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"Darrian?" Jia Hyson slurs out.

Mr Garth frowns at the reaction. Peering closely, he notes Jia Hyson's glazed and slightly unfocused appearance. "You…" He immediately whips his head around and glares at Prince Silas. Prince Silas stares gloomily back as he slowly stands up, chairs and desks clattering as he shoves them away. "What did you do to him?"

"Nothing much," Prince Silas replies coldly, too lazy to elaborate on a love rival. 

"Your Highness, with all due respect, it sure looks like you've fucking dru-" Mr Garth, who was readying to attack the younger vampire in anger, stopped mid-sentence as a soft and limp body leans against him.

"Don't.." Jia Hyson nuzzles into Mr Garth's much broader, muscular chest, "Take me back, please."

Mr Garth understood Alaric most likely did this to stop him from fighting and causing unnecessary backlash from the elders as a consequence. Still, he couldn't deny his heart softening at the intimate and dependent action. 

"Fine." He grunts, standing up and directly ignoring his prince in favour of using his power to lift the more petite vampire up and into his arms. "Let's go to your room first, then, can you tell me where it is? This place is huge."

Jia Hyson chuckles softly, "Yeah, yeah, don't worry; once you get us out of the building, it's pretty easy."

"I can do that, at least," Mr Garth walks out of the classroom. Seeing the red and yellow-haired punk staring at him with a rather irritated and gloomy expression, similar to Prince Silas', the older vampire pauses. "Sorry, brat, as you can see, I have a situation at hand. Pretty sure your class is around here somewhere, though. That pervert- uh, I mean, the silver-haired brat in here may not look like it, but he's the student council president or something. He can help you out."

Curious at who he was talking to and reminded that another party had seen him and Prince Silas, Jia Hyson peered around Mr Garth's shoulder in curiosity. Now that he was separated from the Golden Rose crown prince, he was slowly sobering up again, and his blue eyes were bright and shining with unshed tears. His pale face was flushed pink, and the rims of his eyes were reddened, highlighting the blueness of his eyes even further, as well as serving to make him look pitiful and fragile. 

Kylan Laframboise's mouth turns dry at the sight. The young man was so beautiful. Most importantly, it was almost exactly the same face as in his memories, one that haunted his dreams and was the face that starred all over the crossdressing blog he now almost religiously followed. Immediately, Kylan became very excited. Still, he could only awkwardly watch as the rough and rugged old man carried the other further away from his sight.

It was her! Him! It was Jasmine!

'Host, that was Kylan Laframboise.' Bebe piped up in Jia Hyson's head.

Jia Hyson groans audibly. 

Of course, he was. He hadn't even sorted out Silas, and somehow Kylan had entered the game earlier than expected. Wasn't he supposed to come at the start of next year? Then the female lead, Jessica Fang, would enter the year after, starting the plot of the second book of the series. That meant there were still over one and a half years before the story began. Can Jia Hyson really stabilise some sort of stalemate till then? He got a headache just thinking about it, and his favourability for Kylan, the little stray puppy in his memories, immediately plummeted in response. 

Unhelpful people were annoying people. 

Mr Garth, mistaking the groaning sound for discomfort, strokes his back quietly as he walks down the hall. Moved, Jia Hyson nuzzles his face against the other's neck affectionately like a kitten, "Thanks, Darrian." He murmurs, enjoying the look of embarrassment on the older vampire's face.

Because it was still during school hours, the halls and the courtyards were practically empty. It was easy for Mr Garth, under Jia Hyson's instructions, to quickly find the way to the dorms. Entering the room, Mr Garth sees the large couch and uses his power to gently float Jia Hyson there. "I'll get a wet towel to wipe you down. Do you want some juice and some food? Or tea?"

Seeing how the other was pampering him, Jia Hyson really didn't have the face to let him continue, especially given this was his dormitory, and Mr Garth was a guest who had never been here before. Even if he liked to act a bit spoiled and needy with the older vampire, it wasn't to such an unreasonable extent. 

Sitting up, he awkwardly smiles, "There's no need. I'm actually much better, ah." Seeing Mr Garth really intending to go find where everything is, Jia Hyson felt embarrassed and panicked. His good manners really couldn't allow someone he felt admiration and affection for to do this, especially when they were in such an ambiguous unconfirmed relationship.

Bebe: 'What about Sefu?'

Jia Hyson: 'That's inherently different. He was my servant ah.'

Sefu: Coughsblood.jpeg 

"Then, at least let me get a towel for you." Mr Garth says stubbornly as he walks over to the sitting vampire, touching Jia Hyson's head with faint distress, "If you want, then I would appreciate some coffee and biscuits then."

