21 Chapter 21: To the North (I)

Kilian left the place, with the medallion hanging from around his neck, under his clothes and with a new goal.

He would become Kilian Valen, but finding his grandfather in the north with not much knowledge to go from, would be tasking.

"Let's leave".

Kilian did not mean the small house where his mother lived, but the overall estate of the Count, he was already no longer considered someone with the last name of Heathgrave, and he needed to gather a few things before he would be chased out.

Dante didn't reply with words, but gave the young Kilian a nod, following behind him on their way back to the main house area.

Kilian's mother had just been another testament to nobles not always having such a glamorous life as commoners would think, and there were unfortunate people everywhere, not just in one place.

Kilian stepped into his room for the last time, meeting a stressed-out Stella who had already packed all of the belongings that they could bring, which honestly wasn't much, just enough for a backpack for each of them, and an extra bag with the fancy clothes from Mr. Kilga, that Kilian had received as a gift.

"Is this really all?" He asked, knowing the answer, but was still surprised they were gonna leave with only this.

"Yes, and this…". Stella took out a pouch filled with some silver.

"This is all that was given to me, for your...departure".

Kilian clicked his tongue.

Even in the end, the Count had been sparse with what he was giving a son, that was leaving.

'Well it is better than nothing,' he thought, knowing the fancy clothes from Mr. Kilga would probably fetch more money, than what Stella was holding for them.

Kilian looked from Dante and Stella, appreciating they had decided to come with him, but now he was responsible for these two.

"We are leaving for the north, are you both sure about this?"

He only asked once, assuming them all to have resolved their decision already, though he knew that he would never fault them if they did decide to leave later on.

"Yes!" they both replied, and that was that.

The group left the mansion, walking past the head maid and the others. Kilian was met with a mix of things, surprise, and disbelief over someone renouncing a noble status, and he stared holes into the older maid with the tight bun at the back of her neck.

"I will not forget you".

The words made her expression freeze, and he knew she was now at the mercy of the Count, who had probably found out about the embezzling of funds.

They left the estate being escorted by a smug Knight Commander, and a few of his men, all of them giving Dante dirty looks, while also stealing creepy glances at Kilian.

"Lets go to town, and start by gathering the essential things we need."

Kilian ignored all the staff and knights and gave off a light mood. After all, he was now going to explore more of this new world, that he and the previous Kilian had only seen from within four walls.

"Ohh I forgot…"

They had been walking down the road from the manor when Stella exclaimed, looking all over her clothes frantically when finally taking out a letter and handing it to Kilian.

"Here...you got a reply".

Kilian received the letter and saw the sender was Rayden. He opened it right away, to see what his reply would be.

"To Kilian Heathgrave

I accept your words and reason.

Lets meet.

I will wait at the store where we first met, at noon today"

Kilian knew it was already past noon, and he was unable to send a reply in his current situation.

'Did he wait a long time?' It somehow bothered him that Rayden might be standing there, in that alleyway, waiting for someone who never showed, but there was nothing he could do, hopefully Rayden would not become a stranger after this incident.

Kilian was no longer a noble, so someone like a duke's son would gain nothing by staying as acquaintances, or whatever they were.

It was evening when the three of them arrived in town, all of them tired and Dante had taken on the extra weight of Kilian's backpack, as the young man had started to sway and walk inconsistently.

His legs were hurting again, and every step felt like walking on burning coal under his feet.

'This body really is weak'.

He had wanted to at least check out the alleyway in some hope Rayden was still there, but he had to lean against, and get support from both Stella and Dante, as they entered the first inn on their way.

It was a merry place, and the messy bunch of them did not seem out of place, making them able to quickly get two rooms, and they split up.

Kilian didn't want Stella to get any weird rumors by living with two men on this trip, and made sure she had her own room, which had taken a while to convince her to take, but finally, they all settled in.

Stella soon showed up with a water basin and soap, as if they were still in the mansion, and Kilian didn't object to it as he was feeling the urge to wash up after the trip.

They had not even left the town where the mansion was closest to, much less the fief area, which was located to the southwest in the country.

Kilian washed up, and together with Dante walked downstairs for some supper.

