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Once the movie ended, it was time for Silas to leave. After all, it was inappropriate to stay any longer so late at night without good reason.

"Thank you for letting me come over tonight, Alaric." Prince Silas says politely.

Jia Hyson and Prince Rigel fell into a moment of silence. For a brief second they doubted their memories for they were very sure the vampire had not been invited in the slightest.

Finally Jia Hyson puts on his signature gentle smile that he's sure he's completely mastered at this point, and chuckles, "It was my pleasure, my prince."

Prince Silas scratches his ear and smiles back awkwardly, his handsome face a little silly as he stares at Jia Hyson. Prince Rigel snorts disdainfully at the disgusting scene, before immediately shrinking back as the warm gaze of the other prince's dark black eyes chill as they move toward him.

Prince Rigel: ..Damn!

The silver-haired prince nods curtly at the other prince who hesitantly nods back. On one end you can feel the domineeringness of royalty, but on the other end, it was more like the timidness of a poor pure white lotus character. Coupled with their contrasting but equally attractive beauty, Jia Hyson can't help but give the pair a faintly complex look.

Jia Hyson: 'What to do… I kind of want to eat this CP set ah.' (,ಡ w ಡ,,)

Rival x Rival, Prince x Enemy Prince, Genius x Former Prodigy, Lazy Blackbelly Tyrant x Crazy Sadist Spoiled Young Master. The shou is wild, unpredictable and beats to his own tune, only the even more powerful gong can suppress him and make him bend… The gong is cold and has a white moonlight, but over time he finds his eyes can no longer move away from the irritating rival who is the only one who could really be considered his equal... Ah, ah, ah, Jia Hyson was inspired enough to write thirty thousand words right now!

Bebe who was listening in to its' host's thoughts: 'Oh no, now Bebe wants to buy into this CP too.' (⁄ ⁄Ò⁄ ロ ⁄Ò⁄ ⁄)

Not knowing that they had been coupled up secretly and that a new popular BL would soon enter the online world and shake the hearts of rotten girls* and boys everywhere, Prince Silas and Prince Rigel were still focused on each other. Essentially the situation was a bit like this:

*rotten girls or fujoshis is a term for BL lovers. Fudanshi is male form

Prince Silas: 'It seems that Prince Rigel is truly resistant to my touch and is intimidated by my powers. This will be useful for the future, both in coven matters and in protecting Alaric… I wonder if Alaric thinks I'm quite handsome now?'

Prince Rigel: 'Motherfuck, if he touches me and takes my powers, I might as well die. No, if he takes my powers someone would kill me anyway. This is so unfair, I'm so angry, I want to scream into my pillow… I wonder where Alaric got those pillows on the couch those were quite nice honestly-oh fuck stop, don't get any closer to me.'

Jia Hyson: {-The two stare at each other deeply, Gong S can't help but find the uncharacteristically meek appearance of the rumoured wild horse of a young master a little funny. He reaches out to touch the soft blonde hair that seemed to dazzle even sunlight, but found Shou R had stepped back with a wary look.

"Don't touch me," Shou R raised his chin arrogantly, proud and demanding but his timidity was revealed under the dark eyes of Gong S. Such a contradiction made Gong S a little interested but a little annoyed as well. Lazily he drops his hand, making Shou R silently give a sigh of relief while externally he sneers victoriously. "I'll forgive you this time for trying, but see if you try again."

"Hmm.." Gong S raises his hand again and Shou R immediately shrinks like a little quail. With his mouth curving upwards, Gong S drops his hand again, "I tried again." He emphasises, a faint mocking look in his eye, his own arrogance hidden in the man was just as strong but far better hidden.

Shou R trembles angrily. Dammit! He really hated this person! So irritating! Not kind at all!

So why… is he so weak to his touch??}

Prince Silas: "I hope we've reached an understanding, Prince Rigel." An understanding you don't hurt Alaric and I won't do anything to you.

Prince Rigel: "…" Yes. An understanding you're a fucking bitch.

Jia Hyson: {Shou R shuddered, his face flushed and breath coming out in unsteady pants. Gong S coolly moves his hand up against the other's chest, sadistically enjoying the way the usually mouthy person below him could only make soft panting breaths and gasps under his touch. He leans in and whispers into Shou R's ear, "I hope we've reached an understanding, little young master."

Shou R glares and refuses to say anything to his rival.}

Prince Silas, with a smile starting to fade: "We have reached an understanding, right?"

Prince Rigel, nodding his head enthusiastically like a chick pecking rice, "Yes, yes, yes, understood, I understand, en!"

Jia Hyson: {Seeing the other refused to speak, Gong S's smile started to fade and the tyrannical aura previously suppressed began to leak out. He strokes Shou R's sensitive body, causing him to shudder and subconsciously lean closer into his embrace. "We have reached an understanding, right?"

Gong S lowers his voice coaxingly, "You like it when I play with you, yes? Even though it's so shameful, you're so aroused. Don't you want to do more?"

Shou R wanna to deny it, but his body was too honest. As his hated rival's hands trail down to his ass, a fire of want and anticipation shoots through him and his impulsive nature made him nod like a chick pecking rice, "Yes.. yes, yes, I understood, I understand, en."

Resolved, Shou R abandons his inhibitions just this one time and wraps his arms around the surprised other man. With a blinding grin and eyes lidded with lust, Shou R clumsily kisses Gong S. "Now… fuck me."}

It can be said, if either prince knew what was going on in Alaric's head right now they would probably vomit at least three litres of blood.

Finally, Prince Silas had finished his posturing and said goodbye to them both.

Seeing Prince Silas strut away confidently while Prince Rigel was grinding his teeth helplessly, Jia Hyson can't help but sigh a little. Everyone was really too good-looking, At the very least he was happy to enter a world with so much eye candy.

'..Oh, to be honest, I really can't tell who I'm more attracted to at this moment right now.' Jia Hyson admits. Tonight was quite eye-opening in a few different ways.

'Bebe understands being more attracted to Silas, but Rigel?'

Jia Hyson: 'Pathetic pretty boys are really hot." ,,UwU,, 'Of course, it is better if Rigel wasn't the borderline shota type, I prefer more masculine pathetic men and more sadistic and domineering feminine men. I don't mind vice versa but I'm weak for that gap moe.'

However from the proud chuuni tyrant to the timid scaredy cat was also a very good gap. Perfect to CP and have a personal sample to taste as well. Even if it's in the form of a tender soft young man, which lowers the gap a bit, Jia Hyson will still willingly take one for the team and eat him up happily, hehe. (∩❛ڡ❛∩) ♡

Bebe: '…Bebe sees.' Bebe doesn't see. Bebe has decided to go permanently blind.

When the door closes behind Prince Silas, Prince Rigel straightens his back and resumes his haughty self-willed demeanour.

"I don't want him to be here anymore. Make sure he comes as little as possible!" The prince demands with his chin tilted up defiantly.

Jia Hyson crosses his arms in response, "What do I get in return?" Seeing how affected the other had been in Prince Silas' presence had given him a much greater sense of confidence now. Of course, he wouldn't completely let himself go, but it's enough to speak with a little less restraint now.

"Are you bargaining with me?" Prince Rigel was shocked then sneered. If he was not faced with that overpowered prince, he would not let himself lose so much face. Just thinking that Alaric suddenly became bolder because of this made him incredibly unhappy.

Jia Hyson grimaces as he feels a pressure fall down onto his person. It was still bearable to stand upright but profoundly uncomfortable. Like a blade above his head, a constant reminder of his previous unseemly appearance during their first meeting.

"You seem to have forgotten who I am, Alaric Rong." Prince Rigel smiles cruelly. "Don't think we're on the same level. You are just a dog compared to me."

You're a dog! Your sister's a dog!

Gritting his teeth, Jia Hyson puts on his usually smiling face; however his furrowed brows and clenched jaw betrayed his discomfort. "Of course not, your highness, I, khgk, I just think it would be a pity to offend my friend for nothing after all."

Prince Rigel thought about the situation of offending Prince Silas and shuddered. "…That's true." Instantly the pressure on Jia Hyson's body dissipates. His powerful, domineering appearance became one of a spoiled and wronged child.

"How about we strike a deal?" Jia Hyson offers, "I will do my best to make sure Prince Silas minimizes contact with you and you agree to three things I ask of you."

Prince Rigel couldn't help but admire the gall of the other vampire. To try to negotiate with him, a prince from an antagonistic coven, about his own coven's prince without said prince's consent is really too bold.

Thinking about how Prince Silas was so close to Alaric, Prince Rigel… well, he felt no sympathy at all. Such a bastard, really deserves it. But it didn't invalidate the fact Alaric was really cruel enough. There was little hesitation in his words. It was as if he had already planned to do this since he saw how uncomfortable Rigel was around the other prince.

Thinking about this, the admiration and reluctant appreciation were forcefully shoved away. Prince Rigel both felt like and dislike toward Alaric for various reasons. In fact, the main thing is they were from opposing factions. If that wasn't the case, Prince Rigel felt he would be willing to put down some of his face and allow the other to become his close friend. For now, though, he was stuck with the complicated emotion of wanting to criticise every action but also being reluctant to disagree. "Well, what do you want?"