"Mm." Jia Hyson nods, agreeing to the compromise. He points to where the bathroom would be and also does his part of getting up and putter around the kitchen. 

Mr Garth was predisposed to headaches due to his powers, so not only does he smoke but also enjoys strong doses of caffeine, which has vasoconstrictive* properties. During a headache, blood vessels go through changes like swelling or tightening that produce increased blood flow around the brain, putting pressure on the surrounding nerves. This pressure sends pain messages to the brain that causes headaches, so by using caffeine, the blood vessels will 'tighten' and reduce that blood flow to the brain relieving this pain.

*vasoconstrictive properties: meaning that blood vessels narrow 

In light of this, Jia Hyson doesn't hesitate to put a more concentrated brew for Mr Garth while also adding a sweetener to improve the bitter taste like how he prefers. He also puts out a small plate of strong pain medication, triple the recommended dosage for a human. Caffeine taken in combination with these can increase the absorption and strength of the medication to provide even faster relief, and with their vampiric constitution, just a regular dose really won't cut it. 

Of course, if caffeine is consumed regularly, then the body will become consequently dependent on its effects and adjust to this state, so if one stopped taking caffeine regularly, there would be a backlash. The blood vessels that have been suppressed by the caffeine will enlarge and increase the blood flow again, triggering a caffeine withdrawal headache. These withdrawal headaches can last for a couple of weeks as the body adjusts to the lack of regular caffeine input. However, since they were all vampires, the negative effects of caffeine didn't apply to them as much. Therefore like smoking, Mr Garth just chose to never go into withdrawal. 

Alongside the medication, Jia Hyson also added some gingersnap biscuits and other snacks while he boiled some hot water for his own cup of tea. 

"You look like a good little wife." The gruff voice of Mr Garth comments good-humouredly. Jia Hyson laughs as he passes the steaming cup of strong coffee to the older vampire. 

"It's really too bad I didn't put on an apron; add to the look and all." He jokes.

"Your appearance value makes up for your lack of theme," Mr Garth comments fake-seriously, "I believe you still have a chance to pass the test. It all depends on your subsequent performance." He takes a sip of his coffee, and Mr Garth's eyes warm up, "If it's good as this coffee, I think there is no problem, though."

"Tsk tsk," Jia Hyson clicks his tongue as he pours freshly boiled water into his own cup with a cute yellow little teabag inside. Lightly kissing a finger he wags it at the other vampire, the faint mist of his magic following after it like a little puppy before he touches the hot tea and activates his power. 

A thin sheet of ice quickly forms on the surface before just as quickly melting, producing a drink with a more comfortable temperature for drinking. "You dare say all this with a straight face when you're holding a little wet hand towel to wipe my forehead with. Between you and me, I think you make an even cuter wife." Jia Hyson winks flirtatiously as he sips his drink.

Mr Garth ruffles the other's hair before playfully shoving his head away from him. "You are such a brat." He scolds affectionately. 

Jia Hyson smiles and sips his tea before frowning as he absentmindedly touches his forehead. The strange powder power of Prince Silas' was really amazing. Even if he was away from the other man, Jia Hyson found there was still a yearning feeling and a heat that simmered inside himself that still hadn't gone away. 

While it wasn't as strong, it was particularly annoying, like hearing the buzzing of a fly that didn't exist in the room. While he was fairly sure that the effects would fade away in a few minutes, if such a power was strengthened so even the side effects would last longer, it would be completely impossible to not run back to Prince Silas out of the sheer need for the itch to be scratched. 

Such a power was truly insidious. Jia Hyson clicks his tongue annoyed. He really doesn't believe he won't be able to resist Prince Silas forever with such a powerful chain binding himself to him. Especially considering he was truly a weak man to pleasure and a curious one to sex. If that's the case, it may be better to take the initiative for the first time. There's no real benefit to doing so, but if he was going to fall, he might as well do it on his own terms. 

Besides, if he attacks first, maybe he could… kek; Prince Silas should still be a virgin, and it wouldn't be bad to reduce him to tears. It would even be better to see him visibly squirming underneath him and shamefully begging for Jia Hyson to slow down as he rides him hard, his untouched cock wet and overstimulated as he's forced to ejaculate over and over- 

"You're warm." The back of Mr Garth's hand was a little rough against his smooth and heated forehead, but it was enough to snap Jia Hyson out of his daze. "Hey, let's go back to the couch. I'll cool your forehead." Before Jia Hyson could respond, Mr Garth snaps his fingers and lifted the younger vampire up and gently drops the other with his powers once more, bringing their drinks and the snacks over at the same time. 

