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Re-entering the living room, Jia Hyson saw Mr Garth talking on the phone in an annoyed voice. His free hand was itching, most likely tempted to light a cigarette which can be seen from the floating cancer sticks and lighter hovering teasingly around, circling like the moon to the earth. Jia Hyson shakes his head, stuffs the System Seed in his pants pocket, and trots over to grab a floating cigarette and the lighter. 

Usually, it wouldn't be so easy to do such a thing, but Mr Garth, who saw him coming immediately lowered the force value of his power with a smile before focusing back on the conversation, his gentle expression turning grumpy and serious immediately. Thanks to this, under Alaric's delicate hands, taking the items took as much effort as picking grapes from a bunch. 

"-what are you talking about? Are you stupid Daniels? Of course you should be discreet about it. Otherwise, what?" Mr Garth rubs his forehead tiredly, "Oh god, don't fucking cry. No, I'm not calling you an idiot, I'm implying you are- oh come on!" 

Jia Hyson's mouth twitches as he tries to hold back his laughter. With the cigarette and lighter in hand, he lights the white stick up and wags the smoking cancer stick at the older vampire like he was showing off a doggy treat to a puppy. Mr Garth raises his brow as he continues talking and opens his hand out expectantly.

Playfully Jia Hyson reaches out to hand the cigarette over, only to quickly take it away with a flirty wink. Slowly he moves the cigarette to his mouth as if interested in trying the habit himself. 

Mr Garth rolls his eyes and suddenly an invisible pressure lightly curls around Jia Hyson's fingers, pulling them gently apart as the freed cigarette floats away and into Mr Garth's mouth. The gruff man inhales the nicotine filled smoke before pulling the cancer stick out of his mouth and exhaling. Using his powers, he makes a flicking motion with his hand at the younger vampire as if he was splashing water one-handedly at him, directing the smoke to aim at Alaric's face making his blue eyes scrunch up as he splutters and coughs. 

Chuckling under his breath, Mr Garth dissipates the smoke with a wave of his hand before the other could become too uncomfortable. Seeing that Alaric was not too affected by his little 'prank,' he takes another deep breath of the cigarette. "Huh? What?" Mr Garth frowns, "No Daniels, I wasn't laughing at you. Unlike you I have a date right now- what do you mean that's not okay? Last time I fucking checked I never made any agreement with your lonely unused dick… Look, this isn't the fucking point. You have the list, start with those in the enforcement group first, they're the most suspicious to me."

Jia Hyson watches Mr Garth pace around for a bit longer until he sees the other may be a bit preoccupied for a few minutes longer. Not wanting to pester him when he's working, he scampers to go get his laptop to play with on the couch. Currently, he was writing a slice of life story titled, Just Like Other Girls. It was about a young female protagonist who is truly 'just your average girl' facing the problems of mediocrity and depression, as she tries to find a way to stand out only to constantly find herself always in the middle. 

This story, similar to Defining My Brother, starts off lighthearted and comedic, attracting many female and even a few male readers toward this relatable and witty protagonist. However unlike Defining My Brother, which takes a sudden cruel turn, the depressive themes slowly seep into the fun story like a cancer, the signs are there, and there may be a faint sense of something wrong but by the time the true face is shown it is too late and the emotional connection is too deep. 

At this point, the story was fifty-six chapters in and had already revealed the author's cruel fangs that bit at every reader's hearts, forcing them to bleed over each new development and pain. Opening the story he can see many readers clamouring angrily in the latest chapter comments, making Jia Hyson smile widely. 

After writing a few hundred words for his newest chapter, as well as a few words for some of his other unfinished stories he has on the sidelines, he chose to take a short break to answer one of the most popular comments in that latest chapter.


[ShiningGreenTea (Reply to GreenTeaIsSaltyWithMyTears): Well, life is indeed tragedy ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ]

Thinking of the subsequent reactions of his fans after this, Jia Hyson chuckles under his breath with delight. 