Jia Hyson coughs and stretches his back, feeling his back pop comfortably as he releases the pressure with a few twists and turns. Prince Rigel ground his teeth like an angry cat forced onto a leash. It was pretty cute, and it gave Jia Hyson an urge to also want to bully the other.

Prince Rigel's pale skin and slim, almost petite frame, coupled with his delicate face framed by curled golden hair, really made him look far more beautiful than any girl Jia Hyson had seen in this world, in his opinion. Even in the last world with the dazzling immortal human forms of the dragons, there were really few who could compare to this sort of pure and lovely appearance.

Seeing him flushed and with brows furrowed broke the illusion that the prince was like a perfect watercolour painting come to life and made him more real. And with this sense of reality seeping in, so do the dirty desires of reality bleed through as well.

With a flash of vengeful inspiration, he smiles even more gently. "First of all, what are your clothing sizes?"


Of course, to convince Prince Rigel to fulfil his end of the bargain, Jia Hyson must show that he was willing to complete the other's request. Fortunately, Prince Rigel was indeed put in the little first-year classes to avoid suspicion. So during school hours, it's relatively easy for the two princes not to meet.

However, to deal with the times after class, it is still important to tell Prince Silas what has happened. Jia Hyson did not intend to sneak around and not inform the other party of his agreement. In the long term, this behaviour is far more hurtful than being blunt and honestly upfront about his deal.

Nonetheless, it was still hurtful.

Upon hearing the actions and consequences that led to this, Prince Silas's face turned unnaturally gloomy. He truly felt what it was like to pick up a stone and drop it on his feet*. If he hadn't bullied the other party so hard, it really wouldn't have come to this point. But how would he know the other was surprisingly so timid and easy to scare?

*To do something you think will help you but actually harms you in the end. E.g.You ask your mum to be your excuse to not attend an event, but since your mum knows you're free that night, she makes you go out with her to do something considerably more painful instead.

Silas truly didn't think Prince Rigel was the type to quickly abandon all pride and cower for help like this. Especially given his first impression of the other was so tyrannical and crazy. Even if Prince Silas was a genius, he really couldn't comprehend it. Didn't he think such an act was really shameful?

They were all princes that represented their covens, after all. If it gets out that the prince of the Eclipse Coven was so scared of the eldest prince from the Golden Rose Coven that he had to strike a deal with a Golden Rose vampire from the Rong family just to better avoid the eldest prince, how can the Eclipse vampires have any face left? Prince Silas couldn't tell if the other was actually stupid, insidious, or selfish to the extreme.

Nonetheless, Prince Rigel had a strong reputation for impulsive and erratic behaviour that many people had trouble predicting. So no matter the thoughts behind these actions, Prince Silas could only accept the result and swallow this loss bitterly.

Prince Silas looks at Alaric and felt even more bitter in his heart. The other party had an expression of guilt and apology, but there wasn't much reluctance or unhappiness in those bright blue eyes. It really seemed the impact he had made on Alaric's heart was not big enough to leave a dent. Even the idea of not being able to see him after classes for what could be an extended unknown period of time didn't seem to faze the other vampire.

For someone so gentle, Alaric Rong was really ruthless.

But… he still can't stop liking this person. His kindness and callousness, he liked them all.

If Jia Hyson knew what he was thinking, it could be imagined that he would disdain the other who was willing to lower his head for him like this even more. After all, he was a scum, but he won't force a party too aggressively. In his opinion, if the other can be seduced to this extent, it also becomes partly their own fault for not sobering up.

For those pitiful people entangled in his grasp and are not able to respect themselves, Jia Hyson will have difficulty respecting them, in turn causing him to treat them even less sincerely. Fortunately, Jia Hyson had no ability to hear the other's thoughts.

"So," Alaric blinks and looks up at him expectantly. "It'll only be temporary, I swear; I have a plan. You just need to stay away for a while to assure Prince Rigel."

Seeing his lack of reaction, Alaric touches his nose awkwardly, "I know I was wrong about agreeing to this without telling you. I'll do my best to make up for it in the future. So please?" The delicate features of Alaric's face flush, and his lovely blue eyes stare up at Silas with a hint of moisture, reminding the other of the vampire's hidden and perverse live streams.

Prince Silas swallows before he forces himself to smile. "Of course, it's fine. We're friends, after all."

Alaric exhales with relief and pats his chest in assurance, "Yes, yes, we're as close as brothers after being together for so long. This sort of thing isn't enough to affect our relationship." He laughs, shoulders relaxing and mouth curved up happily.

The crown prince also chuckles softly, "En. Of course, it's not enough." It seems he needs to do something much more in order to completely change their relationship.

One day he won't just make a dent in that person's heart. He will personally carve out a place just for himself with his own hands.

For the next few days, Silas was really as good as his word. Once classes were over, the pair, who were usually found together at the hip* would separate ways. Jia Hyson would go over to pick up Prince Rigel from his classes, and Prince Silas would slowly wander off to either the library or his room. Occasionally he would find the energy to go and meet with the other Academy Emperors to socialise.

*Together at the hip describes people who are very close to each other, and usually, if one person is there, the other person will definitely be there as well.

Prince Rigel, who had been nervous at first, quickly relaxed, seeing the other prince hadn't gone out of his way to approach him. Even if they pass by coincidentally, Prince Silas just ignores him, which makes him relieved but contradictorily a little bit snubbed.

However, his pride was less important than keeping his powers mysterious, so Prince Rigel ignored that irritated feeling in his heart. After all, he was used to feeling sudden bursts of irritation and anger, so, while uncomfortable, it was still bearable to suppress.

"Your position with Prince Silas is higher than I thought," Prince Rigel praises while Alaric and himself are walking back to the dorms.

"You could call us childhood friends." Jia Hyson replies calmly, "Though we didn't get along at the start, we are now considered quite close in the last few years."

"Yet you're able to discard him so easily for a simple deal," Prince Rigel smiles widely, eyes curved up in malicious crescents, "I dunno~ maybe he is close to you, but in my opinion, you don't seem as fond to me."

Jia Hyson softly smiles back, "Discard is such a strong term. I prefer a 'temporary separation'. Besides, friendship doesn't mean you have to constantly be physically by someone's side through everything. In fact, if the friendship can't be reignited even after a year of silence, the friendship is simply just not strong enough."

As a person who can socialise through training but was an introvert at heart, Jia Hyson deeply felt this. Many of his good friends were ones he didn't need to always keep in touch with every week; just meeting a few times a year, maybe even less than that, is enough, and they can interact easily despite the gap of silence.

Of course, it was impossible for everyone to understand, so he still went through the motions of small talk and outings with others as well. But the people he cherished more were the people he didn't feel the 'need' to have to constantly maintain the relationship.

This is another reason he likes Mr Garth, his texts will come when they come, and it's light and easy to communicate. If there's a period of silence, he won't pester but respects it well enough. At most, he may ask if he was okay after a week. It was very different to Prince Silas' clinginess and comparatively heavier one-sided love.

To be honest, it's not that Jia Hyson rejects this sort of affection. In fact, he usually enjoys it greatly. But this sort of heavy love, like a rich chocolate cake, can not be ingested all the time. It just happens that Jia Hyson has already experienced the delight of having a domineering and obsessively loving partner in the last world with Da Gong.

Therefore the desire to take part in another similar relationship with a, in his opinion, objectively lower-quality partner was not high at all. There was even a sense of repulsion.

In contrast, Mr Garth's mature and considerate love was sour-sweet like a lemon tart which seemed to cleanse the palate and made people's mouth water involuntarily.

Realising his mind had strayed once again to the older vampire, Jia Hyson's soft and easy smile had become rigid and forced.

How many times has his thoughts ended up circling around Mr Garth? Especially now, he has more or less understood that the path he has paved was not one where he can walk hand in hand with the other vampire. He felt this line of thought was even more inappropriate to keep pursuing. Unfortunately, the heart was more stubborn than the mind this time.

Jia Hyson felt a little anxious. Fortunately, there were still just under two years until Jessica Fang entered the academy, and his part in the plot came into play. He still had confidence in his slag-like mindset. Mr Garth was very good, but two years of adjusting his thoughts should be enough for him to fully move on.

While his thoughts were on Mr Garth, Prince Rigel, who was watching his expressions closely, misunderstood and thought the conflict in the other's eyes was due to Prince Silas, making him secretly smile victoriously.

Who didn't know that the Rong family was behind the success of the Golden Rose Coven's royal family? While such a statement is a bit exaggerated, it was definitely undeniable that without the Rongs, the Golden Rose Coven may not be standing on the high pedestal they stand on now.

Logistics, advisory duties, politics, and sciences, the members of the Rongs were all exemplary in various fields, unlike many families who choose to specialise. And in all those fields, the research, profits and general benefits were all passed down to the royal family like the loyal lapdogs they are. Every coven wanted to disparage them, but everyone knew they would sell their most cherished heirs to the throne just to coax the Rong family with their massive connections to their side.

