83 Chapter 83: New tactics (I)

Killian stood in the room almost lifeless, his movements were sluggish and Dante came up behind him, helping the young Lord to undress fully.

Dante had to bite his teeth keeping his mouth closed as he saw the many wounds and bruises on his Master's body.

'How dare they. Really, I have to kill them.'

Killian looked up and back at Dante as if he knew the thoughts going through the red-heads mind and simply turned his head side to side slowly with a sigh.

Dante held out his hand and Killian placed his own in it. The warm feeling felt reassuring to them both that the other was there with them.

Killian let his escort knight he had missed immensely lead him to a warm bath, helping him, get into the tub.

The warm water embraced his body, and he sank down til his face was barely above water.

'If I could only just slip down and stay in this warmth.' He thought, feeling how the exhaustion was slowly being released from his body.

'How long has it been since I had a chance to clean myself?"

He wondered for a bit, realizing he had been too comfortable at the Valen estate.

The treatment he had encountered here and his lack of hygiene were only slightly worse than what this body had experienced as a child.

"Excuse me Young Lord."

A gentle hand reached down into the water holding Killian by the wrist, lifting the arm out of the warm water, to Killian's disappointment.

However, the disappointment turned to relief, when the hand gently massaged his skin and sore muscles, wiping off the dirt that covered his fair skin.

Killian looked up at Dante but said nothing.

The green eyes were focused on his skin, with a determination of bringing back the beautiful Killian they knew.

There was not a hint of sexual attraction or desire in them, and Killian was instead overwhelmed by the dedication that was shown in the man's expression.

'Has he changed?'

Killian felt a sting in his heart, even if they were, not lovers, he did not want to put up a wall between them and finally spoke.

"Call me Killian when we are alone."

Dante nodded but did not extend the same courtesy to Killian by telling him to only call him Dante.

Killian noticed but did not want to interfere with his knight's decision.

The gentle hands traveled all over his body, slowly massaging and cleaning every inch of his bare skin.

Not once did Dante's eyes falter, and it made Killian feel like he could lay there letting his body heal without a worry, relaxing completely while giving control over him to someone else.


He closed his eyes knowing he had finally reached what he hoped since he had arrived in this world.

Full trust in someone else in this world, where he had thought to be on his own.

He let out a small content sound, and let his mind wander to the many sounds outside.

It seemed as if Jasper had made everyone busy, and the sound of metal clanging indicated spars were occurring.

Dante watched him and added some context.

"Jasper has arranged some spars against the knights of Valen."

There was a small smile creeping over his face.

"We merely want to educate these junior knights, who have lost their way."

The smile was almost eerie, but Killian did not care if they used the knights to wipe the muddy ground.

He was not as kind as to forgive or help those who had chosen not to help him.

"Why don't we go observe these fights."

Killian finally spoke, which seemed to make Dante in a brighter mood.

The burly man stood up and held up a towel, wrapping it around Killian as he stepped out of the tub.

Purple and golden colored clothes matching Dantes were placed on a stool nearby, but these were not a knight's uniform, but elegant clothes that clung to his body as if they had been tailored to his precise measurements.

'They probably have records of my measurements.' He smiled at the thought of the resourceful Valen servants.

"Young Master."

Dante held something long in his hands, offering it to Killian, who with now an even bigger smile grabbed his lost cane, touching the golden amber at the top.

"How did you get this." Killian was pleasantly surprised.

"We found the mercenaries the Heathgraves hired."

Dante replied with a twitching smile.

"Are they still alive?" Was all Killian asked, still looking over the condition of his cane.

"Yes," Dante answered, and turned around to step out f the tent.

Dante this time stared at his Master's back with pride.

He knew he was no Stella, but the Young Lord right now looked radiant, and the hair shined bright in the sun that hit them when they left the tent.

Killian stepped out of the tent, lowering his eyelids in the bright sun that met him.

After a bit, his vision had gotten used to the brightness and he opened his eyes fully looking over the area outside.

A group of knights was sitting on a long bench when one of them looked up at the sudden movement that they had created by emerging.


The sword the knight had been focused on fell to the ground, into the mud and pebbles, rendering his work until now useless.

The knight had not noticed his mistake, as all he could do was stare at the young man dressed in dark purple with intricate golden thread and embroidery.

A golden jewel was embedded on a brooch that held the jacket in place, and the buttons were embellished pearls.

The details were subtle, as the Valen tailor knew Killian didn't like useless decor, but every inch of it was exquisite materials.

Still any noble could wear something expensive, but the young man stood out with his delicate features and bright hair, the ice blue eyes glaring with a weight comparable to the grandfather.

Other knights had started to notice, and some even got to their feet and bowed when Killian and Dante passed them.

The rest were simply too dumbfounded to remember the proper etiquette, and sat staring at the man they had thought was to be executed less than hours before.

They were all from noble families or branch families, who should have known they had just met someone of higher rank than them, but the situation was too surreal.

To them, someone they had treated as a commoner, was now close to being a King-like existence.

"Will…will we even get out of here alive?" Someone asked in shock.

"You all saw him right? That Archduke could get rid f us all anytime."

"I am sure the Valen can't just kill us all without a reason." Someone tried to speak up.

"Without reason? Did you see how the heir was treated here, we all expected the kid would not come back from the forest with the Commander."

"We are lucky he did. What do you think they would have done with us if they found their young Lord murdered here."

Silence fell and suddenly everyone seemed to be busy with their duties.

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