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Jia Hyson did not have a meeting with his coven elders. He just didn't really want to deal with the morning-after scene with the prince. 

So after taking a quick nap to refresh himself, he took his camera, laptop, and some homework and went to the private rooms of the dorm library. 

It was nothing personal, really. It was just that after the sexual excitement had passed, he realised he still thought the other was kind of annoying. Better. But still. 

Also, the other having a big penis sort of annoyed him now, in retrospect.

Bebe: '..No matter how you look at it, that is extremely personal.' (¬_¬) 

Like seriously, what the fuck, did someone copy and paste Prince Rigel's design from a top shota x muscular bottom porn without plot, yaoi?? Because if they did! Then! Someone should give him the original title, please! (」,,,> ロ <,,)」♡< p>

Ah, now he was a little inspired to switch up his previous fantasies. Let Shou R be seduced by the domineering Gong S, and finally, after being teased and pushed- 

{Unable to fight against his heart and the other's forward advances, Shou R abandons his inhibitions just this one time and wraps his arms around the surprised Gong S. With a blinding grin and eyes lidded with lust, Shou R clumsily kisses Gong S. "Don't regret this."

Gong S blushes slightly before he puts on a cocky and domineering smile, "I should say the same to you."

Shou R sneers and drags the other to his room.

Before Gong S can do anything he finds himself pushed down onto Shou R's bed, with the beautiful and delicate young man crawling with flushed cheeks over him. With a smile befitting an angel Shou R slips down his pants to pull out a dick befitting a very lustful demon. "Now… let's fuck."

Gong S: …

Gong S: ???

Two hours later Shou S tremblingly hugs a pillow, his long silver hair strewn messily on the now dirtied sheets as his body was covered in bite marks and hickeys. Gong R hugs him from behind and nuzzles his nape affectionately.

Shou S: I regret it ( ´ཀ` ) 

Gong R: Hee hee too late.("ˆ ³(,,´ཀ`,,) ♡}

Bebe silently listens to Jia Hyson's imaginative mind work. His thoughts were fairly vivid, and since the plot was not particularly unique, his mind didn't make too many alterations as he went, making it easy to become immersed. Not to mention, because they were based on real people, Bebe could practically hear Prince Silas and Prince Rigel speaking, like a free dirty audiobook recording. 

It was really… really good. _(:3」∠)_ 

"So what do you think?" Jia Hyson asks.

"Pretty good," Bebe honestly replies, "You should definitely write that, you'll get a lot of fans. Especially with that squirting scene, it was very… vivid."

Jia Hyson paused his typing and had a strange expression on. "What?"


Jia Hyson gestures to his computer screen at his simple but cutesy blog post explaining his collaboration with his new friend Carnation. Once he was satisfied he would focus on picking and editing the best photos, then recheck everything looks good before finally posting. "I was talking about this?" His voice was filled with mirth, and he can't help his eyes curving at Bebe, "Tsk, tsk here I am working for my dreams, and all you can think about is squirting. How dirty-minded are you Bebe?"

Bebe immediately exploded in embarrassment, "Whose the one who was imagining a big-dicked, top shota squirting scene while writing that?! Is it Bebe? No!"

"What evidence do you have?" Jia Hyson teases, "I didn't give you permission to record my thoughts so it's your word against mine ah~"

In response, his system could only spit out some incoherent angry glitching sounds that made Jia Hyson immediately laugh. 

After that, Bebe finally read the post and only gave a few grammatical changes before approving it. The grammar didn't need to be so strict given they were going for a very cutesy young UwU atmosphere, but neither Bebe nor Jia Hyson could fully accept pretending to be brain-dead for the sake of cuteness either. Hence there was occasionally some discussion over what should or shouldn't be corrected. Fortunately, their tastes in this matter were usually similar so there weren't any disagreements on the matter. 

Satisfied, Jia Hyson finally takes out the camera's memory card and connects it to his laptop. Almost immediately he was slapped in the face with some very NSFW content starring himself and Prince Rigel filling the screen. 

Jia Hyson: '…' ( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) Oh fuck, he had forgotten the camera had been on the whole time. 

Jia Hyson: '…' (; ⚆ ロ⚆ ) Oh fuck, Rigel's dick looks even bigger in the photo.

Jia Hyson: '…' (╬ ⚆ 益 ⚆ ) Oh fuck, mine now looks so tiny in comparison. 

Jia Hyson: '…' ( ╬,,⚆ 益 ⚆,, ) Oh fuck, I'm so pissed off and aroused.

Bebe: '…' Bebe doesn't need to read minds to know Bebe's host is thinking about dicks and getting horny. 

"You know," Jia Hyson swallows as he slowly looks back through the lewd photos taken, eyes glued onto the screen more intensely than a dehydrated man at a lemonade stand, "this, this could be good blackmail material, right? We should definitely save this. For… blackmail purposes…"

"What, to blackmail yourself for having a tiny penis?" 

"It's not small it's a perfectly adequate size!" Jia Hyson snaps, but his cheeks grow even hotter at the insult, remembering the humiliating words and actions Prince Rigel had hit him with last night. 