Unfortunately, it was really difficult, and there have only been two instances where a Rong vampire had defected. The first time was due to being blinded by love, and the second time was due to… something he can't recall. History wasn't really his strong suit, especially since he was sleeping for such long periods of time. So many things happened it was really hard to keep track.

But even if it was difficult, that didn't mean Prince Rigel wouldn't try. He had been told Alaric Rong was the best of the young generation of the Rongs, with a good reputation among many elders both in the Golden Rose Coven and outside it, and has participated in a lot of various things that many of the younger generation aren't even allowed to touch.

Therefore, wouldn't it be quite good if he could create a sense of estrangement between Prince Silas, the beloved crown prince, and Alaric Rong, the golden child of the Rong family?

Using his identity that is politically sensitive, he has the strength to make a few unreasonable demands that don't cross over people's bottom lines.

Prince Rigel figured that since Prince Silas chose to visit Alaric upon hearing the news of his presence, the silver-haired vampire held Alaric quite highly in his heart. Conversely, Prince Silas' not knowing Alaric wasn't in the dorm room and Alaric's reaction of surprise implied that the person Prince Silas heard this news from was not Alaric.

Prince Rigel wasn't a fool. If Alaric didn't go out to contact someone, then he would not be worthy of the high praise of the vampire elders. So Alaric definitely should've contacted someone he trusted. But that trustworthy person was not Prince Silas, who, theoretically, as both his childhood friend and loyal servant to the crown prince, should be the first one he contacts.

This was interesting because there was a good chance there was an imbalance in the relationship. And unexpectedly, according to what Prince Rigel has observed in this short period, the one with more power was not the powerful Prince Silas but the supporter Alaric Rong.

The more he saw, the more Prince Rigel felt like his observations were correct. Prince Silas not only thinks of the other highly but most likely holds romantic affection for the other. Unfortunately for him, Alaric does not seem to reciprocate and even holds a sense of repulsion toward it.

In all honesty, Prince Rigel didn't fully understand why this was the case. Even if he didn't like Prince Silas, objectively, the man was extremely handsome and good-looking. Coupled with his status, power and abilities, no one could argue he was a diamond-level bachelor. Nonetheless, he was deeply pleased by this turn of events. This sort of relationship is much easier to break apart than it is to mend.

Best scenario, Prince Rigel could recruit Alaric Rong to the Eclipse Coven. It was unrealistic though given their first meeting, but Prince Rigel wasn't really holding out much hope for it anyway, and would settle for the next best thing, which was to get the two to turn on each other. Outright enemies or unable to work together, either outcome would definitely make it awkward and difficult in the future.

The worst case is that the relationship between the pair on the surface is the same, but the seeds of discord Prince Rigel had sown was still present. While the effects won't be seen in the long term, it was good enough to have aggravated the important relationship between the Golden Rose royal family and the Rong family.

As for the idea his actions would somehow fix the two's relationship and make it stronger?

Prince Rigel scoffs at that. Looking at them, he felt the already near impossible chances of Alaric defecting to the Eclipse Coven was much higher than any chances of a successful reconciliation.

By making a deal with Alaric to convince Prince Silas to leave him alone, just the action of agreeing to the deal without consulting with Prince Silas was enough for Prince Rigel to understand the sheer gap in the relationship. And if he saw it, he was sure the other prince who was exhorted as a genius, would painfully comprehend this too, provoking the problems in the friendship further. This gap will naturally only grow with time, especially with himself adding oil to the fire.

Letting the two have a period of separation would only help exacerbate the situation and make it easier for Prince Rigel to snatch more chances to turn the two into more conflicts. Absence may make the heart go fonder, but Prince Rigel is afraid this saying will only apply to one of the two, while the other's heart will simply coldly adjust without much difficulty.

As for his exaggerated fear of Prince Silas that is the reasoning behind this separation?

…Well, it was still genuine.

To be honest, if he wasn't sincerely fearful of the other's powers, he wouldn't have thought of this idea that revolved around this sort of scaredy-cat image otherwise. In this way he could at least comfort himself mentally over his rather embarrassing behaviour.

Of course, Prince Rigel thought quite well, but he underestimated Jia Hyson's ability to make him feel even more embarrassed.

"This-!" Prince Rigel stares aghast and furious, "What is the meaning of this!?"

Jia Hyson smiles gently, but the sadism and anticipation in his curved eyes were impossible to hide, "I run a blog, and I think you're quite a good fit for it."

Prince Rigel stares at the clothing in his hand with a complicated and unhappy expression. He had many calculations, and he had a mixed impression of Alaric. Still, he really didn't even consider the idea that this little Golden Child was such a pervert. And such a bold one as well.

"That's really not a compliment." He bitterly retorts. After all, he was also aware of his pretty boy shota-type appearance, but that didn't mean he wanted to lean into it more than he did for manipulative purposes.

"Just because you don't see it as a compliment doesn't mean it isn't one." Jia Hyson laughs softly. Even though it was a gentle and objectively lovely sound, it sent chills down the vampire prince's back.

Prince Rigel was both unnerved and curious at Alaric's shift in demeanour. He felt he was looking at someone so similar yet different to him, making Rigel want to see more. But quickly, he pressed those thoughts down. There was no time to be fascinated by this unpredictable vampire, not when he was in such a situation.

Gathering his thoughts, the blonde prince with an eyepatch sneers, "I refuse to do this."

Jia Hyson, hearing this, immediately sneers back, "Then the deal is off."

He wasn't a fool. Jia Hyson also knew Prince Rigel had requested a deal with such conditions not just because he was wary of Prince Silas but also for other reasons. Otherwise, he would really be too useless as a villain.

Most likely, he chose this way to aggravate and provoke his shaky relationship with Prince Silas, creating a gap that could act as a hidden wound for the coven. After all, if there's no trust, there will be communication problems, internal strife, hidden resentment and entanglements that could cause the coven to make bad decisions in the future.

If this was the case, then it was the best handle to grasp and use to Jia Hyson's advantage.

If he was a counterattacker, he would use it thoroughly. However, he was just a laidback Beta system host. So it really was more important to let the other embark on his villainous route in order to give the protagonists the enemies they needed to move the plot forward. Therefore he merely wants to use this handle for his own pleasure.

And oh, what a pleasure it will be.

In the face of the other's immediate and arrogant refusal, Prince Rigel's face becomes a little ugly. But thinking about his plans, he figured he should give the other a little face and renegotiate. "As prince of the Eclipse Coven, there are many things I'm willing to reluctantly give away instead. For example, I'm willing to tell you the people behind the assassinations of Vampire X, Y, and Z."

Jia Hyson raises his brow at the prominent names of vampires who died under mysterious circumstances, but his heart was not swayed.

After all, it sounds good, but what benefits would that really have for him other than offending others and gaining suspicion of colluding with the Eclipse Coven to bolster his reputation with insider information? While Rigel had an innocent and sincere appearance, Jia Hyson could sense the malicious intentions behind the seemingly generous offer.

Besides, he wasn't truly Alaric, who cared deeply about the coven and his vampiric beliefs. Therefore, at face value, this information was simply just not as appealing to him as his own proposition.

"No deal." He rejects with a smile.

Prince Rigel shrugs with an easy grin, already expecting this but glad to partially confirm his evaluation of the other's intelligence. "I see, then what about I get you a few favours then. Don't look down on us Eclipse vampires. Even if we're enemies, we have our own code of trust. If I give the word, they'll treat you like the most prestigious customer if you need our services."

This time the offer was far more sincere. But Jia Hyson was still not interested.

"No deal."

Prince Rigel's smile stiffens slightly, not expecting his actual proposal to be rejected. He grits his teeth, looking at the clothes in his hand, "Then what do you want?"

Jia Hyson looks at the other like an idiot. He points at the prince. "You." His finger lowers to the clothing in the other's hands, "This." Then finally, he raises it back at Rigel's annoyed face, "Wear it."

Prince Rigel was so angry his eyepatch was practically shaking.

Struggling, Prince Rigel finally showed his trump card, "Aren't you curious about my powers? Why don't I give you a hint? With your intellect, I'm sure you'll get it."

Even if it was just a hint, it really was attractive. Numerous vampires out there would get on their knees just for this hint. After all, Prince Rigel's powers were both mighty and a long-hidden secret. Unfortunately, the prince had met a very stubborn pervert who was currently far more interested in a different sort of secret.

"Well… that is awfully tempting, but…" Jia Hyson tilts his head and hums before he smiles with seductive evilness, lips curved up in sadistic anticipation, "I'm sure I can figure out your powers eventually. However, this is my only chance to get you to do this."

"Wha-I am the most favoured prince of the Eclipse Coven," Prince Rigel decisively gave up the negotiation. He shamelessly chose to pull rank instead, "Do you really dare to humiliate me like this? Can you afford it?"

Jia Hyson's smile becomes even bigger, and he sincerely looks into the other's eye. "Prince Rigel, with all due respect, it would be my greatest pleasure to pay with my life if I can humiliate you like this."

Prince Rigel: '…' Hey, where is the respect for royalty you Rong dogs are meant to have?

No, he should really ask, are you so vengeful that you're really willing to do this even by swearing with your life?