"What's so funny, brat?" Jia Hyson can feel the couch dip as Mr Garth falls onto the seat pillow next to his, a muscular arm casually draping behind him. Before he could pull his eyes away from the screen, his cup of tea floats in front of him. "Also, drink it before it gets too cold." Mr Garth commands gruffly. "If you need a top up I've already put the kettle on again."

Unable to suppress his smile, Jia Hyson takes the warm cup and sips it. "Thanks." He murmurs as he leans back against the other's broad chest, the warm smell of smoke and coffee embracing him as Mr Garth's arm lightly curls around his body supportively. "It's not a big deal, just looking at some comments, you can take a look if you want though." He offers. Mr Garth knows of his crossdressing blog and even helps with the camerawork sometimes, it wasn't a stretch to also show him his writings. 

With the younger vampire's permission, Mr Garth levitates the laptop from Jia Hyson's lap and lifts it so he and Jia Hyson could easily see the screen together in their current positions. Fortunately as vampires they both had impeccable eyesight so there was no large problems even if the laptop was moved a bit further away from them. Taking a glance, Mr Garth laughs softly and lightly knocks the top of the other's head, "Naughty brat. Aren't you afraid your fans would leave you?"

"Eh," Jia Hyson shrugs as he takes another sip of his tea. Seeing this, Mr Garth subconsciously mirrors the action and took a sip of his own coffee, savouring the sweet, earthy taste of the drink, and the even sweeter vampire cuddling against him. "This is just for fun, it's not like I'm writing very seriously for money."

"Speaking of serious," The more petite vampire glances up at Mr Garth, blinking his bright blue, slanted eyes up at him curiously, "What were you talking about with Daniels?" Just like how the older vampire knows all of Jia Hyson's hobbies and some of his academy life, Jia Hyson knows quite a bit about his work as well. 

Mr Garth scratches his slightly unshaven chin, "To be honest I shouldn't be saying this.."

Jia Hyson smiles understandingly, "I don't mind, say whatever you feel comfortable with ah." He didn't press further, after all he was never the type who had to pry unnecessarily. 

Some things just can't be shared due to professional ethics, standards, and even security reasons, so Jia Hyson didn't feel too hurt if anyone, including Mr Garth didn't want to say anything detailed about their work. It wasn't a matter of trust between two people but a matter of their own personal values. Of course, if they did, Jia Hyson wouldn't feel guilty about listening to all the juicy gossip and participating in speculating in the drama either. 

After a moment, Mr Garth must have decided it was fine to say and lights another two cigarettes. "It's just Daniels being reluctant to scope out the higher ups in the council and such." Mr Garth sighs as he takes a puff on his two new cigarettes, "To be honest I don't blame him, if we get caught, even the lowest ranked person in the organisation could make our long lives incredibly difficult to live with."

Jia Hyson also frowns and touches the other's arm that was wrapped around him, caressing the other's muscles before sliding his fingers into Mr Garth's larger ones, squeezing them sympathetically. 

The council was essentially the larger government body that oversaw all the covens. It was essentially a very overpowered UN, with representatives from every coven, as well as vampires that belong to neutral organizations such as St Lailah's Academy, the Historians, the Judicial System, and the Law Enforcement. Because of the idea the vampires of neutral organizations had less connection to their covens and thus less biased to large scale things, they had a lot more weight in society and were considered the leaders of the Council, and therefore indirectly all vampires. 

Of course, this was quite flawed, after all, it was impossible to be completely unbiased, and even vampires could not escape the corruption that comes from bribery and nepotism. Neutral organizations had overtime become like their own coven, one with a lot of connections to other covens. However, vampires with their longer lifespans were more utilitarian and were generally long-sighted, so there was rarely a large enough disturbance to provoke huge dissatisfaction with this system until now. 

Other than sneaking a few family members into some jobs or secretly supporting a bit of vigilante justice, most vampires in power dare not go too far. The vampires they bring in were competent and could not drag down their hind legs, and their support of illegal justice was often done very passively and could only be worth a minor infraction if caught. This is simply because, unlike human politics, vampires still retain some archaic aspects of leadership they believe work well. Such as, well, justified murder of individuals with power deemed unfit as leaders. 