Bebe was too disgusted with its' host to continue that line of conversation. "Sure, sure, let's pretend you're saving it for blackmail and not the masturbation material it really is." The system sneers. After all, they both weren't idiots. If he really used it as blackmail material it would hurt him far more in the end. With such distinct outfits and the fact Jia Hyson was posting the actual normal photoshoot online, it was impossible to not get caught if he released the more inappropriate photos. 

Prince Rigel might become a joke, but Alaric would be more so, and Prince Rigel would know that. Both of them are now on the same crossdressing boat the moment he posts the photos. Therefore any call for blackmail would be ridiculous. 

But then again, Bebe was willing to believe such ridiculous claims as long as it doesn't have to accept its' host's dirty little voyeur kinks. _(:3」∠)_  Ah, when will Bebe ever become clean and pure again?

Unaware of his system's pretentious sighs, Jia Hyson highlights all the sexual photos taken and moves them into a new private folder with a happy face. With the current technology, his photos could not be closed until they were successfully downloaded into the new file, and closing or changing screens would only delay the process which was really inconvenient. Especially given these high-quality photos would each take about thirty seconds to two minutes to download depending on the wi-fi of the dorm. 

Even after living in this world for so long, Jia Hyson really couldn't get used to these slow downloads, uploads and general processing power of the internet. 

If he had the brain for it, he would really want to be like those amazing straight male quick transmigration hosts who could step up and fast forward the current technology by three decades while face-slapping his enemies along the way just by living well. Unfortunately, those fields of coding, statistics, physics, chemistry, business… he's very sorry, he really can't do it. He had kindly given it all back to his teachers after graduating. The basics were still more or less okay but now just the idea of learning the advanced topics was enough to give him a headache. _:(´ཀ`」∠):_

Even if there were classes available in the system world he didn't want to take them for the sake of 'bettering' himself. He just wanted to take classes he thought were fun or genuinely wanted to learn because they interested him. While it may go against a lot of quick transmigration protagonists' mentality, Jia Hyson honestly didn't really care much for self-improvement or being the best. He just wanted to have a good time while doing a good job. 

If he had to learn, he'll learn for work, but off the clock, that is his time ah. It's spent on his interests and own whims, without a care for his pacing or goals. This was something that sounds rather simple, but in truth, it was a very hard thing most people couldn't do thanks to the pressure of 'only living once' and the anxiety of 'trying to make the most of it or you're wasting your life'. 

And hey, with all the time in the world, multiple worlds even, maybe someday he will decide to try learn computer science and other such tedious topics. Probably not any time soon but Jia Hyson won't completely scoff at the possibility. 

"That reminds me, we should definitely try posting some videos on those magical face contouring tricks." He muses to his system aloud. "Or like, face painting, those videos are really addicting to watch, if we start the trend now we'll really explode in popularity I believe."

"Bebe can project a holographic outline over your reflection in the mirror to make it easier for you to practice," Bebe suggests, also agreeing to this idea. Right now, the internet was still in its infancy, most of the fads and trends that will give birth to and reshape online careers have not yet taken place, and people still had a sense of awe and trust toward the virtual world. There was no better time to take advantage of it and grow Jasmine's popularity even more. 

"Sounds good," Jia Hyson agrees happily, "Contouring is pretty easy but it's really difficult to paint delicately on your own face. Especially those pattern ones, I think I'm okay just freestyle practising most of them with enough references but yeah, those swirls and little lines, an outline would be nice ah."

Neither of them is interested in being the biggest online celebrity, but their aim was to at least carve their mark in some way on the internet. Popularity means getting noticed, it means more people will talk about the topic of crossdressing, and maybe the idea of men wearing women's clothing will, while maybe not be normalized, at least won't be so quickly rejected and abhorred. 

Both Jia Hyson and Bebe were good with public manipulation, and they agreed to convince, one must empathize. So a lot of the public content Jia Hyson as Jasmine posts is quite wholesome daily life content, talking about fashion, food, topics of television shows and books, and so on, allowing people to see even if his hobby was different to the norm, that doesn't mean he, himself was an abnormal person who should be categorized as separate to others. 

With these posts as Jasmine and the Defining My Brother story continued to gain traction, there were more and more similar people coming out with the confidence to also show off their 'unique' interests and hobbies, slowly altering people's world views and levels of acceptance. 

Jia Hyson didn't expect to be the leader who reformed toxic masculinity and cross-dressing prejudice, he was happy to just be a step toward that direction and enjoy the praise and process along the way.

"There are still fifteen minutes left before it finishes uploading everything." Bebe observes, "You should do your homework in the meantime." 

To be honest, Bebe was also deeply disdainful of this analogue technology however the disdain was not enough for it to want to step in and help its host upload his lewd voyeuristic photographs. Besides, even if it adds new technology to the computer and phone to help improve the photoshopping and filtering aspect of editing, Bebe was still very limited by the hardware of the laptop.

It was like pouring the purest and most refined car fuel from the interstellar into an old classic car. No matter how magical the liquid was, unless the machinery could process it well, it might as well be vegetable oil for all the good it does. Without completely revamping and replacing the internal mechanical parts of the machine, Bebe could only speed up the processing rate by 5% before it begins to overheat. 