For the first time, Prince Rigel felt like he was the only sober one in the room and the other party was simply unreasonable.

For a moment, he considered just giving up on the entire plan he had made, but Prince Rigel really felt a bit unwilling. Partly because now that he's already started, he doesn't really want to go back to the drawing board and start again, and mainly because.. well, he still doesn't want to be near Prince Silas.

Conceding defeat, he silently goes to the bathroom, clutching the clothes with a white-knuckled grip like he was holding not fabric but the neck of an enemy who had fucked his wife.

Because he was immersed in unhappiness, Prince Rigel failed to notice Jia Hyson's gaze staring hotly at him.

'Ah~ that beaten and humiliated appearance is really attractive. I want to strip him down and watch him blush with tears in his eyes.' Jia Hyson internally tells Bebe lustfully.

People he didn't like, he had a stronger urge to dominate and humiliate. While people he likes… he also wants to dominate and humiliate.

Bebe: '…' This pervert really knows how to say 'I'm a sadist' without saying 'I'm a sadist'.

Jia Hyson could feel the disdain and disgust emanating from his system and shrugged helplessly before silently revising his previous statement. After all. If he likes them, he also nearly equally enjoys it the other way around as well. Give or take, depending on the person, of course. (∩❛ڡ❛∩) ♡

While the other reluctantly goes to change, Jia Hyson also changes his own clothes. It was a little too cruel to make the other crossdress alone after all. Plus, his blog had started to stagnate a bit in views, so doing a special collab with someone of such high face value would really do wonders ah~

Because he was much more experienced in the art of crossdressing and was practically half an expert in putting on woman's clothing by now, he was much faster than Prince Rigel, who was struggling, both literally and mentally, in wearing his own dress.

As he waited for the other, Jia Hyson also pins his hair back and puts on a pale blonde wig of curls. Carefully he adjusts the wig to make it look as lovely and natural as possible.

While he could use [Hair Control] to produce a more realistic appearance, unfortunately, that sort of thing can only be done when he is alone, or at least with unfamiliar people. After all, through the lens of a camera, people can admire it and believe it's good makeup ability or skilled photoshop, but to use [Hair Control] to meet people face to face would only bring suspicion to himself.

Jia Hyson learned this the hard way. One time while he was walking around while crossdressing, he had met the same fan in two different cities by chance. The first time he had changed his hair to a lovely light grey-purple bob with [Hair Control], and the second time he changed his hair into a silky waterfall of natural black hair that reached all the way to his lower back.

It was clear the hair was real up close, and it was this obviousness that would provoke many questions. There's only so much you can realistically manipulate with your hair until it becomes damaged or impossible to regrow in certain time frames unless you have a lot of money to burn for hair extensions.

Therefore now, if he crossdresses outside, he will either only use [Hair Control] for various short hair hairstyles and choose to spend any extra money he earns from his writing hobby on expensive wigs to wear instead. Of course, he couldn't use the funds connected to his family card, least anyone checks. Still, it was not difficult to produce some disposable income as a writer in this relatively modern world.

Under his pseudonym ShiningGreenTea he was an author that was loved and hated for his amazing stories that were generally a mixture of painfully insightful and comedically lighthearted. Unsurprisingly, he had gained many different fans from all walks of life.

What was a pleasant surprise, though, was that his Jasmine persona had also finally broken into the mainstream last year. Partially due to the wave of Shining Green Tea's Defining My Brother IP being bought to be made into a television show and partly because Jia Hyson had also extended his crossdressing career to the short video website MeTube that had burst into popularity.

While many people were exploring the potential of short online videos, Jia Hyson, who already knew the addiction of this platform, didn't hesitate to half move over there. While he still updated his blog, it would be with links to the videos he posted, simply vlogging more or less similar things, such as trying new outfits and delicious food and fun places around various cities in the country. However, doing all this with video, of course, felt far more interactive and intimate, added with the appeal of a beautiful young man crossdressing, it both deeply satisfied his present fans and hooked some curious new ones in the process.

Some people liked his good looks, and others felt he was quite witty and entertained by his personality. Young fashion-conscious women and men enjoyed his aesthetics, foodies liked his tastes. Then there were those who praised his courage to stand proudly and show off who he is. Of course, with just as many supportive fans, there was ten times the number of haters and bigots. Fortunately, Bebe could filter most of them to give his accounts a reasonably safe and calm community. In order not to arouse too much suspicion, they decided to let a few slip through, but those few were easily beaten back by his fans quickly.

With Jia Hyson's personal aesthetics and strong demand for quality in the clothes he buys and the food he eats on his blog and vlog, Jasmine's name was associated with good quality products over time. While he didn't go the high-maintenance route of expensive and luxurious brands, the trust he cultivated with the audience provided a much stronger loyalty. This made many smaller companies with more flexible and less conservative business plans think about the idea of giving out sponsorships, something traditionally given to celebrities.

By happy chance, one of these sponsorships was from a custom wig business.

Because of this, most of his hair-related problems were solved, and as long as he took photos and advertised for the company, he could order wigs for half the cost. Not only did the wigs look good, but because they were custom, Jia Hyson could input a lot of ideas that he had in mind, such as hair with gradients of varying colours, neon hair, dark blue hair that had gems scattered around to simulate a night sky, and so on.

These wigs that were purely for beauty and decoration were very eye-catching and outstanding among the fairly basic wigs most companies focused on at the time. Once they were shown off by the popular crossdresser Jasmine, the little wig business quickly also caught heat. And so a very happy cooperation was made.

Once his wig was adjusted to his satisfaction, he moved on to makeup. There was a secret compartment in his dresser that, after turning the knob of the dresser drawer thrice and pushing the knob inwards, opened with a click to reveal a sizeable and neat array of lipsticks, blush, eye shadow, glitter and makeup pencils. There was also a few thin boxes with various jewellery brands of varying fame and levels of luxury.

"I've finished changing; this is ridiculous, do you.." Before Jia Hyson could pick out what he wanted, Prince Rigel had walked out of the bathroom with a dark, sullen face. The prince, who was mortified beyond words at his predicament, was now completely blindsided as he stared at Jia Hyson.

Both vampires wore matching sweet lolita-style princess dresses decorated with an adorable cartoon print of characters from a famous stationery company. The dresses were full of soft pastels, bows, and frills, exuding the peak of typical girlish femininity. Jia Hyson's dress was mainly a light blue that matched his eyes. It also had a fluffy bunny theme, shown through his white rabbit-shaped sling bag and his little bunny ear headband nestled in his blonde wig. He looked sweet and soft, a vulnerable and obedient white rabbit that people can't help but want to hold in their arms and pet.

Meanwhile, Prince Rigel, while having the same style of dress, was more of a pink-centric princess, having more bows and a cute pair of white lace gloves. It was a bit more simplistic, but it worked much better to highlight his soft and beautiful face, leaning into the feeling of a spoiled but naive princess. Then, added his short curly hair and eyepatch, gave a little tomboyish rebellious quality that would intrigue people more. If Jia Hyson's gave the appearance of sweet docility, Rigel's made people want to pamper and spoil. But at the same time, the arrogant rebelliousness elicited a stronger desire to destroy and conquer simultaneously.

"..You-" Prince Rigel's silvery eye widens as he sees Alaric's dressed-up appearance for the first time in shock. His pale skin becomes pink as he fiercely blushes. He didn't expect Alaric would also wear female clothes alongside him. Nor did he expect… he looked really good. "Yo-you-"

Alaric smiled gently as usual, but there was a touch of irresistible allure. The knowledge that this beauty was actually a young man, a young man that he had not fully settled his opinion on, gave a sense of taboo that made Prince Rigel's mouth go inexplicably dry.

"Yes?" Even Alaric's usually soft voice had become light and airy, making Prince Rigel's skin flush and prickle with goosebumps at the same time. As if totally aware of what he was doing to him, Alaric's smile becomes even more flirtatious, "Is something wrong ah~?"

"You- you audacious-! fucking-! why-!" Prince Rigel stutters before covering his heavily blushing face with his hands, "Ahhhhhhh!"

Jia Hyson: '…' Out of all the reactions, I really didn't expect the other would literally cease to function.

Bebe: '…' Erratic, but surprisingly delicate, huh.

Seeing the blonde prince was trying to reboot, Jia Hyson chuckles, finding the other even more pleasing to the eye now that he is a shy and blushing mess. Even if he wasn't fond of Prince Rigel, that didn't mean he didn't find the other unattractive.

Turning back to the mirror, he picks out two lipstick colours, Sultry Amber, a warm orangey pink, and All Day Cherry, a deeper reddish pink. For his own light blue dress, it was good to have a pop of a more vibrant colour, so he skilfully painted his lips with the cherry-themed lipstick, giving his face some warmth with a bit of soft pink blush and loose powder foundation before finally touching his eyes up with some simple winged eyeliner.

Jia Hyson didn't really enjoy a large amount of makeup, so he still advocated for a fairly light and simple style that he slowly mastered after practice. Personally, if he could, he would just go without any at all, but unfortunately under the trials experienced handling the lighting and camera, Jia Hyson realised makeup was more or less indispensable to get the shots he was most satisfied with.