Sitting on the couch, he pats his thighs and Jia Hyson, who is still familiar with their habits together, immediately crawls over and adjusts himself so his head can comfortably lay on the other's lap. The smell of smoke and Mr Garth's natural, masculine scent was stronger now that he was physically closer to the chain-smoking vampire, and any previous lusting over Prince Silas seemed to have nearly vanished. 

Jia Hyson can't help his body from trying to curl around the older vampire, taking comfort in him and burying his face in the other's stomach, rubbing his stomach and lower abs with his face adoringly. Mr Garth's breath hitches at the ticklish and intimate action, and he gently but firmly pushes the other's head away so Alaric faces the ceiling instead. 

"You-" Mr Garth leans over and lightly flicks the other's forehead, making the younger vampire's blue eyes crinkle and soft lips pout. The older vampire helplessly chuckles. "Don't do that; I really haven't slept with anyone since we last met. If you keep going, you won't be allowed to blame me if anything happens."

Knowing how high Mr Garth's libido was, Jia Hyson was a bit stunned when he heard that. "You haven't slept with anyone else since we met?" He asks a bit incredulously. "Are you okay?" Mr Garth slept with people, not just because his sex drive was high but also because it was a way to help with his headaches. 

Mr Garth's gaze shifts. "It's fine. Don't worry about it. Work was just a little too hectic these days, which was why it became this way." The gruff vampire sighs heavily, "It's really not important right now though, we should be talking about what's with you and Prince Silas."

Jia Hyson's EQ was not low, and he immediately understood it was because of himself that Mr Garth was like this. He was both angry, distressed, ashamed and a little happy at the same time. Angry and distressed because Mr Garth chose to refrain and suffer despite them both agreeing it was fine to sleep with others and that they were not a couple in any official capacity, ashamed because he did sleep with others, and a little happy because… It wasn't important. It needs to not be important. 

Bebe, who has been silent for a while, tentatively speaks up, 'Host, Bebe tried to bring it up a while back, but there is this item-'

'We'll talk about it later.' Jia Hyson interrupts, 'Right now it's better to think about how to explain the situation.'

To help with his task, it's better to hint that something is wrong but be ambiguous and vague about the entire thing in order to give him more leeway in the future for the path he takes, whether he will take the road of villainy or keep his current position and try to stay on the hero side as a loyal vampire. For the sake of Mr Garth, though, Jia Hyson felt it was better to lie completely and then break up cleanly. That way, the vampire could be as isolated from them as much as possible. 

Despite his seemingly poor work ethic, Jia Hyson knew how much the other loved the Golden Rose Coven, this was their home and family, and most born vampires will; naturally hold a strong affection for their coven. Jia Hyson didn't want to be the reason to cause Mr Garth to struggle and create hatred with the crown prince of their coven, which will ultimately lead to a lot of troubles and issues in the future. Therefore, with the logic of ignorance is bliss, it's better to hide it to protect him.

However, seeing Mr Garth's sincere eyes of worry and feeling the coolness of the towel, Jia Hyson is reminded of how Da Gong used to wipe him and his usual glib tongue that he could usually roll numerous lies off of with great ease, felt heavy and sticky. His eyes redden as tears threaten to spring forth, but Jia Hyson wipes them away stubbornly. Unfortunately, he could not as easily wipe away the throbbing pain that seems to poke at his heart.

In the end, Jia Hyson tells the truth about what happened with himself and Prince Silas.

Mr Garth wipes a cool, wet towel on Jia Hyson's forehead as he listens to his recounting and sighs heavily. "Why didn't you tell me anything?"

"Prince Silas is too troublesome given our positions," Jia Hyson murmurs in a slightly hoarse voice, his eyes closed, unable to bear looking directly at the other's face right now in fear he would really burst into tears. It wasn't that he was particularly traumatised. While the situation was unique, Jia Hyson had experience with these sorts of insistent blackened suitors. However, he couldn't deny it has all been a little… overwhelmingly stressful. "Besides, who would expect he would suddenly do this? I didn't even know this power existed; how was I supposed to defend against that." He softly complains, acting spoiled and coquettish.

The older vampire flicks the other's forehead helplessly, "You dare still act like this, how can I rest assured about you?" After flicking his forehead, Mr Garth seems to feel a little guilty about the action after what he heard and awkwardly stroked where he flicked with his finger as if he was lightly petting an ant that was on Alaric's face. The feeling was so strange Jia Hyson opened his eyes, and his mouth was twitching, fighting back a smile. 