Generally, if Jia Hyson needed Bebe to do a lot of photo editing, it was easier for the system to scan the photographs directly from the camera memory, edit it in its own system space, and then replace the old data with its new compressed and beautified photographs so it can finally be uploaded onto the laptop. 

"Hah, I suppose so." Jia Hyson sighs reluctantly, his body honestly pulling out the homework he brought over. Fortunately, with this love-biased setting the educational demands were fairly low, so it wasn't difficult to do, just a little tedious. "Bebe, please put on some background music please."

"Of course, host, do you want songs or nature sounds?"

Jia Hyson hums thoughtfully, "Pick a musical soundtrack and we'll see how I feel."

Immediately there was a sound of a doorbell and the opening song of the broadway Book of M*rmon began. Jia Hyson's mouth twitches but doesn't comment, listening to the singing as he works on the questions before him.

His concentration was not bad today, and after twenty minutes he had finished twelve out of the assigned fifteen chemistry questions assigned to him. But of course, chemistry was not a subject he enjoyed much so soon he found himself drifting off and scribbling lightly on the sides of his notebook he used for working out the equations and writing notes. 

His art abilities were above average. Not something to necessarily make a career with but it was enough to be praised, especially with his cuter animal cartoons and his creepy, horror nightmares, which were both what he considered his strongest drawing styles. Maybe because he was re-experiencing the boredom of school classes once again, he had made a small breakthrough in his art skills from constantly drawing absentmindedly in class. 

Of course, the moment he leaves the classroom and wants to try to focus on drawing with little distraction, it always felt like the art was never the same satisfying quality as before. _(:3」∠)_  It was so frustrating ah. 

After drawing a rather lopsided face, Jia Hyson looks up to see everything has been downloaded. Sitting up he opens the files and flushes as he is once again greeted by the photographic evidence of the night before. Biting his lip, Jia Hyson was a little tempted to slide his hand down his pants and just-


"MOTHERF-!" Jia Hyson instinctively slammed the laptop closed and turned around to the origin of the voice, lips touching his fingers, ready to summon his magic with Icy Kiss. However, he reluctantly relaxed once he saw who the owner of the voice was. "Silas? You scared me! How did you-"

Jia Hyson pauses and furrows his brows thoughtfully. 

Prince Silas currently had the skill to become invisible while holding his breath, but the door to the library's private rooms was a bit loud. In fact, they were actually purposely designed to make a clicking sound when opening and closing on purpose, to subtly minimise any possible attacks between students. 

After all, the school was filled with delicious humans and vampires of covens that have their own enemies and allies. At the very least, a human might be too absorbed in the sea of learning to notice the sound but a vampire would definitely notice the door opening unless they were incredibly distracted. Obviously, it's not foolproof, so there were also security cameras in the halls and public areas that focus on entrances as well. It could be said the money invested in the security rivalled the money invested into the actual education. 

So the fact Prince Silas could sneak up on both himself and Bebe meant- "This.. did you pick up a new power? Or did the invisibility power undergo an upgrade under your hands?"

Prince Silas, whose eyes were still staring at the closed computer screen, blinks and slowly looks at Jia Hyson with a deep look in his eyes. After a beat of silence, he slowly replies, "Yes.. You know I like using this power a lot, I believe under the unprecedented high use of it and thanks to your many ideas, my understanding of most of my powers has been improved greatly. This invisibility power has now evolved into the named power, Suffocating Solitude."

Jia Hyson's eyes widen a little before he gives Prince Silas a big smile and doesn't hesitate to pass praise. "That's so amazing! Have you reported it yet? Ah, we should definitely celebrate, what do you want to eat?" 

Because it wasn't his skills to begin with, the care Prince Silas had to take in regards to nurturing them was like a stepmother taking care of their new stepchild who didn't approve of the remarriage. The power given away had more resistance to their new caretaker, and of course, the path to handling and raising it was logically much more tiring. Therefore, upgrading a skill was extremely difficult, not only did Prince Silas need a lot of practice, but he needed the conceptual, theoretical and even practical understanding of how the skill worked and to devise a way to try to stimulate the skill in the correct direction it could potentially be upgraded to. 

Of course, if the original owners hadn't given away their powers in the first place, the chances of stimulating an upgrade would drop to nearly nil. If the originals can successfully 'reconnect' their powers with their own willpower and persistence, the chances of an upgrade are quite high but the 'reconnecting' was still harsh and very time-consuming. So, the vampires who have the opportunity to lend their powers to Prince Silas, while willing to work hard to 'reconnect' would still secretly hope for the smaller chance that Prince Silas could upgrade their powers for them instead. 

So far Prince Silas has managed to upgrade two powers in the last year and sent them back to the vampires in question, much to their immense delight. This had attracted countless praise and envious, greedy eyes. After the first upgrade he had made, it was like he had made a breakthrough and many other powers in his hand had shown signs of strengthening and evolving, making many vampires even more willing to lend the prince their powers. 

In the original novel, this hadn't happened, and now it could be said Prince Silas was many times more powerful than before with various new powers. It even seemed the previous problems of fatigue and mental toll had declined by a significant amount, but that was really only something Prince Silas would only truly know. 