Vampires were inherently beautiful but that didn't mean their skin won't shine under a camera. Besides their skin was naturally too pale and a little makeup can go a long way in hiding his identity. So over time, Jia Hyson's abilities in handling basic makeup had probably become comparable to the average fashion conscience young lady.

While he still didn't like the appeal of heavy makeup, and a lot of layering and contouring, the satisfaction of the end result as well as the praise of the growing amount of netizens who became his fans pushed him further. Mainly he learnt how to do fairy-like makeup, mixing a bit of his painting skill to form simple, pretty hearts, flowers and other lovely shapes on his face coloured and dusted by glitter and beautiful powders.

His favourite was the pink-blue opal shimmering colours, which, on his face, highlighted his blue eyes perfectly and had instantly captured his heart. Unfortunately, for the dress and style he had on which was more doll-like in fashion, it was better to have simple matte colours to complement the complicated but cute dress. He gives one last heartbreaking look at his drawers hiding his more elaborate makeup products before focusing back on the Eclipse Coven's prince.

Seeing Prince Rigel had still buried his head in his hands like an ostrich, Jia Hyson laughs and swaggers over, "Hey~" He calls out coquettishly, drawing out his words with a feminine drawl, "Aw, you're suddenly so shy. It's cute ah~ Could it be I'm so beautiful you're stunned, your highness?"

The blonde vampire mutters a few foreign swears before returning to the english language. "Hah, in your sad fantasies. It's just you are too perverse, I can't even look at you…" He pauses then reluctantly adds while stressing the last part of the sentence, "I am willing to fulfil my end of the bargain but, you must change back."

"I don't remember us agreeing we can add clauses randomly into our agreement," Jia Hyson refuses with a teasing lilt in his voice, completely different from the indifferent and scathing polite vampire from before. "Besides, isn't it less embarrassing for you, if I also crossdressed? I'm merely being considerate." As if thinking of something, Jia Hyson makes a surprised face and covers his mouth, "Ah, could it be when I dress up I'm exactly your type? It turns out you like cuties like me, tsk, no wonder your so ashamed right now, I truly apologise. Or maybe you should thank me instead for letting you see someone as pretty as me?"

Prince Rigel ground his teeth at the provocative and shameless words and ignored the heat in his face getting hotter. He knew with his pale skin the blush would be especially vivid and hated Alaric all the more for causing it.

Prince Rigel knew the other was different from his 'goody-two-shoes' persona, but he really didn't expect Alaric to be so different. Rebellious sure. But a crossdressing and licentious pervert? One who had the gall to even take advantage of him and drag him into his lewd hobby, and then still had the courage to mock him? 

It wasn't incorrect to say he was intrigued, but at the same time he would rather close his eyes and feign ignorance at this moment. This truth cost far too much of his dignity, and he was more or less willing to not explore further as long as he could keep the last shreds intact.

Feeling it was enough teasing, Jia Hyson went up to Prince Rigel and gently but firmly pulled the other's blushing face from the cover of his hands. Prince Rigel resisted for a few seconds but reluctantly acquiesced to the action, haughtily tilting his head up and exposing his lovely blushing face trying to look defiant.

Jia Hyson sighs in his heart. The prince's face was really too beautiful, if he hadn't left such an initial bad impression, Jia Hyson was sure he would want to try his hand at cultivating a relationship with the other. Just imagining having such a rare beauty hanging by his arm, acting coquettishly and flirtatiously to himself… ah his nose was a little itchy just thinking about it*.

*excitement and can also describe about to have a nosebleed which is like, associated with perverted thoughts. can also be for pride- if you see in anime where characters rub their nose smugly or something IDK if you know what I mean there orz

Suppressing his bad thoughts, he begins contemplating the other's face from a photographer's point of view. "Your skin is really flawless," He admits, "But it's a bit too white, even whiter than mine. I'll apply some matte moisturiser, then loose powder foundation and blush. Your eyelashes are long we don't need to do much there, though it's probably good to use an eyebrow pencil on your eyebrows since they're so fair, it might look like they disappeared under the camera. As for your lips-"

Prince Rigel: …Are these still human words?

Prince Rigel had slept for a long time and wasn't familiar with all these new beauty products and terminology. Well, even if he had been up to date, as a man uninterested in this field he would still have very little clue either way. But he could more or less understand that Alaric was critiquing his face. And as a man who had very complicated feelings toward his overly delicate and lovely appearance, he felt inexplicably offended.

Fortunately, the process was not offensive, the makeup was fairly light and Alaric was unprecedentedly quite gentle handling his skin. Thoughtfully Alaric warmed up the moisturiser with his hands and lightly applying it onto his skin, the light scent of lavender calming to the senses. After this, he was tickled with powder and had his eyebrows drawn.

Throughout each step, Alaric would murmur an explanation of each step and even some interesting facts on related skincare and makeup products as well as some of his own humorous experiences which let Prince Rigel ignore any uncomfortableness as he became immersed in listening.

Though Prince Rigel had been spoiled, it was still the spoiling of material goods and acquiescence which was quite a cold and dismissive way to indulge a child. Not to mention his life was full of coven and family politics and problems during the limited time he was awake so the familial bonds had long grown quite cold. So it was the first time he felt so delicately pampered like this and inevitably his heart felt oddly flattered and shy at the treatment.

While it did feel strange and alien, Prince Rigel overall had little to complain about and even was tempted to praise Alaric for his careful and thoughtful work. However, thinking about how he came into this situation in the first place, and the clothing he wore that not even dolls dared to wear, he quickly shut up.

Jia Hyson didn't notice Prince Rigel's thoughts and only felt the other was very pleasantly cooperative. Tilting the other's chin up, Jia Hyson carefully presses the Sultry Amber lipstick against Prince Rigel's lips.

Prince Rigel had no choice but to look up close at Alaric's face as the other applied lipstick on him. His hands clenched and unclenched a little nervously, and his lips felt a little itchy as the stick of pigmented wax rubbed against it. Silently and secretly, Prince Rigel admits in his heart the other, while not as delicate and exquisite in appearance as himself, really had his own appeal that couldn't be denied.

Once all the makeup was done, Jia Hyson simply brushed Prince Rigel's short curls and added a clip on bow. After all, the makeup was more to help produce a good effect for the camera and cast some doubts on Rigel's true identity, but overall he had thoughtfully picked an outfit that went well with Prince Rigel's appearance. That way, there would be not too much trouble spent setting up.

"Ok, we'll only do a basic shoot for now," Jia Hyson runs and takes out a camera stand and a rather professional looking camera hidden in a secret compartment in his closet, enthusiastically. "Don't worry, it's just a few solo pictures of you and then I'll also take some with you."

"This.. this is a camera?" Not having seen the modern technology of the camera before, and a little amazed at the compactness of the device, Prince Rigel can't help but shuffle over curiously. Jia Hyson notices his curiosity and smiles a little helplessly. It seems the photoshoot must be delayed for a little longer.

Before, everything Prince Rigel did had a taste of irritation, but seeing him all dolled up really tickled his heart and he couldn't deny the face-con inside him anymore. Now, a lot of the previous resentment had faded, and he was more willing to be a little more indulgent.

Not forgetting that, despite everything, he is still meant to be giving the other an idea of the current modern era as a tour guide, Jia Hyson generously takes some time to show the basic features of the camera and let him shoot a couple of photos of various objects.

"How very useful," Prince Rigel can't help but praise as he awkwardly plays with the camera. With unpracticed movements and under Jia Hyson's quiet promptings he brings up the gallery function to see the photos he had randomly taken.

"The quality is amazing now." He sighs with admiration, "So vivid, there's even colour. Humans are truly so clever and resilient to forge as far as they have in order to make up for their various flaws."

Prince Rigel didn't think a vampire was responsible for this, after all, other than the Rong family which had waded through human society with a flexibly open mind, most families for a long time were very conservative. If they did interact with humanity it would almost exclusively be among the aristocrats, noble and royal classes. The exceptions were when a poor little beauty caught their eyes. Plus, to his knowledge, the development of cameras was really not a priority or interest for any vampire families the last time he was awake, and this was unlikely to change even if one considered a vampire's vanity.

Clicking through the photos taken, Prince Rigel suddenly stiffens and glances at Jia Hyson a little self-consciously. "This," he coughs, "You're quite skilled at taking photos."

Jia Hyson peers at what he was looking at. It was a photo of him from the waist up wearing a simple, pastel purple square neckline top with mesh flounce sleeves. On the sleeves, small white fabric flowers were scattered around, and it achieved a simple and sweet effect. He was walking on the streets and had just turned to face the camera with curved eyes and a wide and dazzling grin, an expression bright and full of laughter. The light had hit his face just right and the wind had artfully framed the hair of his chestnut, shoulder length wig around his face.

It was a really superb photo that truly felt like the memory of a summer love was captured in it. Many people had praised the photo when it was posted and there was even a travel agency who wanted to use it for their advertisements. But Jia Hyson really wasn't desperate for money and declined the offer. He liked the photo too much to sell the rights to it so easily.