This rule, among others that advocate a violent means against tyranny and other such crimes, is very useful given the abilities of vampires. For humans, they are at a disadvantage against fighting this sort of thing, mainly because the more powerful party would have access to stronger firepower and soldiers. However, vampires have abilities, which is both a destabiliser and an equaliser to the status quo. 

Most vampires will have leaders with charisma and some level of competence, and this allows vampires with poorer abilities to have a chance at getting some power via politics. However it is because of this, they need the support of the group they have been elected for otherwise it is very easy for them to be pulled down from the pedestal by the majority. 

As for those leaders who come in with strong abilities- aren't there many other vampires out there that are stronger? Not to mention the covens watching from the sidelines willing to help out and beat the shit out of them too if they weren't happy either. So there's a general consensus that if anyone's ability to lead a neutral organisation sucked ass, with tangible proof and evidence of course, it was perfectly fine to fight them in order to kick them out of power. And then maybe kick them again. For funsies. 

Therefore it was fairly rare for anyone to be blatantly incompetent or evil for an extended period of time, there are still many cases of ambitious vampires trying to do so. Usually in the form of a big sudden plan to catch people off guard, similar to the Eclipse Coven's whole 'Summon Ancient Evil Vampire God' scheme, which lurks beneath notice until every piece was set in place. This is where the importance of the Law Enforcement sector and all the coven's monitoring and patrols come in, to try to fish up any hints of potential big problems lurking under their nose and hiding from their awareness. 

Jia Hyson knows Mr Garth's direction was correct, after all Count Vericus is the head of Law Enforcement, and the vampire, he also suspects to have taken part in various things behind the scenes, as for a motive, Jia Hyson isn't sure himself. However he also knows sometimes the correct direction is the most dangerous one. 

To be honest, it would be best if the other could get to the truth as fast as possible lest the time he wastes investigating the wrong suspects will be time the true criminal can use to cover his tracks once they find something wrong. But logically Jia Hyson shouldn't know the details, he has no proof, and no valid reasoning to immediately direct Mr Garth to check Count Vericus who is considered an upstanding, respected and stern vampire. Not only is his reputation good, but the difficulty to investigate him would make anyone reluctant to try. After all he was the head of Law Enforcement for a reason. 

"If this is about the human experimentation case, I think the neutral organisations must be the most suspicious right?" Jia Hyson lightly gives his opinion, as if just making a very casual deduction out of curiosity. "I would say the Law Enforcement group would be the first ones to look at, didn't Count Vericus get a new wife or something? It was pretty scandalous, some bar hostess I believe. For such a respectable elder, it does make you wonder…"

Mr Garth's eyes flicker, and he puffs on his cigarettes thoughtfully, "You're right. I was too busy looking at it from a professional standpoint I didn't pay attention to the gossip aspect. No matter how you see it, his action is a bit too strange." He ruffles Jia Hyson's hair before taking out the cancer sticks from his mouth in order to kiss the top of his affectionately, "Not bad, brat."

"Hehe," Jia Hyson pinches the other shyly, "I'm smarter than I look then?" He fishes for praise.

"Very much so," Mr Garth agrees amusedly, indulgently going with what Jia Hyson obviously wanted to hear, "Which is very difficult because you always look like a little genius." 

"What does a genius even look like?" Jia Hyson laughs softly, but he was deeply pleased by the clumsy compliment nonetheless. 

"Of course, I know." The older vampire stubbornly says before giving the other another soft kiss, "They look like you."

"Such a sweet talker," Nuzzling into the other's chest like a clingy cat, Jia Hyson hums with satisfaction. Mr Garth also hugs him tighter with one arm, while the other touches and caresses the vampire's body with greedy and tender movements. While a part of it was lust, Jia Hyson can feel the patience and simple care from the actions as well, just content with touching for the sake of touching, making his heart feel a little sweet. 

At this moment the door to his dorm room was knocked on, breaking up their intimate moment together. With their enhanced hearing, they can easily hear someone murmur a soft announcement for "Delivery." as well as the rustle of things being placed on the ground. Glancing at Mr Garth inquisitively, he shrugs helplessly. "I ordered some food.. shall we?"