Of course, it was one thing to upgrade the powers, it was another to upgrade to power and evolve it into a named power which is significantly far more powerful. For example, among ice power users, Prince Alaric's Icy Kiss, a named power, really dominated the majority of those in the group both in sheer strength, and flexibility in ability use. Named abilities were truly a magical existence, few were born with them and the moment they fully realise their ability they would almost instinctively know the name of their power. 

Not to mention, even though Jia Hyson didn't know the details, he understood the previous ability. With the new name 'Suffocating Solitude', and considering his complete inability to notice Prince Silas' presence, it can be imagined that the previous invisibility power had lost the limitation that the owner of the power can only be visibly hidden. Now the surrounding scent and sound had completely been silenced as if there was a space around the user that completely isolated them from the world. Of course, the limitation of holding their breath was most likely still in play. 

Once this gets out, the entire vampire community would truly go into an uproar. Jia Hyson doesn't know how this would affect the plot with such a drastic change in the political climate, but at this moment he was genuinely impressed and happy for the other. No matter how amazing the end result, and how nonchalant the prince was, Jia Hyson, as part of the helping process, knew the amount of effort the other must've put into this. 

However, despite seeing the sincere happiness Alaric had for himself, Prince Silas' face couldn't muster much joy. Not after what he had just seen. 

Alaric and Prince Rigel had actually…

"I thought we weren't associating so much anymore?" Prince Silas asks, unable to hold back the bitterness in his voice, "Wouldn't your new beloved prince be upset?"

Jia Hyson immediately understood the Golden Rose's first prince had seen what was on the computer. He smiles a little helplessly, silently cursing at his bad luck. "Beloved prince? Do you mean Prince Rigel? That's a bit of a stretch don't you think Silas?" He plays with his fingers anxiously, "Besides, it's true I have neglected our friendship, but that was because I made a deal with Prince Rigel. As a noble vampire, I would not go back on my word shamelessly and should strive to fulfil it as best as I can. However, that doesn't mean we stopped being friends, and I can't be proud of your achievements."

Prince Silas laughs softly, but there was no humour in it, "You always know what to say Alaric, how did you become so smooth?" Before Jia Hyson could answer, Prince Silas gives him an expressionless look, "No, I should be saying, how did I become so tolerant of your manipulations?"

Tense, Jia Hyson stands up from his seat, pushing the chair away and turning to fully face the other vampire. Prince Silas's hand itches to reach up and grab the smaller vampire but holds himself back. "Are you accusing me of some secondary mind control power or something?" Jia Hyson tries to joke. 

"Honestly, I truly wish that was the case. It would be far less troublesome." He sighs tiredly, brushing back his long silvery-white hair away from his face. "But with my power, I would've noticed such a thing ages ago."

Prince Silas lightly taps his left foot twice on the floor and a dark shadow rushes out once he lifts his foot up by the second stepping motion. Jia Hyson, who had already been vigilant, noticed the subtle gesture and quickly jumped to the side once he saw something dark swiftly dash toward him. Touching his lips with his fingers he shakes his hand frantically as he leaps onto the chair he was on before, before throwing the icy magic at the shadowy thing, activating it once it hit the nearby area. 

The thing was very fast but the blossom of ice that burst out still manage to catch its tail, stopping it in its tracks and revealing a strange shadowy lizard-like form. It was like a gecko, but stretched out, with two extra pairs of legs, like some sort of spider-snake-gecko. 

Jia Hyson was both repulsed and fascinated. If he wasn't so unsure of what this thing did, and if his ice could keep it trapped, he would've caged the creature and experi- played with it, with great interest. 

However, given the context, Jia Hyson didn't need to think much to know this strange little beast wasn't a good thing. He looks at Prince Silas, ready to angrily question him, but was hit with a strange powder. "Fuck!" He coughs and swears, rubbing his face with his arm and blindly moving backwards, "You- peh!- what is that?!"

"It's not a very good power," Prince Silas comments mildly as he walks toward Jia Hyson, "Both in terms of usefulness and versatility, which is why someone gave me this."

Jia Hyson tries to rub the powder off but to his dismay, it seemed like even the slightest brush against it would allow the substance to soak into his skin. Realising this, Jia Hyson instinctively wants to use his power, thinking wildly that maybe the still untouched powder would soak up in the ice upon contact, minimising the effects as much as he could. However before his hand could move upward to his lips, his wrist was grabbed painfully, stopping the motion. 

"Don't do that," With his free hand, Prince Silas touches Jia Hyson's face, stroking his cheek, rubbing his earlobes, and brushing his hair with his own fingers. The places he began to touch were the ones where the powder had not been completely absorbed into his skin, making sure all of this strange substance enters Jia Hyson's body. 

"No, what the fuck is that?!" Jia Hyson questions angrily, he tries to struggle but Prince Silas was a vampire of many powers now, much stronger than the original book it can be said. 

With one hand being locked in an iron grip by Silas' own hand, he had tried to use his other only to find, to his horror, the shadow creature that had been released before had broken out of his ice and was clinging to his arm. "No, what is that???!"

It seemed the thing had some sort of numbing effect because he couldn't even feel the weight of it on his arm, much less move it. Jia Hyson who saw it wrapped around his arm like a koala bear loudly swore in fright. The feeling was like seeing a cockroach on your shirt. Way too close to comfort and the sudden unexpectedness was like a lightning bolt to the heart. Seeing it really too uncomfortable, and he couldn't even shake it off.