"Hey, hey," He laughs softly as he scratches his chin, "Do you think the camera is really so magical? No, someone else took it at the time. To be honest, it wasn't even planned. We were out shopping and he just happened to capture it at the right moment."

Prince Rigel was surprised there was someone else who knew Alaric's clearly very personal secret. While, after a second of thought he realised it made sense- after all, there was still a limit to what you could do by yourself with this sort of private hobby- but inexplicably he felt a little irritated. "Hmm.." He hums coldly, "Well, I bet the photographer must really have been staring at you quite hard to be able to find that 'perfect moment'. A little creepy in my opinion."

Jia Hyson's smile wavers a little before it resumes its usual gentle appearance. He thinks about that day and recalls that Mr Garth had indeed been looking at him a lot with the camera in hand. Every time he was caught, he didn't shy away and just smiled loosely. Sometimes he would even wink shamelessly and flirtatiously. Finally, Jia Hyson couldn't take it anymore and shyly teased him about it. He still remembered what Mr Garth said at that time.

"I just think you're too charming to look away from."

Jia Hyson had turned to look at the other, mouth uncontrollably pulled upwards at such a blunt and cheesy answer, and Mr Garth had clicked the shutter of the camera with his own smile.

"It may be a little creepy," Jia Hyson tells Prince Rigel as he carefully takes the camera back, "But I'll forgive him for it."

His blue eyes stare down at the camera in his hands, and Prince Rigel saw the flash of tenderness and affection in the other's eyes that completely softened his features.

"After all, who made me so charming that they can't look away from me ah?"

"Come on, move a bit closer. It'll look really good; my fans will love it." Jia Hyson coaxes. The pair were sitting on their knees on the bed, face to face, with Jia Hyson's knee in between Prince Rigel's. With their hands on each other's shoulders, as they both face the camera in similar outfits, it gives the impression of being like two beautiful twin dolls.

They were entwined together in this manner, but it was done tastefully with a sense of ambiguity but no lewdness that would appeal to all audiences.

After those photos were done, Jia Hyson wanted the other to move even closer to himself, so they were pressing at each other's bodies, producing a more explicit taste. It was his first time doing this with another crossdresser, and Jia Hyson was interested to see the effects of all sorts of poses regardless of if he actually used them. He had already taken Prince Rigel's solo shots, which were not very difficult after a few promptings and showing the other the end result.

While the other wasn't an exaggerated genius like Prince Silas, Prince Rigel was still considered a genius on a more normal level and had quickly grasped a good sense of the camera after a few trials and errors. It also helped Jia Hyson was a fairly good teacher, after all, while it had been a few worlds ago, he had been a model. While he wasn't at the level of a supermodel, he still recalled some tips and tricks as he became reacquainted with the camera.

Being aware of your curves and the effect it has on the dress, the way to exaggerate your body posing without looking strained and awkward, to not tense your muscles to the point you become rigid, the importance of S-curves, eye contact and for feminine posing the idea of gracefulness is the best mindset to enter. The theory was simple, but the execution is truly quite difficult. Behind the flawless photographs of those fashion magazines, it is difficult to imagine the perseverance and labour behind such seemingly 'simple' poses. Of course, it was undeniable that a person's attractiveness would always add a large number of bonus points to any photograph, with minor flaws easy to forgive and overlook as long as your face is handsome enough.

"This, I know you said closer but isn't it really too close?" Prince Rigel asks hesitantly through his teeth as he stares at the camera with eyes and slightly pursed lips with the innocence of a surprised little animal. Because of his eyepatch, he had to strain his neck a bit further and tilt his head slightly to get more of his face in the photo without seeming unnatural.

"Haha, the timer won't go off for another minute, what are you posing so seriously for?" Jia Hyson teases, "Besides, it is only at the level of brushing knees and hugging shoulders, I still plan to do a little bit more."

Despite his words, Prince Rigel was still too nervous and refused to stop posing. He also had a lot of vanity and self-love, if not why would he be so obsessed with the comfortableness and quality of sleeping materials?

After seeing the exquisite appearance of his crossdressing self on camera he had immediately fallen a bit in love with this strange hobby, and was really unwilling to take one bad photo afterwards. Without the camera he felt his face, while pretty, was more annoying, and he had long gotten used to his own looks. But now under the camera, with makeup and this outfit that had altered his looks, his angelic and pure atmosphere had seemed to ascend straight into divinity, which made him a little disbelieving and addicted.

After every few photos taken he would eagerly reach for the camera and greedily submerge himself in his own sense of beauty, feeling he was really too gorgeous… occasionally when Alaric was busy setting things up to his satisfaction, he would secretly press the buttons that let him switch back to some older photos still recorded on the camera and submerge himself in a different beauty that wasn't his own. 

But once Alaric refocused his attention back on him, Prince Rigel would immediately switch back to his own photos, feeling inexplicably a little guilty.

Of course, with his impetuous nature guilt slid off him faster than water. Now he couldn't think of those things and was only angry at Alaric's dismissive attitude over his dedication toward the photoshoot. It could be said he had already nearly forgot who was the one being forcibly coerced and who was the one who should be most invested in this. But even if he was upset, since he stubbornly chose to stay in his pose, he could only express his grievances by staring at the other with daggers in their eye.

It was quite funny.

Jia Hyson laughs, and the flash of the camera goes off. The camera was on a three-minute timer that would reset the moment it went off until it was manually changed or a preset number of photographs were taken. It was very convenient for these sorts of occasions where there wasn't a human photographer helping and a social media expert system was too conspicuous to bring out. Of course, this had many flaws, such as limited angles and backgrounds that could be reasonably used without wasting too much time.

The moment after the flash hit them, Prince Rigel, who knew they had two minutes and roughly fifty-nine seconds left, exploded. "If I look ugly in this picture, you will pay you dog!" He scolds emotionally.

Hearing the main point of unhappiness, Jia Hyson was a little speechless. Honestly, he had expected this photo shoot to be like pulling nails and teeth out with toothpicks. Still, the eye-patched prince was possibly the most obedient he had ever been after he had shown him his first photo. It seems the other was a little obsessed with pursuing self-beauty, and Jia Hyson had successfully inadvertently caught this handle.

Jia Hyson felt that Prince Rigel and himself were very well matched in terms of narcissism. If Alaric was born in the Eclipse coven to serve such a master, Jia Hyson wondered if the other might have been much happier than in his original life. At least there, Prince Rigel didn't seem so abhorrent to the concept, which indicated a higher acceptance in his coven or just a lack of care, either way, it would be better than discrimination. Then again, with Alaric's original personality, it was hard to say if he would be liked by the more free-willed and unconstrained Prince Rigel.

He didn't bother to ponder over it further. He found it more interesting right now to tease the prince. "Does it matter if you look ugly? The most important thing is that I must look excellent, don't you think?"

Prince Rigel carefully recalls how Alaric's face full of mirth must have been caught on camera, mouth slightly opened in a smile and eyes filled with cheerful and playful light. Unless the other's luck was too bad, the resulting photo must be remarkably gorgeous to look at… provided he and his glaring frown was cropped out of the scene. "Well," the prince clicked his tongue and feigned nonchalance, "I suppose you won't look too bad. But suppose my face doesn't look pleasant. In that case, the entire photo will definitely lower in quality, so it's important to delete it quickly if that's the case."

"What are you talking about?" Jia Hyson blinks his blue eyes as if he was utterly blind to what the silver-eyed vampire was very obviously suggesting. "If I only look okay, as long as your unsightly expression is next to myself, my beauty will be automatically enhanced by twenty percent. It'll save me time on editing, at least. So why would I let such a good photo go?"

Prince Rigel: '!?!?!?' Are you a demon?!

Of course, the scene must still be retaken again. While the relationship between the pair had warmed up considerably during this process, it was definitely not the sort of friendship that could withstand the plastic sisterhood* act of publicly posting photos of their friends looking ugly to highlight the beauty of the poster.

*plastic sisterhood = fake friends essentially

Even though Jia Hyson's shameless words were offending, Prince Rigel was not a soft persimmon either and quickly smiled back with a hint of mocking. "Oh, then, should I thank you then?"

Jia Hyson frowns, "What?"

"Since you volunteered to be photographed next to me, by your logic, wouldn't my own beauty be enhanced by twenty percent once your ugly face is by my side?" Prince Rigel touches his cheek with a coy look that perfectly highlights his innocent and delicate looks. Jia Hyson felt his eyes sting at the divine energy that seemed to be radiating off the pretty little bastard's face. "Or, could it be that you thought you were on the same level as me? Hehe, no way, right~?"

Jia Hyson: '…' Well, he really couldn't believe his own face could compare- but he was still angry, okay?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ The gap wasn't that big, right? He was still a good-looking vampire, okay??

'Don't worry, host,' Bebe jumps in to assure, 'With Bebe's amazing photoshop skills and the system world's top-class beauty filters, Bebe is sure Bebe can raise your beauty by 30% to match up with Prince Rigel's!'