Absentmindedly Jia Hyson touches the System Seed in his pants pocket before nodding. Now that he had this seed there was a sense of assurance, and he no longer felt a strong sense of anxiousness or confusion. However he still needed worry about finding a good time to give Mr Garth this item, as well as how much he should explain. After all, in the last world he could tell Tang Muxin, the protagonist he was a transmigrator but this was inherently different as he was not explicitly legally allowed to give out any detailed secrets of his system-host status. 

Of course, it wasn't impossible to just lie and make up a whole different system story very similar to his current situation, but it was a very exhausting option to constantly thread that loophole line. Not to mention if.. when Mr Garth did succeed into becoming a host, wouldn't it be quite confusing for him parsing through which information was true and which information was false. Especially since Jia Hyson also had no idea what sort of system Mr Garth would end up with as well. 

Despite not having met for a long period of time, their tacit understanding was good. Jia Hyson went to the kitchen to get some basic plates and utensils out and Mr Garth strolls to the door to pick up the delivery. 

"What did you get?" Jia Hyson raises his voice as he stares between chopsticks and the usual fork and knives. 

"Chinese hand pulled noodles* from the Hopping Vampire*, I got three Lanzhou Beef Noodle Soups,** one spicy with thin noodles, and two medium spice, flat noodles, all three with the chilli-addict blood sauce." Mr Garth replies back as he carries the packages in his arms. The packaging was very cute and had yellow talismans with the name of the eatery written on it in red, which was used to tape the lids and containers together. "Also the third bowl is for Prince Rigel, but I bought extra pork dumplings just in case you felt greedy." He adds. 

*Chinese vampire mythology is very different to western myths and are known as Jiangshi or Chinese Hopping vampire, which is more reanimated corpse/zombie then it's own species. Jiangshi has the name because they are believed to be so stiff they can't move their joints etc so they can only move by hopping with their arms outstretched.

**I suggest googling it but essentially it's a noodle soup dish with beef slices, a clear broth, Chinese radish slices, cilantro and scallion, deep red chili oil, and chewy handmade noodles (兰州拉面, lanzhou lamian). Oh god, this author is sick and had to turn down a noodle dumpling date with a friend *sobs*.

Upon hearing this, Jia Hyson's eyes light up and immediately he grabs the appropriate cutlery, "Ah, it's been a while since I've had their noodles! I've been craving it for a while, how did you know?"

"You mentioned it when we were messaging a while back," Mr Garth places the containers on the table, taking off the talisman stickers and the lids off, filling the room with a spicy and aromatically rich scent that made people subconsciously swallow their saliva. For humans they would undeniably sense something is wrong with an added coppery taste in the air mixed among the other scents, that was due to the blood mixed into the dishes, but for vampires, it only added to their appetite. "I'm surprised Hopping Vampire has not only stuck around but become quite busy though."

Mr Garth wasn't very familiar with what was good around St Lailah's Academy, but as a former student himself he still had a few numbers from the older shops that he was sure hadn't closed down due to their good food and popularity. 

Hopping Vampire had springy noodles and deliciously flavourful broth so even though Asian food during his time as a student was very unpopular, there was still a few loyal customers that allowed the little stall to keep afloat. When he called though, he was pleasantly surprised to hear from the owner how they had expanded into a proper shop now, with pretty good business especially during the winter season. 

"Humans have started to accept more international foods here," Jia Hyson explains as he comes over to also help set up the table. "The campus cuisine is no longer so dominated by western food like it probably had been in your time old man." Jia Hyson smiles cheekily, only to get a flick on his forehead in return. 

"Hmph," Mr Garth uses his powers to pour all the noodles into large bowls while simultaneously bringing out the water jug from the kitchen, "I suppose it also helps that the number of turned vampires have also increased in racial variety too huh?"

"Yes, well, that too." Jia Hyson agrees, "Not that I have a problem with it but we'll probably have to look into overcrowding issues if the rate of turnings continue like this. Our current solutions aren't bad but there's a limit, in my opinion ah."

