36 Chapter 36: War Council (0.5) Extra

The hallway to his room was lavishly decorated, and even if it had looked well before, the many years of not being taken care of well had had its toll on it.

The new maids that had been hired had cleaned the whole building in a week, which was fast considering how big the building was where Kilian resided.

A man stood up against the door to his room, and his red hair stood out as always.


Kilian greeted him with a smile and came up close to grab Dante's hand before the man could avoid it.

Kilian gently held the wounded hand in his palm.

The area had been covered in gauze, and blood had already soaked through creating a thin line of red against the white.

"Did you have someone look at this? I am sure someone could heal this better, than this half attempt of dressing it".

Kilian could easily tell it was sloppily done, and grabbed Dante by the wrist, pulling him inside the room with him.

Dante let the young man pull him, in reality, it was not something Kilian could have done without Dante letting him.

Even before he had started training at the Duke's household, he had been bigger and stronger than the young master he had followed.

Now he had done intense training every day for weeks, and he was already feeling the best he

ever had.

But he was still weak to the blonde hair and blue eyes staring at him with concern, then seeing those eyes focused on his wounds, Kilian started to undress it to examine the damage.

His head felt groggy.

It was not as if the wound was painful, it had merely felt like an uncomfortable sting.

Still, when Kilian had gotten close to him at the training grounds, he had had to leave.

It was the same now.

Every inch of him wanted something so much, that instead of giving in to it, it was telling him to run, to get away, to not smell the scent of the hair that was in front of him, to not listen to the tone of the voice he had come to know better than any other.

A small chirp came from the open window, and Dante looked ahead seeing the golden bird that had materialized.

No..not now, this time was his, and he didn't want that man to interrupt it this time.

Kilian looked up at Dante. Something was off, the eyes were staring ahead at something behind him, and he tried to turn and look.

Big warm hands stopped him from turning to look, as they cupped his face firmly and brought him closer to Dante who instantly kissed him hard.

It wasn't a caring sweet kiss, but a hard greedy making Kilian gasp for air, only to let in a tongue that searched his mouth for his.

Kilian felt hot, returning the kiss by licking at Dante's tongue, inviting it to taste more.

None of them spoke, both immersed in the kiss til Kilian noticed Dante looked behind him again and pulled away to turn around finally.


There was nothing there only the open window, that let in a cold breeze from the outside, that felt nice against his hot cheeks.

A hand covered his eyes, and the heat from it made his heart beat faster as his world went dark.

He felt Dante's body behind him and leaned back, embraced by another strong arm that slowly ran up under his shirt, letting the fingers move along the scars carved into his skin by the metal creatures.

The motion made him shiver, and the cold air hit his exposed skin.


Kilian was confused. So far Dante had never taken the initiative, and he had never thought he would.

Before he could say more, the hand covering his eyes, moved and pressed against his mouth, touching his lips, exploring the shape and feel of them on the fingertips.

He felt exposed. His clothes were being moved up and these damn hands were touching him roughly and delicately at the same time.

It felt good.

Kilian let out a content sound, muffled by the hand at his mouth, but the sound was loud in the otherwise quiet room.

He breathed in deeply, his thoughts running wild.

'Is this it, is he really gonna do it?'

Kilian's mind was sure Dante would stop any second now, realizing what he was doing, and apologize.

However he wanted it and imagining what Dante might do excited him, and he pressed back against him, only to feel something hard pushing back.

Dante felt the soft lips on his fingertips, the small touch egged his erection even more, and it was hard to hold back. His mind felt foggy, and all he could feel and see was the beautiful Kilian in his arms.

"In my hands…" He said it out loud as a whisper and didn't know if Kilian heard it, but the young man let out small sounds, the breath from them tickling his hand.

He let his other hand slide up to Kilian's chest, feeling every inch of it like he had with his lips, finally exploring what he had long only looked at and dreamed about.

He didn't know how to be with a man, but he was hard and wanted to feel more, finally letting go of the soft lips, to move his hand down to the edge of Kilian's pants.

He wanted to know for sure.

He wanted to know that he was wanted too, and not just played with this whole time.

The touch of Kilian's skin was warm, and he move his hand down further until he felt the hard erection of Kilian's, pressed tightly against the pants that were holding it back.