Hearing Bebe's words, Jia Hyson, wanted to vomit three litres of blood. So the difference between himself and Prince Rigel was a gap of 30%?!?! Fuck! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ彡┻━┻

Choosing not to answer, Jia Hyson aggressively moves even closer to the arrogant prince, shuffling forward, so his thigh presses against the other's inner thigh under his skirt. He leans forward with his arms flinging over Prince Rigel's shoulders, leaving barely any room between their faces. If Jia Hyson crossed his arms at this moment, he would be practically hugging the other's neck and pressing his lips against the other vampire's own.

Prince Rigel, who had been ready to start a round of verbal warfare, was immediately stunned into silence by the sudden increase in physical contact.

Now that they were so intimately close, Prince Rigel could easily pick out the details of the fragrance on Alaric's body. It wasn't as sweet as his appearance, there was no scent of milk or candy or strawberries, but it had a faintly earthy natural scent with refreshing citrusy notes that were easy on the senses. In a daze, he wildly thought it was really much more appealing than the domineering, overly floral, and sugary smells many vampires around him liked to wear.

At this moment, he can't help his imaginative brain from recalling the photos he had seen in the camera. The one he kept looking back at and that affected him the most was a recreation of an advertisement he had seen a long time ago in passing called the Blue Moon, Silk Stockings*. Blue Moon, Silk Stockings was a glamour pin-up of a young blonde lady sitting on the curve of a crescent moon during a partial eclipse, hugging one knee to her chest. At the same time, the other leg stretches seductively downwards, showing off her tight-fitting nylon hosiery. In contrast, translucent fabric hugged her body and fluttered in the night wind, freely making a fairy-like tempting sight.

*search Blue Moon Silk Stockings Pin Up

On the camera, there was no moon; after all, that sort of thing would be done in editing, which was not something Prince Rigel was very aware of. Still, the pose and clothing were distinctive enough to make him vaguely recall the advertisement. Alaric was sitting on a chair, his pale skin contrasting with the dark stockings and blurring under the semi-translucent patterned fabric covering his slim body. He was not the tallest vampire ever, but his proportions were good. His legs were shapely and slender, making one's eyes addicted to following the curves upwards until they reached the other's limber and graceful body. Then, finally, their gaze will slide even further upwards and meet Alaric's slanted bright blue eyes that stare back with a sleepy seductiveness and make one's heart inevitably skip a beat.

Prince Rigel was no exception there, and with the stimulation of the mental image coupled with the physical stimulus of the real person nearly rubbing against him, he couldn't even pay attention to the camera and focused on trying to suppress the heat that had long been growing in his body and threatening to burst out. Jia Hyson didn't notice at all, concentrating on getting the most beautiful shot of himself as he arched his back and turned his face to the camera with a relaxed sombre expression.

As he twisted his neck, his cheek inevitably brushed against Prince Rigel's lips, causing him to flush. He instinctively moved his hands to Alaric's waist, pulling him closer in a possessive manner before he fully realised what he had done.

At this time, the camera flashed. 

The second after the camera took a photo, Jia Hyson immediately moved away and glanced downwards with a strange expression. "Hey, are you-"

"This.. don't look at me," Rigel pushes down his skirt embarrassedly. Even though the frilly skirt had hidden it reasonably well, it was impossible to not feel self-conscious about it. Unfortunately, such a subconscious action just further proved Jia Hyson's suspicion.

Jia Hyson gives the other a deep look before he grins.

"Why not?" Jia Hyson's voice lowers seductively as he moves back to their initially very intimate position, touching the other's hands and slowly pulling them away from his skirt, revealing the faint but still noticeable bulge pushing up against the layers of fabric. "You're so attractive; don't you always say that we, as vampires, should be unrestrained in our impulses?"

Prince Rigel felt a little speechless.

It's undeniable he did say that. That was his main argument when fighting with Alaric about various topics while they lived together. From his messiness to his views on treating humans as disposable blood bags, he simply felt it was his right as a superior vampire to do what he wished. The sense of entitlement was something he was naturally raised with.

But it was the first time his belief was used against him, and in such a perverted context too. Now he was both embarrassed and shaken. "This is not the same thing!" Prince Rigel snaps.

"Heh," Jia Hyson sneers and boldly steps forward until their bodies are pressed against each other, grinding his hips suggestively into the other's stiff body, "Are you sure? Your impulse already feels pretty unrestrained."

~~Warning: KINDA KINKY SMUT- frottage (basic), then some urethral play and degradation. If you don't know what urethral play (sounding) is then like uh, idk don't google when your parents are home ig.~~

His body was not exactly large, but it was enough to cover Prince Rigel's far more slender and lithe form. Jia Hyson reaches out to stroke the flushed nape of Rigel's neck, his thumb brushing the sensitive skin at the back of the other vampire's ears. The prince involuntarily shudders in reaction and leans toward the light, pleasurable sensation before catching himself and glaring daggers at Alaric, who was smirking.

"You're just a dog." Prince Rigel spat out, "Don't think that you're actually worthy of touching someone like myself."

"Sure, sure," Jia Hyson agrees perfunctorily as he happily plays with the prince's soft earlobe and watches the other struggle to keep his composure. Tsk, tsk, what a little himedere*, it really makes you want to force them to succumb to their honest desires of lust with tears in their eyes and their dignity torn to shreds by their own hands.

*a type of dere, similar to tsundere, but there's more inflated ego/princess syndrome hence hime (princess) dere.

"Then what does it say about you-" He tugs at the other's ear, pulling their faces close again, his breath brushing against Prince Rigel's flushed and defiant expression. Jia Hyson smiles as his other hand caresses the eye-patched vampire's cheek, dragging down to graze his neck. He doesn't take too long to enjoy how he can feel Prince Rigel swallow heavily and moves his hand further, brushing against the other's chest and finally drawing closer to his final destination. "-to enjoy the touch of a worthless dog?"

Reaching down, Jia Hyson pulled out the other's leaking cock from his skirt and was momentarily stunned at both the length, the weight and the… girth.

Bebe was also stunned: 'Holy shit, did you accidentally pull out the wrong thing?' It couldn't help but blurt out. It didn't observe its host's sex life closely unless it felt like there was a strong chance of danger.. or it was bored.

After living so many years, sex was simply just sex to Bebe. Hence, unless the host clearly objects, by default, the communication line is always open. Of course, Jia Hyson also knows this fact, but he was one of the few who chose not to implement a privacy function.

Still, even if the communication line is open, Bebe had the decency to pretend to be invisible unless it sensed its host wanted conversation with it. But under such a shockingly spicy scene, it couldn't help but speak out first. Bebe almost couldn't believe its visual processing data. Did its host somehow fish out a dildo from the prince's skirt like a perverted magic trick??

Speaking of its' host, he was moving his eyes up and down Prince Rigel's body with disbelief, as if not fully comprehending how god could give someone the body of a beautiful young angel and the penis of a beast.

It should be emphasised Prince Rigel was not taller than his current body, which was already below average compared to the supermodel height of teenage vampires here. However, Jia Hyson, an old driver* couldn't deny that the other's dick was definitely above average among even South Americans and Africans**. It wasn't even fully erect, but he estimated it had nearly reached eight inches already. The thickness was not to be ignored either. He couldn't completely wrap his fingers around it at all.

*experienced in sex

**Yes I googled to double check, Ecuador (in South America) apparently is the winner for average dick length at 17.61cm (6.9inch) but Africa countries is also dominating the top spots too.

Jia Hyson: What to do, I'm a little scared.

He wasn't a size queen, and it could be said that Jia Hyson can be slightly put off by overly large sizes. It wasn't that it wasn't arousing. It was just he valued his body more, so fear usually won out in the end. While this is not entirely an unacceptable size in his heyday, his current body made him hesitate.

Seeing Jia Hyson stare with some trepidation and a bit of excitement that couldn't be hidden from his eyes, Prince Rigel, who had faltered from shame, immediately revived his arrogance, "What's wrong? After all, that, were you just bluffing?" He grins harder as Alaric's once smug face flushes in annoyance and embarrassment. Feeling the tables had turned, the prince's confidence spiked up, and he impulsively copied what Alaric had done to him.

His movements were not as smooth as Jia Hyson's. Still, Prince Rigel quickly reached out under the other's skirt and awkwardly groped around before taking out the other's dick. Jia Hyson, who was still a little blindsided by this turn of events, gasps and moans softly, his grip tightening a little around Rigel's large shaft, causing him to hiss in turn. However, he ignored the painful yet pleasurable feeling to look with some fascination at the hard yet soft little pillar in his hands.

"Oh," He can't help but say a little dumbly, "Why is your's so small and cute?"

Jia Hyson: '…' Well, sorry, I don't have the penis of a baby horse!

Prince Rigel has done quite a few things in his life while he was awake. But for various reasons, he has not indulged much sexually. At most, he had been told to sleep with so and so noble women in order to conceive a child for the next generation. But in his mind, this was just a more fun, pleasurable chore than the other things he had to do. Like attending political balls. But not as attractive as fighting other vampires and completely dominating them with his abilities.