Mr Garth's finger, just like the rest of him, was a little rough, but the delicate touch showcased a tenderness that not many had seen from him. Jia Hyson was still struggling internally, but under such a touch, his turbulent thoughts seemed to calm a little. It was as if it wasn't his forehead being tickled by this light touch but his heart instead. 

"It's a problem, but you don't need to do anything about it." Jia Hyson smiles wearily. Now that he had said it all, there was a weight off his chest, but at the same time, there was a new weight on his back as he realised the consequences of what he had done. "I've told the elders to find ways to separate myself and Prince Silas so he could grow more independently. We still have roughly two more compulsory years left of school than the elders would insist Prince Silas needs to undergo the thirteenth year, which all royalty have to attend. By then, I'll apply to go overseas or something. I'm not sure what I want to do, but a foreign diplomat doesn't sound too bad." 

The more he talks, the more he convinces even himself. It's not a bad idea. Unfortunately, it was a bit too naive to work. No matter how big the school was, Prince Silas and himself were in the same year, not to mention had the same social circles and were practically tied together as a loyal Rong family member and a Golden Rose Coven royal. Even if Jia Hyson convinces the elders to help force some space between each other, there is no way they would be happy to see them completely alienated. 

If Jia Hyson knew that, Mr Garth certainly did. Sure enough, the older man ruffles his head vigorously, "Don't be stupid, brat." He gruffly admonishes, "If this was so simple, you would've dealt with it early. You're capable and far more mature than your peers. It's what I like about you. But you're still young and need to know it's okay to rely on me once in a while, okay?"

Mr Garth gives him a bright and assuring smile as his fingers move from ruffling to combing the smaller vampire's soft and silky black strands of hair back, cleaning up the mess he had just caused moments before. Jia Hyson's blue eyes stared up at that smile and his chest twisted hard even when his heart beat faster. Unable to bear these unpleasantly complicated emotions, Jia Hyson could only excuse himself temporarily. 

"Mhmm.. Excuse me for a minute. I need to go to the toilet." Jia Hyson awkwardly smiles before getting up and walking calmly to the bathroom. 

Sensing the atmosphere was not right, Mr Garth, who watched Alaric scamper away, itches to light up another one of his cigarettes. However, after a moment of struggle, he sighs again and levitates his phone to call for a takeaway. Because the academy campus had so many vampires, of course, there were many business-oriented vampires who had set up small food stalls and shops nearby that had a lot of specialised blood cuisine. 

To get here, he had travelled as fast as he could, forgoing anything other than some fast food meals to sustain himself and a blood bag. Mr Garth scrolls through his phone, picks a vaguely familiar store name on his contacts, and begins ordering. He doesn't forget to pick out a few of Alaric's favourites. After all, he had just had a bad experience. It was important to try to make him as comfortable as possible for now. 

After closing the door, Jia Hyson turns on the tap and splashes water on his face. The cold water was welcome, and his eyes felt a little less sore. With a wet face, Jia Hyson tilts his head up and massages his closed eyes with circular movements made by the palm of his hands and groans heavily. 

Jia Hyson was fairly decisive when things got to certain points; whether he would choose to follow Prince Rigel or not, he was more or less ready to sever whatever connections were necessary. It was only Mr Garth that made him reluctant and conflicted. 

Does he want to betray him? No. Is he willing to leave him? Not really. But does he want him to betray the coven he had grown up in and protected since he was born just to join him? …Definitely not. 

Jia Hyson felt he would rather do the first two things in a heartbeat than force the other to change into something he doesn't want to be. Even if Mr Garth was willing for himself, Jia Hyson, who usually loved the idea of breaking someone down and remoulding them into his desired image with his own manipulations, suddenly felt uncomfortable and nauseous thinking about applying anything similar to his chain-smoking vampire. 

'If Bebe could speak now,' Bebe suddenly says, 'Host, maybe you could consider looking at this?'

Taking his hands from his eyes, Jia Hyson blinks and looks at what his system has projected in front of him. It was a Bebay page. On it was a catalogue of low-level systems and system-related things. Speech system, Social Worker system, Surgeon System, Sales Representative System, Service System, Sailor System, Security System-

'Don't look at those. They're basic and extremely expensive add-ons to your current system. A rudimentary level system, one of the lowest levels.' Bebe instructs, 'The starter price is already high, and it is indeed useful if you want to try to learn these sorts of jobs while you work, but if you want to specialise further, you have to pay more to unlock it.' 