'It's smooth'. He thought, moving past the cluster of hair at the base and running his hand up along the shaft.

He was surprised that another man's thing felt so good in his hand, and without thinking started to stroke it, while letting the pants fall down around Kilian's ankles.

Kilian started to breathe fast letting out small moans when Dante slowly started to stroke him. The momentum of the stroking was slow and intense, and he felt like begging for it to go faster.

He bit his lips shut, not wanting to give in fully, but his body was already showing in full sight the mood and state he was in just after a few kisses and getting touched by those hands.

He looked down, so Dante couldn't see his flushed face only to watch while feeling it as the stroking kept going.

Dante was holding him by the hips keeping Kilian's lower body pressed back hard against his own erection.

Kilian didn't know when he had started but he was moving, slowly grinding backward and moving into the hand holding him.

His shirt kept falling down, and he grabbed for it desperately holding it up so it didn't cover the view.

"You like it this much…".

Kilian could faintly hear the words from Dante but didn't respond, instead he was at the point where he could no longer hold back and opened his mouth panting fast, feeling the pleasure build up.


The words escaped him, and the hand on his hips was ripped away, and he soon felt something hard and warm pressed up against his lower back.

The shaft was pushed up between Kilian's ass cheeks till he felt the grinding of something big against his skin, pressed up between their bodies.

He heard the relieved sounds coming from Dante that were soon replaced by a deep fast breathing, and they were once again in sync.

They stood there, forgetting time, pressed together, and standing in a room with Kilian mostly naked leaning back against Dante, whose body was holding him up.

Dante's hand started moving faster, and the leaking precum on Kilian's tip was smeared

over his dick by Dante's hand.

The constant repetitive firm movements kept going, and his body started moving more in response.

His mind went blank and he knew he couldn't hold back any longer.


Dante only responded by biting Kilian's ear, pinching it between the teeth.

It sent shivers through Kilian's body.

"I can't… Hold back".

His words were stuttering, as he found out his ear was more sensitive than he had expected and his body finally gave in, feeling the pleasure as his tip send out cum while he pressed back against Dante.

Dante held Kilian's hips tightly against him, and he came the moment he felt Kilians pleasure at its climax.

He pressed hard in at Kilian's lower back right at the bend where the ass moved against him, smearing his own cum over Kilian's smooth skin

Dante's mind had been blank, only focused on feeling good, when he saw the young man look up at him with a questioning look.

What had he done again… A sting of guilt went over him.

He gently turned Kilian around. They had both come fast, and he could only assume they had both wanted it for so long that they couldn't hold back.

He wanted more, this was nothing after the many times he had peeked and imagined this slender figure in his arms. constantly being pushed back by his own conscience.

This time something had urged him to continue, to give in, and having seen the bird of that annoying raven-like man, had only urged him o claim Kilian even more.

Even then, he couldn't do more than what he had just done. He didn't want to cross the line to the point that there was no going back.

Knowing it wasn't just him that had wanted it made him smile, and he picked up Kilian in his arms, seeing his legs were staggering, bringing him to the bed, where he bravely laid down with him for the night.

He knew now that he wanted so much more than what had just happened, but Kilian had been standing for a while and it seemed to have taken a toll on his strength.

He watched as Kilian snuggled up close to him falling asleep in his arms.

There was still time he thought.

They were woken up by a chirping golden bird in the morning.

It was hacking away at Dante's head with its beak and was trying to separate the two.

Dante was waving his hand at it annoyingly, knowing where it came from, but it relentlessly kept going, like it was on a mission.

It finally calmed down when Kilian brought it to his arms, gently petting its feathers.

"Stupid thing" Dante exclaimed annoyed, only to notice Kilian was laughing at him.

The beautiful bright smile and laugh made him calm down, and he stopped complaining but side-eyed the bird several times.

"I hope he noticed". Dante let out.

"What". Kilian asked, still engrossed in petting the bird, he was happy to see.


Dante felt bad using Kilian's lack of knowledge about the magical bird-like creature.

He knew the other end could both feel and possibly even see through the creature if their magic was strong enough.

From the reaction of the bird, he could tell it was probably the case.

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