It wasn't that he wasn't attracted to people or he didn't have sexual urges. It was just that people were simply just not attractive enough to him. Prince Rigel truly felt his face alone was already far more beautiful than his vampiric peers, much less humans.

Not to mention he didn't exactly have the time to bother to explore this sort of thing. Because he had a limited time awake, that time was spent on prioritising many things the coven needed him to fulfil. In return, the coven spoiled him and gave him as much freedom as he was allowed. And that was satisfying enough.

But… Now, seeing the assertive and sadistic younger vampire stain his face with embarrassment and arousal like a shy submissive little wife alighted a curiosity and fire inside Prince Rigel. Hey, hey, it turns out this guy can make such a cute expression, huh?

The part of him that had been frustrated at the other's rebellious attitude was filled with vindicated satisfaction, and the part that admired Alaric just felt quite novel. Overall, Prince Rigel felt this was very exciting.

Filled with interest and enthusiasm, Prince Rigel took advantage and began to play with the younger vampire's shaft, fascinated with the novelty of holding this little twitching organ. Rubbing small circles with his thumb as if he was savouring the feeling, his other fingers were touching and stroking curiously. Tracing the veins and the curves of the quivering tip that was beginning to drool under the stimulation, Prince Rigel's single eye was flickering up and down intently, entranced at Alaric's reactions.

"Ah.. you, nghmm.. wait-" Jia Hyson pants as he tries to suppress his noises. But it was very hard to restrain himself under Prince Rigel's hands.

Silently he scolds the world's consciousness' lack of conscience. To give Prince Rigel such a good face, a huge dick and what seems to be like natural sex skills- is there no sense of guilt and shame for this clearly biased allocation of genetic resources??? The Author God may have described the other as very beautiful and pure looking and gave him mysterious hard to explain powers, but goddamn, everything else that's been added is very unnecessary, okay??

"Why are you restraining yourself?" Prince Rigel asks with a faint rasp to his voice, his mouth a little dry, "I l want to see you completely undone."

Jia Hyson sneers. "Hah.. t-that's funny, I nghnmm, I want the same thing."

"Gh-!" Prince Rigel grits his teeth to stop the soft moan that threatened to slip from his lips as the grip on his dick tightens and the pressure begins to move up and down. He was already sensitive from his own arousal and feeling the sensation of the other vampire taking up the initiative again caused him to falter and let the opportunistic Jia Hyson stage a counterattack. But of course, after tasting the flavour of being the aggressive one in this battle, how could Prince Rigel passively allow this?

"You're already dripping.. is it from me? Or is it.. nhmm.. the dress? Either way, ahnn, you're really such a pervert, your~ high~ness~" Jia Hyson taunts in the Rigel's ear as he used his fingers to rub the wet drooling tip of his cock and spread the other's urethral opening with his index and ring finger while his middle finger mocking taps the twitching hole, creating even lewder signs as it spurts out more and more pre-cum.

Prince Rigel trembles as he feels the stretch on his dick and the slight coolness from exposing the insides of it to the air. Even though he was mortified by such vulgar treatment, his hips were honest and was thrusting upwards, trying to get more stimulation from Alaric's teasing. But Alaric was just as sadistic and far more experienced than himself, already using his other hand to grip the base of his shaft firmly and making it difficult for his body to achieve a more satisfying friction. It was driving Prince Rigel crazy.

But he refused to be the only one.

"I ah, should, mhmm.. fuck.. I should say the same to you," Prince Rigel laughs angrily as he picks up the pace of his actions, stroking and rubbing and twisting the other's cock in an increasingly skilled manner. "You're so slutty, really, hngh, worthy of being a dog. Hah, look how your little tail shakes."

Even overwhelmed, he was learning from Jia Hyson's movements, focusing on the sensitive tip and pinching it cruelly, causing a sharp gasping and utterly wretched swear to tickle his ears. With his insulting words, he wriggles the stiff and twitching dick in his hands, mimicking the wagging motion of a particularly happy dog's tail.

"Fucking bastard!" Jia Hyson bursts out with shame and excitement, the mutual insults and competitiveness exciting him to greater heights. With bright and fiery eyes, he decides to bring out his trump card and quickly releases the hand playing with the prince's piss slit and lewdly kisses his wet fingers, his tongue slipping out to lap up some of the slick before a breath of icy mist-like magic follows out. "Now it's, kghk, my turn to make you whine like ah, ahhn, a bitch."

Prince Rigel's eye widens. After all, he is fully aware of the other's abilities. He wanted to break free, but a part of him was pervertedly curious about what would happen. In the end, he didn't have time to choose and quickly, Jia Hyson had pushed their cocks together with his hands, pressing the two heated pillars, so they moved against each other in a heated and sloppy way that made both of them tremble and groan helplessly.

Prince Rigel was especially sensitive. Even though the magic wasn't activated, the temperature around the mist-like gas would naturally drop, causing an odd sense of temperature contrast on the already sensitive skin of his genitalia. At this point, just having this gap in temperature was enough for his knees and hips to go soft with the conflicting sensations. He could only tentatively thrust against into the tight grip of Alaric's cool hand and rub the other's erection in the process. But Jia Hyson wasn't satisfied and wanted to see more.

Rubbing both their cocks together and grinding his hips enthusiastically against Prince Rigel's, he cruelly smiles and catches the other's lips with his own and kisses him fiercely. As he does, he activates his magic just as his hand strokes upward, his thumb swiping the tip of Prince Rigel's leaking dick and planting the icy magic at his most sensitive point.

Prince Rigel immediately screams into his mouth before venting his sudden shock and pain by angrily elongating his fangs and biting the inside of Jia Hyson's mouth while clutching Jia Hyson's body tightly. Even though he instinctively hissed in pain, Jia Hyson laughs as he enduringly lets the other attack his bloody mouth. At the same time, his hand steadily moves a needle-thin pole of ice in and out of the entrance of the prince's dick.

While Prince Rigel had initially felt intense pain, the physique of a royal vampire's bloodline was really not to be underestimated, and this level of pain had quickly partially turned into a frighteningly strange pleasure. In fact, the pain he did feel seemed to heighten his sensitivity to these feelings further, from the pressure that shouldn't belong there to the iciness penetrating to his depths that no one had ever touched, it was terrifying, but Prince Rigel was aroused beyond belief. If he had the coherency at the time, there would probably be only one word that could best encapsulate his feelings.


Jia Hyson, seeing the other's reaction and feeling the hot spurt of cum releasing from the other's dick as he pulled out the icicle, huffs with a cruel and delighted smile. Then, while the other was still cumming he ruthlessly plunged back in the icicle, watching the other's body completely shake and jerk almost violently. Jia Hyson was a little disappointed to see that the other didn't piss himself from hypersensitivity. The complete degradation of the act would have been absolutely delicious.

"Ah, ah, ahhhh!" Prince Rigel had broken from their kiss and now was incoherently voicing his pleasure in a daze. He was completely unaware of his slutty expression and the pride thrown onto the ground as he scrambled closer to the 'dog' he looked down on beforehand, greedily hugging him like he was an anchor to hold onto under these waves of icy sensations.

Jia Hyson closes his eyes and savours the beautiful sound of such a lovely voice crying out incoherently in pained pleasure. He uses his other hand to finish himself off, softly gasping as he also climaxes. He made sure to ejaculate over the other party, debauching him further.

Tired from their intense play, the pair fall onto their side, onto the bed, entangled together. Their dresses were thoroughly dirtied, and their wigs had been thrown aside. Both breathed heavily, and Prince Rigel whimpered softly as he felt the ice inside his dick melt and leak out. It gave him the feeling he was actually peeing, and even though he knew he hadn't, his cock twitched in shame and arousal at the thought.

Because Jia Hyson had not been overwhelmed like Prince Rigel, he was the first to recover. Prince Rigel had regained a bit of clarity during that time and flushed, trying to cover up his oversensitive and sore penis with the skirt of his dress as he looked at the other shyly.

"You.. That was…" Prince Rigel stutters. It wasn't wrong to say many men thought with their dick, and after a pleasant time in the sheets, it was impossible not to improve a person's impression as a result. Prince Rigel was no exception and felt Alaric was much more pleasing to the eye compared to before.

Still, pride was engraved into his bones, and he tried to reclaim his haughty demeanour. "I suppose it.. this was.. not bad. I am willing to let yo- ah!?"

"Yeah, yeah," Jia Hyson had already gotten up and used his ice powers to throw a towel at Prince Rigel as he undresses. Dropping his clothing nonchalantly and stepping out of the dress, Jia Hyson lazily turns around, "This was fun, your highness. We should really do this again sometime."

He smiles gently at the other, but his words are ruthless. "But let's not put any labels or anything on this. I'm not looking for anything too serious." He picks up his clothing from the floor and scrunches it carelessly in his arms, "Now I would stay the night, but I must leave early in the morning for a meeting with… my coven's elders. You clean yourself up and go to sleep. I'll contact the cafeteria to do some room service for you tomorrow, okay? Okay. Good night."

Prince Rigel clutches the towel with one hand and watches in disbelief as the other vampire swaggers out of the room heartlessly to go shower without a second glance back.

Prince Rigel: …Fucking scum man!




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