Jia Hyson didn't know if this was the intent, but he was so distracted by the lizard thing he didn't realise that he had stopped struggling and had moved his body to press against Prince Silas for subconscious comfort. Prince Silas' gaze lowers at the movement. Seeing Alaric seek his body like this, and how the other's breathing seemed to pick up quickly, made his dark eyes flash in a twisted excited gaze. 

"It's a strange summoning power," Prince Silas quietly explains. Jia Hyson doesn't know why, but his previous wariness seemed to have vanished somewhat, and now the handsome voice seemed to have become more magnetic and hypnotising to the ears, causing him to flush. He thought he was used to Prince Silas' attractiveness already, but it seems like this wasn't the case anymore. "This creature has three forms, and as long as it can wrap around a person it can achieve a certain effect. This form has a 'sticky and numb' effect that can make movement harder and numb the senses somewhat."

"O-oh," Jia Hyson felt his ears grow hot, he wasn't even fully sure what the crown prince had said. All he could focus on was how nice Silas' voice was. He always knew it was nice, but why didn't he realise it was so nice? Ah, what was he even doing?

Prince Silas lets go of Alaric's wrist, and steps closer to wrap the shorter vampire's waist with his arm instead, his other hand still rubbing in the powder. Even though there was guilt and a little regret in his heart, the long-haired crown prince of the Golden Rose Coven couldn't help his lips from curving up with delight as Alaric snuggles dependently against his chest, nuzzling him affectionately like a clingy cat. 

"I'm sorry," he whispers to Alaric, "I'll make it let go once the process is complete."

"Mhnnn…" Jia Hyson slurs, he tilts his face and gives soft little pecks on Prince Silas' shirt, the light kisses tickling the other and making his breathing pick up in surprise. Feeling the way Prince Silas' chest undulates faster, Jia Hyson giggles softly and nuzzles the vampire's body with his cheek again.

"..It turns out you can be so affectionate." The eldest prince of the Golden Rose Coven was both happy and pained. After all, this lovely appearance was made through heinous and dishonest means. It made him feel guilty and a loser, guilty for violating the other in this manner, and a loser, for reaching such a point that he had chosen this way. 

For a vampire who could do everything easily, this might be his first pyrrhic victory. 

'Host! Bebe has bought a shot of diluted Liquid Clarity.' Bebe's voice sounded urgently in his mind, 'Bebe is legally obligated to inform you Bebe is giving you this drug without your consent, as Bebe feels this is the most appropriate action in this context as you are no longer of clear mind. Bebe is prepared for any legal repercussions if you feel your will was violated in anyway-'

As his system spoke, a cold sensation seemed to drip through his brain, sobering him up from the foggy haze in his mind. He still felt addicted to Prince Silas' touch, but it was no longer the touch-starved, nearly mindless fervour from before. 

Immediately he uses all his might to shove the taller vampire away, ignoring the strong reluctance at leaving the warmth that had previously enveloped him. If one could explain it, it was probably like the level of drug addiction had dropped down to the level of an incredibly strong craving for a dense chocolate lava cake with melted chocolate drizzle and fresh plump, juicy strawberries. It was still difficult but he could bite his tongue and resist. 

Prince Silas was so surprised by the sudden action, he dumbly didn't do anything, staring at him with shock and loss, "You.. how did you break out so fast?"

So fast.. it turned out the effect was probably more temporary than Jia Hyson thought. However, that didn't mean he wasn't any less angry. Well, to be honest, he was a little excited and aroused by this new turn of events, but as Alaric, he shouldn't show such emotions at all. No matter how much he wants to push the other down and fuck the prince so hard that his pale vampire skin is rubbed so hard it chafes and bruises- a fairly impressive feat given they had strong regenerative abilities- he really didn't dare encourage the other's crazy further.

Hugging his own arms that itched to run back to Prince Silas and hug him tightly, Jia Hyson coldly stares at the other like he was looking not at a vampire but a beast. "Anything to say for yourself, your highness?" He grits out.

Prince Silas tilts his head thoughtfully, "You look really sexy angry?"

Jia Hyson: …

"I think we should just-," Jia Hyson gestures at the space between them, a little frustratedly, then he suddenly thinks of something.

'Bebe, that thing you did to me. Why do I recall you specified it was diluted?'

'Diluted Liquid Clarity.' Bebe explains, 'Unlike a detoxification pill it's only used for curing the symptoms temporarily. Hence it's much cheaper than a good pill but more expensive than sobering soup. Bebe gave you a diluted shot so you can still feel the effects of the powder Prince Silas gave you instead of completely being cleansed. This way you can prepare when the effects fade off and still can act well enough.'

'I understand.' Jia Hyson's face turns a little ugly. Even with the effects of the powder at this current level, it was really difficult to concentrate. He was the type especially weak to pleasure and his impulse control as a consequence was much weaker to good things. 'And Bebe?'

'Yes, host?'

'Thank you.' Jia Hyson was not the type who cared about the boundaries between host and system, and after so many years together, he had great trust in Bebe. And this trust has obviously not been wasted. No matter how he looked at it, Bebe did the right thing in his opinion. It had even gone as far as considering his need to have a constant reminder of the powder's effect to continue acting smoothly. 

