his lover's slightly evasive appearance, he felt that this was not just any casual start to a conversation. 

"Sure." he nods in acquiescence, taking out a cigarette and lighting it up as he waits for the story to start. The embers that burn at the end of the cancer stick held a warm glow, something that felt a little needed as the sun started dropping down to fall into the ocean horizon. Sucking in the nicotine and breathing out curls of smoke, Mr Garth's eyes meet with blue ones.

At the eye contact, Jia Hyson's heart beat a little faster as he can't stop himself from noticing how the other's eyes seemed to capture the setting sun, fiery and passionate but cool and serene at the same time. And it was all for him. And Jia Hyson wanted it to be for him. 

No matter how fleeting this desire may be in the future, in this moment, Jia Hyson truly wished for nothing more than an eternity with this man. 

And for a callous and cruel man like himself. Maybe that was his love. 

Licking his dry lips and trying to calm his slightly shaking hands, Jia Hyson doesn't look at his lover and begins to talk quietly. "Well.. Let's say there was once a man who could be said to be so skilled with words people believed his writing to be worthy of naming him god's scribe. His stories touched many people's hearts, moving them, healing them and giving them both countless joys and sorrows."

It was awkward speaking about this, it felt embarrassing to keep going, but Jia Hyson kept on talking. 

"However, despite his talent, this man…" Jia Hyson smiles bitterly, "He was not a good man. You could honestly say he was the worst man in a lot of ways. He was a man who had hurt and killed for pleasure. He was wanton and fickle, depraved and perverted. He could treat you like the world one day, drop you like trash the next and destroy your life the day after. A real scum." He chuckles before sighing emotionally, "But in the end, the man did more good things than bad."

Staring at the older vampire's face, Jia Hyson couldn't help but give a softer smile at the entrancing sight of Mr Garth's features lit up by the warm lights of the cigarette's embers and simultaneously haloed by the glow of the stars and moon. He was such a man; he was truly unworthy of him. But that was okay. As long as he had this chance, and as long as he had this love in his heart, he may not be able to change, but he will make sure the other would never have the chance to regret loving such an unworthy man.

"He was the sort of man who would donate half his profits on his books to any organisation he liked, from those that helped with child abuse to funding various environmental research. He was a good son to his mother, a good friend, and a good lover. His stories changed people, allowed them the idea to try to pursue their dreams, to think more deeply, to consider other's views, and even just gave a few the courage to keep on living… Was he born a blessing or a curse to the world? It is hard to say."

"These merits, these contradictions, maybe it all mattered, or maybe none of it did, but when the man's life ended he was given something else." Jia Hyson swallows and clenches his fist again, "It was an opportunity. An opportunity to travel to different worlds and experience new lives. As long as he completed a few tasks in each world, he could continue his life in the most fantastical way."

Mr Garth listens to the story silently. His face didn't show it, but the words, no, the implications of the words, made his heart shake as if it was a ship in stormy seas. When his lover finished talking, the older vampire continued to be silent for another half a minute, staring deeply at the other. To be honest, he was unsure what to say, and even if he did know, he didn't know how to say it. 

Jia Hyson watches quietly back. Patient and expectant. 

Finally, Mr Garth breaks the silence, "Who are you?"

Jia Hyson smiles but doesn't answer his question. Instead, he puts his clenched hand into Mr Garth's large ones and unfurls his fingers, revealing the System Seed lying on his palm. It was a small, innocuous almond-shaped thing; at first glance, it was black in colour, but under the setting sun and twinkling lights fighting to be seen in the light, there was an iridescent shimmer that seemed to pulse inside with an unknown power. 

"I can't say… but I can give you the opportunity to find out."

Mr Garth's heart moved for a moment before he frowned slightly. Even if he had feelings of love, that didn't mean that there was blind trust. It wasn't that he wasn't tempted, but it sounded too strange even beyond his cognition, which has long accepted the various unique powers and abilities other vampires had.

It was true that Alaric, though that probably wasn't even his name, had changed a lot from before. However, Mr Garth had only thought it was maturity and experiencing some sort of life-changing event when the younger vampire was sent off on one of the Rong family's 'field trips'. Never would he have guessed it was a different person entirely. 

And this person.. what were these tasks mentioned? What was changed? Who was affected?

…Was what changed for the better? 

Mr Garth was not a simple-hearted man, and he had people he wanted to protect and family he still wished to accompany. Love was more beautiful than anything, but if it crossed onto one's morals and negatively affected others, then it was just a pretty poison that needed to be discarded as soon as its true face was revealed. 

Those who can throw everything away for the sake of love. Their job, family, friends, the things they worked for, the things they cherish, their pride and their self-worth- in one way, it can be said to be admirable to be this devoted, but Mr Garth disdained such a thing. If love was so great, it would be like water, flowing around the things you loved in harmony, reaching out to nourish rather than to drown. 

Some things can be sacrificed for love, but if you sacrifice too much, then it will be you that was the sacrifice swallowed up in the name of love in the end.

"I want some answers first," Mr Garth finally says after some struggle, "I don't want to jump into some hole just because you said it was safe." He looks into Jia Hyson's eyes seriously, "I fell for you, and maybe I am willing to fall in with you, but I need to understand where I'm going before I take that leap, understand?"

Jia Hyson pauses for a moment. 

Then he finally smiled a brilliant smile. "As expected of the man I love."

So Blue is Malaysian-Chinese who lives in Australia (not Sydney tho, but I have been to Melbourne) :0 but a lot of her life was in Singapore and often went on holidays in Indonesia (the scuba diving part is blue’s bits hehe), so tbh I’m pretty familiar with the vibe of Australia and Indonesia.

Korea though.. QAQ sorry I’m only into the food, I don’t watch kdrama and I only know the english songs of BTS, blue really didn’t hop onto the Korean wave and is too lazy to get into it now when I’m fully submerged in the BL world OwO. Anyway I actually had to do quite a bit more extensive research there, thankfully @hex, my happy reader helped me a bit so hopefully I did it some justice :D And also thanks @loreili for doing a quick beta read and vibe check kek

Blue hopes yall enjoyed these holiday chaps~ I hope you like Mr Garth’s response ah~ Personally I still want to bring up how there’s different loves and all of them in my opinion are still ‘love’ and just because your love for someone is not conforming to that all pure, true love, that doesn’t mean it isn’t love ah.

Sometimes you can truly love someone with your whole heart, but in the end you choose to leave simply because that person you love has external factors such as money, family, crazy exes etc. It’s not that you don’t love them, it’s just you also love yourself and understand you can’t handle the burdens that come with loving that person. And personally I think that perfectly understandable. Will people think you’re cruel or shallow or greedy for money? Probably, but they’re not the ones paying with their time and health for others, so why do they deserve to put their two cents down ah~

Anyway that’s enough of blue’s rambling, hope y’all have a nice time. Till we meet again oh~

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