Turned vampires who were not so strong or with particularly amazing abilities had the advantage here of being born in more innovative times and were more accepting of 'trivial' jobs, so most of these smaller vampire businesses were run by them. There was even a fund for turned vampires, further encouraging this path. Of course the problem with this though was there was inevitably a lot of competition and turnover in the limited vampire-rich areas, especially for newer businesses that had to fight for the leftover attention that hadn't been taken from already well-established ones. 

With more turnings and no increased assigned space, plus the inherent racial discrimination more rooted in recently turned vampires, meant that the disputes between turned vampires were getting larger and larger. And since noble vampires didn't like paying attention to the turned vampires so much, there was quite a bit of blind eyes toward the rising turned vampire death toll. This in turn, causes an even larger gap between the two groups of vampires. Fortunately, it really wasn't Jia Hyson's problem, but that didn't mean he couldn't help but observe it.

As they eat the takeaway, the pair chat about everything and nothing, the conversation flowing easily like their previous time apart had never existed. As they're finishing, Mr Garth suddenly remembered something. "That reminds me, I haven't seen your Jasmine blog this week. You posted something recently right?"

Jia Hyson blinks before his mouth twitches, and he coughs awkwardly, "Well." He says for better lack of anything else to say. 

Suspicious, Mr Garth glances at him with a raised eyebrow before summoning Jia Hyson's laptop which was already opened nearby. "May I?"

Jia Hyson waves him to go ahead as he shiftily looks away as he drinks a glass of water. 

Seeing such a reaction, Mr Garth was even more curious and opens up Jasmine's blog and scrolls to find the most recent post.

And then falls silent as he sees Alaric and a very familiar blonde vampire with an eyepatch all dolled up and cutely posing together. 

"Is that-?" 





"…Did you also-?"

"I didn't go all the way but.. Yes."

Silence settles for a second longer before it was immediately followed by muffled laughter that grew louder and more uncontrollable over time. Mr Garth tries to cover his mouth but it was impossible to hide his wide grin and mirth, Jia Hyson couldn't help but stare at him a little entranced by such an appearance. Wiping a tear from his eye, the older vampire chuckles and shakes his head helplessly as he looks back at Jia Hyson with warmth in his eyes. "You, you're so ridiculous sometimes, I really love you."

Jia Hyson stiffens, and the hoarse chuckles that kept escaping abruptly stops as Mr Garth realised what he had said. 

"I'm sorry, ahem, I shouldn't have said that." Mr Garth coughs, "We, I, that was inappropriate of me."

Feeling something heavy in his chest Jia Hyson felt it was too difficult to push out words from his mouth. His usually skilled tongue felt sluggish, a thing he seemed to experience repeatedly around the other vampire. 

With the prolonged silence, Mr Garth must've panicked and began to try to fill it a little desperately, stuttering and repeating words in a very embarrassed manner. "I, you, really, I didn't mean it, it was a very casual thing, you know how the youth nowadays are always flinging out the love word so easily nowadays. Yes, yes, really, it really, uh, really has caused the term 'I love you' to really lose a lot of weight and meaning."

"Well… I guess I'm more old-fashioned in that aspect." Jia Hyson slowly says with lowered eyes, "I.. I don't, well, love is a very heavy word I think, for me."

"Right.." Mr Garth says a little disappointedly as he pulls back, silently he curses himself. They weren't even in a proper relationship now, and their current status was all in order for the younger vampire to not become bored or resentful by being chained down so early. No pressure. No stress. Just enjoying each other's presence. He knew that, but a part of him was simply too impatient to bear it, and he had let that part of him get the best of him today.

However as he pulls away, Mr Garth was surprised to find Alaric's soft hands grabbing his. 

"..As I said," The younger vampire's voice was soft and unsteady, trembling from nervousness, excitement and maybe even a trace of fear. "I think love is quite a heavy word. But…" Blue eyes look up to face Mr Garth, wide and a little red-rimmed as they shine with emotion, "I… I think.. I think I am willing to carry that weight for you… maybe." 

