[BL] Quick Transmigration: Brother, I am not a psycho!

A promising rookie system got bound with a naive looking host one day, who knew its host was actually the opposite?! Rookie System: [Host where did you get so much system points from?! I haven’t give you any tasks yet?] Rookie System: [Stop Stop! Dont kidnap the male lead my dear host!] Rookie System: [Ding! Last warning host, put down the divine artifact! This is a golden finger for the protagonist only!] Its crazy host with an innocent rabbit appearance one day suddenly sat down on the villain’s lap obediently while sweetly called out, “Brother~” Rookie System: [ah? Hey hey hey stay away from the villain!] Turned out the villain is an SSS-level task executioner with a supreme system and somehow he seems to know its host?? Supreme system: [My host is interested in your host, let’s arrange a date for them.] Rookie system: [???] - interested in reading a bl novel where a power couple transmigrated into many interesting worlds together? then you’re in the right place. CloudChan: [Very inconsistent updates as I only write this in my free time. Also, very poor writing quality with many sentences that doesn’t make sense just so I warn you guys beforehand. The MC in this novel will be a bit unstable in the head at times, basically mentally ill and only seek comfort from the ML. This is not a normal MC and he doesn’t care about anything other than the ML. Hope you enjoy~] Crazy-mentally-ill-shou x overpowered-spoiling-gong - The cover art isn’t mine~

CloudChan · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
21 Chs

2.5 Special World - Banquet

Qin Yan wanted to rip the paper apart but for some reason the paper was really tough! Huh? What is this paper made out off?

"Maybe I can use it as a toilet paper."

[Host, even if you're very angry. Please don't resort to this.] Calm down ah!

Qin Yan stared at the paper with a frown for a moment before handing it to the system. Little White cleverly stored the paper away.

There was a separate canteen specifically made for the slaves and it was incredibly lively at this moment. Only concubine was allowed to have their own personal courtyard and maids.

"Where's Deng Qiu?"

He could spot Zhao Wen but not the little protagonist.

[The seventh prince, Luo Yunru, is a really low-key person. He didn't participate for the fight for the throne and moved his residence outside the palace. Deng Qiu now lives with him.]

"Heh~ is that so. But in the end, isn't he the most shrewd person? He's the only person that would most likely inherit the throne."

The white fox jumped into its host's arms, its tongue stick out.

[Shrewd or not, he's too cold! Except for eating meals together, he haven't made any moves against Deng Qiu at all. How regretful!]

Qin Yan smiled as he pat the soft fur in his arms, "No hurry, the time will come."

The canteen was filled with chatters and was incredibly noisy, Qin Yan walked slowly towards Zhao Wen's table.

"Ah! Brother Xu!" Zhao Wen enthusiastically jumped up and hugged his friend. He really thought they would be separated! He would have never expected to see Lu Xu came to look for him.

"There there." Qin Yan was helpless as he patted the little guy's back, comforting him.

Qin Yan stay to chat for a long time and the topic of the banquet tonight naturally drifted into the conversation. Not long after they came into the palace, there was suddenly a banquet. A palace banquet Ah. To the slaves, it was very exciting.

"Brother Xu is so good, it's no surprise you attract the Crown Prince of Zhoulan." Zhao Wen giggled, his expression looks a bit silly.

"Say, what is he like?"

Gossiping about royalty was a very joyful thing for the commoners, other slaves also came to greet Qin Yan and listened on with bright eyes.

The youth suddenly felt like he was being stared at by a group of fluffy animals with puppy eyes, he couldn't help letting out a laugh.

"Hm~ he's very good to me." The answer was vague yet ambiguous. Zhao Wen made a face like he understood.

During lunch, Xue Hu came back to eat their meal together. His face was gloomy and the air around him was more pressuring than usual.

"What's the matter?"

Xue Hu didn't answer, he walked up towards the youth with his long legs and embrace the soft body, "Who did you meet?"

"Zhao Wen."

"What did you talk about?"

"We talk about many things."

"Are you and Zhao Wen very close? Did you touch him?"

Qin Yan was speechless at his lover for eating a huge jar of vinegar so early in the morning.

The youth brought up his hands and pat the soft hair of his brother, "How is that important? I like brother the most~"

Xue Hu's face was finally a little bit better. He was very easily pacified.

They ate a delicious meal together and his brother even diligently helped him rub his tummy to better digest his food. It was a pleasant afternoon.

"During the banquet tonight, stay by my side."

Xue Hu gave the little exquisite face a touch then caress the petals like lips.

Qin Yan guiltily avoided his eyes contact. Stay by his side? He was planning on exposing the person behind the contract paper tonight Ah!

He wasn't used to lying. He could only nod his head and looked elsewhere, his lips pouted slightly in frustration.

Xue Hu didn't notice anything was wrong, he kissed the irresistible red lips until the body in his arms turned soft.

Well, even if his baby ran away, he won't be able to escape from him.

Xue Hu naturally knew this and wasn't even a bit worried.


The stars in the night sky was bright and the cool breeze makes one feel very comfortable, the many guests came into the banquet hall in their own carriages. It was a majestic sight as countless high-grade beasts stopped in front of the gate.

The beauty in the red robe was incredibly dazzling, his red hair was let down freely with two golden hair pins inserted at the side. A few red ambiguous marks was littered across his neck, it was just as eye-catching as his magnificent collar.

The bell chimes sweetly as he walk, pulling the heart strings of the onlookers. A snow white fox beast slept in the beauty's arms peacefully, it was like a splendid painting came to life.

"Humph, their scheming plan better worth my time." The youth took great measure to convince his gloomy brother. His lips were kissed until swollen, he was fiddled everywhere until his legs has gone soft! He really wanted to let out his frustration on someone.

The sleepy fox opened his eyes and look at its host, his eyes held a hint of pity. Xue Hu is no different than a beast!

[Host, this world's level is unknown. How about we go back? It's too risky.]


The answer was so firm that the system could only accept his fate.

Qin Yan has been feeling that someone was watching him for awhile now. How could he give up so easily? The prey was already delivered to his doorstep. It would be a shame to back out now.

This person's gaze stuck on him so stickily, it was sickening.

Qin Yan found a quiet place and pretended to admire the scenery outside the banquet hall. He walked slowly while talking to the white fox, a crisp laugh would sounded out from time to time.

The person's gaze got even more sticky, even the white fox got shivers.

Host ah! This person is a bit scary!

Suddenly Qin Yan slipped and fell. His slender ankle was bruised and swollen, the distressed beauty got injured. Certainly, the hidden person won't just stay quiet, right? I just gave you a good chance to make a move hehe hurry and come out~

The youth's tears were like scattered pearls, looking especially lovely. It was too tempting. As expected, Qin Yan heard light footsteps walking towards him.

As the person got closer, Qin Yan retracted an item from his system space. It was a beautiful black whip he purchased during the first world. The pitch black whip and sharp spike looks eerie against the moonlight.

"Finally, I can use this on someone."

The youth's voice was playful, a cold smile plastered across his face. The emerald green eyes at this moment flashed dangerously, giving off a chilly feeling.

[.....] QAQ I'm scared.