"This is…"

Kilian looked surprised at the meal before him.

They had paid very little as they were trying to save, but the meals they got were abundant. Maybe they weren't fancy, but there were sausages and potatoes. A hearty meal that filled them quickly.

Dante eyed Kilian with a smile, it was as if even though they were tired, and he knew his master was in pain, he was also… happy? As if this was something to look forward to, some sort of adventure.

They sat and ate in silence, well at least between them all, though the rest of the guests were loud, drinking and some were even singing, having a good time overall.

"I'm headed to bed, you two should enjoy your time here".

He left them with some coin for drinks or more food, and left to go to bed.

A few heads had noticed the young youth that had joined, seeing a young man walking with a cane was not even why they were looking, but that this man seemed so out of place with his clean fair skin and golden hair.

Both male and females were turning their heads as Kilian walked through the group to ascend the stairs to the rooms.

He was used to this now, but regretted not having covered up more, so as not to stand out.

Kilian laid in the bed with a groan massaging his legs for a bit, then closed his eyes to where sleep soon took him.

Later in the night, Kilian woke up noticing Dante had still not come back, and turned over with his back to the other bed, when he heard the small thud of a door closing, hearing the attempts of silent footstep as someone laid in the other bed.

There was a silence in the room again, though the continued rowdy sounds from downstairs could still being heard.

"Master Kilian?"

The voice was low and a little groggy, but Kilian didn't reply, he was already resting somewhere between awake and asleep, and thought it was better to let Dante think he was asleep.

Then he heard it, some rustling with the sheets and shallow uneven breathing.

Kilian knew what was happening in the bed next to his, if he turned over and reached out he would be close enough to touch Dante, knowing Dante could easily do the same. Yet Dante never did.

Kilian listened to the breathing getting more intense, though sometimes it stopped as if Dante was trying to be quiet or afraid to wake Kilian.

But Kilian was now fully awake, his body reacting to the sounds.

He had not done anything like this since arriving in this world. There had been too many things happening, but they were both adults, and Kilian knew how Dante was looking at him sometimes.

Kilian too was not against the red head, in fact now when knowing that Dante was doing that to himself, possibly because he was laying next to Kilian, made him feel it too.

Kilian pretended to move in his sleep, moving more over on his stomach and spreading his legs out to give room while moving his hand down between his legs to touch himself.

He was already hard, and his fingers were warm around his thing, slowly stroking it while covering his heaving breaths in the sheets.

He could hear the sounds of Dante increasing, becoming more erratic almost desperate, knowing he was tugging at his thing harder because Kilian had let the covering fall from his back so only his legs were covered, leaving himself half-naked for Dante to see.

Kilian was feeling it, and covered his mouth to refrain from moaning out loud, as he jerked his member between himself and the bed, his weak body shivering some as the pleasure started to increase, the palm no longer containing his sound as his throat made small moans.

In that moment he knew Dante had heard him, but still, no one reached out to him or touched him.

Instead of feeling shy or timid, Kilian turned around seeing Dante looking at him with cheeks flushed, either from drinking or being caught in embarrassment, as he had been looking straight at Kilian while jerking himself.

They were both adults Kilian thought, and they both just wanted to feel good, there was nothing shameful in it, but Kilian knew he was from another world with another mindset.

However Dantes's face was no less than cute in this moment, and Kilian kept moving his hand over his member, causing him to let out more sounds while panting down into the sheets again.

The pleasure was washing away the tired and stiff pain in his muscles, and he couldn't help but want to feel good.

He could tell Dante was struggling with a guilty conscience but they were both already too far in to be able to stop, and Dante continued to run his hand over his thing while listening to Kilian.

Kilian peeked, and the silhouette of Dante's "thing" in the darkened room, made his eyes widen and his breathing increased faster. He was able to tell that it was big, and the thought of it entering him sent sudden shudders through him and he felt the release hard as he came into his hand, panting heavily.

The sound of him cumming was clear, and Dante groaned no longer holding himself back as he finished himself soon after.

They both laid in the room catching their breath but none of them said anything, and soon an exhausted but content feeling washed over Kilian, forcing him to sleep.

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