"Alaric.." Mr Garth's voice turns hoarse.

"Darrian, I-I-I-" Alaric's pale face was as flushed as it could be for a vampire. Mr Garth could feel how hard he was shaking from his hands, shyness and embarrassment easily seen emanating from the other and Mr Garth's heart had long melted into a puddle since Alaric's hands had grabbed his own. 

Seeing the usually proactive younger vampire so timid, Mr Garth was overcome by the intense desire to see more of his abashed appearance even more. Now that Alaric had got the courage to say what he said, it was only polite as the older one to take the lead now, right?

Eagerly, Mr Garth floats Alaric into his lap and kisses the other passionately, making the other softly gasp in surprise before he too quickly melts into it with great enthusiasm. The pair hold each other close, hands moving everywhere, wanting to touch as much as they could touch, hungry for each other's warmth and affirmations. 

Once the paper wall between them had been pierced, it was like a dam had broken and all their repressed feelings rushed out. Jia Hyson practically rips off the older vampire's shirt, kissing the other's neck before trying to trial down further, restlessly wanting to taste Darrian's hard and throbbing cock and use his mouth to express his infatuation in ways that didn't require words. However, it seems the telekinetic vampire had other plans as before Jia Hyson could even make it past the collarbone, Mr Garth pulls his head back gently but forcefully, dark brown eyes dilated with lust.

"Sorry, brat," He roughly growls into Jia Hyson's ear, "But I don't think I can wait."

Jia Hyson's dick twitches in his pants, pre-cum already dripping from the previous kiss and now Darrian's throaty voice strained with desire was not helping matters much either. "It seems, hah, I also can't wait." He admits breathily.

It was at these times, Mr Garth's telekinetic abilities were incredibly useful. Pushing Jia Hyson's pants down and zipping open his fly, Darrian exposes both his hard erection and also the ice-wielding vampire's most vulnerable, private places. Stroking Jia Hyson's slutty cock that was wet and leaking in excitement, Darrian chuckles lowly, using the slick from there to lubricate his own dick that was faring not much better. "You're, mhmm, so wet." He murmurs. 

"Nhgnm.. Just, ah, for you, darling~" Jia Hyson grins as he grinds his body against the other's. 

"Adorable," Darrian kisses the sensitive spot behind Jia Hyson's ear, causing him to shudder and sigh in pleasure, "I really can't hold myself back, do you think-?"

"Didn't I, ah, already say it?" Jia Hyson kisses the man's mouth, their lips warmed by the spice of the noodles but the taste was incredibly sweet in their hearts, "I can't wait either."

"God, I don't deserve you." The older vampire laughs before he grabs his lover's hips and lifts them up, positioning him right above his hard shaft, and teasingly letting Jia Hyson's twitching hole rub against the tip of his cock.

"P-please," Jia Hyson was so incredibly horny, feeling the hot head of Darrian's cock slide against him like that, he really couldn't bear it. "I mhnn, Darrian, fuck me, I, hah, give it to me, I want you- ah!"

Throwing his head back, he gasps and moans incoherently as he's dropped down while Darrian thrusts his hips up, completely hitting his unprepared prostate and making him immediately ejaculate from the pain and pleasure. 

"So fast?" Darrian peppers Jia Hyson's twitching body with kisses a little apologetically, but Jia Hyson could feel the smirk pressed into his body each time. "Naughty brat."

"B-bahstard-!" Jia Hyson gasps out with tears in his eyes but his flushed and erotic expression completely betrayed how excited he truly was. 

"Your bastard." The other smiles a little sadistically, relishing as the tight feeling of Alaric's body and the way Alaric's expression contorts in almost masochistic delight as tears fall from his eyes. Such a lewd sight was nearly maddening, and Darrian who hadn't cum yet began to move his hips, sliding his dick in and out of the spasming hole that still hadn't recovered from the rush of stimulation from before.

"Wu… wait.." Jia Hyson groans, his dick already hardening again, overstimulated body still craving each spark of pleasure despite being so sensitive it was almost unbearable. 