Thinking it was still a bit vague, Bebe explains further, 'You can think of them like the Superstar or Farming systems in transmigration stories. The ones with no emotions and have the lowest artificial intelligence, making them only able to give out various tasks that need to be completed in exchange for rewards. However, they haven't been particularly popular since the introduction of being able to book classes and free training rooms in Host World, where the overall prices seem a lot more affordable in the long run. To be honest, it really depends, but- never mind that, first look at what I highlighted for you.' 

Jia Hyson frowns as he looks at the list. 'Oh, this?' His eyes eventually see an item highlighted by Bebe, and presses it on the screen. Immediately the item page pops up, showing a strange-looking almond thing with the texture and colour of a black pearl. Under the photos of it taken at multiple angles and even on a hand to showcase its size, there was a series of text.

[System Seed - Do you think someone you met deserves a chance at becoming a host like yourself? Want the chance to meet them once more?

Either gift or feed the System Seed to the other party and if the individual is lucky gains an appropriate stimulus or has already been judged to have potential as a host, the System Seed will use their data to create a rudimentary system best suited for them, equipped with a basic AI to aid their journey. They will undergo a trial period, and if they are judged to have passed, they have the opportunity to become a proper host or enter the reincarnation cycle with the merits they've accumulated.

Warning: The system seed does not guarantee activation. A person can not take in more than one system seed at the same time, taking more than one will result in dangerous consequences that we will not be liable for. This item is for people who don't have systems. It is highly recommended you do not tell the other party what this item is. 

We reiterate please do not give to them if you know they have a system. Yes, even if their system is not related to our system world and was produced as part of the story, it still counts because it is a system. Seriously, it's just one rule, do not complain if you break it. We are not liable for your stupidity, you stupid fucking- Made by Overlord Li Jun's R&D: Where we make what you don't necessarily want.♡



Jia Hyson was a fairly quick reader, and the more he read, the more his eyes lit up. 

'It doesn't guarantee anything,' Bebe warns him carefully after sensing Jia Hyson's visible excitement. 'In fact, because of this, it's not as expensive as the other things on the page, but it's still enough to make us hesitate with our current wealth, to be honest.'

'How can I increase the chances?' Jia Hyson asks, the eagerness in his expression unable to be hidden at all. While he couldn't deny he felt a little hesitant and wary, the thought that maybe they could see each other again, even spending a few lifetimes together… it didn't fill him with a sense of dread or pressure or anxiety at all. Well, it was undeniably present, but it was nothing compared to the shy giddy feeling that fluttered inside his chest like petals being blown up by the wind. 

At this moment, Jia Hyson felt maybe he captured just a little bit of the feeling that those quick transmigration BL protagonists have. Wanting to chase after one man, spending every world together with him no matter what-no, unlike them, Jia Hyson was still not so big-hearted. He appreciates Mr Garth for his dry wit, his kind sincerity, their similar attitudes in sex, admired his loyalty to others, likes his thoughtfulness and openness. Jia Hyson wouldn't change his smoking habits, the way the man could trip on air when he was tired enough, how he occasionally starts to mumble if he talks too long. Because these were all aspects he… really, really likes about him. 

Jia Hyson swallows heavily and touches his cheeks which were the hottest they had ever felt since he became a vampire. 

'To be honest, even Bebe doesn't know the exact conditions that can guarantee it activates. It's a little flawed in that even if people try to follow the previous successes, it can still not work and can only depend on fate. Generally though, if the person has a strong speciality, has a large accumulation of merit, saves someone before they die or has just experienced a lot in their life, the chances increases.' Bebe recounts before adding. 'You can only give it to him once, and if you do buy it, it's best to make him eat it. After all, if it falls to someone else's hands, then they'll be the ones with this opportunity instead.'

Given that he had enough money to afford the System Seed and still had over 100,000p leftover, Jia Hyson didn't hesitate and asked Bebe to buy it for him. Even if the seed didn't activate, at least he could say he had tried. Maybe in other cases, he wouldn't have bought it so quickly, but in this context, the cost of regret for not doing so far outweighed any monetary losses right now. 

Once the purchase was put through successfully, Jia Hyson took the System Seed out from the storage space. Looking at the smooth, black seed, the size and shape of an almond in his hand, it seemed so innocuous. But thinking of what it truly was, and what it could do, the seed suddenly felt simultaneously incredibly heavy and fragile in his hands.

Jia Hyson silently and carefully curled his fingers around it and brought it to his face to gently kiss. 




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