He may joke a lot, and the other may have their problems, but Bebe really was truly a qualified system.

'..You're welcome.' Bebe made a coughing sound, voice tinged with shyness. 

Feeling a little better he stops vaguely festering and asks Prince Silas, "How long does this powder last anyway?"

Seeing the subject abruptly change Prince Silas still honestly answered. "Three hundred days." He was much more submissive now that Alaric had seemed to have broken free from the trance, but overall he showed silent confidence as he watched the blue-eyed vampire hug his own arms tightly. "Even if you managed to break out of the initial daze, you should still be feeling a sense of touch starvation for me right? The effect of the powder is that you will be more sensitive to the owner of the power, more self-aware to their presence and touch, and even crave for them."

This is what gave him the ability to be so confident. Now Alaric couldn't leave him alone even if he wanted to. 

Jia Hyson stares at the other aghast. Opening his mouth he tries to say something but after a moment he closes his jaw and walks past Prince Silas silently. Past his desk, he goes toward the small installed kitchen. There he calmly peruses the items in there before taking out a glass salt shaker and a ceramic plate. He also picks up two ceramic cups. Seeing Prince Silas silently following him with a wary and confused expression, Jia Hyson smiles and gestures for him to come closer, to which, the prince complies obediently. 

"Hey, which cup do you like better? This one or this one?" Jia Hyson asks, holding up the two cups.

A little perturbed, Prince Silas honestly answers, not forgetting to try to flatter the other, knowing how much he secretly enjoyed praise, "The one with the blue rim is nice. It matches your eyes."

"I see, I see." Jia Hyson nods, putting away the other cup, before placing the blue-rimmed teacup and the glass salt shaker on top of the plate.

Facing the taller vampire, Jia Hyson then proceeds to throw all the items in his hands violently down on the floor, shattering in front of Prince Silas' feet. 

"MOTHERFUCKER!" He loudly swears, pointing rudely at the other furiously and full of accusation, "Three hundred days?! Why don't you just murder me and wear my fucking skin as a jacket, it'll last longer!"

"..No, why would I even-"

"Shut up!" Thinking he was going to experience this constant yearning feeling for three hundred days made Jia Hyson feel like he was going crazy. Fuck, what sort of perverted skill was this guy given? Isn't that too unfair?? This is the sort of bullshit power that belongs to some sort of protagonist in a shitty YY stallion novel*, what was it doing in this nice shitty romance novel??

*YY novel are generally a category of male protagonist stories that have delusional/exaggerated plots. The most typical example is a male protagonist at a low point (lost all cultivation/friends betray him/family turn their back/fiance leaves him) before getting a nice fat OP golden finger that allows him to soar up, faceslapping the cannonfodder and amassing a harem of beauties along the way. There are a lot of negative perverted/immoral connotations to these sort of stories like treating women as collectables, racism, straightening lesbians, etc. Stallion is sub-category which is harem (like how stallion horses go breed with a lot of mares etc)

YY stands for 意淫- which basically means like delusional imagination - thank you @loreili for reconfirming the facts with me and giving me her definition

His blue eyes turn red with rage. For the usually composed Alaric to lose his emotions to the point the primal vampiric self was seeping through spoke volumes about his feelings right now. He presses his fingers to his lips, twisting the icy magic with them before activating the magic to form a long and sharp blade that he presses against his own throat. 

"I don't want to see you in these three hundred days, Silas." He spits out, "Until I'm sober, you don't get to fucking approach me do you understand? Or I'll fucking slice my neck right here and now." He pushes the icicle against his neck, letting a small line of blood ooze out, showing the extent of his seriousness. 

"What are you talking about Alaric? You're a Rong, I'm the crown prince, even if we ignored our friendship, practically its impossible to ask this of me." Prince Silas solemnly says. Even though he seemed calm, every muscle in his body was extremely tense, eyes lingering on the wound. 

Jia Hyson laughs humourlessly, "It's as you said, I'm A Rong. One of many. It would be good for some of my cousins to also learn how to responsibly serve the crown prince, I was considering this for the future but it doesn't hurt to do it now ah."

The still fairly cool expression on Prince Silas' face had now truly cracked and his own black eyes turn red as he clenches his fists to the point his own blood was being drawn out. 

Royal vampire's blood had a fairly attractive appeal to other vampires give they were brimming with more power. Coupled with his current 'poisoned' state, Jia Hyson was swallowing dryly at the intoxicating scent, his body aching to rush and kneel down at the other's feet and lap the blood up like a dog. 

To sober himself up again he ruthlessly uses the blade to slash at his arm before quickly returning to his original position. The pain of the wound was enough to regain his wavering determination again. Furthermore, by using the blade made from his own ice power he had left some ice to form on his arm, creating an almost burning sensation of coldness that helped him successfully ignore his attraction to the prince. 

Seeing the other take such extreme actions of self harm, Prince Silas' red eyes turn dark. "Alaric, do you really detest me to this extent?" He asks mournfully, "Why can't you give me a chance?"