"Are you sure?" Darrian suddenly thrusts deep inside him, causing the lithe body underneath to jerk as if electrocuted, back curving and toes curling as Jia Hyson whines softly while his hole clenches against the hot pillar fucking him greedily. "But don't you want to feel so good you lose control?" He temptingly entices. Suddenly an invisible and familiar pressure grips Jia Hyson's dick making his bright blue eyes widen and breathing increase rapidly in anticipatory desire and shame. 

"Well?" The older vampire uses his powers to slowly stroke the other's wanton cock, twisting the pressure lightly just underneath the head where the younger vampire was more sensitive to. As he does this, he grinds his dick against Alaric, pushing the smaller vampire's body further down on his lap, knowing he was hitting the other's prostate and rubbing against his sensitive inner walls, assaulting him with pleasure on both ends.

"N-no.." Jia Hyson whimpers in humiliation, but he taps the man's left forearm four times, their codeword to keep going with the play. Darrian's smile becomes wider and his eyes turn red in his carnal hunger. 

"Oh~" He draws out as he begins to pick up the pace, both in stroking Alaric's lewd and twitching pillar and fucking up into the other's body relentlessly. "What a shame, at least, mnhn, your body is more, hah, honest."

"Ah, nhmm," Jia Hyson gasps and moans, eyes wet with tears, "I, I'm close again."

"Me too.." Darrian grunts, before sliding his hands up the younger vampire's back and pulling the other toward him for a deep kiss full of heat. Hugging the other's neck, Jia Hyson opens his mouth and accepts the kiss, their tongues entangling and sending sparks with every touch, like tiny fireworks in their mouths. 

It didn't take long before they came, groaning into each other's mouths as their bodies chased the sensation of tipping over the edge together. Darrian temporarily lost control of his power, using it to push his lover down and against his body, allowing his dick to spill his seed as deep as possible, while a sobbing and panting Alaric's body shook and clenches, his insides milking his shaft hungrily. 

Meanwhile Jia Hyson who was being attacked on both ends was trying to clench his trembling legs as he came again and again, the invisible pressure on his dick continuing to stroke him at an absurdly fast pace making him lose control again and again. "Darri-ah- stop it- nghnmm, I can't, I- ah, ah-!" 

Darrian kisses him sweetly as Jia Hyson suddenly leans back and shudders from another orgasm, drool and tears messing his beautiful face in the most vulgar yet sensual way. "I promised to make a mess of you, brat." He murmurs, "Don't worry, just one more, can you do that for me, babe?"

"Wu…" Jia Hyson sobs but nods, "B-but, I want, mmhm, your hand.. pleashe..."

Heart melting, how could Darrian say no to that? He releases the invisible pressure and Jia Hyson sharply gasps as the rougher and more tangible feeling of the older vampire's hands grip his now hypersensitive and overstimulated dick. As Darrian begins to stroke him harder and faster, Jia Hyson was practically biting the other's shoulder, fangs piercing through the skin as he cries and writhes under the intense stimulation. "Ah.. no, wait… something, something's coming, no.. ah, fuck, ahh!"

Jia Hyson was practically incoherent, eyes rolling back for a moment as he came for the last time, squirting a transparent fluid messily onto both himself and Darrian, soiling them both. Humiliated but aroused beyond belief, Jia Hyson cries in shame as his dick, which felt practically broken by now, continued to release the liquid, "D-don't look.. no…" He groans. 

"That was so hot," Darrian assures, kissing him on the lips softly, "It was gorgeous, I loved it. Now let's get us cleaned up shall we?" He waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Jia Hyson weakly slaps his arm, "If you, hah, if you touch my dick anymore tonight I'll actually kill you."

"If you kill me whose going to get you to bed? Do you think you can walk there yourself?"

"…Just take me to get clean ah."

"Hey, Alaric, I heard you left class early, was there somethin-" Prince Rigel opens the door and enters the dormitory only to stare in disbelief at the sight before him. His eye flickering between silver and red as he grips the now deformed handle of a small cardboard box filled with cake from Alaric's current favourite bakery. "Who.. the fuck is this?"



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