[BL] Quick Transmigration: Brother, I am not a psycho!

A promising rookie system got bound with a naive looking host one day, who knew its host was actually the opposite?! Rookie System: [Host where did you get so much system points from?! I haven’t give you any tasks yet?] Rookie System: [Stop Stop! Dont kidnap the male lead my dear host!] Rookie System: [Ding! Last warning host, put down the divine artifact! This is a golden finger for the protagonist only!] Its crazy host with an innocent rabbit appearance one day suddenly sat down on the villain’s lap obediently while sweetly called out, “Brother~” Rookie System: [ah? Hey hey hey stay away from the villain!] Turned out the villain is an SSS-level task executioner with a supreme system and somehow he seems to know its host?? Supreme system: [My host is interested in your host, let’s arrange a date for them.] Rookie system: [???] - interested in reading a bl novel where a power couple transmigrated into many interesting worlds together? then you’re in the right place. CloudChan: [Very inconsistent updates as I only write this in my free time. Also, very poor writing quality with many sentences that doesn’t make sense just so I warn you guys beforehand. The MC in this novel will be a bit unstable in the head at times, basically mentally ill and only seek comfort from the ML. This is not a normal MC and he doesn’t care about anything other than the ML. Hope you enjoy~] Crazy-mentally-ill-shou x overpowered-spoiling-gong - The cover art isn’t mine~

CloudChan · LGBT+
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21 Chs

2.4 Special World - Concubine Xu

While Qin Yan calmly watch the interaction between Deng Qiu and Luo Yunru, the upstairs of the auction hall was in complete turmoil.

A man stood in the private lounge, the huge window display the whole auction scene for him to see. However, the man's eyes were locked onto a certain person.

"Xu'er oh Xu'er, you attract bees and butterflies everywhere. It's harder for me to have you now."

The man's eyes held extreme obsession as his hands form into a tight fist.

Another person who sat inside the lounge sipping his tea couldn't help voicing out his thought, "I've own you a favour, how about I help you out? I also didn't expect for Xue Hu to take interest in him."

"Thank you, your highness. But I'll handle this myself. If I encounter any problem, I will have to rely on you."

"Naturally, I will help my benefactor." The man put down his tea, a sinister smile stretch across his lips.

The slave that was serving the man's tea couldn't help shiver. He knew his life couldn't be kept after this, he heard too much.

As expected, the slave was immediately dragged out. What happen afterward did not need to be questioned.


Qin Yan felt drowsy and fell asleep on his brother's arms, not knowing someone was plotting against him.

The huge beast flew very slowly, as if worried the asleep young man would wake up. The cool breeze brushed gently on the youth's skin, lulling him into a deep sleep.

Xue Hu's eyes were deep and profound, locking onto the only person in his arms. His thumb gently caress the delicate eyebrows then slowly trail down to brush against the thick eyelashes.

The youth's eyelashes slightly tremble at his touch. Xue Hu's face darkened at the action, his throat felt parched all of a sudden as his adam's apple bobbled up and down.

His heart felt itchy and warm.

The king of Minglong Kingdom suddenly threw a banquet for him. On the surface, the king was really fond and friendly to Zhoulan people, treating them as lifelong business partners. But in reality, they were like a bunch of beast waiting for the right time to jump on its prey. How cunning.

Xue Hu has to stay at Minglong palace for a whole week before heading back to his Kingdom. One week, it was unknown what will happen then.

Naturally, Xue Hu didn't put this people in his eyes. Their scheming tricks were like child play to him, what else has he not encounter in the countless worlds he has been to?

Xue Hu brought up the soft red hair of his lover to his lips, his eyes held crazed love, the intense emotions continuously grow as the day went by. It hasn't stopped ever since he met this person. His little precious.

The dangerous feelings was kept in order only because his baby obediently stay by his side. It was unknown what kind of action he took if somebody dare to take him away.

The black mist surrounding his body surge out strongly, the pressure was so heavy that even the huge beast let out a whimper.

The little soft body in his arms stirred in his sleep and the dangerous feeling instantly dissipated.

Qin Yan hid his face into his brother's chest, his hands clenched into small fists, gripping tightly onto the black robe.

"Shhh, be good." His voice was gentle as he lightly pat the youth's back.

The next morning, Qin Yan woke up in a large bed. A certain person couldn't be seen!

Qin Yan stretched his body but paused his action when he felt a strange sensation on his neck. His metal collar was now replaced with a black collar adorned with red gems. It was extremely eye-catching.

When he moved his legs, there was suddenly a bell chiming sound! Qin Yan was puzzled and moved his legs once more. The same bell sound was made yet again.

Qin Yan pulled off the blanket. There was two exquisite golden anklets attached with cute bells on his ankle. What is this?

[Host, don't freak out. But that Xue Hu put on a tracking device on these two anklets....]

[Again, don't freak out. But Xue Hu was staring at you the whole time you were asleep...It was really creepy. This system was shivering the whole night.]

"That....did brother really watch me sleep?" Qin Yan's cheeks flushed as if he was really embarrassed.

[.....] Young man, you worry about the wrong thing here!

Several maids made their way over, help him wash up and dress him in beautiful clothes. As for his breakfast, there was even a table filled with delicacies being served directly on his bed.

There was even a maid asking if he wanted to be fed! but Qin Yan politely refuse. Although he was lazy, he wasn't lazy to that extent. However, it would be a different story if he was fed by brother.

He was told that Xue Hu had a few matters to discuss with the king of Minglong and will return later for lunch. It was really regretful! Qin Yan could only chat with the system.

He was dressed in a red robe, with golden linings at the tip of the sleeves with phoenix embroidered on it. The silk skirt revealed his pair of delicate ankle, the bell chimes as he walk.

Even the maids busying around to prepare for the banquet tonight has to pause in their steps and take a look at this beauty. They would display their courtesy and lightly called out 'Concubine Xu' then resume back to their work.

Qin Yan walked around the courtyard and finally stopped at the huge garden filled with exotic flowers and plants. There was a fountain in the middle, he took a sit to rest and was planning on visiting Zhao Wen later.

In the original plot, Zhao Wen was a slave for the ninth prince of Minglong for a whole year before gaining a concubine position. In this world where princes has countless concubines, it was really not easy on Zhao Wen.

Qin Yan was observing the beautiful flowers when suddenly a fireball flew towards him. The youth took a step back, however, as soon as the fireball made contact with him, it turned into a piece of paper.

[Host, it seems to be a message?]

The white fox body appeared and lightly sniff the paper.

[No danger detected.]

The piece of paper was a contract, in the paper, it was clearly stated that Lu Xu was already sold by his parent long ago to an unknown noble in exchange for a large sum of money. It didn't mention who he was sold to.

"Hehe~ is this person threatening me?"

The words written might seem polite on the surface but was actually threatening him to be obedient and turn himself in. If not, he will be taken by force. Even the Zhoulan Crown Prince won't stop them. They're so powerful? Qin Yan really wanted to laugh.

The beauty's lips stretch into a cold smile, "Try if you dare."