"You are a prince-"

"THEN WHY PRINCE RIGEL!?" Prince Silas roars fiercely and desperately as if he was crying out straight from his heart, before quickly trying to compose himself. However, it was hard to take back what's been repressed for so long. "I saw the photos just then. With you and him… engaging in what cannot be platonic bonding." He brushes his hair back in frustration, "He is also a prince, an enemy prince even, not to mention you can even date a teacher…"

"Don't bring Mr Garth into this." Jia Hyson hisses, "We've broken up anyway."

"Hah, really? It doesn't seem like it to me." The prince sneers.

Jia Hyson ignores his words and continues, "Besides, the situation with Rigel is a little different to yours. It's more temporary. Besides, the Eclipse Coven is very free-spirited, there may be a lot of messiness but nothing overlaps too much with business and pleasure there." As Jia Hyson talks, he tiredly walks back a bit further away until he hits a wall. "Besides, I believe there's a lot of potential in getting his help for things."

"Why, is it because you're sucking his dick so well?!" Prince Silas can't help but raise his voice again. 

Jia Hyson tilts his head upwards and puts his hand on his hip while leaning on the wall, other hand still holding the blade threateningly to his own neck, "So what if I am? Is that any of your business? I didn't suck his dick by the way but you're making me wish I had just to spite you."

"I wish it was to spite me!" Prince Silas bitterly replies, "But I'm not blind, you don't put me into your heart at all do you?"

Jia Hyson pauses, brows furrowed and face a little unsightly. Well, the words were true, but the truth was a little ugly, and now he didn't know how to smoothly respond for a while. In the end he just heaves a deep sigh and combs his hair with his fingers irately. "It's not that you're not important to me. As the crown prince-"

"I don't want to hear what the crown prince means to you. Not again." Prince Silas' grits his teeth. Sometimes he felt his position in life was both the greatest blessing and the cruelest curse, "Tell me what I mean to you." 

"…I think you already know." Jia Hyson looks straightforwardly into Prince Silas's eyes which have now turned completely red, a sign the other had become completely agitated. "Your highness, we can be friends but anything more I believe right now, I cannot foresee at all. Especially now that you've- To be perfectly honest, I say right now, but it's been so long and there really hasn't been any changes in my feelings, it isn't fair for you to continue to wait and expect me to change." 

Prince Silas' breathing quickened and before Jia Hyson knew it he was pushed against the wall he was leaning on, the taller prince's body pressed against his making him very aware of the pleasurable sensory feedback from his skin. He moans involuntary and his grip on the knife loosens, giving the other the opportunity to slap it away. 

"Then what if I don't wait anymore?" Prince Silas asks hoarsely, "I'm tired of waiting anyway."

Jia Hyson gives him a slightly strained and polite smile, "It's a little bothersome, your highness."

"Then I apologise in advance." Prince Silas smiles back, but his was far more intimate and desperate. 

"You should really be apologising for the current state of things." Jia Hyson points out dryly.

"But what if I don't want to?" He hoarsely replies, leaning forward slowly, body pressing against Jia Hyson's own and making him softly whimper in delight and pleasure at the contact.

'Oh, oh,' Bebe sighs, 'His tragic smile is so good-looking, Bebe almost wants to succumb. White haired men are one of Bebe's favourite aesthetics.' 

'Shut up, who doesn't like a hot, rich young man with white silver long hair?!' Jia Hyson mentally snaps back as he struggles to fight his body to not grind up against the prince's leg like he was in heat, 'Get me a Minor Event Stimulator for 750p! One for immediately getting me out of this situation preferably please!'

There was no way he could think of at this moment to naturally get out safely himself. Therefore he must use external factors to help him! 

[Minor Event Stimulator purchased for 750p, extra fast for an additional 10p, and used successfully. Please enjoy the randomly arranged event!]

Jia Hyson: …fuck, even systems make you pay for express delivery now huh. 

Despite the unwanted extra price, it was undeniable the quality would be good. Almost instantly, there was a loud scream outside the room in the public area of the library. 

"Oh my god! There's a leopard in skinny jeans trying to fuck Mr Welps outside!"

"Holy shit what?!"

"Are you fucking high??"

Suddenly there was the sound of a door violently slamming, accompanied by loud scratching and growling. A deeper frazzled voice yelled out, "Someone for the love of god, help me barricade this door!"

"Mr Welps?!"

"Fuck, Annie wasn't kidding?? Is there really a leopard? Did it escape from the zoo?"

"The zoo is like an hours drive, what the fuck would it be doing here if it escaped!?!?"

"Is no one going to question the skinny jeans thing?"

"Fuck, I never realised it but Mr Welps looks kind of hot now his glasses and uptight look is gone…"

"Holy shit, our teacher has abs, now that's a plot twist."


"Who says 'lest' nowadays damn, it's still pretentious Mr Welps, even if he is hot now."

"I mean, we may get eaten but he's the one who's getting ravaged right? Not going to lie, kind of want to see where this goes?"

"Seeing what it's like getting eaten or seeing Mr Welps fight off a horny leopard?"

"Why can't it be both?" 

"Huh. Never thought of it like that."

"You guys are insane!"

"Bruh, at least we aren't hiding under the tables and hugging our knees like a bitch, Samual. Do you think horny leopards are like earthquakes? Fucking grow up."


