[BL] QT: Don't fall in love with the Male Lead

[BL - Quick Transmigration] Xi Zirui is an intern with a boring office job. He wouldn't mind more excitement in his life. He gets his wish when he walks by a storefront announcing just that: an end to his boredom. It comes in the form of the worldhopping machine: Transmigrator 4000 Xi Zirui then finds himself living the life of a famous actor, and staring in the most anticipated BL drama of all times. There's only a problem, as his System likes to remind him: He needs to keep his reputation as an actor up. He can't fall in love with the Male Lead, the infuriating and attractive Han Yu. --- [Han Yu groans and bumps his head against the sofa. "Didi is so hard to please." Xi Zirui snorts. "You should stop trying, then." Han Yu turns on his side to face Xi Zirui and smirks. "What would be the fun in that?"] --- 1v1 in every world, but with a twist. Cunning and seductive MC Shameless and doting ML

ThirtyTyrants · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
220 Chs

Don't close your eyes [END WORLD 2]

Bai Mi is a very reluctant nurse, but she keeps an eye on how Xi Zirui's back is healing, and applies the ointment herself, much to her own consternation and Xi Zirui's amusement.

Han Yu's nightly visits grow shorter. According to him Su Xueyi is suspicious of how quiet both of them have been.

They won't remain quiet for long, though.

Three days after he wakes up Bai Mi tells him they're going to be on the move that night.

"How exactly are you going to take me out of here?" he asks, as she flits around the room fitting robes and jewelry into knapsacks. 

"You're going to be kidnapped, obviously," she says, running her hands through her artfully coiffed hair and pulling out a few strands.

"How unfortunate for me," he says, struggling to get up from the bed and put on some coarse servant's robes.

"Even more so for me," Bai Mi says, and punches herself in the eye as Xi Zirui watches, slack-jawed.