The sound of wood being smashed.







"Oh damn, it is wearing skinny jeans."

"That can't be good for its circulation, especially given that massive erection."


Prince Silas: …

Jia Hyson: …

Bebe: …




{Little Theatre Second Christmas Special - Present Giving Discord Event}

Little Blue Lake: to celebrate Christmas just like last year we (discord members) are giving presents to our BtBaB cast againnnn!!! 

Jia Hyson: We're doing this again huh 

Bebe: God I hope the people here grew some decency since last year

(Here are some presents I have picked out. To see all of them join the discord ah~)

This link is valid for 24 hrs -


Now enjoy ah~


To: Da Gong and Jin Bao

Message: Both of you are my most favourite couple to exist ah so i wanted to gift yall the best present i can give. 

Present: Whole roast chicken

From: Kaid @Iwillnotpushyouoffacliff

Jin Bao, chewing: it's pretty good ,,owo,,

Da Gong: tsk

Jin Bao: aww why you're so unhappy?

Da Gong: hmph

Jin Bao: …is it cuz it's a roast chicken?

Da Gong: cluck

Jin Bao: Awwww don't be like that.

Jin Bao: This chicken is good, sure, but you were the best tasting chicken I've ever had. 

Da Gong: …cluck?

Jin Bao: I promise UwU no cock will ever compare 

Da Gong: (,,ಠ⊝ಠ,,) ♡


To: Jia Hyson and Bebe (and our lovely Blue)

Message: Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you for bringing me so much joy with all your antics. I really had a lot of fun reading about both your journeys, which is why I'd like to dedicate a silly little poem for the both of you. I'll always support your endeavors now and forever. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy my present. deep bow

Present: A poem from me


The moment I clicked open this novel,

Hell broke loose.

As I watch your appalling moments,

Not being able to break free.

Killing and eating Da Gong is frankly

Still a shock to me.

But with all that said,

This novel will always be dear to me.

Both of you are truly fun to read,

And your friendship I admire.

Blessings to both of you every step of the way.

Fuck, I give up on writing. Tis so difficult. 

Love, loreili @loreili

Blue: That poem is lovely ahh

Jia Hyson: omg what a sweetie

Bebe: this child is so cute thank you for appreciating Bebe so much, Bebe also deeply appreciates your love for Bebe.

Jia Hyson and Blue: …you mean love for all of us, right

Bebe: …

Bebe: …

Bebe: heh

(Bebe snatches the poem and runs) 





Blue: FUCK


To: My dear Jia Hyson

You are my favorite character, and not just because I'm a basic bitch that always falls for main characters. You're funny and smart, with just the right amount of slutty. Also the whole serial killer angle is hot. Anyway, this is for you. May you use it in good health.


Super Duper Invisible Spy Camera

This camera is not only invisible, able to stick to any surface, and waterproof it also has infrared and night vision modes.

With crystal clear audio and UHD video recording you can capture blockbuster movie quality footage of whatever you want, where ever you want.

And since it is both blue tooth and wi-fi enabled you can transfer it wirelessly to any device. Great for both recording and streaming.

From: Fox @Silly_Fox

Jia Hyson: :0



Jia Hyson: you are so dramatic this is why you don't deserve nice things

Bebe: damn did fox gift you a super duper invisible mirror too? Because I swear you're talking to one

Jia Hyson: …fuck off


To: Li Guiren

Message: Hi ur the ML i forget the most so im giving  you this gift as a small apology. while writing this letter i also forgot your name so i had to search ur arc up again so i could get your name. 

Present: an empty plate with crumbs (i forgot it was for u and i ate it)

From: xixi @xixi

Xixi's most forgettable ML Li Guiren, reading note: …

Tian Shun: ahahahahahha

Xixi's most forgettable ML Li Guiren, looking at the gift: …


Xixi's most forgettable ML Li Guiren: (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ AHHHHHH


To Jia hyson,

message: since you like cute things i have a gift for you to keep in you system space! Dun worry, he is very clean and only moves when you aren't looking at him

gift: Banana man

banana man: o-o

Banana man: stares into the void

From: Tree @theimmortaltree

Jia Hyson: omg it's so cute

Bebe: …

Jia Hyson: hahaha banana man 

Bebe: …

Jia Hyson: hahaha so cute it's little vacant face

Bebe: …

Jia Hyson, pulling out knives: it's so cute beat that adorable fucking face and peel Mr banana man and ripping out his soft insides bit by bit while those vacant lil eyes watch- 

Bebe: there it is


To: Jia Hyson

Message: As much of an oldie (with homicidal tendancies COUGH CO-) as you are, you've managed to overcome many challenges, being on your 5th world already! From being a dragon to a vampire, it's no easy feat:3 I can't offer much but here's a lil plushie of you! Not as fluffy nor comforting as fishball, but it'll make a good desk decoration at least:D

Present:Jia Hyson Plushie

Side effect- gives a motivation boost when you look at it, feel the energy flow through you!

From: Susu @Suzami

Jia Hyson: PikaShockWoah.gif

Jia Hyson: it's amazing and so cute and soft Suzami! Thank you so much I will cherish it and will definitely, definitely not have sex with it. ,,UwU,,

Bebe: wtf

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